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  1. Quote request - new E39 service logbook

    Probably. The one you buy from BMW will likely say duplicate. Get one from ebay. Cover might be different
  2. Quote request - new E39 service logbook

    Never seen that style on an E39 before
  3. E90 320d LCI jumping out of 1st gear with a crunching noise. Only done 43000 miles. Been told its the box??
  4. Falken FK510 tyre

    FK452 were excellent tyres.
  5. Nice low miles e34 535i Sport

    Originally an Edinburgh car.
  6. BMW E39 M5 Rod Bearing & Chain Guides

  7. Dont do it! Resale value will be affected for sure
  8. Japanese Import E39s

    Very simple. Different spec, Generally no S/H, More expensive to buy initially due to low (unverified) mileage and less rust.
  9. Japanese Import E39s

    UK Alpinas do not have limiters either.
  10. Japanese Import E39s

    Will always be worth less than UK models. Not worth buying unless something special like M5 or 540i or Alpina
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-BMW-BBS-alloy-wheels-7x16-ET46-Rims-Jantes-RX229-Cabriolet-m-technology-E36/182956010753?hash=item2a99072d01:g:OrEAAOSwW6BaLGlA
  12. £100k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? That would be crazy if it was a straight car ut a CAT D ?!?! Guy is high on Alpina exhaust fumes
  13. M Sport Steering Wheel e39 + airbag

    Looks like a prefacelift one. Is it single or dual stage airbag? Will it fit an E36?
  14. I will take some pics soon.
  15. 318TI

    Ive just bought a V Reg with the intention of making it into a track car. I am a novice so figured it would be better with something low powered and liked the feel of the ti. Has some bubbling on the body which needs attended to. Any pics of your stripped one?