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  1. M54 - Engine Idle Speed

    Mine idles in gear around 650 but in park or n it isles at 695-700ish from torque pro, it used to idle around 750 and 700 in gear but since the remapped ecu it now isles lower, my guess with that is I may have got a manual trans mapped ecu? Either way it idles smooth enough and causes no concern or judders in traffic etc

    Another vote for oem, I went with some aftermarket dampers and why there stiffer than oem sport I think Bmw got it right with sports 2 suspension set up, se Sachs ones should be fine and last a fair old time on se springs
  3. Supercharged 540 Touring

    I wonder how the auto box coped with the extra power and torque! I have a 540i/6T I’d love to supercharge at some point after I’ve sorted out all its other little issues! m5 power for realistic money there
  4. Uprated ARBs - anyone done theirs?

    I’ve got an m5 rear one in garage that’s supposed to be going on my 540i/6 touring, I also want an m5 front for that, is it correct that the m5 fronts are 27mm? Im thinking that would stiffen it up a bit along with m5 front dampers and eibachs, and inpa lowered rear i polly bushed the front arb on my 530i sport and it did make a fair difference, not got round to the rear one yet!
  5. Tyre advice 255/35/18 on rear 9j m parallel

    Well the road stones are on all round, I went with m5 front sizes when I swapped the fronts last year of 245 40 18 i now have 255 35 18 on rear, car handles better than it ever has now, the rear sunnys I had were ok for the money but crap in comparison to the roadstones But incase any wondering in future if 245front and 255rear would upset dsc, it doesn’t it’s been fine and is working as normal. Just hope in time roadstone produce the 265 as that was my preference, if not I’ll stick with what I have as For £130 I don’t think yo can beat the grip levels they offer.
  6. Tyre advice 255/35/18 on rear 9j m parallel

    Lol thanks mate, I ended up going with the roadstones as I wanted a matching set! The fronts have been great and are only around 6 months old so having matching rear will be a true test really for traction but they really are a good tire, I had mitchelin pilots a few years back and I’d rate these better lol!
  7. Tyre advice 255/35/18 on rear 9j m parallel

    I may give the nexen a go, I was really impressed with the road stones, just annoyed they don’t do them in the bigger size! I can get 2 roadstones for £130 I think the nexen are around £180, my main concern is upsetting the dsc system having smaller tyres than car was specced with
  8. Seen some tyres as both of my rear need replacement, I have the said tyres on the front but in this brand they only go upto 255 there’s 265 on now but what I’m asking is will a 9j rear wheel and traction control setup be happy with a 255 instead of 265? the tyres in question are roadstone Eurovis sport 04 the two fronts have been great tyres and can’t fault them for the price!
  9. E39 M5 that's not an M5...

    If I won the lottery I’d buy that tomorrow!
  10. Cheap topaz blue front bumper

    Not overly fussed on paint condition as long as it’s topaz , pdc or no pdc is fine also
  11. E39 sport front bumper

    Did the sale go though?
  12. 2001 525d Touring Auto SE (Located in Blackpool)

    Is this still for sale?
  13. 18” staggered genuine style 37 m parallels

    Tyres are conti/Pirelli fronts have around 4-5mm rear are just above or on wear markers, even for an e38 I wouldn’t advise running them as I don’t know the history of the tyres or if they’ve had any repairs etc
  14. As title needed as I’ve swapped from beige, could also use the fronts if in good condition too
  15. Originally from e38 so offsets and tyres are e38 spec wheels are 8j/9.5j rears, direct hub fit for e34 they’ve been painted in past all are streight no cracks etc one has flaking paint so ideally need refurbishment these can be bored out to e39 spec or streight fit with hub spacer adapters selling as I had 2 spare e39 rims and found another 2 to make a full set looking for what they owe me £375