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  1. 318TI

    Had a few of them and got 2 at the minute...got one for my son to learn to drive in but sadly once he passed he cant get ot insured at all ...a M42 powered one which is a daily ( ish ) and a stripped out M44 powered one , cage , coilovers, brake upgrade etc, needs finished but without all the weight the M44 is a very nippy car I am doing alot of travelling from Fife to Oban just now and although my 530 is great for that the compact really makes it a fun drive and you can really get going on these types of roads ...they handle great , drive great ...much like an updated E30 .
  2. Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 10/12/17

    oh man .. the 65s look tremendous on a grey touring ..i think that will be my next thing
  3. WTD: E36 323i or 328i in any body shape !!

    some find Tim ..thank you ..will watch this ..its a nice one tho .. could be pricey
  4. WTD: E36 323i or 328i in any body shape !!

    Looking for a budget E36 323i or a 328i ..ideally manual and mechanically correct .. not fussed about body shape or condition or spec infact the more basic the better but would like to be able to drive it home to Scotland from wherever so even a short MOT car would do. I am based just outside Edinburgh . If anyone knows of any just say
  5. BMW main dealer stickers?

    @535 Andrew ... you were ashamed of an Arnold Clark sticker BUT you were OK with a Rangers badge lol
  6. Dakar Yellow RHD E39 M5 - For Sale on Ebay

    for sale thru a finance management company ..maybe a repossession ?
  7. 2000 BMW 540 touring auto 106k feeler

    does that say £9000 ? what am I missing if it is to make it in nearly M5 cash ....must be some build ..would love to see it
  8. Windscreen Replacement

    i agree with Andy ... i have had 2 done .. you need trims at same time as install .. they are bonded in ..you cant clip them in afterwards. On my E32 i had the screen done and the trims were not usuable after removed so it got a generic rubber trim / seal fitted..it was a snug fit and looked OK but its totally different from OEM but i wasnt keeping the car so it done the job
  9. FS: E39 Black interior door/ dash trims

    i got these in the hope i could swap for tech graphite but no joy so will just sell them ... 4x door trims in excellent condition 1x glove box panel in excellent condition 1x stereo flap in excellent condition ( comes with a single din fascia plate too ..i small tab on rear is broken off but still secures ) 2 x pieces either side of steering wheel in excellent condition 1x full centre console ..a couple of very faint scratches on left hand side of gear area ..not massively noticebale but there ( camera does enhance them i have to say ) Looking for £60 posted to UK
  10. Insuance is a strange thing ...bought my son the daytina compact on here ..he wanted something different from a Corsa so instaead of blowig it all on a car and then again on insurance i we thought this would work ...no way hose ! BMW 318Ti insured for 1 year ..top quote is 5 figures ..lowest quote was about 7 grand so thats oot the game noo ! However ..they will accept him on my 530D Sport touring for just over 2 grand which considering other quotes for poular small cars at 1800 etc this is quite astonishing ! Where do they get their figures !
  11. FS: E39 Black interior door/ dash trims

    bump...no interest ?
  12. 17 year old driver insurance oddity !!!

    no black box on this tho....did try to get the compact on with a black box but still no go
  13. BMW M5 E39 18" Original Wheels BMW Part No: 2228950, 2228960

    thattdoesnti mply they are aftermarket ...just means he wanted wide all round instead of staggered ..a few on here have done that
  14. Aux cable input help

    @Marc 86 .. if you replace the changer lead with this AUX cable then the changer is redundant with no wiring and no power? How will this work ?
  15. I have to do my rear subframe mounts , looking at Meyle mounts or should i just polybush it while i am at it ... i havent driven an E39 with poly mounts ..interetsted to hear of any views / difference to the way it drives / general feedback before i do this ..is it a worthwhile mod over teh original rubber mounts ?
  16. 17 year old driver insurance oddity !!!

    so to update this the compact was a defo no go , the 530 was OK until renwal time and then it went sky high . Looked about at Corsas, Polos etc and they were all pretty dear for what they were so ended up in a 58 plate Astra Sri XPack for just a little more insurance than a Corsa. I prefer a bit of car around him rather than a small box so worth teh extra .. Its in his name , he can earn NCB so all good ... a decent first car i think
  17. NEC Classic Show -Fabulous 528i E28

    you would think so ....its out of MOT and tax now ( still insured bizarrley )....and it's worth mentioning there is a Z3 in the other corner that has been there a year !!!
  18. NEC Classic Show -Fabulous 528i E28

    in a public car park i know there is a 635csi in white with black leather ..same wheels etc ..it has lay there for easy 8mths now and hasnt been lifted .. apparently there is a tragic story with the owner not returning.... based on that being worth 37k i bet its worth good money as it is very clean !! Not 37K clean but its a lovely car
  19. Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    The front has been painted at least ..you can see the number plate fixings are calypso as is the small part of the bumper bar behind the plastic .. this is silver so its been blown over but make no mistake .. its worth decent money for mileage and condition and its a lovely colour too ! And technically it should have a wooden gear knob on it !!
  20. DVLA SORN Question

    you can do it online ..new keeper can be done online ..when V5 comes thru you can SORN it ..DVLA are ok with this time difference
  21. E34 Pre facelift lower bumper paint code

    Mark ..they aren't painted...they are just black plastic ..only the facelifts are painted ( body colour)
  22. M54 or M52TU?

    i get that ..i didnt buy mine for MPG ..it just came up and it happened to be a diesel ...infact i have never looked at MPG in a car. Hiowever reliability i cant fault ..its done 245000 miles and is still quicker than my old guzzlers ...i was a die hard e34 big six fan but the D's seem pretty robust and quick ( and it has to be said i am not the most frequent vivitor at my local BP anymore lol )
  23. M54 or M52TU?

    wnat about a 530d in manual form? I have seem quite a few like that compared to a 2.8 or 3.0 petrol ?
  24. WTD: E36 323i or 328i in any body shape !!

    will keep it in mind ... got a manual 328 tourer in Leigh to go and see shortly
  25. No more flirting - EVER

    This stuff did happen and then it was part of culture but we have eveolved and times change .. we must respect that but i think its wrong to apply modern day ethics to goings on 30 or 40 years ago . I do know there is a line back then that was crossed by many and they should be punished for their vile actions but wolf whistling, cheeky chat all had its place then . My mum was a bar manager thru the 60s and 70s and said she was never scarred by some of this . If the line was crossed the person was told !! Wolf Whistling at a lady now can be classed as harrasment and dealt with as such .. it will have been a burd that doesnt get wolf whistled at that has created this .......................................................................will add that is tongue in cheek incase ugly burds get offended lol