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  1. E39mad

    Been a while.......

    Hello. Still got the chipped E92 Simon?
  2. E39mad

    A trip in the vert...

    I wish....nope it would be great to but it's still not enough for some precious metal!!
  3. E39mad

    A trip in the vert...

    Cheers Mark - I should keep this a while unless something more interesting (and cheap) turns up! I realised after doing the Le Mans Classic that winning a million pounds, whilst fantastic, is no-where near enough to get the metal that I really want!!
  4. E39mad

    B10 touring

    Man, these are going up in price - a couple of years ago there was a similar mileage one in Cornwall for £12k. Lovely car and spec - if I had a big garage I would consider this together with a 560SEC that a friend is selling!!
  5. E39mad

    E39 530i - slate green

    Good that it doesn't have the Green leather also. I quite like the Alcantara seats. Rear seats are folders too - a rare option.
  6. E39mad


    Wrong website Jay - readers wives is elsewhere on the interweb
  7. E39mad

    A cool E36 .........

    Not for me, no matter how well done the mods are. E36's have been modded to the hilt over the years so much so that there is a class and a rarity about a superbly kept stock car - give me a 323i or 328i Sport touring in Avus blue or Silver over this one any day of the week.
  8. E39mad

    A trip in the vert...

    Thanks, it's a 328i manual with factory Mtec or Sport kit. One of the last built in summer 1999 and registered in 2000 hence the W plate. It's a stock car bar genuine Alpina alloys and gearknob. It ticked over 85000 miles on the way home from France. It's in great condition with no rust although not concourse. Avus blue with silver grey sports seats. With the wind deflector and two up you can happily drive all day at circa 70mph without any excessive drafts or noise. No need for an M3 in a vert as it has enough power. Will have owned it 5 years this autumn and luckily is a third/fun car so does only 1-2000 miles a year.
  9. E39mad

    A trip in the vert...

    Getting this thread back on track it was my first Le Mans trip - a friend did the full hit 24 hour this year and it is much more "full-on" by all accounts. I think I'd stick with the Classic.
  10. E39mad

    A trip in the vert...

    You can go next year - you'll have fun on yer own as it's not on again until 2020
  11. E39mad

    A trip in the vert...

    Possibly - the whole weekend was mind blowing - you could sit at the bar in our campsite within the circuit and watch amazing cars drive by. The racing was superb - no holes barred in stuff worth ridiculous amounts of money. Nice to see them being used as they were intended.
  12. E39mad

    A trip in the vert...

    Presume you mean the M850i rather than the event? Both were huge - the event in a good way!
  13. E39mad

    A trip in the vert...

    Thanks Mick - yes the 850i was not a great colour so would like to see it in various schemes before deciding. Here's some non BM stuff:
  14. E39mad

    A trip in the vert...

    ...the E36 that is, which has just done a 700 mile trouble free round trip to the Le Mans Classic and back. The car was faultless and great fun on the French roads even if we got completely baked in the afternoon sun!! It is an epic event and I have never seen so much precious metal in any one place at once - totally recommend it! Won't bore you with all the pics but here are some BMW related ones:
  15. E39mad

    Chester area meetup?

    Not enough notice for me as preparing for a road trip next week and can I suggest somewhere south Wirral so get more from Cheshire and North Wales. I've been to the Red Fox and that is far enough up!!