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  1. Sorry to hear of this. I too was thinking like Carrman when reading the initial post - does it have Comfort Access? Hope the insurance pay up swiftly.
  2. Good luck with it Mark - they are great cars!
  3. The correct size tyre for 17"s is 225/55/17 - I also have a set of winters on Style 327's - easy to clean!! I run Dunlop SP Sport 3D RFT's.
  4. Yeah - you won't regret it!!
  5. Quite right - get on with it man
  6. I like E46 facelift coupes especially six cylinder M Sports - looks fantastic Mick. Good luck with it. The 2.5 is apparently a very sweet engine - possibly the best of the bunch!
  7. Over 7 years old now for the saloons - my touring is 7 years old in December and proving a good long termer so far!
  8. My F11 520d auto averages 44mpg overall - can get well over 50mpg on a motorway run when light footed and well under 40mpg on small urban journeys. Mine is an early car with no eco-pro etc They are big heavy estates but as above it will improve with miles.
  9. Full clean outside with Dodo juice born to be mild and Bilthamber wheel cleaner. Then gave all the interior plastics a going over with Meguiars Interior restorer and protection - plastics looked fine before but definitely blacker now - apart from the Oyster bits!
  10. Initially yes but as you use two sets of tyres the wear rate is less therefore the major cost is only the purchase of the additional wheels. Luckily mine came with a set of winters thrown in!!
  11. Just an idea....already!! Keep the 17"s for a set of winters and buy a set of 18"s or 19"s none RFT for summers. The V spoke style 328 (18s) or even better 331 (19"s) really suit the SE cars
  12. You can get a quote through the BMW website via through their insurance page in ownership - it's some way down: http://www.bmw.co.uk/en_GB/topics/financial-services/bmw-insurance/bmwinsurance.html
  13. Looks great that Mark - and you got a six cylinder car!
  14. Spent most of my late teens and 20's sailing boats - for a living and for fun - will be back at it one day when life hasn't got in the way! 1st shot is taken mid-Atlantic on the way to St Lucia - 2nd shot is Portsmouth Harbour on a yacht I used to sell
  15. Not sure exactly as change the summers over for winters but reckon they did 25000 miles before I changed all of them (running 18"s) - the problem with RFT's is that when they become worn (usually less than 3mm) the tyre is hard on the ride, lacks steering feel and noisy with it so my summers are now conventional tyres.