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  1. Tom, Are you after this colour specific, or a door in general? E32/4 aircon stuff I can do Clutch, as in gearbox or aircon?
  2. No folder in stock, it has manual rear headrest's, but will have a dig around for the loom. Front seal's are shot
  3. Breaking E32 735 Auto, 1988, Cirrus Blue, Electric Memory Comfort leather So unfortunatly this has been sat for far too long and is only good for spares 1988 E32 735 in cirrus blue M30b35 with a switchable auto box attached Electric Comfort Leather with memory Headlight wash Rear blind Aircon Cruise Rear reading light's All located Uk junction 16 off the M1, or any part's can be delivered
  4. Breaking E34 535 manual, 1989, M30b35, Lacs silver, Bbs wheel's, black comfort manual leather 1989 535 manual in for breaking Very good sounding engine, quiet top end, hold's it temp and run's very well Lach's silver bodywork, everything apart from the wing's look's good Black comfort leather, plus all the usual 535 goodies All located Junction 16 off the M1, or postage is available for all item's
  5. power steering pipe leak (low pressure hose) I will have a look on Monday *A/C pump seized Likewise *intermittent/crazy central locking! Most likely the actuator's, all located in the door's * dash pixels almost dead/ineligible If you can get me the colour of the back of your unit, I will see what I have *sagging headliner What colour, sunroof or not? http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Classic-Bmw-Parts?_rdc=1
  6. Have you got a part number or chassis nos, got a Ix in for breaking
  7. That is a lovely looking car
  8. Was that everything you needed on a roll?
  9. What car do you have?
  10. Nothing on the X5
  11. By the tumbleweed of responses to this post, I think the view is not positive. You might want to try Facebook for a more interested audience.
  12. Would you be willing to wrap it?
  13. Colour under important as going in for paint, but needs to be rust free. Close to Northampton would be nice
  14. Got a '02 X5 in the yard, I will check for you on Friday when I am back