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  1. Did he ever touch the shores of England? He was a Turk or Greek who was in Palestine and is buried in Israel! BTW - have been to the pub to celebrate (well I was actually walking by after a 3 hour dog walk)
  2. Go and drive both to make up your own mind. The 520d with the 8 speed auto is astonishingly competent and just as quick once up and running than an E39 530i - I have had both. My car is seven years old in December and only the rear suspension airbags (mines a touring) have been an issue to far. I would say it has been more reliable than the E39's that I had for almost ten years. The F11 has no issues (so far) with suspension bushes, sticking caliper causing a shimmy, parking sensors failing or lack of pixels (display issues). It perhaps does not feel as well screwed together as an E39 but as above it appears to holding up extremely well. The E39 will steer and ride better though with better driver communication through the controls
  3. Alex Thomson
  4. Too long a story on here but I was offered a job in 1987 on an Azumit 105 ft with two 1000hp MTU's (ex owned by an Onassis) which I turned down and the boat was later chased around the Med by Interpol as it was purchased by Mr Barlow from Barlow Clowes in Gibraltar who did a Maxwell pre-Maxwell!! It drank heavier than Oliver Reid but at least it could 30 knots flat out! Always fancied an E38 V8 derv
  5. But you are not comparing apples with apples as the OP is after a F10. An E60 520d manual is an inferior beast to an F10 and as you say most F10 520d's use the superb 8 speed auto.
  6. Can't be more than about ten of these in the country. http://usedcars.bmw.co.uk/5-Series/4.4-550i-M-Sport-Touring/Ascot/3173865-606283244-3497133.aspx?srcmdc=se_na_re_ Rare car but stupid money when you can buy a delivery mileage last of the line 535i F11 for £5k more.
  7. No - still have the 520d - decided to keep it. Do keep looking at them though.
  8. People who dismiss the 520d clearly in my mind have not spent any considerable time in the car. If they had done then they will know that it is a superbly refined and economical unit that is more than fast enough for modern day driving in Britain. The only time you notice the refinement difference is on start up and even then it is not bad. I still have a six pot petrol and have owned 6 cylinder diesel bimmers for over 10 years in the past and done 33000 miles in our 520d so feel well qualified in defending the 520d. Yes a 6 cylinder is ultimately more refined but if you do mostly motorway miles you will not notice any difference.
  9. Wow - I think the original owner ticked every box bar the panoramic roof. Great car and GLWTS
  10. Fitted them today - easy job - to be fair the ones that came out were not too bad so will leave the new ones in for 2 years. I tend to regularly clean leaves and rubbish out from under the wipers when the bonnet is up. About £100 saved!
  11. Welcome - 530i's in F10/11 form are rare beasts
  12. Thanks - I see that the steering wheel and nav are facelift so should have known! Do we know the price of the beast?
  13. Are we sure that's a facelift car - it has prefacelift chrome bumper and rubbing strake inserts. Lovely car and colour mind you!!
  14. Thanks - looked up the GSF Mann carbon filters and they seem reasonable at just over £30.
  15. I need to replace the microfilters for the cabin in the F11 and am not paying BMW to do it! So recommendations please for the best reasonably priced replacements.