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  1. Get at least new ball joint (Lemförder) and wheel bearing (FAG). Also prepare to drill out and renew parking brake cable and possibly ABS sensor.
  2. All pre 12/2001 tourings share the same part. Part is quite different on sedans. The difference on the part post 12/2001 is AFAIK only on the connecting point for shorter (front) control arm which is also slightly different on the later rmodels.
  3. Nr.7 Are you sure the pump is working? Car usually works normally without in-tank pump until the fuel level goes under 1/4.
  4. Tank pump. CLICK
  5. Time-Serts are good, better than helicoil in this application.
  6. Are you planning on other modifications like bigger turbo? If not then you won't gain anything with x35d injectors.
  7. Yes, that's the one. Nr.1 injector very high positive correction value. Renew or refurbish that injector.
  8. -4 - +5 is accepted tolerance. Usually starts to show on idle when a value goes over +3.
  9. Is your EGR already blocked/disabled? That code seems to show too high (fresh) air mass. Rough idle speed controller fault is logged when correctional value on some injector goes above limits. Check the injector values on status page.
  10. CLICK You can activate the relay via diagnostics if you want to test it.
  11. Don't know if they meant the upper clips which are solid part of the cooler holder. CLICK I've never needed those lower separate parts but seen that they are broken on many other vehicles. So get them or at least one in hand.
  12. Original made by Behr.
  13. They are not the same. Most likely it also has manual propshaft and guibo. Auto has M14 bolts with bolt pattern diameter 105 mm as manual has M12 bolts with 110 mm diameter.