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  1. Mazi

    E39 Alpina D10

    should be registered according to build date i think
  2. Mazi

    E39 Alpina D10

    ............Maybe the wheel was retrofitted?
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-Extremely-Rare-Alpina-D10-BiTurbo-no144/302854386258?hash=item4683873252:g:c4wAAOSwkKBa-yIx Strange how it has old style nav but the seller claims its a 2003?
  4. Thanks. I have rear door airbags
  5. Do you have part numbers for the vapour barriers and butyl tape?
  6. I replaced mine just because mine had a lot of marks on it and a genuine BMW one was only £40 ish quid more.
  7. Mazi

    Mercedes E63s

    Always had a soft spot for the original CLS in AMG guise. My mate recently bought on and I had a "never meet your heroes" moment - what a let down. Lovely car but when you put your foot down in most situations the traction light just starts to blink killing power. Crying out for an LSD! Why AMG decided to put these performance cars out with open diffs is beyond me. Perhaps the CLS63 would be better as it has a less immediate power delivery and needs some revs - still has a crappy open diff though.
  8. Mazi

    Aegean Blue E39 M5 - For sale at a dealer

    That is a lovely car. The seller is asking a premium for the rarer colour combo IMO. I would say it would shift at £16995-£18995. Its looks a tad strong at todays prices but will it be in a couple of years? If the mileage was even 10k less then it would be more appealing. I was offered £13500 for my car on this forum a couple of years ago and was tempted but I wouldnt sell mine for £16k now but mine is 1 previous owner and FBMWSH.
  9. Mazi

    E39 M5 Rear Brake Discs

    Sorry mate. We call them brake discs on this side of the pond!
  10. Mazi

    E39 M5 Rear Brake Discs

    And they are BMW only in my experience.
  11. Mazi

    In a Porker this summer

    Dont have a warranty. Its the later DFI engine so should be OK Would give a left ball for a Mezger Turbo Manual. Lush
  12. Trying out the 997.2 Carrera S
  13. Mazi

    The new motor.

    Looks nice. Some interior pics???
  14. Mazi

    E39 m5 Vapor barrier repair

    Done mine and its still leaking. Need to start again and remove all the old stuff
  15. Mazi

    530d vs 540d vs 550d

    Just buy an M5...........