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  1. You don't say what gearbox you have - an auto can gulp 3 to 7 mpg more in the diesel
  2. Yes - well done on your new purchase. As above - more regular oil changes than BMW suggest will assist in keeping the car going for many more miles to come.
  3. So it used about 33 litres assuming you filled up at £1.20 a litre - this leaves 17 litres of the 50 litre tank - like most cars the remaining half tank never lives up to the first half Based on the above it did about 60mpg which is pretty impressive
  4. My 525d touring manual would manage up to 50mpg when driven at 70mph all day - average was around 40mpg My 530i saloon auto would manage up to 36mpg when driven at 70 mph all day - average was around 25mpg Auto boxes sap a lot more juice on the E39's in comparison to the manuals
  5. How big is the tank Mark?
  6. Welcome along - loads of info on here and good knowledge - not mine on the E60/61s though Show us some pics of the E36 - we like those here too!!
  7. Fly to Manchester - Sheffield is just over the hills
  8. Looks fantastic - trying to work out the colour - guessing at Le Mans Blue or Avus Blue. Love the piped Contours - it looks well kept. Good luck! I have a local client with a two E38 750i's - a SWB and LWB with 81000 and 60000 miles respectively. He only got the LWB last month from the North East. He uses them as daily drivers and likes them so much he sent a brand new Mustang back and bought the LWB!
  9. An E46 compact - have you been to Specsavers recently Nice power but the front end is gopping...
  10. Sorry - wasn't clear - they tried to put something in from the inside of the tyre but it was not flat enough for the "plug" to be safe
  11. I agree - too close to the shoulder for a plug to be effective. I know had that issue last year!!
  12. I like E38's but so many of them fail in that they lack heated seats - seems more popular in the E39!!!
  13. Just put Scotland in Classic Cars for sale and other than a LHD E36 320i coupe for £1150 this was the next cheapest - what until mid-November then bid hard albeit it will still be over budget by quite some way. http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C851707 The supposed "unloved" E36's are the saloons and in particular the 323i SE auto which can be had for little money for a good one although these are also on the rise. Set up an Autotrader alert and one on Google.
  14. Sounds interesting - do you want it back or do you prefer your E92?
  15. Sorry to hear about this Kev - it is my favourite touring on the forum!