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  1. Back in an ‘M’...

    Lovely car , lucky man White ones are everywhere .. and sadly most are owned by people who redline them at lights to say look at me if you are not already because i am in a white car that everyone has .. BRG is classy .. i am doing my compact in BRG too
  2. Sport Front Bumper - Number Plate Mounting Options

    the one in link isn't for a sport ...that one slots bretween the rubbing strips on either side of an SE bumper .....the last pic is kind of what you need ...a moulded standalone version ...euro one is a bit longer accommodate Euro size plates
  3. What did you do to your E39 today ?

  4. parking sensors E39 M5

    last week when i put mine into reverse i got the continius tone then all goes quiet .. the PDC light on console flashing away . I could hear that all bar two were clicking so changed the two out that were not clicking and all back to normal. For the record i tried contact cleaner and WD40 but no response .. cheap to replace anyway
  5. Ford Escort

    had dozens of them since i was 16 .. base models , Ghias , RS 2000s , Mexicos and even a Twin Cam .. god i wish i had that one now I have promsed myself i will buy one again to go back to that era
  6. Help! Touring suspension failed suddenly and i’m On holiday!!!

    happened to me on hol too but I could hear bag leaking and pump running constantly to keep it inflated....is the self levelling light on the dash lit datf question but are you bridging relay while caravan still attached
  7. E39 Rear Wheel Bearings

    the bearing set up is easy .. its the removal of the inner race from the wheel hub that appears a chore ... i guess once i have the tools they will get used againn
  8. E39 Rear Wheel Bearings

    has anyone had these done at a garage.. is it a big job .. some youtube vids make it look doable but would have to buy the special tools etc so maybe best to leave it a garage who already has them .. what costs if so .. i have a droney Rear passneger but probs best to just to do both sides
  9. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    In white that E39 Touring is stunning .. i would love that !!
  10. New Wheeler Dealers

    i preferred teh Falcon the way he bought it !!
  11. Oil in coolant scammers caught

    I get the Honda , MG forums etc but never had anyone come in and pour engine oil on my Hifi to try get it cheaper
  12. Considering a 'vert

    That is a nice looking SAAB......is it an auto or manual
  13. FS: E34 unused BBS 15" and Dunlop tyre

    Unused 15" BBS cross spoke from an E34....I was collecting these at one point when I had an E 34 and this is the last one....would .be a.great spare wheel replacement keeping the boot looking mint £25 plus post will post pics or whatsapp etc
  14. E39 touring rear anti roll bar diameter ?

    Chers buddy . i have ordered 14mm . got a few jobs to do to this over the next few weeks.. but i really fancy something else !!
  15. M1 smart speed cameras now switched on

    ^^^ it's a guideline not statutory law else no one would get 33 and 34 mph speeding tickets....forces can use if they think it's right ...a lot of them dont