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  1. Enjoyed the drive there and back Good to see familiar faces for a natter - til next time gents
  2. I'm coming in the vert and my neighbour in his Zed Shall try Duke first then move on if no-one there
  3. Saddam was no saint but he kept a lid on any internal troubles. What did he actually do to harm the West? Middle East countries have always been ungovernable by Western style democracy. Centuries of failure by the West and the USSR have proved this. They tend to have deep divisions within their own countries and dictators to maintain some sort of order. Take the dictator away and carnage ensues. The key is keeping the dictator under some sort of control so as not affect the democratic countries.
  4. Yet we did not have terrorists such as Daesh causing atrocities on UK soil until after Blair and Bush went into Iraq and fecked up the whole of the middle east. Our media do not show all the innocent people killed there by allied bombs and troops.
  5. F90 or G30 .....confused....
  6. The Living Daylights must have been dead dodgy as he wasn't even in it - Dalton's first Bond role.
  7. The Live and Let Die boat chase scene through the swamps with JW Pepper is an absolute cinema classic - RIP Sir Roger
  8. Which conceived that crap!
  9. I would have thought 30 mpg on a long run is possible and probably 20-24 average around the houses. It's from the days when manuals were much better with fuel than the auto version.
  10. I don't think it is as simple as an across the board basic increase in tax. There are too many people at the lower end of the scale who simply do not earn enough money or cannot afford to live. Above £50,000 there should be a staggered increase to 50% once you earn in excess of £250,000. Also as someone who is self-employed (at the lower end of the pay scale) you have to keep up your NI contributions in order to obtain the full pension whenever it arrives.
  11. If (when) the Tories get back in and they implement the "Dementia Tax" watch the lawyers and accountants getting clever and the rich will have avoidance schemes whilst the poorer pay and can't pass on their wealth. The poorer are the ones who find it difficult getting on the housing ladder and keeping their heads above water so a small(ish) inheritance is a real boost to them - worse case scenario now is that someone who has three kids may only have £100k left between them. Hardly making the next generation better off. I understand something needs to be done but there has to be a better way.
  12. 630i manuals are rare beasts and best purchased in Sport trim only. Rear seat space is marginal. I think the 330i is the peach of the E90/1/2 range although the later facelift 325i had a detuned 3.0. Watch out for cracked alloys especially on 19" cars.
  13. I'll be there too In the vert hopefully...
  14. Dr

    Welcome along Pictures will be requested!
  15. Your location is always useful also for potential buyers Sounds like good value - GLWTS