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  1. edd_jedi

    Split hoses

    I'm giving my car a bit of TLC this week and want to check for split hoses. Can anybody point me to a link or guide for where the most likely culprits will be?
  2. edd_jedi

    Poor mpg 530d

    Also one thing I'm sure everybody will feel my pain with, have you noticed how you need to drive like a granny for 20 miles for the OBC to gain 0.3 MPG, yet put your foot down for one second and it's gone again so I mostly try and ignore the OBC. It's a shame the E60 doesn't have 2 consumption values like older BMWs did, I used to like having one that I reset every tank and then one that I never reset for a longer view.
  3. edd_jedi

    Poor mpg 530d

    You'll find loads of different opinions on this. Some people lie about their MPG figures, I don't know why. A 3 litre car that weighs two tonnes will not do 35 MPG around town, it's as simple as that. BMW's own figure of 30 for 'urban' driving is generous in my opinion, maybe if you live somewhere dead flat with quiet roads. I get around 25 around town, but Brighton is full of steep hills and traffic lights so I don't expect any better. However, these cars will do 40ish on a decent run. I got 38 from Brighton to Norwich a few weeks back which was mostly motorway miles and a few traffic jams here and there (that's calculated MPG from distance/fuel, not the OBC.) Also as above it takes at least 15 minutes for the engine to warm up, so you won't even get 20 around town during that period.
  4. edd_jedi

    Where to wire USB sockets in glove box?

    An observation that might interest people, the new combined USB/AUX cable I bought is considerably louder than the old AUX cable. Now it’s about the same volume as the CD changer and only one or two ‘notches’ quieter than the radio. With the old cable it was 10+ notches quieter. Perhaps because it’s now a digital audio signal?
  5. edd_jedi

    Which Battery

    The battery I just replaced was only a year old, because it was not registered it died very quickly.
  6. edd_jedi

    Where to wire USB sockets in glove box?

    Found one that works, it only has 1 USB socket which is a shame but this one charges my iPhone just fine. I have paired it with one of these cables (both from Amazon) and I now have a single cable running from the glove box that provides both power and AUX music from my iPhone. Cost about £30 all in, much neater in the cabin now and less hassle to plug in when I get in the car.
  7. edd_jedi

    Which Battery

    See if your current battery has a date on it. There are other things that can seem like a dying battery such as faulty IBS, parasitic drain, or simply a new battery that was never registered.
  8. edd_jedi

    Where to wire USB sockets in glove box?

    Thanks for the reply. I remember having similar problems trying to find a cigarette lighter USB car charger that would charge my iPhone too, I guess they are fussy. However it wouldn't charge my Nintendo Switch controller either so I can't just blame Apple. Any idea if there is an inline "USB converter" that is Apple friendly?
  9. edd_jedi

    Where to wire USB sockets in glove box?

    Well that's annoying, just tried it again on the above advice with the ignition on and it didn't work with my iPhone, but does work with a USB torch as you can see below. The box apparently outputs up to 3 amps and a minimum of 1.5, so not sure why it's not charging my phone. Tried a couple of different USB cables including a genuine Apple one but that didn't make any difference. Any suggestions?
  10. edd_jedi

    Where to wire USB sockets in glove box?

    Don't worry it may look messy but the red wires are soldered under the electrical tape so it's a decent connection. Just confirmed with a multimeter that there's nothing wrong with the connection, I'm getting a steady ~12 volts from the both fuses on the pictured +/- points. So it must be an issue with the USB box thing. The only thought I've had is the USB box has "max 3 amps" written on the side, but I'm using a 5A fuse. That should be OK right and wouldn't stop it working?
  11. edd_jedi

    Where to wire USB sockets in glove box?

    Well that's annoying, just spent two hours on what should be a simple job and had to admit defeat. I tried piggy backing on the CD changer fuse (#38) which I know was working as the CD changer stopped working when I unplugged it. I popped 2 5 amp fuses in, connected it to the USB sockets, but nothing. Tried it with the ignition on, various different fuse positions and earth locations, but no power from either USB socket. Before I email the seller asking for a replacement USB socket and reporting the one they sent me is a dud, am I doing anything stupid here? As you can see the earth is connected to a screw (which seems to have something else earthed to it) but as said I tried a couple of different earth points to rule that out. Also while fishing around above the glove box I found this thing which doesn't look factory fitted, and idea what it might be? Part of a tracker maybe?
  12. edd_jedi

    Stalk Noise

    Electric tape on the top/bottom of the OBC button, just done it on mine.
  13. edd_jedi

    Screen not working, help needed!

    There are downloads for the manual in the link above, might have a wiring diagram in it
  14. A pair has just gone up for sale for £40 on eBay, bargain for somebody: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192568837179
  15. edd_jedi

    Labour charges ?

    I recently paid £200 to have both replaced on mine (labour only as I bought the parts from BMW direct) it took them just under 3 hours so £65ish per hour