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  1. Hey - Ive got a classic!

    I’ve got a my daily 530i sport, 525i sport (wife’s) and also a 540i/6 touring I’m guessing the 540i in a few years will be worth some decent money as there rarer than m5s!
  2. E38 9.5j rear m parra

    Lol, if you have pics mate and the price is right I may have it, as I’ve been considering running a square set of 9.5js lol if not spares always come in handy anyway
  3. E38 9.5j rear m parra

    Already have a full set but one of my rear wheels has bubbling and oxidation, so I’d rather replace it than refurb as the others are tidy anyone have one?
  4. E34 M sport kit ( bumpers, spoiler side skirts)

    I’ve got skirts and a rear spoiler but no bumpers
  5. Seat wiring help required

    The yellow plug appears to be for the airbag setup, it’s a 2pin plug I just don’t understand it lol
  6. Seat wiring help required

    Can anyone explain this seat wiring set up? There’s the usual black plug but it looks as though 2 if the original wires are cut and there’s a new plug with possibly the same wires function, never seen this before, does anyone have any idea of how I correctly wire new seats up? I sold the old ones and never thought much of it as I’ve always had facelift yellow looms and thought the two plug thing was std on pre facelift but after research I now see it’s not the case!
  7. 27mm e39 m5 front arb

    As title with brackets and bushes ideally!
  8. GEM3 and central locking

    Could well be the gm3 then, I’ve a good used one here if needed
  9. GEM3 and central locking

    Have you tried charging the key? A few hours on an electric toothbrush chargers usually charge the battery’s enough to work, or the gm3 might be on its way out, you could disconnect the battery as that’ll be similar to unplugging the unit as it’ll cut the power etc, or you could try the key programming procedure if it’s lost it’s coding etc the sequence is available in the search function, I can’t remember it off the top of my head but it’s pressing buttons on key after ignition had been on pos 2
  10. The Darkbmwlord and his E39 on a shoestring...

    I’ve got a maf here cheap If interested?
  11. e39 winter wheel / tyre combo

    Sixspeed has a set of turbines with winter tyres on, worth a pm
  12. BMW E39 Coding voltage

    I’ve got unit ending in 001 dsc module and pump if that’s the same part no you have? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Cluster e39 540

    I’ll take this if still available? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. E39 touring tailgate

    Ideally one with no rust or easily treatable rust, I know most have issues these days! Ideally in orient blue but any colour considered Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Orient blue sport touring rear bumper

    Touring please Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk