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  1. Swirl Flaps - Prevention vs Performance

    Mapping out your egr will also make it slightly more responsive from a standing start and you can easily test it by pulling the vac line off the valve and plugging it with a screw etc.
  2. Common Oil Leak Locations 530D E60

    The swirl flaps are prone to leaking from their seals on the inlet manifold. That's only if you still have the original ones in though. Not experienced any other leaks in my time of ownership. It would be worth getting it all cleaned off and then monitoring it to see if it's residual or not.
  3. But a least we know how soon (maybe) there will be changes etc. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41761864
  4. Frustrating vibration

    Unbalanced wheels maybe?
  5. Whirring idle sound from alternator

    Yep as above, if you know anyone with a stethoscope which has been modified so that the round thingy that they place on your body has been replaced with a rod then you'll be able to listen and see. I did try with a long screw driver but I couldn't tell as sound travels and it was way too noisy. If you're unable to listen prior too then removing the belt and checking which pulley is making a noise or wiggles (as mine did) about might save you a good few quid. I honestly did think it was my alternator as it sounded like a supercharger when revved but on removing the belt my mechanic called me to say that it was the tensioner pulley
  6. Whirring idle sound from alternator

    I thought my alternator bearing was shot too as there was a whirring noise when revved etc. Turned out to be the belt tensioner instead which was a cheaper fix in the end. Just make sure it isn't anything else
  7. Washer bottle

    Worth a punt at that price, thanks for the link.
  8. Washer bottle

    The location of the joint is about half way up the main holding tank so some water does remain. I just happened to notice it dripping tear drops of water whilst I was checking the pump etc so am convinced it is that seal. It's just getting hold of a replacement that may prove difficult.
  9. Washer bottle

    So today I removed my wheel fender in the opinion that it would be the pump that I would need to replace as a couple of hours after filling the washer bottle to the top the level drops considerably...Anyway, I had a good feel around the pump and it was dry as a bone but, after scratching my head for around 10 minutes I seen a drop of water fall from the point where the filler pipe meets the actual tank. Bingo i thought, got it. I managed to unclamp the pipe from the tank and found an o-ring washer at the front of the pipe that would be the obvious thing to change. However, on phoning Sytner BMW i was told by the parts guy that the seal is not available individually and that it comes as part of the whole top pipe which came in at £35 So, in the end i decided to put a couple of wraps of thread tape under the seal and try it. After this re-install and refill everything was dry around 20 minutes later but after driving it and a couple of hours later the water level has dropped again Was wondering if anybody has has a similar experience or could suggest where i could get a new rubber seal? It's the bit at the end of part number 3 in the below link: RealOEM.com - Online BMW Parts Catalog
  10. Have to love the 535d....

    +1 for the remap. It will feel like a totally different beast
  11. When I had my E39 525i (M52 engine I think) it used to run rough whilst coming of choke on cold starts and if I switched it off and back on again it would be fine. Mine was diagnosed as a sticky lifter. On the odd occasion when it did not run rough on a cold start you could clearly hear the gap tap. Hope that helps.
  12. Could be a sticky hydraulic valve lifter.
  13. Injection Cleaner

    Don't think they sell direct to the public, only through retailers etc...
  14. M57TU2 running problems (SOLVED)

    Pull the vac pipe off the egr valve to deactivate it and see if it runs better.
  15. Another Engine Oil Question

    Ordered it