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  1. lemforder rear upper control arms

    RealOEM parts cataloque and comparing parts.
  2. lemforder rear upper control arms

    The change came 12/2001. They slightly changed the hub carrier and that guide link has different length. The difference is like 5 mm but enough to change things as rear wheel toe is adjusted at the inner connection of that guide link.
  3. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    The heating option should come there after coding is done. First you have to edit your original ZCS. 536 0000000010000000 STANDHEIZUNG STANDLUEFTUNG So in SA string of ZCS you add 1 on the 9th bit. Remove the last check bits on GM, SA and VN and tick the box that NCS will calculate new check sums. So if original bit value is for example 4, you change it to 5. (after 9, 10=A, 11=B...) Then save the new ZCS (ZCS_SCHREIBEN) to both modules that have it saved, instrument cluster (KMB/IKE) and EWS. Then code (SG_CODIERUNG) instrument cluster (KMB/IKE) and IHKA.
  4. Lights on always? How to

    This can be coded, the option is TAGFAHRLICHT_ECE. If this option is coded active you can keep the light switch on and lights will turn off when ignition is turned off.
  5. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    Pre-heating was an additional option which can be coded with for example NCS if you have nav screen or MID. IHKA is AC control unit / panel.
  6. Lights on always? How to

    Do you want the lights to be always on when ignition switched?
  7. E39 530D auto vs manual mode

    Manual mode does not change engine characteristics. Personally I never use manual mode, just D and sport mode.
  8. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    I wouldn't worry about that K-bus fault yet now that you can connect to the unit. Check also codes from IHKA and delete if there is a code for aux heater. Can you activate the Webasto from nav or MID? The activation done by diagnostics uses internal protocol on control card and is not the same as K-bus or voltage activation from vehicle.
  9. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    Water pump from the place I linked in the first post. CLICK
  10. Headlight internal adjuster

    Actually it just cuts the beam straight. \__ -> ___ not \__ -> __/ RHD and LHD headlights are different parts.
  11. Gearbox noise in neutral

    Dual mass flywheel. Same rattle occurs also if a solid flywheel is used.
  12. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    That's a strange one. I have never seen E39 530d Webasto piping routed like that. Checking at RealOEM it seems that this version is only used on early RHD versions. On LHD they are always routed up in the wheel well and in the engine bay under the pollen filter housing.
  13. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    6-pin connector does not have that pin 1 white/green voltage activation wire connected unless it had Webasto remote control from the factory.
  14. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    You can test the water pump with direct voltage but unfortunately that still doesn't tell if it will be circulating fluid even if it's running. It's a brushless motor with a floating impeller. Some additional info included. Webasto_Manual.PDF
  15. Reviving E39 530D Webasto..

    Usually those exhaust screws are so corroded that no way they can be removed intact. A firm push sideways and the unit will come out of the bracket. When installing it back lubricate the rubber grommets with for example brake cylinder paste. Also remove the car side wiring from the plastic bracket so you get more play and can route them on the groove on top of the Webasto plastic top housing so the unit can be pushed close enough to wheel housing when sliding it back in. Otherwise it can be frustrating as you are working blind regarding those connecting points. While you have it removed you could take it totally apart and use the original E39 middle part so there is no need to hack the exhaust connection. Clean the burner unit and glow plug as they are likely coked. You can use some carburetor cleaner on the metal mesh.