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  1. No worries mate still going ahead as planned and there's about 35 on the list should be a good meet up
  2. kos

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    I'll go through my archives and let you know
  3. kos

    Airport parking

  4. Cheers for letting me know mate hope it all goes well
  5. Reminder as this is only a few weeks away now
  6. kos

    Airport parking

    There's 100's of companies and all the same will be £8-15 depending on the time of day lots of Uber cars working in that area and will be the cheapest
  7. kos

    Airport parking

    This /\ i work at Heathrow and know some of the the sites which "valet parking" companies use and it's worrying. Some are worse than beakers yards. I've also seen how they drive the cars. They are not all very secure either. The likes of parking express or Q park are the best & safest. They are all on airport With 24/7 access should your flight back be delayed and come in at 2am Parking anywhere around Heathrow is restricted and you have the likes of uber and other cab companies hanging around them until they get a fair. This means congestion and lots of damage to cars. Walking into Heathrow is a no, the only way in is by train or car/bus. all the hotels have parking charges (most have the ANPR cameras)
  8. kos

    e12 528i Build - Pic heavy!

    Laying Frame FTW
  9. kos

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    was goot to meet you on sunday and see the car, i liked it a lot and impressed but the graft thats gone in t it i wanted to come and see you again but as per usual i didn't find the time, kept bumping into other people and before you know the day was gone
  10. kos

    Gaydon Bmw Festival 2016 ?

    good to catch up with some of you even if it was only for a few minutes
  11. plague of e39's and e46's these days
  12. Reminder as this is only a few weeks away now can an we add names / reg / model cheers
  13. kos

    E12 M535 build nr 138 of 450

    Look great any chance of some photos of the dealerdecals i supplied
  14. kos

    My e24

    More photos, seats are being built back up and should be done by early next week