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  1. It's difficult now most dealerships are in the hands of big players - we used to prefer to go to Crewe (Blue Bell) even though we live near Macclesfield. Blue Bell now is owned by Lookers who also own Knights in Staffs and the staff have changed and things are not as good as they used to be. Having said that my car has not been back there for 18 months now as it's too old pay dealer prices! If you want a good independent Darren Wood is Stockport is excellent.
  2. E39mad

    F10 DRL Fault

    I didn't use diagnostics to find the fault. Yes you have to be careful with the part number - it's on the module itself when you pull it out. Needless to say the halogen ones were not the cheapest modules available!
  3. E39mad

    F10 DRL Fault

    I had this on mine - it's probably a failed control module. It's a pain to take out as access is in the inner wheel arch but if you swap them over you will know if the it's purely the module. I bought one off the internet for about £230 as BMW wanted much more just for the part!
  4. E39mad

    Motormania 2019, Grantown on Spey

    Some fabulous cars there - I like the quirky Avantime.
  5. E39mad

    Really liking this, but....

    If you want a decent convertible with no MOT advisories make a good bid on mine - you never know I could be tempted
  6. Good colour and spec + had the important fuel tank issue sorted out. Heated seats are rare in none 750i E38's and would be a must for me.
  7. E39mad

    E39 M5 Individual - 1 of 1 in this colour!

    Nice spec with folding rear seats and sunroof. I don't mind Glacier Green - but would not be my first choice. Std colour option on pre-facelift 520i to 540i's.
  8. E39mad

    E39 Alpina D10

    Got the later facelift Sport steering wheel - prefacelift Alpinas had the bus style steering wheels. May be the nav was retrofitted in Europe
  9. E39mad

    Rare as .....

    Alpina B5 BiTurbo Allrad - based on the 4.4 V8 550i xdrive that is not brought into the Uk
  10. E39mad

    Rare as .....

    Spotted at Oulton Park yesterday. Drooled over all 600bhp of it!
  11. E39mad

    Rother Valley meet 2018

    Gents and other forum members I'll do my best to turn up either in the E36 or the F11 with a pooch!
  12. E39mad

    Back in a 5!

    Welcome back Greig - the 2.0d is more than enough power with 8 speed auto does not to stress the engine. More power is always nice but reality of modern driving it is enough! Mines on 62500 miles now and no issues.
  13. I also inherited my love of them from my father. Don't remember the first one a 1974 E12 525 as it only lasted a year and ended up in a ditch! Then there was the following: 1979 E23 728 1982 E24 628csi 1984 E24 635csi Auto 1987 E32 735i x 2 1989 E34 535i 1996 E39 540i 2003 E65 735i 2010 F11 520d (now on my drive) Plus my mum has had 3 series - E21 316 1.8, E30 318i, E30 320i auto, E36 318is coupe, E46 320d/330d touring It was the era around 1980 to 85 when I really fell for them as a young lad/teenager
  14. E39mad

    STOLEN 525e D836DHP

    Bastards! Might help to let us know what area of the country you are from so people can keep an eye out.