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  1. Maybe they have dropped them in the UK due to lack of sales - some steep depreciation on 7's in particular. Autotrader has a few pre-reg delivery mile 750i Sports at around £50k - list was closer to double that!!!
  2. They also do a straight six 7 Series - the 740i in addition to the V8 750i and the aforementioned m760i so three superb petrol engines to chose from.
  3. I thought they did a 750i V8 in the latest 7 series or has that been dropped already?
  4. E39mad

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    This one started it off for me back in 1989 - a 316 1.8 E21 Then had an E36 318is, E46 330d Touring auto, two E39's and the current fleet:
  5. Looks fantastic. Big barges them S classes - which engine is in yours?
  6. E39mad

    Winter wheels

    No Cross Climate are all season tyres which are different from full winters. My winters are run flats whereas my summers are none run flats
  7. E39mad

    Winter wheels

    Welcome to the forum I doubt you notice the difference between 205 and 225 width tyres on a proper set of winters. It's more to do with the tyre compound, tread pattern and depth of tread. Yes Michelin do an excellent all season tyre called Cross climate. I am lucky enough to have a separate set of winter tyres on alloys but I think I will go all season next time as gets rid of the hassle of changing and storage.
  8. E39mad

    F11 535i

    Yaaaawwwnnnnn .....your soap box is becoming rather tedious on here. To the OP welcome - lovely F11 you have there.
  9. E39mad

    What's your best range from a tank?

    I think the critical thing with the 520d for economy in my experience is too keep it below 78mph (where permitted). Even better if you can keep it at national motorway speed limits. Anything above this makes it drink so much more fuel - tested when in France where motorway limits allow such speeds! Hills will kill fuel economy too - I came back from South Wales yesterday and the average over the Heads of the Valley road A465 was about 38mpg - by the time I got home to Cheshire the average was up to 47mpg.
  10. E39mad

    What's your best range from a tank?

    Have seen 700 miles in my 520d touring before filling up - says there was about 60 miles remaining in the tank. It was driving through North West France the roads for which were clear.
  11. E39mad

    Older BMW Prices going nuts!

    I saw an E36 328i Sport touring auto with 90k miles for £10000 the other day - yes it's a rare car but that is double the last one I saw and more than double a 323i Sport touring with less miles I was looking at earlier this year. Judging by the E36 M3 prices I am hoping my 328i Sport manual vert with 84k miles is now worth something way more than I paid for it 5 years ago! I cannot see the desirability personally of owning a classic BMW with a smaller engine for the amount of miles you do and the desirability come sale time. You see four pot E30/36 for silly money!
  12. Have you tried a couple of tanks of V power fuel or similar to see if any difference?
  13. I'll drop you a PM Adders - apologies just got back from a weekend away
  14. 8 years old in two months, 5 years out of warranty and 65000 miles on the clock. Other than std servicing and brakes the car has cost me the some total of £550 with two repairs. One was the headlight control unit which I fitted myself and the other was a suspension airbag failure and both were changed.
  15. E39mad

    Classic TR6

    Looks like a mighty fine example - congratulations. One or two went to the Le Mans Classic this year!