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  1. Thanks Neil, i did think about chapping the door to see if it was for sale .. i have seen it for years around the bay
  2. small world .it used to live just along road from me, never knew it was for sale ..there is a silver e34 there too in driveway is the 2.8 engine and box strong in the touring ?
  3. some fakes have a separate base plates that fits to the car....reason for this is there are plates for all different cars which you can then fix the mirrors to for the M5 look
  4. i am sure it cant be as the seller would have said but in the 2nd picture that looks like a crack !!
  5. Insuance is a strange thing ...bought my son the daytina compact on here ..he wanted something different from a Corsa so instaead of blowig it all on a car and then again on insurance i we thought this would work way hose ! BMW 318Ti insured for 1 year quote is 5 figures ..lowest quote was about 7 grand so thats oot the game noo ! However ..they will accept him on my 530D Sport touring for just over 2 grand which considering other quotes for poular small cars at 1800 etc this is quite astonishing ! Where do they get their figures !
  6. I am sure i have investigated them all !
  7. Fuel filters were needing done and and EGR bypass pipe fitted , a noticable diference i must say
  8. no solution to compact ..quizzed the company that would cover the 530 but not Joss said its the preception of the car ..the compact could attract attention even before it moves , the 530 despite being more powerful and valuable apparently wont be subjected to what the compact could be ??? So ..the choices could be a Focus Ecoboost ( he has some cash for deposit and i said i would ' help' him with the rest ) or a Mini Cooper or just use his cash and insure the 530 touring The 5 is ideal as he goes to downhill tracks so bikes on roof , his mates in and space in is infact teh alround cjheaper option.
  9. Aviva will add him as a learner driver to both compact and 530 for £180 but after that no deal until he is 21 . Options now being looked at are a Focus or Fiesta Ecoboost ( £800 PA ) or a Mini Cooper ( £1200 pa ) a stag of his dream cars or a spitfre with 6 cylinder in it !
  10. Sold , pls delate
  11. i see you had an S70 Mark ... great cars ..i still have one, a tremendously comfortable barge
  12. this is a great thread..I sold my Granada for a carnival red with black roof Cortina 2000E....then came the RS2000s !
  13. Mark....the Granada...had one exactly the same as my first car ..3.0 Ghia in classic Sweeney style's now my biggest want but so expensive
  14. Ooft ... outstanding !!!
  15. finance on a car of this age? .. it used to be quite strict that the car had to be 10years or less when the finance agrreement ended ..times change maybe to encourage the buyer
  16. The adverts say finance available ...wonder how they can offer finance on that age its outwith the car HP rules ?
  17. The compact was using my no claims too BUt i am not sure i am ready to hand over my 530 for me to have a compact !!!
  18. the 6 series GT is truly a thing of beauty .. when i first saw one i thought for a minute it was a new 7 series but they are much nicer than a 7 series
  19. Bumper shell is the same ..the exhaust trim simply unlips and goes into sport bumper
  20. I have edited that for you to be correct
  21. I admire cyclists getting out keeping fit and some facing all weathers to get to work but i agree their road sense can be crap ..they take so many chances ...we have alot of cycly routes/ paths around our way but teh roadies wont use them but instead cyle at least 3 abreast sometimes 4 or 5 lines of them and create all havoc behind them and will not move over..dare you wuestion them why they dont use lanes or even stay in single file when roads are busy ..they go mental inciting teh driver is a the devil ect ..some of them really get on my goat
  22. Hi Phil , maybe a long shot given age of parts but is this still available thru BMW And 2 of these ....Blind plug D=35MM 207147140849 which i think are right ..they are the grommetts in the floor of the BMW E39 Cheers Phil
  23. That will be because it should be N563KHU lol ...sorry
  24. sorry Phil for hassle ..its R563 KHU..318ti Compact
  25. Perfect will Paypal that question .... i have taken the pic & part number from realOEM and it shows the LHD version .. ..can i just make sure the RHD version is available ( the clock and radio apertures need to be other way around )