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  1. Tims

    M30 crank or 3.5 engine

    M30b30 crank, 125 inc delivery
  2. Breaking X5 E53 4.4 Black, Sport Somebody obviously got very trigger happy with the spec's on this one, plenty of option's ticked Vehicle options P330A Sports package S205A Automatic transmission S220A Self-levelling suspension S226A Sports suspension settings S249A Multifunction f steering wheel S255A Sports leather steering wheel S302A Alarm system S321A Exterior parts in vehicle color S342A Interior trim strip in Titan Shadow S386A Roof railing S403A Glass roof, electrical S413A Trunk room net S428A Warning triangle and first aid kit S430A Interior/outside mirror with auto dip S441A Smoker package S459A Seat adjuster, electric, with memory S481A Sports seat S488A Lumbar support, driver and passenger S494A Seat heating driver/passenger S502A Headlight cleaning system S508A Park Distance Control (PDC) S521A Rain sensor S522A Xenon Light S533A Air conditioning, rear S534A Automatic air conditioning S601A TV function S609A Navigation system Professional S644A Preparation f mobile phone w Bluetooth S676A HiFi speaker system S692A Preparation, BMW 6-CD changer I-bus S761A Individual sunshade glazing S775A Headlining anthracite S785A White direction indicator lights S818A Battery master switch S823A Hot-climate version S840A High speed synchronisation All parts available Located Uk, junction 16 off the M1 We can post, pallet or you are more than welcome to come and visit
  3. Tims

    E38 - cheap waft-bus

    Very early one that one, you forget that the E38 came out in the mid 90's
  4. Tims

    M30 crank or 3.5 engine

    M30B35 crank?
  5. Tims

    e28 moonroof

    They suffer from the same problems
  6. Tims

    e28 moonroof

    Remember the E23 and E24 one's will fit as well
  7. Tims

    e28 moonroof

    THey all do.
  8. Tims

    e34 Bentley manual

    Half way down, I think Colin still has his for sale:- https://www.facebook.com/groups/438750526292700/search/?query=bentley
  9. Breaking E32 735 Calypso, Electric front/rear seats, memory, lumbar/heated, Hifi system, auto dip mirror, sun-blind 1990 E32 735, with a very hi spec list from factory Automatic stability control Hydro steering, servotronic Electronic Damper Control (EDC)Alarm system Burglar alarm with tilt Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, electric Sun-blind, rear Interior/outside mirror with auto dip Fine wood trim El. front seat adjustment w. memory EL. rear seat Armrest, front, driver/passenger Lumbar support, driver and passenger Lumbar support, front passenger, electr. Seat heating driver/passenger Headl.washer system/intensive cleaning Automatic air flow control Automatic air conditioning HiFi speaker system Located Junction 16 off the M1 All part's available via courier, pallet or pick up
  10. Tims

    Manual Conversion Help

    Can you confirm if you have the two sensor's in the bell housing or not?
  11. 15inch BBS or the metric's?
  12. Breaking E34 525 M50b25 Manual, Calypso, Shadowline Unfortunatly this one has blown its' headgasket, so is up for spare's The spec list is as follow's:- S255 Sports leather steering wheel S314 Door mirror, driver lock, heated S339 Shadow-Line S401 Lift-up-and-slide-back sunroof, electric S411 Window lifts,electric,front/rear S423 Floor mats, velours S428 Warning triangle and first aid kit S438 Fine wood trim S472 Armrest, front, driver/passenger S498 Headrests mechanically adjustable, rear S520 Fog lights P742 Edition ZF S900 Electronic immobilizer All located Junction 16 off the M1 All part's available either via courier, pallet or pick up more than welcome
  13. Tims

    Manual Conversion Help

    - bolts straight on A E34 M30 manual box will bolt straight onto your M30b28 - holes need to be drilled for sensors OR convert to M1.3 Correct, however around late 1989 they changed the boxes so there was no bosses to be drilled out, so you are looking for early E34 boxes, or yes convert to M1.3 from a E32 or E34 M30'd car. However, if you are still running your M30b28 management system, you will not have the two sensor's in the bell housing, but just one on the front of the crank. - need the clutch master cylinder and clutch line...assuming this is from the e34? Clutch master cylinder is attached to the pedal box, should come with that, the line is easy enough to make up - need a slave cylinder Attached to the box - the automatic switchable stuff, throttle position sensor I sort of understand and will tackle once I know what I've currently got on the car You can keep all of that in situ, just a couple of wires to attach, off the top of my head I can not remember what they are - diff I may just go down the route of having a lsd built to whatever spec is recommended...any one have an details of this? The world is your oyster on this, depend's what box you get as the ratio of the box and diff want to to married up, there is a spread sheet somewhere with it on - need the manual tail shaft Yes - need the manual mount Yes - pedal box I have from a e28 so assuming this will work ok Or E24, you can just purchase the clutch pedal from Bmw, there is difference's in year's, so be careful with that Can you guys review and chime in to steer me on this please. What I'd like to get out of this is a comprehensive list of parts that I can send to a breaker to get stripped off a 535i. If there is anyone wanting to take on the job then even better...let me know. I've given myself a deadline of May next year to complete the build. Currently working on getting her running properly again as she's not idling at the moment. Also need to change the petrol tank as its leaking. Once I've got these bits sorted she's off to the restoration company to do all the welding etc. Once out from there I'd like to get the transmission swapped. Thanks