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  1. BMW Welt and factory tour still on the to do list. Just have to stick with videos from E39 era.
  3. All 4 as Lemförder is about 340€. Is that too much?
  4. You don't need to take it totally out. Just so that you can tilt it out of the way to hose the condenser from the rear and lift so that all debris drains out.
  5. Does the VIN decoder additional equipment list show 677 Top Hifi = Logic 7?
  6. The usual culprit is guiding the belt under the pulley below alternator. With that orientation the bracket for that pulley will break after a while.
  7. 36,90 € / 15 ml here locally. With that small amount you can do plenty of cars.
  8. bergh

    They seem to have the rears (170 855) available, nothing else for E39.
  9. bergh

    OEM= Sachs 556 832 / Sachs 170 855 Look from ebay.
  10. bergh

    SE or sport chassis?
  11. bergh

    Sedan/touring? Basic or M-sport?
  12. Only difference on the holes for brake cooling.
  13. Gtechniq C4. By far the best on the market. The treatment lasts easily over a year. Also applied this on my E53 with lots of black plastic parts over a year ago, still looking the same. Remove the parts as they come out easily. Clean thoroughly with microfiber and then wipe with for example 50% IPA (Isopropyl alcohol / distilled water) before apply.
  14. Sounds strange if it's not showing any fault codes. If it comes when stationary unlikely anything to do with DSC unit or wheel speed sensors. More likely something to do with the RPA module itself. CLICK