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  1. Hey - Ive got a classic!

    E30 325i Sports do not belong in this same sentence as the 318i touring. I get what you are saying but 523i touring will be a long time coming by which time most owners will be dead. Also most people will not spend the money required to keep these cars right and rot will kill most.
  2. Hey - Ive got a classic!

    In the real world the only cars which will see significant rise in values are M5, 540i and Alpina models. To a lesser extent 530i and 528i Sports
  3. Diesel vs. Petrol

    Legal??? Could not care less if people gut the DPF! The government brainwashed everyone to buy diesel and we followed like sheeple. Measuring emisions by CO2 only was a con! Now diesel is going to be phased out in favour of hybrids and electric cars which will be powered by electricity generated by burning fossil fuels. All nonsense!!!!!! Buy a V8 if you can afford to run it and be done with it.
  4. Oil Analysis

    What is this oil analysis all about then?? Can it really tell me the state of my engine??
  5. Oil Analysis

    what if the engine has had a recent oil change?
  6. Costco Fuel

    Costco has just opened a fuel station and its cheap. Standard fuel is 97 RON (think the norm is 95 RON) Super is 99 RON Any opinions?
  7. Brake fluid low light on

    Still not got round to sorting this. Looks like the my poor baby is going for her winter hibernation for the first time with an unresolved fault.
  8. Brake fluid low light on

    This light has just came on. Checked the brake fluid and it is fine.?
  9. My 540iX M Sport finally arrived!

    very very nice. Is it a V8?
  10. M54 or M52TU?

    No right or wrong answer. If the late 530i came with 6 speeder from the late E46 330i I might be persuaded but prefer the auto. Its more in keeping with character of the car I think.
  11. M54 or M52TU?

    I have had both 528i Sport and 530i Sport, both in auto form though. Not a huge performance difference. Just buy the best example you can. 528i Sport will be even harder to find due to less produced. Remember the Sport trim was only introduced in 1999 and the 528i was replaced by the 530i in 2000. They suit the autobox in my opinion.
  12. E39 article on Honest John Classics

    Shite article. Sorry just saying. NO depth to it at all
  13. Alpina - tempted

    I sold a E39 4.8 V8s for a lot less. OK the mileage was a bit higher and I am not the Old Colonel or 4 Star Classics!
  14. No more flirting - EVER

    This is a discriminatory and anti feminist thread that should be removed by admins...................................................
  15. WOW. Hats off to your obsessive dedication. Your OCD must be well under control.
  16. Where to find these grilles?

    Looks utter shite. Just saying. Its your car mate. If you like em....crack on
  17. Any one watch the Joshua fight?

    Should not have been stopped. Guy was a proper soldier. Respect! Doubt the champ could have stayed put if it was the other way round. Respect to both fighters. The better man won obviously but the stopage spoiled it a little for me. Not like their was long left.
  18. M5 Lower Grill

    M5 Grill from BMW is not crazy money. That one looks good as the ends are not blanked off like the M5 one and you could have intake pipes or brake cooling behind the mesh if desired. Think your car will have brake cooling ducting so you may be able to retain these with this grill.
  19. Any ZF Gearbox gurus on here

    I have just bought an E46 330i Touring Auto as a daily run about. My cars gives a faint jolt when coming to a standstill at the lights. Its not really that noticeable unless you are looking for it. Should I change the gearbox oil and filter or do I have the beginnings of something more sinister?
  20. WOW. That will cost a pretty penny. I'll sell you mine which has everything you want except the dash top.

    Did you have an agreed value classic policy on this or just a standard comp cover? I dont imagine the books prices will reflect the uplift in price these have seen in recent times.
  22. New Tyres and handling feels naff

    Why put shitters on a BMW in the first place?? Sell it to we buy any car and buy a Mondeo GhiaX Shitanium or whatever their top spec is these days. Joking aside I have used acceleras on wee town cars (aka puddle jumpers) and not had any issue but would go in at mid range at the very least on a bigger car that was doing distance. Tyres are very subjective but IMO midrange stuff from Kumho, Falken, Uniroyal have done me fine. I run Continental Sport Contact 5 on my E39 but thats my babe so she gets spoiled.
  23. I thought all E60s had newer vortex type...........Everyday is a school day and all that. I dont think they are a huge expense even from BMW. Try forum sponsors COTSWOLD BMW or your local if you can wangle a trade discount. I wouldnt waste time hunting aftermarket unless you have a lot of time on your hands.
  24. If its done over a 100k miles would that still be considered premature wear?? Anyway if its done that miles and drives right and sounds right then I would not be too concerned about timing chain issue. Ask yourself this-of all the N47 engined cars how many are still on the road and how many have been written off by timing chain issue??