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  1. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201810081302363
  2. Mazi

    Easy Peasy DPF Regeneration After Install

    My 3210 gets signal in the Outer Hebrides!
  3. Mazi

    My old Alpina B10 4.8 V8S

    Yeah she is but I don't really miss her. The M5 is better......... Alpina was comfier. Like a Mercedes that could actually take a corner but the M5 is still better
  4. Mazi

    My old Alpina B10 4.8 V8S

    Yeah I know comfort seats as well. Bit pricey given the miles?! Yes
  5. Mazi

    E31 850i V12 6 speed manual

    Already reserved
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1606642959376469/permalink/2554985771208845/
  7. Wish it was an S500 but it's not. S320
  8. As much as I love the E38 and BMWs in general their is something special about these old Mercedes tanks.
  9. Mazi

    Strange carpet

    Anyone seen carpets like this in an 8 series?
  10. Mazi

    Should i convert to manual

    6 speed manual conversion?
  11. My mum has filled up my wife's Yaris D4D Diesel with petrol. More or less a full tank! What is the correct method to drain this? Will the tank need to be removed or can it be done in situ?
  12. Mazi

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    How much? Will you give a discount for the "old man shoe" grey leather?
  13. ooops it is a pre-facelift. I take it all back. Its worth a fiver!
  14. It will sell eventually just on the basis of miles. Had an opportunity to buy a 58k example for £14k that was bought by Sytner select and sold within a week for £25k! £8k is high mileage / pre-facelift money these days. At £16995 this would fly away within a couple of weeks.
  15. All done. Drained and filled with diesel. Car is running fine. I will just keep filling the tank when it goes to half tank and add redex for the next 4 or 5 fills. Thanks for the input guys.
  16. My AA cover is through my bank so I am just going to tow it to the garage and let them deal with it. A question... Can I use the contaminated fuel in my Honda lawnmower or will i bugger it?
  17. Mazi

    Low mileage E39 530i

    Looks like its basic spec, low MID let alone Nav, No heated seats and nasty wood although that is personal taste. If it was sport it would be snapped up by trade and advertised at some crazy price. That said is someone is in the market for a 530i and not bothered about spec then its not an expensive car.
  18. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-Extremely-Rare-Alpina-D10-BiTurbo-no144/302854386258?hash=item4683873252:g:c4wAAOSwkKBa-yIx Strange how it has old style nav but the seller claims its a 2003?
  19. Mazi

    E39 Alpina D10

    should be registered according to build date i think
  20. Mazi

    E39 Alpina D10

    ............Maybe the wheel was retrofitted?
  21. Thanks. I have rear door airbags
  22. Do you have part numbers for the vapour barriers and butyl tape?
  23. Mazi

    Mercedes E63s

    Always had a soft spot for the original CLS in AMG guise. My mate recently bought on and I had a "never meet your heroes" moment - what a let down. Lovely car but when you put your foot down in most situations the traction light just starts to blink killing power. Crying out for an LSD! Why AMG decided to put these performance cars out with open diffs is beyond me. Perhaps the CLS63 would be better as it has a less immediate power delivery and needs some revs - still has a crappy open diff though.
  24. Mazi

    Aegean Blue E39 M5 - For sale at a dealer

    That is a lovely car. The seller is asking a premium for the rarer colour combo IMO. I would say it would shift at £16995-£18995. Its looks a tad strong at todays prices but will it be in a couple of years? If the mileage was even 10k less then it would be more appealing. I was offered £13500 for my car on this forum a couple of years ago and was tempted but I wouldnt sell mine for £16k now but mine is 1 previous owner and FBMWSH.