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  1. m50b25

    Single vanos is a very rare engine, plus they have been hoovered up at a astounding rate
  2. Bmw Breaking E34 525 td Manual

    Yep got that, 100 the set
  3. Breaking E34 525 td, manual M51b25 Manual box Decent panel's Set of Bbs wheels Smilie's Located Uk, Junction 16 off the M1
  4. E28 / E23 Bonnet Struts

    That is a neat idea Mick. Are you staying in Halifax for the for the duration or off to other part's?
  5. E38 740i engine into an E39 525i

    Rack and steering box to kick off with
  6. Another big fast estate :)

    Yep, I loved mine, would be top of my list as and when the Audi give's up, 208000 miles and still trunderling along
  7. M30 Exhaust - advice

    First three and last three cylinder's each have their own pipe, and it run's twin pipe all the way back. Because your's is a Uk car, it does not have any cat's, and thus does not have 02 sensor in it.
  8. Still with a couple of month's mot this one, so I have been able to test everything thoroughly, apart from a few suspension knock's, there appears to be nothing wrong. The most most well specked car, but nether the less a few useful part's to be had M52tub28 that run's very sweetly Manual gearbox Orient Blue panel Manual grey leather Alarm system Roof rails Auto dip interior mirror Headlight wash Pdc Aircon Cd changer M sport's multi function wheel Self level suspension Fog's All located Uk, junction 16 off the M1
  9. Bmw Breaking E34 525 td Manual

    Touring or Saloon?
  10. E34 525i Full Restoration

  11. E39 boot lid

  12. Beige cloth seats wanted 1988 e28

    I think Steve had some http://www.classicbahnstormers.com/
  13. Front door seal - E39

    Nothing in stock
  14. m50b25

    Engine, or engine and box
  15. 5 speed overdrive gearbox for m30 engine

    Yep, got one in stock, 400 for the box
  16. Garage Workbench

    Yep, damaged worktop's are cheap from Howden's as well. Also fire door blank's are a great top
  17. Front door seal - E39

    What colour is your interior?
  18. Breaking, spare's or repair's E34 525 M20b25 Manual Cirus Blue, grey leather interior Breaking a 1988 E34 with a M20b25 on a manual box Cirus Blue panel's, most of which are very good Grey leather interior 15 inch Bbs Fog's Plus the usual E34 fare All part's available Located Uk, junction 16 off the M1
  19. When ever you would like
  20. Postage will be 10 on top, I will get some pic's when the door card's are off
  21. Wings , thoughts pls

    I do E39 wing for 45 each now
  22. 60 for the set of those