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  1. Evaporator sensor location

    Should be same right side on RHD models. CLICK
  2. Ambient temp sensor

    I would say that most likely the sensor is faulty, partially shorted internally.
  3. Pre or post 9/98? On later model it can also be internal wiring failure in ABS module.
  4. Weird indicators.

    ^^ I have to this sounds interesting. The alarm is controlled by body module (GM3) and alarm horn is connected to body module without direct connection to any bus lines. Even if body module was messed up and sending some grazy bus messages to LCM how on earth the indicators would work like this. I'm not saying this isn't possible but would like to learn if there was some reasonable logic to it.
  5. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    A bit over 11 years, 300 tkm. On our local Finnish BMW club magazine there was an article of 523i -96 which the owner bought new and still drives. Over 500 tkm on the clock and every maintenance archived. That's a real endurance test.
  6. E60 inlet manifold onto my E39

    The newer boost pressure sensor has bigger orifice and higher measuring range. I don't know why they changed the location of the sensor.
  7. E60 inlet manifold onto my E39

    The manifold should fit but there is the problem with boost pressure sensor. You will need to plug that top hole and drill a new hole at the rear and make some kind of thread for connecting bolt.
  8. E60 inlet manifold onto my E39

    That's EU4 manifold. Boost pressure sensor hole at top rear of plenum, not at the rear end like on E39. (Also bigger swirl flaps tell it's the later model.)
  9. E60 inlet manifold onto my E39

    Is it from EU3 or EU4 engine? Hole for boost pressure sensor at the rear or at the top of manifold? Why are are you changing the manifold?

    Most likely immobiliser problem, lost CAS-DDE sync. If it's this the sync can be reset with diagnostics.
  11. What brightness of hid

    Then why even ask? Go for the 10000 K purple bulbs.
  12. What brightness of hid

    You must mean colour temp. Originals are 4300 K which is good for actual lighting and colour rendition.
  13. BMW E39 Xenon conversion coding?

    Changing vehicle order (ZCS) is never obligatory. The basic module coding is done according to ZCS but the same changes can be done manually by changing FSW_PSW values. ZCS itself does nothing to functionality.
  14. 530d loss of power on incline

    So it seems you have a faulty sensor. No problem driving with sensor disconnected. It's only used for diagnostics. CLICK The newer M57N models don't even have a supply pressure sensor.
  15. Fuel pump problems

    Open the hatch and the problem should be obvious on the wiring. It can be repaired by soldering the wire back on the connecting point but it won't be as good as the original crimped connection. As original part you can't even get the pump itself separately, it's sold with the assembly.