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  1. edd_jedi

    I'm an idiot - Carly battery registration

    Thanks for the suggestion, I was thinking about putting the trickle charger on over night to get it fully charged again. Is there a way of finding out the current battery charge via INPA etc?
  2. I know this is an old post, but I'm afraid you're wrong about MD music having no compression. A MiniDisc can hold 160MB of data. A typical 5 minute uncompressed music track (WAV/AIF) is about 50MB. So you could only fit three "CD quality" tracks on a MiniDisc. To fit 74 minutes of music on an MiniDisc, it is compressed to about the same file size as a 320 MP3. For long play, it's compressed even more. http://www.minidisc.org/minidisc_faq.html#_q1
  3. edd_jedi

    Pinout diagram of iPod Changer

    Did you ever get this working? I'm considering it.
  4. edd_jedi

    BMW Retrofit HUD Kit

    As this video shows the problem with HUDs in BMWs is that there is nowhere flat to place them. I found a nice aftermarket one that worked well, but thanks to the dashboard design there is nowhere to place it, and it just looks stupid balanced on top of the curved dashboard like in that E90 video.
  5. I did something stupid this weekend. I got Carly last week and wanted to check if the new battery I put in 5000 miles ago had been registered correctly. I loaded up the battery data, and under "Last registered battery info" it said roughly 200,000km. My car has done 130k miles, I should have worked it out exactly but in my head it seemed like roughly the same, so thinking the car still thought the original battery was fitted, I registered a new one using Carly. I refreshed the page, and it now said 209k km. It turns out the figure is the distance at which the last registration was done, not how many km since So basically I have just registered the same battery 10 months/5k miles after it was installed. Now I don't think this is going to have any catastrophic impact as the battery is less than a year old, but I am annoyed that I have made this mistake. Does anybody know if there is a way using NCS Expert or something to manually change the last registration date? So set it to a specific mileage, not just reset it. Any help appreciated!
  6. With hindsight I wish I had gone for a petrol, you're right they are fairly rare, I don't recall seeing any petrol 3.0 E61s when I was looking. Almost all of the money I have spent on my car has been related to it being a diesel (swirl flaps, glow plugs and controller, DPF.) I did also need to replace the thermostats, which I have also done on at least half of my previous BMWs. On the plus side I have enjoyed averaging 35MPG, none of my petrol cars managed to average much more than 25 so hopefully I've saved a tiny bit of money there. But I am pretty sure my next car will be petrol again.
  7. edd_jedi

    Latest Maps for Professional Navigation (CCC)

    Thanks for the tip, I just checked the "official 2017" version I bought from eBay and it's actually only the 2016 version to be fair it's worked well for the last 18 months so can't complain too much, but I am a bit annoyed I got mugged off for £20 with an older version. So I have just downloaded an ISO of the 2019 version, which as you can see in the attached is legit. I burned it to a DVD+R at 4x and it's just loaded up in the drive fine, updating the nav software too. It will be interesting to see if there's any truth in burned discs running louder or killing drives, I'll update in a few months.
  8. Sorry can't help with most of your questions, but you will need to replace the whole door cards to get the blinds.
  9. edd_jedi

    Latest Maps for Professional Navigation (CCC)

    Do you have CCC (DVD nav) instead of CIC (hard disk?) If so it was this seller I bought from: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173226929954 The 2017 one worked great, it updated the nav software too from my previous 2007 disc. You can find them cheaper but only burned discs which apparently can damage the drive, that's why I paid a bit more for this 'pressed' disc.
  10. edd_jedi

    Bought an E60 LCI 525D 2008 Auto

    There is no OEM way of streaming music over Bluetooth for CCC. Here's a good thread for adding USB to CCC: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2127150-E61-2006-530i-6FL-USB-Audio-Retrofit-Success Worth checking in your boot to see which MULF you have (MULF/MULF2/MULF 2 high-basis) it's the last one you need for USB. Then some wiring and coding, doesn't look too daunting. You've already mentioned the thermostats, so really I would just get a code reader (Carly, INPA etc) and see what it throws up.
  11. edd_jedi

    Latest Maps for Professional Navigation (CCC)

    Thanks for that, I will ask. Can anybody answer my question about whether BMW themselves actually make a 2019 DVD? I'm wondering where these updated versions come from. Seems odd that it's not on their website.
  12. edd_jedi

    Error code 4667 (too frequent regen)

    Update, having pretty much given up on the DPF as I hadn't had much luck figuring out what was going on (see above) I thought I noticed my car doing a regen while on the motorway last week. Nothing felt different, but the range suddenly dropped by 50 miles while driving steadily, and 15 minutes later it went back up again. When I got home I plugged the laptop in to see if I could prove that a regen had occurred, but again I found INPA and DIS useless. So, determined to get to the bottom of this, I ordered a Carly adapter so I could check the DPF data. It arrived today and as you can see below I was right, a regen did occur approx 90 miles ago. It also shows the 'average regen interval' as 608km, I'm not sure what that distance is based on as I am pretty sure due to dead thermostats and glow plugs my car wasn't regenerating for many thousands of miles, but it gives me some hope that it has been happening since I got those problems sorted a few thousand miles ago, and contrary to the error code I got it doesn't seem to be happening too frequently based on that number. The calculated ash level seems quite healthy, although I obviously have no idea how accurate that is. So what I want to do next is see how long it takes until the next regen occurs without me forcing one. I will post an update when I know.
  13. edd_jedi

    Bye bye E60 hello F06

    Nice, I really fancy one of these next, and they are really good value for money compared to a lot of similar aged 'newer' BMWs (I can't believe how much F10s are still selling for considering they're getting on for a decade old.) The F06 is a lot more practical than the E64 with 4 doors, the interior looks very nice too. The only thing is my current 530d has pretty much put me off diesels, any fuel savings have been well and truly wiped out by the DPF nonsense.
  14. edd_jedi

    Brake Fluid Reservoir.

    You're right, I often find BMW make things unnecessarily complicated. Is it to put off DIY enthusiasts? Or to discourage indy garages from undertaking work? Who knows, but you're right almost every job on these cars is far more complicated than it needs to be.
  15. I'm pretty sure both the E61 and E60 only have one rear light unit per side? I know some other BMWs have the unit split in two, one part on the body and one in the boot lid. But my E61 lights are one whole part. EDIT: correction, just looked and seems I'm wrong. So in that case I only replaced the body gasket.