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  1. 16inch staggered Alpina's Give me a bell David Yep, they are sideloader's Ian
  2. I have two E12 based E24's in that have sat still for many, many years. These car's are breaker's only, the shell's and panel's are long past their best. However, they do have many usefull part's:- 3.3 and 3.5 engines Banana inlet's Ecu's 002 Afm's 3hp22 Auto box Headlamp's Comfort leather in blue and pearl beige Chrome Toolkit's Suspension component's Glass Diff's All located Uk, junction 16 off the M1
  3. Call me
  4. A rarity this one, E34, with a M20b25, attached to a auto box with a body kit, plus the last owner since 1992, so well looked after This one has a proper charm about it, just a honest original car that can either be a great source of part's, or can be made to live again. Not the greatest spec list:- M20b25 15 inch Bbs Sport's steering wheel Sport's bodykit Sunroof Fog's I have driven it for a hundred miles or so, not missed a beat and a lovely place to be So, as a project it is 900 pounds, or if there is enough interest all the part's are up for grabs Located Uk, junction 16 off the M1
  5. You know what, there really is something about the Metric wheel's
  6. Dad use's his weekly, Stihl all the way
  7. Has there been a bomb? I would ask a Japanese person then
  8. Lousia's is on the way out so in search for a replacement. What have you got knocking about?
  9. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-E28-5-series-Body-panel-parts-inner-wings-scuttles-etc-/282608736052?hash=item41cccb1734:g:CnsAAOSwyQtV2e7F
  10. Proper E39 colour that
  11. Have to say I have had my Makita stuff for as long as I can remember and no complaint's here