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  1. Now I’ve seen it all !

    Looks like the bastard son of a thousand father's.
  2. 520i SE or 520d SE? (G30 or G31)

    If you are going to keep the car long term and do short runs in it use premium fuel only. I put V-power diesel in mine most of the time but never supermarket fuel. I do however put supermarket petrol in the Fiesta as it doesn't have EGR's and DPF's etc etc
  3. It's worth £10 to go GOLD as your post might be deemed to be a veiled for sale advert
  4. F10 steering - centering issue

    They are known for their vagueness on the straight - mine is better since have gone none RFT. As Andrew says play around with tyre pressures - I find 32 to 34 lbs/in on the fronts about right
  5. Lovely 328i Sport Convertible

    Wouldn't mind a 323i or 328i Sport touring auto as the 2nd car if could find a good one. Cheap to run as it only does 4000 miles a year.
  6. As Matthew states the auto dipping mirrors cost a fortune - I managed to get one off ebay in eastern europe for about £80 a year ago
  7. There was a fairly well read thread on the Alpina forum iirc about this car when it was written off by the insurance company and the hell the owner went through. Yes it is absolutely stupid money imho
  8. Lovely 328i Sport Convertible

    No not mine - be interested to see if this one goes at this money: http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C932060
  9. That's my beloved E61...

    Welcome over to the 5 Forum Merc No BM
  10. Must be Deep Sea Blue day as did mine today also!
  11. Timing chain now replaced

    Be interested to know the mileage and gaps between the services in both time and mileage. Did the chain actually break or did it rattle like crazy? Thanks
  12. It is cleaned and nourished at least 3 times a year. Not sure if Comfort seats have Dakota or Nappa leather
  13. Here you go - for 7 years old it looks almost as new:
  14. Finally fixed the faulty angel eye side light by fitting a new module at the hefty cost of £227 for the part (I fitted it). Cleaned and then conditioned the two front seats with Gliptone.