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  1. Clavurion

    Which e60/e61

    E6x 530i N52 production started 9/2004. 9/2004-3/2005 M54 and N52 were produced in parallel and after that only N52 until LCI. Some of the early LCI models have N52N engine but most are with N53. Best to check the engine version with VIN from part sites like RealOEM.
  2. Clavurion

    Which e60/e61

    Unfortunately ZF 8HP newer came on E6x. Though ZF 6HP with xHP software is darn close to 8HP feeling.
  3. Clavurion

    Which e60/e61

    N52 is the perfect fall out in between thirsty but reliable old beast M54 and not so reliable but modern N53. Though N53 problems can usually be rectified with new version injectors (maybe also HP fuel pump) and NOx delete mapping or NOx emulator.
  4. Clavurion

    Which e60/e61

    Also some of thes Also some of these manual boxes suffer the reverse gear synchro problem where the only remedy is a new gearbox. Clutch and dual mass flywheel will not last forever. All things considered I would still go with auto gearbox.
  5. Clavurion

    ISTA D/P and FRM worries

    Certain FRM versions on every market (not just US) can do this. Some sort of internal check summer error corrupts it for example after diagnostics when the module boots again. They can be rectified by programming the module on the bench.
  6. Clavurion

    Intake manifold removal tools

    No special tools needed. Though like said a torque wrench would be good. M6 bolts 10 Nm M7 nuts 15 Nm One tip with the swirl flap vacuum solenoid attached at the rear underside of plenum. Lift the clip on the solenoid at the rear part and slide it towards front off the manifold. Then cut the yellow stripe vacuum line from solenoid to vacuum bell (after swirl flap removal you can plug this hose).
  7. Clavurion

    Painting Interior Trim

    Original trim is real wood veneer with a coat of lacquer.
  8. Clavurion

    Seatbelt pretensioner change.

    Has the pre-tensioner exploded or is it just showing a trouble code for it?
  9. Clavurion

    t robson

    If the DSC valve block has drained while brake pipes removed you need to bleed with diagnostics to activate pre-charge pump and valves.
  10. Clavurion

    Help with INPA please

    Those injector correctional values are just fine.
  11. Clavurion

    E60 Battery Puzzle

    No point connecting jumper pack directly to rear battery cables as starter motor is the one drawing heavy current (shorter route from under bonnet). If you wan't you could just disconnect the battery and use starter pack but I would not recommend that because voltage spikes would be inevitable.
  12. Can you access the Webasto live status with INPA?
  13. Clavurion

    E60 Battery Puzzle

    A floating rest voltage doesn't always tell the condition of the battery. The only thing that would draw that much current dropping battery voltage that low would be a serious short on the battery cable. So if the same happens with another battery first check the battery cable connector which goes thru the boot floor.
  14. Clavurion

    540i Touring hub swap

    10.9 bolt and aluminium is not nice if some crud gets in between. This happened to my E53 rear axle adjustment bolt (Nr.18). Some genius in BMW dealer had installed the bolt the wrong way (from rear to front) some years before. As this is the adjuster bolt with grooves for eccentric washer all the water and crud seeped between bolt and aluminium bush insert. With 1000 Nm impact tool to bolt seized totally. The only way to remove it was to grind off the end of the bolt and force it out the other way with air hammer.
  15. Clavurion

    540i Touring hub swap

    Cut the end of the bolt and hammer it out in the other direction. If you have air hammer that will also help.