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  1. Manual yes and in st Helens
  2. e34m525i

    How to zero computer MPG record?

    Awesome, no probs
  3. e34m525i

    2000 Orient Blue BMW 540 touring auto 110k; £5000

    What spoiler is that added to the top of the tailgate? Wouldn’t mind somthing like that for mine, car looks great btw, glwts
  4. Bought this for the wife who decided she now wants an s max! 155k, cloth interior, steel blue metallic paint, Alpina genuine I believe front bumper, also tow bar with all the electrics etc, (not tested that as I don’t have anything to tow!) it was bought with a slipping clutch, I’ve just had a brand new luk 3 piece clutch kit installed and also a good used low millage duel mass fly wheel the gas kit is sequential and is made by aeb/tartrini it’s a very good kit and would have been a good £1500 conversion when it was done, gives the equivalent of around 40-50mpg with gas at under 60p a litre! It has e90 wheels on that really suit it well, there a more aggressive offset than what would usually be on a e46 so has a stanced look to it. the negatives are Front windows ok going down but slow to come back up alpina bumper could do with a blast of paint due to stone chips. has a pretty bad oil leak from rocker cover although I have a gasket and plan to fix this before the sale. As the oil burns on heat shield and in traffic can be smelled in car etc, as above this will be done next week. thermost is lazy so takes so generally sits at 1/4 and goes to half way in traffic, have a replacement behr one that will come with car. a/c is not cold so may need a regas or further work to fix? the wheels along with some possibly worn bushings do make the car tram line when on motorway (not sure if it’s wheels or bushes that are causing it as I’ve not had an e46 before this one!) but other than the above it’s generally a decent enough car that’s cheap and practical to run! Any inspection welcome etc its insured and taxed until 1st Monday of sept when I’ll be sorning it. So test drives are welcome. £995 I’ve described it as accurately as possible, I’ve no use for it having 4 other cars, Will make some one a nice cheap daily hack!
  5. e34m525i

    How to zero computer MPG record?

    If you go on the radio part (bc button on panel) and when it comes up cons 1 hit the set button and it’ll reset
  6. e34m525i

    Wanted e28 recaro LS front seats

    Car looks rough but would brake fairly well I imagine
  7. e34m525i

    Wanted e28 recaro LS front seats

    There’s recaros in this.... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F173456222735
  8. e34m525i

    530i Auto box issue

    I’ve a good box here removed from 530i sport if it turns out the box is no good!
  9. e34m525i

    Help with value of my e39.... sport

    Just to add it’s 525i 51 plate sport!
  10. I’ve had this sport a few years, it’s topaz blue, 150k, had various bits of suspension changed over the last few years, drives well and box shifts perfect, had new rear brakes and pipes and also handbrake done, and exhaust studs where it meets cats have had the common bolts/studs drilled out and new ones put in. It’s also had ccv delete with pcv instead. it needs some tlc, and will come on 16” turbines, the sport bumpers have been removed and has an se rear bumper in topaz, the front is pre facelift se bumper, as I’ve used them on another project. But other than that it’s as it left the factory! The faults are Engine management light on (o2 codes) no radio body is a bit scruffy here and there with clear coat peel on bonnet and the jacking points have corroded as the pads are missing on 2 it drives well and aircon and everything works, heated grey sports leather etc as its missing bits i wad I was thinking of pricing when we sell for £550 it has mot until match 2019 does this seem reasonable? thought it be best to see what others think before doing a for sale add!
  11. e34m525i

    E class merc 18” staggered ronal alloys

    Sold now sorry
  12. How much and what make is the gas kit? Would it be possible to have the engine loom and inlet manifold for an easy conversion for mine? Also is tank dounut?
  13. e34m525i

    Sport bumpers

    Blue water metallic id imagine, I’m also looking for s sport front bumper in orient blue, but will consider any
  14. e34m525i

    E39 powerfold switch & module

    Pm sent
  15. Easy fit for pf owners to get the mordern look, made by depo, lenses are still very clear looking for £125 delivered https://ibb.co/cuOyEy https://ibb.co/e5n3gd https://ibb.co/mt73gd https://ibb.co/cqz5uy