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  1. Tims

    Wanted E28 Rear Headrests

    Blue or cream only
  2. Breaking Bmw E36 323 touring, 1999, Titan Silver, Black sports leather. Car for parts only, all the running gear has gone, so has the rear axle, front axle is still available. Items and prices:- Bonnet 40 Wings 40 each A.c. panel 25 Steering wheel 50 Glove box 20 Undersea trim 30 Black sports leather 250 Lock set 50 Rear roller cover 30 Boot lid 70 Rear sport lights 50 Window regs 30 each Rear parking sensor kit 75 All located UK junction 16 off the M1 Pallet delivery, Ups or pick up
  3. Tims

    ac compressor

    Yep, as fitted to all the M30 engine'd 32's and 34's. I should have one in stock, I will check, 60 inc delivery
  4. Tims

    RUST!! - Rear arch / quarter panel

    Yep, about year's ago we started to see E39's coming in with rust, back of the sill's before they come curve upto the rear arch, the rear jacking point, where the rubber bung is. Also the rear floorpan's, around here the factory bung is. Also rear arches, and below the bootlid. We do no end of body cut's now for these
  5. Tims

    E34 - Brackets for BMW CD Changer

    Remind me later today, I think I have some in a E32
  6. Breaking E23 735 Cosmos, Electric seat's, Obc, Cruise, Blind Somebody back in 1985 obviously liked their E23's and ticked just about every option that one could have. So we have a 1985 E23, in Cosmos, with about every toy that one could desire Spec list is:- L812A National version Great Britain S201A Rape methyl ester version (RME) S209A Differential lock 25% S290A BMW light-alloy wheel star spokes 44 S314A Door mirror, driver lock, heated S350A Therm.insulat.glass green S403A Glass roof, electrical S411A Window lifts,electric,front/rear S415A Sun-blind, rear S458A Electr. front seat adjustment S472A Armrest, front, driver/passenger S500A Headl.washer system/intensive cleaning S510A Headlight vertical aim control S534A Automatic air conditioning S540A Cruise control S551A On-board computer II with remote control S560A Reading light in rear compartment S860A Additional turn indicator lamp All part's availble, either on a pallet, Ups or pick up Located Uk, junction 16 off the M1
  7. Breaking E39 525tds 1998 Auto, black leather, shadowline, style 32's, AC Schnitzer kit 1998, two owner car, with the M51 2.5tds fitted on a Autobox Artic silver panel's, shadowline exterior, black leather comfort interior, manual with electric lumbar and black trim fitted. Sat on a set of style 32's and AC Schnitzer front lip and spoiler Spec list:- Ac kit Style 32's Phone Shadowline Auto dip interernal mirror Armrest Black leather with lumbar support Headlight aim control Fog's Air con Cruise Obc Gsm phone Business Radio Cd changer All part's available, available via Ups, pallet or pick up Located UK, junction 16 off the M1
  8. 10 per sensor 40 for the lights
  9. Tims

    Wanted E28 Rear Headrests

    Two new E23's will be arriving over the weekend, so I will have another source of these
  10. Breaking E39 525d 2002 M57 Touring Auto Black Sapphire This has been the company estate over the last couple of month's, but as the mot is coming up, it is time to go 2002 in Sapphire black, code 475, with some good panel's, wing's and tailgate are very good The engine is very good, all work's as it should, so will be a valuable source of part's Self leveling work's as it should, as does the cluster and all the ancilleries Known working 005 Abs unit The spec list goes:- Black Sapphire paint, code 475 Self level suspension Style 48 wheels Roof Rail Armrest Pdc Headlight wash wipe Fog's Cd changer Fine wood trim Clear indicator's all around All part's available, either Ups, on a pallet or pick up All located Uk, junction 16 off the M1
  11. Yep, got the panel, with all tab's intact, 35 inc post for that
  12. Tims

    E12 M535i

    That will be our URN, about the only car I have ever coverted
  13. Tims

    Hello from a newbie

    Y plate one?
  14. Tims

    Help Finding Engine/Parts For My 525i

    How did you get on?