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  1. Bumper shell is the same ..the exhaust trim simply unlips and goes into sport bumper
  2. I have edited that for you to be correct
  3. I admire cyclists getting out keeping fit and some facing all weathers to get to work but i agree their road sense can be crap ..they take so many chances ...we have alot of cycly routes/ paths around our way but teh roadies wont use them but instead cyle at least 3 abreast sometimes 4 or 5 lines of them and create all havoc behind them and will not move over..dare you wuestion them why they dont use lanes or even stay in single file when roads are busy ..they go mental inciting teh driver is a the devil ect ..some of them really get on my goat
  4. That will be because it should be N563KHU lol ...sorry
  5. sorry Phil for hassle ..its R563 KHU..318ti Compact
  6. Perfect will Paypal that question .... i have taken the pic & part number from realOEM and it shows the LHD version .. ..can i just make sure the RHD version is available ( the clock and radio apertures need to be other way around )
  7. Hi Phil , maybe a long shot given age of parts but is this still available thru BMW And 2 of these ....Blind plug D=35MM 207147140849 which i think are right ..they are the grommetts in the floor of the BMW E39 Cheers Phil
  8. the blue one is lovely ....what prices are E30s holding now
  9. rust or no rust its still a stunning car ..that must be one of teh best colours on an E34 i think !
  10. just what i was thinking ...he is involved in hugely expensive Aston Martin replicas is he not and major restorations Saying that tho Edd is great i think , he is a fountain of knowledge and i am sure he could hold ground with Ant easily
  11. I like the US pronunciatoions of some cars ..Feeat ..quite cool , and Boogarry Vaayron...
  12. had my alloys refurbed in anthracite august and changed tyre sizes to 245 45 17s but the spare was always silver and a 235 45 17 and albeit hidden it made me itch ! Anyway a nail in one of my rear tyres meant a new tyre and that meant more tread on one side than the other so replaced both back tyres , used the other good rear tyre for the spare and had it refurbed in anthracite too so all 5 wheels are the same!
  13. on other end of that cablw is the round connector that ges into the radio socket on the pictured interface , the loom is a BMW one and supplosedly splices in easy ..i havent looked at back of mine since i got ot but its meant to be an easyjob It connects at dash ( comes in a rubber protective sleeve ) and iPod cable to glovebox Will try see if i can find any instructions but i think its probably along the lines you have just posted
  14. so found 2 but i think the Connects 2 one is E39 based as it has flat pins..i am guessing yoru E36 has round pins..if you were handy you could solder the E36 plug on tho below And here is the BMW iPod interface unit that seemiiingly shows text etc on your display has teh classic iPod 20 pin connector
  15. I am pretty sure I have a couple of units I'd defo BMW supplied...I will dig out and post a pic