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  1. most tyre places have nylon wheels/ plates on their machines to put levers against and stop the marking ( older machines are just cold steel ) kwik fit my have done tyres and bever marked an alloy yet but you might need to get them on a Sat morn as a quick job bunging the guy a tenner etc ...they wont fit them as normal practice incase its faulty and tyoutry to blame them
  2. but you said you followed the parking instructions to a T ...I said if you did and have proof get it and that's the end of it ...if not personally I would just pay it, I could not be arsed with letters , demands etc .......I have seen these spiral out of control taking up your time with phone calls , letters, making contact etc... is it a euro car parks or council notice ?
  3. just pay it and that's it dealt with..why would you want to mess about spending time on a fine that is the equivalent of a few carry outs and beers worth its going to have to be paid aat some point unless you can prove the gym thing and if you can't prove that then pay and get it out of your life ....
  4. why oh why is all the good stuff so far away !!!..The look lush buddy !!
  5. eBay ones have a years warranty so first year covered ...then if it goes pop it's only £50 to replace sister has had 2 put in her x5 3 years ago and no issues and I have recommended them to others who have bought them and not one issue so they seem to do the job
  6. I am selling for a mate ...they were mine before, bought from Jimmy on here, I they were sold but he has changed plans so I popped them on the net rears are more than half worn maybe 3mm or so but even wear , defo no welds , flat spots, cracks etc, I had them on my tourer for a month and no wobbles either he wants 450 for them ( same as he paid )
  7. you can zoom in on pics in link in the wheels section but totally original finish ..polished rims and face so nothing hidden....there are a couple of marks on one front wheel but nothing major, a slight score which I suspect was a tyre machine but very nice and genuine e39 wheels too i have done a quick clean on insides but generally not too much as they were decent to start with so they have been looked after thevfront two types are miss matched which I hate but they up for replacing soon anyway which would sort that
  8. I have paras for sale....a link in wheels & tyres section ( on my phone and don't know how to get link here lol )
  9. These were mine and sold to a guy i know but he has changed his circumstances so no need for them and didnt actually fit them on. I said i will try sell them on for him ..nice wheels Wheels are in Fife
  10. I had mine done at Extreme Powder coating in Dalgety Bay.....guys name is Lee...the finish was immense he is on Facebook
  11. Use a heat gun ...gently heat them on a low heat will see the shine appear and then simply work your way along.....i think it's the polymers it brings out which creates the shine...more permanent than polishes / silicones or try black shoe scuff ...the bottles that have the sponge applicator's a dye so defo blackens, is cheaper and effective
  12. any local wheel specialist worth their salt can fix buckled rims ...we restore alloys in Kirkcaldy have put very bent wheels into shape and not a hammer in site ...its done with heat and presses crackes , fuss .. there will be one in your area
  13. me ..always handy to have !Send me details to Pay Mr D
  14. must be flooding the mail boxes here too
  15. there was one on eBay in Dorset that apparently came up here...can't be many white 540 touringi about....was about £1800 at the end
  16. i agree , lots of car for not alot it as is and keep it mechanically sweet , jobs good !
  17. he only thing about this situation I fell is that if God forbid something ever happened there isn't much around him...same situation with my son and after looking about I got an Astra 1.9 Sri dti X pack 5 door .... nice looking, economical and a decent bit of car around him
  18. have you pulled the wire block from door that goes into A pillar on compact sprayed liberally with contact cleaner and pushed / pulled apart to clean the contacts...might sort your door open message....or put a new door catch on the quarter panel from breakers
  19. ^^^^facelift fitting is smaller hole in wing yes ECP wings were the ones I got .....if you want a pic of it inside / outside etc or close ups just shout, they aren't on yet
  20. steelies all day long for that little gem
  21. the you will need to leave M3 taxed...technically it's still on road and you don't want to give the insurers any excuse...years ago I sorted my car when it was lifted and it caused grief ( but did sort out eventually ) your dd dd can't be swapped, you need to stay a new one under the doc reference of new car you get
  22. some insurance companies allow you to change online, I am with aviva fee to change, lets you know premium charges etc immediate cover..maybe yours does that ?
  23. raining in Fife today....been so hot recently the shower has left the roads super greasy.
  24. that's surely not a random lift..that's been's sad as these scum think it's ok to lift and split cars that can't really be replaced like this....would love 10 mins in a room with them !!
  25. I just bought 2 front wings bolted them on and they just fine ...only one thing is they seem to be all made to accept pre facelift side repeaters big issue but if you are keen to keep facelift ones if that's what you have you might need to shop about