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  1. When I had my E39 525i (M52 engine I think) it used to run rough whilst coming of choke on cold starts and if I switched it off and back on again it would be fine. Mine was diagnosed as a sticky lifter. On the odd occasion when it did not run rough on a cold start you could clearly hear the gap tap. Hope that helps.
  2. Could be a sticky hydraulic valve lifter.
  3. Don't think they sell direct to the public, only through retailers etc...
  4. Pull the vac pipe off the egr valve to deactivate it and see if it runs better.
  5. Ordered it
  6. I know this has been done a million times but i wanted peoples opinions on a particular oil that I'm looking to buy so that i can service a 2005 530d and a 2011 740d. It meets all of the main specs i.e. BMW LL04 and is a Low Ash oil. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/20L-BMW-Longlife-5w30-LONGLIFE-3-Oil-5w-30-20-Litres-LL-04-UK-Product-/182512715233?hash=item2a7e9b05e1:g:zSkAAOSw2s1UwWWd Thanks in advance
  7. I've decided to buy a pair of cougar ones which have a total weight limit of 2.5 tonnes. They come with a set of extensions for low clearance cars.
  8. Same here.
  9. Had my 740 remapped by Enda this afternoon, very happy. My DPF is still in place but I do keep an eye on it and do a forced regen at least once a month as I have a laptop with ISTA and enet cable etc.
  10. Had my E60 remapped with the DPF removed but this time round on my F01 it's being left in as it's in a healthy state although my EGR has already been mapped out. All done by Enda
  11. Thanks for the offer but i'll have to invest in a pair as my dad now owns my old E60 and my bro in law would borrow them too when it comes to oil change time.
  12. I just think the plastic ones don't provide enough height (from the looks of it)?
  13. Anyone know of a good place to buy some that will take 3 tonnes or over as I've been looking around and can only find those plastic ones which, to me don't seem suitable if wanting to do an oil change etc?
  14. Turned out to be a shock absorber on my E60 back in the day but my knocking noise was happening when driving along and going over bumps etc.