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  1. E39mad

    In a Porker this summer

    I have just been given a similar garage sign!
  2. Back end looks like an S Max
  3. VDC would be top of my list followed by a sunroof in a 640i followed by Comfort Seats and HUD
  4. E39mad

    E38 750iL 64000 miles

    Yes it's the same vendor/serial car enthusiast
  5. I would happily run the E36 all year round if it was not a convertible. Looked into getting a 323i Sport touring auto as a second car - low annual mileage and depreciation free motoring. This is still on the cards however my son is 17 in October and if still at home will need a car to learn in so the current 2011 1.25 Zetec Fiesta stays until we know what is needed.
  6. E39mad

    Is it safe to??

    I would recondition the battery first to ensure that it will hold charge otherwise it's new battery time
  7. This car belongs to good friend of mine and he is only selling as wants to move to a place which has less storage and already has a SWB version and a 560 SEC He ensures his cars are properly looked after so probably no finer example for the money: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C980511 Contact vendor directly if interested.
  8. E39mad

    Advice on buying, please

    I have heard of N57s that have needed a new timing chain so not exclusive to the 2 litre variants. 95% of F10/11's sold are the 520d and if this was a common issue we would certainly be hearing about more often than we do - my N47 is eight years old in December and no issues at all. I just do more regular oil changes than BMW recommend.
  9. E39mad

    The new motor.

    Great looking SUV Paddy. Better looking and probably better screwed together than the current X1. I quite fancy the 150 bhp 1.4 tsi DSG. Keep us updated especially regarding the DSG box which I have heard have had issues.
  10. E39mad

    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    That looks fantastic - congratulations. Yes some Style 37 (18" parallels) would really finish the car off outside. I see that facelift Jap specced cars did not have parking sensors front or rear as std Did you buy through a dealer or import the car yourself? Be interested to hear if there are any issues with things like radio frequency etc
  11. E39mad

    Breakdown cover

    Best one for us with 3 cars in the family (one from 1999) is to have it covered by a bank account - in our case Nationwide flex plus which covers you for any car anywhere in Europe - cost of the account is £13 a month but you can get half of that back in interest if you leave enough money in. It also covers family holiday insurance, mobile phone insurance plus something else. You also get £100 if someone refers you when you open the account!
  12. Depends where you live - looking good for NE Cheshire
  13. Had an intermediate oil service carried out and the front disc pads changed at 60000 miles - discs still fine. Summer wheels got a coating of rim wax ready to go on tomorrow.
  14. E39mad

    Delivery mile G31's - 30% off!!

    I think that has been the case since the early 2000's Dunc when the E46 became the company car and low value PCP/lease of choice. Just shocked that you can get a new 520d for way less than 8 years ago when the F11 came out.
  15. Just been looking through the Trader and put in less than 500 miles for a G31 and they start at a staggering £28000 with a list price of £40,000. Oversupply in the market place and dieselgate having an effect?