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  1. My companion of almost 10 years is looking likely to leave me after a smooth 50,000 miles, and almost 10 years of trouble free ownership .... Hard to believe we can get so attached to them
  2. Just happened to notice this at a junction on my way to work on Wednesday night ... The old girl is getting on in years ...
  3. hahahaha still kicking along I'm afraid ...
  4. Gorgeous day yesterday , so called in here on the way home .. Game Of Thrones fans should be able to recognise the location ...
  5. ... Sometimes you forget just how bloody good it looks, until the boss has to lift you from the pub after a few cheeky pints on a Friday afternoon .....
  6. UPDATE as of 18th March 2016 77,389 - 2003 E39 525i Sport
  7. Hi folks Just wondering if anyone has come across a similar situation to the one shown in the picture? If so, what's the culprit? Thanks in advance for any and all help ....
  8. My old girl on 172's ....
  9. the old banger is waayyyyyy past that now Raymond !!! She's almost at 75k Was thinking of giving them a go with a refurb, if I can't find anywhere with new stock .....
  10. The style 172 reps on my E39 are finally on there way out, after 4 years of loyal service ... I'm having a bugger of a time finding anywhere that still does them ... Any help guys ?? Cheers ...
  11. It's an old man's car
  12. cheers lads, i'll get on it asap. Bit of electrical tape currently in place around the hose to keep me motoring
  13. Was having a very erratic idle, which then led to stalling. Popped the bonnet and saw that this air intake hose was in a shocking state Anyone know the part number I need to order a replacement? And, is it an easy item to swap out? i.e could a completely ham-fisted non mechanic type, such as myself, do the job ? As ever, thanks for any assistance.
  14. What you running these days Raymondo ??