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    2005 E61 530d Sport
  1. OBD2 Port Draining Battery

    It says UK, but if you look at the sellers address it is from China. Sadly eBay can't stop foreign sellers listing items as based in the UK. That means it will likely take at least a week to arrive, and as it costs over £15GBP will be liable to customs duty.
  2. OBD2 Port Draining Battery

    I got this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B072DZLGXL/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Although it's saying sold out now. You can get it on eBay but only from Chinese sellers, which is why I paid a bit more to buy from Amazon and get it quicker. It's a decent piece of kit, just need to solve the battery drain.
  3. OBD2 Port Draining Battery

    Thanks. I've seen OBD extension cables on eBay with an inline switch, any idea if that would work?
  4. I have bought an aftermarket HUD which plugs in to the OBD2 port, mainly because the E60 has no water temperature gauge and I want to see it. It works great, but it is draining my battery when the car is locked. The HUD itself seems to power off, but for some reason the cable still drains power if left plugged in. I could just unplug the cable each time I get out the car, but it’s a bit of a pain and I might forget. Does anybody know why the OBD port draws power without the blanking plug connected? I have noticed it has some pins in it, maybe they tell it to switch off? Am wondering if there’s a way I can modify it to leave the HUD cable plugged in.
  5. Injector test - inpa - 530d

    I'm no expert but I'd hazard a guess anything in the green is fine?
  6. E60 CCC Android system upgrade

    Thanks for the update. I'm very tempted by this, but having just spent £150 fixing my MULF I'm a bit reluctant to make it redundant again. Will definitely do it if my CCC packs in. I believe the volume is quiet because it uses the built in AUX for audio, which is notoriously quiet.
  7. I couldn't find a good DIY guide for this so thought I would write one, as it's a common question if you do a search. As you have probably noticed, the pre-LCI sports seats have rubbish head rests. Even when tilted forward they are nowhere near your head. Later LCI cars came with 'active' head rests which were not only adjustable, but also featured a small explosive charge connected to the airbag system. I'm not bothered about the latter, I just want mine to be adjustable. If you're not familiar with the difference, here's the two types next to each other: Now the first challenge is obviously finding a pair, they don't come up often and cost about £400 new. I got some on eBay for £100. It might be worth contacting scrap yards or asking a breaker to separate you some from a pair of seats. Alternatively you could just buy a used interior and sell/scrap the rest. It's not possible to get the 'active' element working as pre-LCI seats do not have the internal wiring, so you may as well remove it. To do so, pop off the back (just pull it hard) and then unclip the small explosive charge. These sell for about £20 on eBay so you could also recoup a bit of money that way. Then you can disconnect the plug, and pull the wiring through the post. This leaves you with a simple adjustable headrest! Then you can just simply swap them with your old headrests. Here are before and after shots, I'm sure you'll agree they look much better, but they are also much more comfortable too. Hopefully this will be helpful to others who want to do it.
  8. OEM HUD Retrofit Kit in E60?

    Here you go: http://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1063158
  9. OEM HUD Retrofit Kit in E60?

    Sorry a bit of confusion, I'm not talking about retrofitting the OEM E60 HUD that some cars came with. BMW sell a 'universal' HUD that fits most cars post 2004, this is what I want.
  10. Intelligent Battery Sensor Comms 4212

    Unfortunately it's very common for people to disconnect the IBS rather than fix it. I hazard a guess it is unplugged, and if you reconnect it is probably faulty.
  11. Has anybody tried fitting the BMW head up display kit to an E60? The official list of supported cars is: BMW 1 Series (E81, E82, E87, E88, F20, F21) BMW 2 Series (F22, F23, F45, F46) BMW 3 Series (E90, E91, E92, E93, F30, F31, F34, F35) BMW 4 Series (F32, F33, F36) BMW 5 Series (F10, F11) BMW X1 (E84) BMW X3 (F25) BMW X4 (F26) As you can see quite a few cars on this list are of similar age to the E60, so although it may not be plug and play, I find it hard to believe it would be impossible to fit it. Anybody tried?
  12. Please can you let me know the price of the lower steering wheel trim piece. I believe the part number is 32347841044. Thanks
  13. Help! 530d msport poorly

    It's worth mentioning that for around £300 you can buy an Android replacement for CCC which is far superior, so if yours is dead may be worth doing that instead of repairing.
  14. Back in a Five!

    Thanks. I did a lot of the small jobs myself and got some of the parts very cheap second hand. The MULF came from a seller on eBay who gives you a rebate if you send your old one back. I had the mechanical jobs done at Munich Legends which wasn't cheap, but because I got it all done at once the labour cost wasn't too bad.
  15. Back in a Five!

    Well I've had it three months now so thought I'd post an update. Like any 10+ year old BMW it had some issues, I've probably spent about £1000 on it so far but am now pretty happy with it and think I've got a good one as most of the below are common issues. When I first got the car there were 13 error/fault codes, there are now none. Mechanical/Electrical - Main and EGR thermostats - Swirl flaps blanked - Replaced MULF unit (this fixed both bluetooth and the non-working CD changer) - New battery - Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) - Fitted and coded AUX cable - Glow plug module and plugs - Replaced tail light gasket (was leaking in to battery compartment) - Fixed diversity antenna (see above) - Cabin filters (did these while checking for standing water, thankfully there was none) Cosmetic - Chrome kidney grills (OEM of course) - Replaced heavily scratched window switch controls (previous owner must have been Mr T!) - New number plates (it's amazing what a difference this makes to an old car) - Replaced those bumper grill pieces that always seem to be missing Still do do - Fix drivers side heated seat - Recall (got the battery cable letter from BMW) Will add some new photos if it ever stops raining