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  1. Tims

    E36 325 gearbox

    To go into a E36?
  2. Tims

    BMW e28.engine mount brackets

    Yep got a set here, 50 inc post for them
  3. Don't tell me you took your Stanley trestle's with you as well?
  4. Tims

    E39 540i valve cover nut

    With a gravel drive, a sheet of wood underneath goes a long way to help
  5. Tims

    E34 Front Wings

    Stripped. Treated. Primed and all that jazz. Ready to go be painted 110 each
  6. Tims

    E39 540i valve cover nut

    Did you get this sorted?
  7. I have a L plate E32 730 M30'd car sat here, was surprised when I found that the M30b30 could be found in such a late car
  8. Tims

    E34 1990 wing mirrors with connectors

    Can you get me a pic of the connector you have I and I will, should be able to help out
  9. Tims

    E28 rear bumper centre and boot carpet set

    Is this to go inside a mtech kit?
  10. Tims

    Breaking X5 E53 4.4 Black, Sport,

    They have gone
  11. Do you need a body cut Joss?
  12. Tims

    Replacing shadow line trim with chrome

  13. Tims

    Breaking X5 E53 4.4 Black, Sport,

    I do indeed, 50 for that