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  1. The Flying Banana

    Air Suspension - Arnott vs Aerosus

    its the actual circlip that holds the air valve onto the bag itself ..will soon find out as I ordered 2 to replace mine
  2. The Flying Banana

    Cracking looking E34 530i on eBay

    in 3.0 form ? I had a 530 once and it was gash .. I know the 535 isn't much bigger in reality but seemed a huge difference .. maybe my 3.0 was a duff one
  3. The Flying Banana

    E34 alarm / central locking fob - Single button case

    cant remember if you were looking for a matched fob and unit but just incase https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-E34-Alarm-Unit-Fob-Control-5-Series/232811607825?hash=item3634a73711:g:X4AAAOSwm4NbATTZ
  4. The Flying Banana

    Cracking looking E34 530i on eBay

    pity its an old wheezer of an M30 engine tho .. at that money I would be looking for a V8 in there ..clean car tho
  5. The Flying Banana

    A ‘P’ plate e34.

    still rare with that plate on it .. car isn't rare as it was probs sitting in a dealership and sold late on hence the P plate there is probably only a handful of them about TBH
  6. The Flying Banana

    A ‘P’ plate e34.

    there was a R plate 525 E34 Sport in white kicking about for a while too
  7. The Flying Banana

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    you would actually think that is a better place fro the accumulators to sit .. keeps them clean and dry instead of underneath car !
  8. The Flying Banana

    Air Suspension - Arnott vs Aerosus

    haha .. yes .. you would think however my reasoning is Arnott supply one air bag that does SE and Sport .. they say the levellers etc will dictate the correct height but Aerosus which were recommended have two different bags .. the Sport one being slightly shorter so I am keen to keep the car right so will replace the two and keep the Arnott as an emergency bag I think the Arnott bag is OK as it did sit at correct height despite the other side being OEM Sport bag...but I like things to match
  9. The Flying Banana

    Air Suspension - Arnott vs Aerosus

    I replaced a rear susp bag on the E39 in Holland and it was an Arnott Bag ..came with new circlip ....my right side needs done and I was going to order 2 Aerosus bags ( and keep Arnott as an spare ) ... has anyone any experience of replacing an Arnott bag and knows if the circlip is just universal and will fit a different manufacturer ( aerosus don't come with clips )
  10. The Flying Banana

    Suspension overhaul / eBay kits

    off topic but I am liking that jack type thing you have there ! Where did you get that
  11. The Flying Banana

    Brand new Highland village

    Hey Dennis .. Its Calypsos thread . he was there yesterday but they have a website and builder has a SHpwhome page .. I love it actually... I would love to move further up North !
  12. The Flying Banana

    Brand new Highland village

    ^^^^Fort William .. god awful now .. I go to Oban a lot and its going downhill a bit too now .. sad For idyllic scenery tho a nice place on west coast called Stoer ... there is a lighthouse there you can stay at ..beaches lovely too.. https://stoerlighthouse.co.uk/
  13. The Flying Banana

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    i am with Dan .. i read title of advert . excitred...read V8S .. more excited ..read 177mph .. super excited .. read LPG .. shut page straight down, ,i hate LPG and wonder why people ruin cars with it ..escpecially as stated when the filler cap is drilled right through a quarter panel !!!!
  14. The Flying Banana

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    ^^^^my very first car when i was 17 ! 3.0 Ghia - Arizona Gold with BVR .. Was exactly like The Sweeney car ! i would have another in a heartbeat ! Had a coupe version too which i thought i would love but strangely i prefereed the saloon
  15. The Flying Banana

    Only in 'Murica...

    the floater rims are insane .. seeing the wheels sit 'still' as the car moves along is weird .. these things must cost an absolute fortune to build .. Hot Wheels have alot to answer for !!! but there are advantages