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  1. Or with NCS. KALTUEBERWACHUNG_AL aktiv -> nicht_aktiv And if you want. WARMUEBERWACHUNG_AL aktiv -> nicht_aktiv FEHLER_ABBLENDLICHT melden -> nicht_melden
  2. LCM from xenon version does not have components to drive the manual aim control as xenon version has separate LWR unit for automatic aim control.
  3. Warning can be coded out.
  4. CLICK
  5. Are you also changing the headlining and pillars to anthracite? What about the chassis parts like springs, dampers and stabilizers?
  6. You can buy the pump separately or as original part the whole pump system. Pump Pump system
  7. Cam sensor is only used on start. After that it's not used for anything on diesel engine.
  8. How much fuel was left in the tank? If it was below 1/4 then most likely failed in-tank fuel pump and you'll get it going with 10 litres of fuel.
  9. Which fuse (number)?
  10. With proper diagnostics you can check the last date of DDE software update and the software number. With software number you can check in TIS if it's already updated version for newer MAF. If DDE needs to be programmed you can use WinKFP for the job. Here is the table for DDE software numbers with new MAF. CLICK
  11. If the car is not actively trying to change the ride height the valves are closed and activating the compressor is just pushing air against closed valves. By the way is there suspension warning on the cluster or does the system think it's OK?
  12. Why didn't you test it with INPA? The valves are closed in rest state so air won't be going to bags if you just activate the compressor.
  13. If you are considering Quaife take a look at Wavetrac.
  14. Relay controls a direct battery voltage to compressor. You can raise/lower the suspension with INPA.