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  1. so if its a £1000 E34 and it has £600 set of wheels on the car its still worth £1000 so more and more are keeping the high value wheels unless new buyer wants to pay for car and wheels Sad thing is people will want it and wheels for for the price of it standard ( or less ) ..sellers are just trying to re coup some of the cash they have spent on it
  2. is it just not spring clips either side on an e34 ?
  3. or what about pulling an E39 one apart for the internals
  4. he has adverts on ebay ..could you use the 'ask seller' question..that will defo get thru here is one
  5. Thats bizarre !! Ironically was that not the colour of the compact originaly ? I would love to go back and apreciate these cars when they were new on forecourts !
  6. no wood on your model Mark , as Carl says there was a cheap stick on effort that looked hellish for your OEM fix you need to leave as is
  7. how is it possible to do this ..the interior lights and dash is quite amazing !!
  8. or take the sensor off ( you can see it sitting next to fog light at front ) and place the probe in boiling water for 5 mins ... i ahve had a few come back to life after doing that
  9. a bit of street drifting on the morning commute eh ..2 mins back in a BMW and you are turning into a hooligan
  10. long shot but did these sell ?
  11. arrgghhh .. that would have been ideal .. Mark could have brought it home lol .. you would think they woudl be easy to find in yards but mostly all grey or beige...
  12. Compact is with Aviva ( granted its not a 520 but i am guessing not far off it for insurance purposes ) ..multi car , got commuting on it just incase ..its £120 a year fully comp with me and wife
  13. is it an auto ...faulty inhibitor switch ?
  14. you are actually better just sliding a knife under the flap, taking it off the mechanism, there a a couple of star clips..they will just ping off and then do what BMW do and double side tape it on much easier than messing about with the it's not broken after all!
  15. long shot but you never know ...mines has a gash on passenger side so would like to replace it ....anyone ..just let me know