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  1. It's the infamous scuttle drain issue that I'm talking about here. Just wondering if the F01 7 series suffers from the same issue?
  2. So, coming from the 5 series which has the well known issue of the drainage hole becoming blocked just underneath where the brake servo is located, I decided to take a look at the 7 series but there was no way in hell i could get my hand down the side to have a feel around. I shone a torch light down there but could not see any drainage points so not sure if the 7 even has them??
  3. Oil change done and the car feels a little smoother now. There were no issues to start with and overall I'm very happy with the service provided by Auto Transmissions. Sump was upgraded to the metal one too.
  4. Did it on mine last week. It was mapped out by Enda.
  5. If they can fit me on Thursday 20th then that will be a bonus as heading up to Manchester in the evening. Here's hoping... Thanks again Pidgeonpost
  6. Yeah did do that and there was one in Leicester so I looked at their reviews which were mostly good but there were a few bad experiences in there too. VMTP reviews are all good plus they respond to them...The guys in Preston are a good shout though and something I will think about. The trek up is gonna be the issue though. If they can get me in one day next week i might consider them...
  7. VMTP Midlands will be the place to go by the looks of it http://vmtp-midlands.co.uk/
  8. Anybody know of or can recommend a good gearbox specialist that uses zf kit as I'd like to get my auto box serviced purely as preventative measure. I'm based in Coventry so around the Midlands area ideally.
  9. A BIG thanks to Enda from 'End Tuning' once again...EGR coded out and the adaptation reset has eliminated the infamous lurch too
  10. What are peoples thoughts on getting the EGR mapped out on the N57 engines...I did it on my E60 M57 engine which is still running strong on 154k miles. My new 7 has 57k on the clock but have since read about higher cylinder temps and this worried me slightly. I say slightly because i still feel that stopping gunk building up in the engine still carries a stronger reason for doing it (tomorrow) but would be interested to hear people/experts thoughts nonetheless?
  11. Fixed mine over the weekend after getting ISTA up and running. I just did a re initialization of the cameras and it flipped it right way up
  12. That was some (damm fine) job replacing that cable and well done...I've got an upside down picture on my right hand front camera and am in the process of downloading a copy of ISTA D to hopefully sort it.
  13. ^ Thanks mate, will give it a try now...
  14. If you could provide a link to a working version of ISTA D that would be greatly appreciated?
  15. Well, ended up buying a cable from Ebay which included the Esys side of things as I'll be using this for coding etc BUT it did not include ISTA D. So, I'm now on the hunt for a copy of this...