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  1. rust or no rust its still a stunning car ..that must be one of teh best colours on an E34 i think !
  2. just what i was thinking ...he is involved in hugely expensive Aston Martin replicas is he not and major restorations Saying that tho Edd is great i think , he is a fountain of knowledge and i am sure he could hold ground with Ant easily
  3. I like the US pronunciatoions of some cars ..Feeat ..quite cool , and Boogarry Vaayron...
  4. had my alloys refurbed in anthracite august and changed tyre sizes to 245 45 17s but the spare was always silver and a 235 45 17 and albeit hidden it made me itch ! Anyway a nail in one of my rear tyres meant a new tyre and that meant more tread on one side than the other so replaced both back tyres , used the other good rear tyre for the spare and had it refurbed in anthracite too so all 5 wheels are the same!
  5. on other end of that cablw is the round connector that ges into the radio socket on the pictured interface , the loom is a BMW one and supplosedly splices in easy ..i havent looked at back of mine since i got ot but its meant to be an easyjob It connects at dash ( comes in a rubber protective sleeve ) and iPod cable to glovebox Will try see if i can find any instructions but i think its probably along the lines you have just posted
  6. so found 2 but i think the Connects 2 one is E39 based as it has flat pins..i am guessing yoru E36 has round pins..if you were handy you could solder the E36 plug on tho below And here is the BMW iPod interface unit that seemiiingly shows text etc on your display has teh classic iPod 20 pin connector
  7. I am pretty sure I have a couple of units I'd defo BMW supplied...I will dig out and post a pic
  8. its in Wigan too ... Richard will kniow abot it , seen it etc ..needing rust remedy ..i cant see it being worth that kind of mony IMO
  9. .....from an 8 series or sometimes E32s maybe ....anyone got some or know of some for sale ..don't need tyres just alloys Cheers
  10. well spotted ..thank you ! I will see if he is willing to courier
  11. a big ask I think..maybe not many about but worth a bump up
  12. just to make you feel better about your insurance cost ...i bought a 1995 compact for my son... it cost me 160 fully comp with my wife on it add him on the dearest price was £9910 ..cheapest was £5500...back to drawing board lol !
  13. sold
  14. Brand new and never fitted , still has sticky tape on reverse This is the panel to take place of number plate for shows etc ... looks nice on £15 posted
  15. but in the next scene when he picked his daughter up he was driving it Gaian only it was patchy blue and burgundy.......
  16. I'm with Duncan..WOT and it will catch....I have had an E34 that used to do this ( is it bore wash they call it ) and flooring it brought it back every time
  17. One for the audio experts My E39 has a low OBC so the stereo is the tape player and associated buttons below it and is all one unit ( it has a changer in the boot ) This style So …if I want a CD Player up front I am seeing this in ebay So does that mean I could buy the above control unit and this CD player and it would work in my car …anyone know of any issues Thanks all
  18. jeez that's a good looking car !
  19. nothing to add to that, well put Sandip..I wish his family well .
  20. at a guess it's been stripped, all the stuff needed to fix his green touring is off it and it's now scrapped
  21. i run 245 45 17 all round on non staggered...I think it looks just that bit chunkier and drives lovely
  22. there is a genuine Dakar E39 m5 runs about Glasgow...this is where they are rare as hens teeth then eBay has 4 or 5 at same time lol
  23. a great Sunday deal for someone it a six cylinder car
  24. Style 37s for sale , staggered in great condition . Bought on here from another member but different cirumstances just now make it more sense to move these on at the minute tyres are legal so i would run them out then expect to replace in new year ( one rear has a small cut and a bulge anyway.) The rims themselves are in great condition front one has a score on rim that looks like a tyre machine but no chunks etc can zoom in on pics to see rims ..i have cleaned up the rear two and they look great on the car . Genuine E39 alloys from a 540 Sport I believe Prive is £450 ( what i paid and i had to drive to collect them etc so looking to get my outlay back ) Collection is ideal in near Dunfermline ( possible meet depending on distance )
  25. back on the touring just now , two blowouts in a week on my 66s so will run these into summer for the minute