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  1. Opie Oils are doing a deal on 5W30 LL FST code: EDGE20 £53 for 8L delivered
  2. themanstan

    Jump cables 400 amps for 850 CCA 3 Litres Diesel

    What he means is boosting to get started (proper jump start) or using the donor vehicles to provide all the amps. In this heat you won't need anywhere near 850A, as that is cold cranking i.e. when -20'C. These will be fine for an easy start if you are boosting... if the engine doesn't want to fire don't keep cranking... These are likely too light duty for a completely flat battery.
  3. themanstan

    So... What have you achieved this week

    Have you not seen a box of Scott's Porridge Oats? The "Hitler salute" is a traditional Scots manoeuvre when balancing a ball on your shoulder... the one on the Scott's porridge being a pifling little thing in comparison to what Dan has shouldered... I'm guessing Dan doesn't even have control of his arm... it just does it! I wonder if my son Adam hasn't got some Scot's blood in him... he's been continuing to ask for and eat a bowl of hot porridge in the morning despite all the heat...
  4. themanstan

    Spot the Genuine

    The protective plastic on the left one doesn't help, makes it look flatter and duller.
  5. themanstan

    Driving in Red Weather warnings - insurance valid?

    Scottish Bus Driver Skills! Numpty in a Mini... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-scotland-43239989/near-miss-as-bus-swerves-to-avoid-car-in-edinburgh
  6. themanstan

    Anyone else on the festive catering duties?!

    Me too, nothing better than to see people enjoy their food, makes it all worth the effort. I'm going to do roast duck for Christmas Day, crunchy roast potatoes, and plenty of veggies, my kids love veggies.... even sprouts (fry bacon pieces in olive oil with garlic, chuck the sprouts in fry for a minute, then add a little water steam for no more than 5 mins). We'll be also celebrating Christmas Eve (Spanish/Polish influences), Langoustines in garlic sauce, morcilla (spanish black pudding) with fried quails eggs on baguette slices, breaded pork loins (super tender mini-schnitzels) Oh... and I'll make churros for breakfast on Christmas day...
  7. themanstan

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    DSC light came on erratically over the last couple of days, followed by the Brake Warning and Check Brakes message. Removed driver side cabin filter housing and inspected brake reservoir, topped up with DOT4 (small £2 top up bottle) and warning lights went away!
  8. themanstan


    Oohh! That looks exciting... very well thanks, been made permanent, which in a University is a rarity nowadays!
  9. themanstan


    What you doing now Dave? Your apprenticeship must be all done by now!
  10. themanstan

    Could this cyclist not have...

    Death by Dangerous driving, ~10 years under these circumstances would not be unimaginable.
  11. themanstan

    Could this cyclist not have...

    The Judge's sentencing statement using the presented evidence, including his own, he had time to shout and swear at the pedestrian twice well before the collision took place, took no avoiding action including trying to stop despite having time and space to do so. The fact the bike was not road legal was a compounding factor, he would have been found guilty with a road legal bike too with his actions... or more appropriately inaction.
  12. themanstan

    Aux-In mini amp

    I've connected an aux-in (behind the sat-nav) so that on occasions where the ipod doesn't have what is wanted we can plug something in. However, the input on the aux is a bit low and you get volume shock when switching between modes or if Traffic Alert cuts in. Is it okay to fit a mini-headphone amp, like a FiiO to have neutral volume situation and not harm anything? http://www.ea-audio.co.uk/fiio_a1.html
  13. themanstan

    Could this cyclist not have...

    http://www.hackneygazette.co.uk/news/crime-court/old-street-cycle-death-rider-charlie-alliston-had-right-of-way-and-victim-was-not-using-pedestrian-crossing-court-told-1-5149788 I see he was claims to be an experienced bike courier... imagine if a trucker claimed ignorance about functional brakes being required for road worthiness of his vehicle!!!