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  1. Two tone m5 seat dye?

    apologies its the e39 m5 I was asking about not the e34
  2. Two tone m5 seat dye?

    What is the official colour of the two tone m5 seats? I’m looking for some of the grey dye to match my touring rear seats with the fronts I have, does bespoke sell this item or can they advise me of the colour name/code?
  3. does anyone know what the official colour is for the centre of m5 seats? I think the name if the interior is "Silverstone" as I am looking to re dye the centres of my rear touring seats to match my m5 two tone fronts, if anyone could advise the colour and where to get it I would really appreciate it.
  4. 540i cuts out after hot start

    Does it run better with the mat disconnected? Faulty crank sensors can also get worse at higher temps I've had that in the past where cold is fine and when upto temp it starts miss behaving, if you have a multimeter you can check resistance on the sensor the good value is anything above 600ohms I think with if its low at temp that could be the issue
  5. As title needed as I’ve gone beige to black
  6. Bought a set of these the other day, I was going to use them on my e39 but after much thought I’m sticking with parallels instead. all 4 faces are perfect have legal tyres but..... 2 have slight buckles and one is cracked but all in a repairable state and haven’t been welded before etc there oem wheels and staggered 8.5j/9.5j i was just after a rough guide of what would be a sensible price to list them at as I’ve not had a e60 and don’t really know any part value ranges on this model any help much appreciated
  7. E39 9j rear m parallel alloy wheel

    Just need a single wheel, anyone have one available?
  8. 2000 BMW 540 touring auto 106k feeler

    There’s 18 540i/6 tourings on the road and 13 sorn (some of these have prob been binned but not reported yet) theres 6 540i/6 sport Touring's left on the road with 3 sorn although I do know of one of them that was just broken on another site. There’s plenty of tourings left yes.... but factory 540i/6 tourings are getting very thin on the ground now with more likely to be broken or scrapped over the next few years. I would say of the non special type alpina, hartge variants etc, it’s not the most desirable model but from factory uk issued cars from Bmw it’s the rarest one. numbers sourced from how many left site.
  9. 1502 - 2002 e10

    Lol, I didn’t really read the add to be honest, just remember seeing it on there and that it needed welding!
  10. 1502 - 2002 e10

    There is an 02 shel on eBay but it is just a shel I think and requires much welding! I think it was on at around 400ish
  11. Hey - Ive got a classic!

    I’ve got a my daily 530i sport, 525i sport (wife’s) and also a 540i/6 touring I’m guessing the 540i in a few years will be worth some decent money as there rarer than m5s!
  12. E38 9.5j rear m parra

    Lol, if you have pics mate and the price is right I may have it, as I’ve been considering running a square set of 9.5js lol if not spares always come in handy anyway
  13. E38 9.5j rear m parra

    Already have a full set but one of my rear wheels has bubbling and oxidation, so I’d rather replace it than refurb as the others are tidy anyone have one?
  14. E34 M sport kit ( bumpers, spoiler side skirts)

    I’ve got skirts and a rear spoiler but no bumpers
  15. Seat wiring help required

    The yellow plug appears to be for the airbag setup, it’s a 2pin plug I just don’t understand it lol