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  1. That's true. Usually the short extension is too short and next size a bit too long with a wrench. In this case you can grip the extension from the side with pliers and after a few rounds by hand.
  2. What kind of allen bit and extension were you using? Can be done with basic tools but easiest with a long allen bit as the space is quite tight for regular bit holder.
  3. In this case the manifold is already cast iron and more likely cause for leak is flexi part after cat/DPF (Nr.1).
  4. Can you tell more (engine, time of manufacture) which car we are talking about.
  5. The Electronic Parts Catalogue from BMW. LOGIN Put in your vehicle VIN On the side bar: Specific Parts Search -> Spring table Choose your vehicle equipment
  6. There is a separate spring table in official ETK which chooses the correct springs (part numbers) according to axle weight bearing in mind all additional equipment on the vehicle.
  7. Filters: Petrol Diesel
  8. I flushed my engine with 6 litres of diesel when axle seal on HP pump failed. No problems.
  9. So you'll need hose Nr.1 and maybe Nr.15 and associated gaskets (Nr.4 / Nr.11) and new jubilee clips to reservoir end. Should be simple enough.
  10. Only the return line from cooler to reservoir is the same, other hoses different on LHD and RHD models.
  11. Still sounds like water valve problem. The valves are open in rest state and closed with PWM voltage. The manual wheel for face vents will bypass heater core if turned to max blue.
  12. I would put this in the same category as the power boxes fouling rail pressure sensor giving a lower value compared to actual to get higher rail pressure and hence power.
  13. I would stick with the original Bosch because the working profile on Pierburgs is different. CLICK