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  1. Thanks John! Talk about missing the obvious large bolt holes staring me in the face!
  2. Oh well in for a penny... I have just ordered a new flange through Cotswold BMW, slight snag its on back order from Germany so I suspect I will be in for a wait.
  3. I take it I will need to "lock" the engine somehow to stop it simply turning over while I try and undo the nut (30mm BTW!) . I suspect this isn't going to be a fun job, especially as the car is up on normal hobby ramps, rather than anything more heavy duty.
  4. Omex and out

    Ouch these shells look a bit raw! Any idea why it ran low on oil pressure?
  5. I have to hold my hands up on this one, the car is driven sporadically. Previously I had felt a bit of slop in the transmission but I wasn't really sure what it was and my previous prodding and poking hadn't really been invasive enough!
  6. I know the title suggests it but this is not a Heston Blumenthal recipe but the latest chapter of my long suffering 528i. The car started to suffer a thumping sensation under acceleration, I suspected something in the prop. So I got the car up in the air and firstly discovered one loose bolt in the rubber doughnut, I tightend the nut and bolt and took it for a quick test drive, thinking I had found the culprit, no such luck. So this time I got the car back up in the air, got the exhaust off (only had to cut one bolt off!) and dropped the prop shaft heat shield and found the inside of the heat shield looked like this... This was caused by the rubber surround of the centre bearing failing, it had pretty much split all the way round bar 1 inch of rubber. I checked the joints at both ends of the prop, they seem good, so I ordered all the relevant bits, fitted a new centre bearing and was all lined up to re fit the prop when I made this grim discovery... The output flange on the gearbox has had one point worn away by I assume the loose bolt. So I now need to track down an out put flange for an overdrive box, if any one has one lying around please let me know!
  7. Arms too short... Ruddy pattern parts!

    A bit of an update. After trying a few local factors and getting now where (one place could get me a left hand TRW arm but not the right, helpfull!), I ended up contacting Fritzbitz, they sourced some TRW arms, which turned up very quickly. I fitted them both earlier today and I am pretty pleased. I would also like to say I am impressed with Fritzbitz level of service and speedyness of delivery, highly recommended! Interestingly I figured out what was wrong with the Firstline arms, the section above the thread on the ball joint end was too wide for the hole, that's a pretty poor manufacturing fault IMO.
  8. Arms too short... Ruddy pattern parts!

    I have to admit, I was surprised by how cheap they were, now I know why! Hopefully they will be going back on tomorrow and being replaced by something branded or I will have to go to BMW and bend over....
  9. Hi, long time no post! My 528i failed its MOT on a soggy bush in the drivers side top/thrust arm. I ordered parts from my local factors and earlier today set about getting the arm off and replacing it. The arm came out in a fairly straight forward fashion, foolishly I thought that would be the hard part and it would all go back together easily... Anyway, could I get the ball jointed end to fit in the hole, could I f@@@! It absolutely wouldn't go home, you could slide the threaded end in but that was it. Initially I thought it was me, I wondered maybe you need to take the steering arm and bottom/control arm off but no that was't the issue. I finally compared the new and old arm using the bolt out of the old one to hold them together at the cross member end and found that the new arm was actually a couple of mill short and the ball joints were off. Have I found a really bad pattern part? Or could it be an arm for a 7 or 6 series? Your thoughts would be appreciated!
  10. new e28 2 supercharged now

    Is the car in the first vid running a higher rpm supercharger? It has a lovely zingy angry-ness to it!
  11. Tow bars

    Right some dodgy pics, hope this helps!
  12. Tow bars

    Mine did have a towbar and still has the structure in the boot, I will post some pictures up for you tomorrow if that helps?
  13. Long time no post... a bit of major MOT prep!

    Fuel leak sorted, dropped the exhaust, then the tank (after siphoning 40 ltrs of petrol off and putting it in the girlfriends car, lucky girl!). I found two tiny holes at the base of two of the vent pipes. So I cleaned them up and repaired with some tank repair paste stuff. It appears to work so I will continue to use the car and keep a sharp eye out for drips. Goldsoul, I like my 14"s, there is a weird theme going in that my daily run about Mazda has 14s, the BMW obviously has 14s and now my project Scimitar has 14" Wolfraces. So clearly 14 is the magic number!
  14. Long time no post... a bit of major MOT prep!

    Right a bit of an update, last week I worked on the car during the evenings getting it back together. Then on Friday I out it through the MOT. Apart from having to demist the inside of one headlight with an air line to get a beam pattern and a minor panic when the tester noticed a fluid leak after pressing the brakes, turns out I had over filled the PAS reservoir, doh! Even with my shonky welding It passed. Now the bad bit, on getting the car home I decided to start using it again so filled up with eighty quids worth of petrol. Hmmm I can smell petrol, maybe its were I re fitted the tank? Anyway on getting home I noticed its actually dripping, eek! On careful inspection it turns out the sender and breather are fine, the tank appears to have sprung a leak near the filler neck. Looks like my next priority will be a new tank rather than painting the prime'ed panels. Spot the puddle!
  15. The car is now pretty drive able, I guess the air slowly works its way up and out.