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  1. For Sale, E34 M5 x 3

    Sad to hear you're moveing them on Keith, but glad to see you're still about and probably raising hell.....
  2. HOLY SHIT WE'RE BACK !!!!!!

    Evening all.... It's taken time, but Sandip has hooked us all up again, we other mods would love to claim credit, but he's sorted this all out pretty much solo. Good effort mate, much appriciated!
  3. In memory of Donut

    Very well said Kevin.
  4. 'Old' cars that still look fresh

    E31 For me too, they've aged very well.
  5. Mareham April 16

    Beat me to it Andy. Bugger Clem, sorry mate. Well be back in September....
  6. Is the forum back?

    It's back mate, we're working on the issue....
  7. Where did the Website spend the Bank Hoiday Weekend?

    Skegvegas I think.... We don't know in all honesty boys, we're still trying to sort things. It may disappear again, if it does, bear with us!
  8. MAC compatibility

    I run mine through virtual box, win XP machine and it runs all my BMW and VAG software quite happily.
  9. Mareham April 16

    Sorry boys, we had to postpone the event, we need the airfield for other things. We hope to return later in the year.
  10. new guy on the track

    Welcome to our little corner of t'internet mate.
  11. Alpine audio retrofit

    Nice work mate, your retrofitting knows no bounds......
  12. RIP Donut

    A great idea Keith. Give it a few days to let the dust settle and we'll put something into motion.
  13. RIP Donut

    What the actual fu*k??? Rest in peace big man. Gutted. :'(
  14. E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Most would have walked away Ja, well played mate.