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  1. Springy

    M54 or M52TU?

    The 530 is without question the most popular of the two and has proven to be a great all-rounder. The 528 will show little or no savings on fuel/tax/insurance and obviously will have less power. Manual transmission variants are becoming hard to find but Sport spec is very popular and there's still lots of good examples available.
  2. Springy

    2003 BMW e39 530i Sport LPG Aegean

    Car is now sold.
  3. Springy

    2003 BMW e39 530i Sport LPG Aegean

    Yep it went on Gumtree yesterday and almost straight away got the chancers offering low money. It's also on E39 UK buy and sell too with positive comments received.
  4. Springy

    2003 BMW e39 530i Sport LPG Aegean

    I agree with you on the price. Not getting as much interest as I would have hoped for but got a couple of viewings this weekend. The bodywork is what's letting it down I think but it wouldn't take to much time/outlay to sort. Plus it's running a fully operational LPG system which more than halves the fuel costs compared to running a petrol only 530i. What's not to like!
  5. Springy

    2003 BMW e39 530i Sport LPG Aegean

    Thanks for the comment. It is a lovely car but it needs to go as I've already bought a replacement.
  6. Springy

    2003 BMW e39 530i Sport LPG Aegean

    Dear All, It is with some regret that I have decided to part company with my daily runner. I've owned her for 4 1/2 years and she is the second 530i Sport I've had. I don't tend to keep cars much longer than 12 months but this one has been the exception and has been a pleasure to own despite the perpetual list of upkeep maintenance items! Anyway without keeping you too long I'll try and be informative but brief, here goes...... First registered 14/03/03 4 former keepers 179500 miles MOT due 29/01/18 BMW service stamps till 62k miles, Indy stamps from then on until 130k miles. Serviced by my local garage and myself to current mileage. During my ownership which began in January 2013, I have had the following work carried out (probably more but currently this is all I can think of). LPG system fitted by a professional registered installer (2013). Gearbox/torque converter refurbishment (2015). New discs front and rear (2013 rear, 2015 front). New brake lines front to rear (2017). Front suspension arms replaced (2017). CCV pipework and venturi replaced (2015). Cooling system replaced (radiator, viscous fan with idler pulley and belt, thermostat and housing, radiator top hose and water pump) 2016. Battery replaced (2016). Ignition switch replaced (the apparent cure of all electrical ills if you believe all that you read!) 2015. Oil filter housing gasket replaced . Throttle body and switch replaced. The car drives superbly and is a real pleasure to be in. The LPG system has been faultless and has paid for itself over and over in fuel savings. Unfortunately the car has some age related marks, rust spots and two small dents (osf wing and osr door). The driver's seat is showing it's age but the rest of the interior is quite presentable. The wheels are presentable but would benefit from a refurb. I've tried to show the good and the bad in the attached pics. The mk4 sat nav drive has developed a fault which means the sat nav no longer works and this in turn affects the screen display however the cd mutichanger, radio and cassette deck work as normal. I haven't looked into fixing this issue as when it was working, I didn't really rate it much as it's an old system. The ABS module has developed a fault due to being in proximity to the exhaust manifold, this is being replaced this week all being well. One of the rear parking sensors has decided to stop working and I am awaiting a replacement with a view to fitting it before/if the car goes to a new owner. The electrics, apart from the above, are all in good order as is the dual zone climate control. During my ownership I would say that 90% of the mileage has been on the motorway. Any question or extra pics then please just asked as I've no doubt missed something. The car is located in Stalybridge near Manchester. Looking for £1550 ovno Thanks for looking.
  7. Springy

    ABS module

    Thanks fellas! It's what I was thinking tbh even though I have ordered a replacement sensor this afternoon. Trouble is that I'm putting the e39 up for sale shortly as I've bought another car so will have to consider either repairing the unit or advertising with a known fault. Thanks again it's appreciated.
  8. Springy

    ABS module

    Hi chaps! I know it's been discussed on here a good few times but hoping someone can give me some sound advice. I have recently had all the yellow warning lights on for abs, traction control etc whilst driving normally. Park the car up overnight and by morning the lights have gone off. This doesn't happen every journey but seems to be more frequent in the hot weather? Have scanned with inpa and It's coming up with front right abs sensor open circuit every time the fault occurs. Is it likely to be the sensor or is this a common symptom of the module on it's way out due to heat from the exhaust manifold? If I replace the module with a used item will it require coding? Thanks in advance
  9. Springy

    Rear pdc sensor e39

    Hi, I need a working Oem rear pdc sensor for an e39. Any colour will do. Postage to Manchester area. TIA
  10. Springy

    Sport bumper splash guards

    Thanks guys!
  11. Springy

    Sport bumper splash guards

    Does anybody know if the splash guards on the sport front bumpers are the same fitment as the M5? TIA
  12. Springy

    Brand New Camshaft Position Sensor problem

    Is the sensor a genuine BMW part? Non-OEM sensors can cause issues.
  13. Got one through the post yesterday too.
  14. Anybody had issues with the the lamp holder melting on the high level brake light? I've done it three times now. Being an auto I tend to use the foot brake more at the lights than in a manual car and particularly during the recent icy weather whilst descending steep roads. I'm considering fitting a replacement led lamp next as they don't generate as much heat so shouldn't melt the holder but this will probably create errors for the LCM!
  15. Springy

    please!please!please! sign this petition

    They deserve worse than imprisonment. Petition gladly signed.