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  1. you wont say its a dreamer price when a few succeed and the value of your own goes up ..forums are funny things would think you would big up the marques you own to get them status rather then keep them bargain basement Look at the prices RS cars make ( even basic 4 door escorts are making more than that touring you advertised now ) The volvo forums used to slag people wanting good money for 850 T5s, T-5Rs and 850Rs etc changed when someone asked decent cash and got it look at them ..big money in some of these now ..even shabby ones
  2. ..what can we use for 3rd party hosting ..i tried Google Pictures but it only posts a link ..cant seem to embed an actual pic on a post Some say PB is £9.99 a month for privilidge which is maybe OK but others are saying it can be nearly £400 a year !! ..will look into that but in meantime ..any suggestions this any good?
  3. A Classic Ford ( Lotus Cortina Mk1 or Escort MK1 RS 2000 ) Lamborghini Countach ( the cannonball run type ..not that daft anniversary one with daft spoilers etc ) A Morgan Aero Supercars are not what they were years ago ..they were a sight to behold .. now they are eveywhere with youtubers and mildly rich people who havent a scooby how to drive them have them as they are trophies to show off and take pics posting them endlessly on social media along with pics of their dinner .. there are soooo many of them now they are old hat IMO
  4. Thanks all ..managed to get pics up
  5. Had to get to Rannoch Station this week ( twice !!) Its a single road more or less after you come off the A9.. scenery is quite spectacular after Kinloch Rannoch at the foot of the loch and 20 miles or so more you are at Rannoch Station ... the end of the line ...literally ..the white house in background of the 2nd pic is it where to go but head back ! ( Famous scene in Trainspotting where they all get off train in highlands is around there )
  6. having a clear out , first up is this trim , its genuine piano black ( very slight sparkle if you catch it in right light , only have the upper trims as console was marked but i still have it , its been flattened , primered and can be painted metallic black if you are handy Door trims, radio flap, and both side of steering wheel are excellent ... glove box cover has a slight scratch as pictured Trying to add pics ( can whatsapp if needed ) £25 posted
  7. Cool ..sold to you !
  8. I am guessing thats a no or its binned
  9. 46 in a 40 that not fall under the 10% + 2mph rule in England ? Or is that a discretionary rull that could be applied if they are feeling nice and fluffy that day
  10. keep cool and dont let it bother you ... i get it all the time ..its their issue not yours ..i just sit back and enjoy i am in the right ..only ever had one guy pull me up as he was hacked off i was sitting at speed limit ..he wont oull anyone up iagain i dont think I am totally of the mindset now its not worth arguing .. alot of britians drivers are arrogant, poor at best and if you let it all bother you then you will just become an angry man ...let them do their thing will creep up on them eventually
  11. Think i have seen this beautiful big cat ( infact heard it lol ) in passing ..i would love a Jag !
  12. any way it could be posted ..i know you say free but posting is work so if it can how much to buy and be posted
  13. Dutch plates
  14. the spolier is a no for me .. the clean look is way better
  15. I am getting one as i couldnt deal with a single din or a double din in the dash as it just looks wrong ..this at least fills the gap correctly and if the bluetooth and CD works then all is good , sat nav is probably good enough and if it isnt then can always use google maps etc And the steering wheel controls are a bonus too
  16. Are they not crosshair headlights you need to open up headlights and fit these inside
  17. ooft a white touring !!!
  18. think of it as running out of diesel and how difficult it can be to get started again...air locks cause havoc
  19. just recently done mine ....didn't do that ...just uncllipped, unbolted and re fitted...let it fill up job done.
  20. ^^ Black dash and door trim would set that off and match stereo surround
  21. use them all the time in they order filter locally , leave it draining til filter comes , then put it all back together ..about 30 mins ..great service ..
  22. manual centre console Is the same as an auto btw incase you get offered one
  23. I have a manual 530d Sport ..bought it only because it came up for sale ..i genuinely would prefer an auto tho..manuals are great for spirited driving etc but in an estate like this on long jorneys i would want an auto I have looked at a few autos but the spec has been lower than mine and some are expensive..i would struggle to get a decent price now because of my mileage so i would be adding a wedge for a car just for an autobox ( and lower spec) which isnt justified
  24. Top left hand corner on ipad ..i have a pic of a Porsche 911 GT3 in white instead of the usual logo ..anyone else got this ...been having hassles with my ipad etc ..hoping its not hacked ?
  25. M74

    how many miles a year do you do Mick as a lorry driver and whats the highest mileage you have seen on a lorry that is still in active business use