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  1. The Flying Banana

    FS: BMW E34 520i Auto 1994

    BMW 520i Auto E34 1994 Orient Blue, Anthracite Cloth interior 2 Keys ( New BMW ones – one with original torch ) , V5 in my name MOTd to 6th Sept 2019, 139000 miles Electric Windows,, Sunroof, Air Con, Central Locking – all working BBS alloy wheels ( 5 off ) Well known on here I would say , it’s a very clean E34 that Andy Everett (Sir Anthony Regents Park) rescued as part of a BMW Car Magazine feature and then Mark Lawless ( Calypso E34 ) took to another level. Recent works includes front shocks, rear anti roll bar links,, pads , metal fuel pips also replaced recently along with the steel pipe that runs around rear of fuel tank. wiper blades. good exhaust, no 50 MPH shimmy , no knocks or bags , a supreme drive I have to say . Starts on the button and sounds like an M50 should, 5 speed autobox does its thing. It really does waft along in sheer serenity J Not the fastest version of an E34 but it’s very nice and does attract attention . There was a time in my life I couldn’t retro fit enough upgrades to any E34 I had , now there is something just nice about this, no frills , analogue clock , cloth seats etc Interior is grey anthracite cloth, very very clean , no rips or worn patches . Door cards, lower dash and centre console all replaced with facelift versions with walnut inserts It has a modern Kenwood , AUX , Ipod unit with amber illumination to blend in ( 2 mths or so old ) but original cassette and cd changer are present if needed BMW mats , sunroof, headlining is grey and in excellent order. Glove box torch as had the LED upgrade done too Orient blue in color , benefitted from a stage 2 detail recently and it really does look good, Mark had this done and has had it on previous cars telling me it looks good for years with normal car wash care Wheels are original BBS cross spokes but all 5 have been refurbed and are IMMACULATE , tyres are also excellent too with deep tread I have put the amber lights back in but it will come with the full set of clear .lights. There is an original BMW number plate infill on the car too . Previous owner has replaced all the correct dealer window stickers and number plates etc Boot area is very clean and complete ( cargo straps, sound proof mat , full toolkit ) I haven’t really had much to do to it as a lot was complete when I bought it. All I have achieved is a few missing clips, , replaced some trim, fitted US spec bumper corners and I enjoy driving it at weekends ! It was subject to an insurance claim at some point in its life , Andy Everett rectified this documenting it as a project in BMW Car over 3 or 4 monthly features ( mags included J ) It wasn’t a lot and only needed two doors and a wing and these have been replaced; a brand new wing and two perfect rust free doors, painted and fitted. No other damage and it's a spot on repair job. Even the rubber seal strips on the base of the doors were new. What I would say it is its not concours or new pin mint but it is very very clean, I drove up to Inverness to get it and wasn’t disappointed in any way .. I have owned loads so know them and I looked at a good few recently ( higher priced than this too ) and some are real rough examples cashing in on the fact it’s an E34 .. if it’s an E34 in fantastic condition you would like then this would well be worth your time to look at So to answer the question why am I selling it .. I enjoy all cars , I have had literally dozens of BMWs of this era and I have now ticked the box of owning this one especially now the prices are getting higher so it was a great opportunity to enjoy some retro ownership. I also have a classic Beetle I bought before this that does need work so I want to concentrate on that .. this will provide some funds and space J Ask any questions you want , feedback welcome, car is about 15 mins north of Edinburgh for viewing. Price is £1850
  2. The Flying Banana

    Parking ticket Belgium

    for 30 euros I would have paid it by now, seems a whole load of hassle even posting , attaching pictures and still talking about it , just pay it and forget ,
  3. The Flying Banana

    325ti on LPG, top motoring for a grand

    I have seen an e46 front on one ...much better looking
  4. The Flying Banana

    325ti on LPG, top motoring for a grand

    It’s a pity they are pig ugly at front ...changing it to an e46 front would make a very decent car tho just noticed big tank in boot ...LPG should be in room 101 I think
  5. The Flying Banana

    Piper's E39 540i Touring

    @Piper ....hey Chris...what’s wrong with your 540 ..I thought you had finished it ....
  6. The Flying Banana

    E34 Touring wanted

    My one was M540 GJF
  7. The Flying Banana

    Staggered set of Style 66 for e39 with good tyres

    Come to think of it I do this when sending wheels ...wrap them up leave them in driveway and courier picks them up ..he puts docket thru door for me
  8. The Flying Banana

    Staggered set of Style 66 for e39 with good tyres

    Don’t bother mate I will look closer to home there are loads about
  9. The Flying Banana

    Staggered set of Style 66 for e39 with good tyres

    Hi Rob, could these be couriered at all ?
  10. The Flying Banana

    E34 Saloon Roof Racks - anyone had them ?

    as always miles away ...Fife about 20 mins north of Edinburgh
  11. The Flying Banana

    Instrument cluster - from any older BMW

    I have sent you one from an E34 Mark , sent by Hermes so a couple of days to get to Inversneckie I would imagine
  12. The Flying Banana

    E34 Saloon Roof Racks - anyone had them ?

    Thank you very much Stan..that is very kind of you .. I have thule square bars from a Volvo 850 Thule kit .. they will surely be long enough to span an E34 roof ?
  13. The Flying Banana

    Winter oil 5w40 or 5w60?

    you cant teach it new tricks !!!
  14. The Flying Banana

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    yes ... agree ...wood it is
  15. The Flying Banana

    BMW 635csi Auto .. scheduled for destruction!!

    I asked a mate to check and he thinks its gone .. destroyed gone .. apparently issues getting it out so it was dragged by chains then lifted thru the roof There was a few cars lifted so hopefully that was another .. I am going to check tonight