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  1. Death by Dangerous driving, ~10 years under these circumstances would not be unimaginable.
  2. The Judge's sentencing statement using the presented evidence, including his own, he had time to shout and swear at the pedestrian twice well before the collision took place, took no avoiding action including trying to stop despite having time and space to do so. The fact the bike was not road legal was a compounding factor, he would have been found guilty with a road legal bike too with his actions... or more appropriately inaction.
  3. I've connected an aux-in (behind the sat-nav) so that on occasions where the ipod doesn't have what is wanted we can plug something in. However, the input on the aux is a bit low and you get volume shock when switching between modes or if Traffic Alert cuts in. Is it okay to fit a mini-headphone amp, like a FiiO to have neutral volume situation and not harm anything?
  4. Time to stock up!
  5. I see he was claims to be an experienced bike courier... imagine if a trucker claimed ignorance about functional brakes being required for road worthiness of his vehicle!!!
  6. Friend of mine has one of those socket thermostats, which acts as a back up to the heater. It has a probe which you can pop in the water and if the heater controls go bonkers it will cut off the leccy. A bit like the one here And something along the lines of these for high/low temp alarm purposes
  7. First Class Lorry Driving, Respect!
  8. Screenshot please!
  9. From the album Stuff

  10. From the album Stuff

  11. From the album Stuff

  12. From the album Stuff

  13. I do, not bad at all. Bear with me I'll see if I can fit this evening and take pics. Cheers Stan
  14. There are revisions to the limits in force at the moment. Stan