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    Paint code

    Yes,309 is correct

    comfort v sport seats

    How easy,or not was it to fix the height adjustment?

    New rims.... and more pics....

    Nice,how much is over the odds if you don't mind me asking?

    ECP really can XXXX me off

    Ordered numerous parts from GSF Birmingham with no trouble at all,actually very helpful delivery always the next day and well packaged
  5. Change the oil for definite,other than that just enjoy You can get the trans refurbed price varies,my mate has just had his done £1300 ish dont think the car is worth much more than that, but loves his E39 and plans to keep it as long as possible.

    Seatbelt tensioners

    I take it to remove a seatbelt tensioner its a case of removing the torx bolt with the nut on the end of it?

    Oh dear what do i do??? URGENT

    All sorted now Thanks guys

    Oh dear what do i do??? URGENT

    My car is a saloon by the way. It won't open with the key either?
  9. hi all, After just replacing my cloth for leather i have disconnected the battery but the boot lid has closed shut now i can't open the boot to connect the battery Any suggestions please? thanks
  10. BMRICH

    Seatbelt tensioners

    Yes, the seats are out of a crashed car
  11. BMRICH

    Seatbelt tensioners

    hi, Just in the middle of swapping my old cloth interior for a new leather one My question is how do i swap the seatbelt tensioners over from my old cloth to my new leather seats? Is it a easy job? thanks
  12. BMRICH

    What do you think this would look like??

    Wow...what colour is that?
  13. BMRICH

    What do you think this would look like??

    so maybe grey would be a better optionI agree. All black is too dark. Well seats would be black as well as door cards....but carpet would be grey still........unless i change the carpet as well,which i don't fancy doing
  14. BMRICH

    What do you think this would look like??

    Your probably right,but with black i think the interior would look so dark....so maybe grey would be a better option
  15. hi all, I have a arctic silver 523i se with cloth interior.....please see pics below.What i want to know is what do you think the leather interior from the eBay link would look like as a replacement?,i was going to replace with black but just seems like it would be a bit to dark?