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  1. i agree , lots of car for not alot it as is and keep it mechanically sweet , jobs good !
  2. he only thing about this situation I fell is that if God forbid something ever happened there isn't much around him...same situation with my son and after looking about I got an Astra 1.9 Sri dti X pack 5 door .... nice looking, economical and a decent bit of car around him
  3. have you pulled the wire block from door that goes into A pillar on compact sprayed liberally with contact cleaner and pushed / pulled apart to clean the contacts...might sort your door open message....or put a new door catch on the quarter panel from breakers
  4. ^^^^facelift fitting is smaller hole in wing yes ECP wings were the ones I got .....if you want a pic of it inside / outside etc or close ups just shout, they aren't on yet
  5. steelies all day long for that little gem
  6. the you will need to leave M3 taxed...technically it's still on road and you don't want to give the insurers any excuse...years ago I sorted my car when it was lifted and it caused grief ( but did sort out eventually ) your dd dd can't be swapped, you need to stay a new one under the doc reference of new car you get
  7. some insurance companies allow you to change online, I am with aviva fee to change, lets you know premium charges etc immediate cover..maybe yours does that ?
  8. raining in Fife today....been so hot recently the shower has left the roads super greasy.
  9. that's surely not a random lift..that's been's sad as these scum think it's ok to lift and split cars that can't really be replaced like this....would love 10 mins in a room with them !!
  10. I just bought 2 front wings bolted them on and they just fine ...only one thing is they seem to be all made to accept pre facelift side repeaters big issue but if you are keen to keep facelift ones if that's what you have you might need to shop about
  11. ^^^^dont cut the onion...chib the onion !!!!
  12. a scottish chef .... neddy steady cook ...a quick and easy curry !!!
  13. all that work ( no matter what is thought of it , its been alot of work ) and they cant even get the side indicators on the right way !!!
  14. young too .. i listen to the gash that is classed as legendary today ..Jay Z , Kendrick Lamar , Drake god ..without sounding like my dad it is no where near as good as the late 80s and 90s music ,
  15. Jimbo they wont fit straight on .. you would need a hubcentric spacer to stop them fouling the calipers