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  1. the spolier is a no for me .. the clean look is way better
  2. I am getting one as i couldnt deal with a single din or a double din in the dash as it just looks wrong ..this at least fills the gap correctly and if the bluetooth and CD works then all is good , sat nav is probably good enough and if it isnt then can always use google maps etc And the steering wheel controls are a bonus too
  3. Are they not crosshair headlights you need to open up headlights and fit these inside
  4. ooft a white touring !!!
  5. think of it as running out of diesel and how difficult it can be to get started again...air locks cause havoc
  6. just recently done mine ....didn't do that ...just uncllipped, unbolted and re fitted...let it fill up job done.
  7. ^^ Black dash and door trim would set that off and match stereo surround
  8. use them all the time in they order filter locally , leave it draining til filter comes , then put it all back together ..about 30 mins ..great service ..
  9. manual centre console Is the same as an auto btw incase you get offered one
  10. I have a manual 530d Sport ..bought it only because it came up for sale ..i genuinely would prefer an auto tho..manuals are great for spirited driving etc but in an estate like this on long jorneys i would want an auto I have looked at a few autos but the spec has been lower than mine and some are expensive..i would struggle to get a decent price now because of my mileage so i would be adding a wedge for a car just for an autobox ( and lower spec) which isnt justified
  11. M74

    how many miles a year do you do Mick as a lorry driver and whats the highest mileage you have seen on a lorry that is still in active business use
  12. Top left hand corner on ipad ..i have a pic of a Porsche 911 GT3 in white instead of the usual logo ..anyone else got this ...been having hassles with my ipad etc ..hoping its not hacked ?
  13. I this is lovely..I have a 530d Sport manual touring which is great in same spec and only two things that would make it an even better car is being imola and an auto ....
  14. most tyre places have nylon wheels/ plates on their machines to put levers against and stop the marking ( older machines are just cold steel ) kwik fit my have done tyres and bever marked an alloy yet but you might need to get them on a Sat morn as a quick job bunging the guy a tenner etc ...they wont fit them as normal practice incase its faulty and tyoutry to blame them
  15. but you said you followed the parking instructions to a T ...I said if you did and have proof get it and that's the end of it ...if not personally I would just pay it, I could not be arsed with letters , demands etc .......I have seen these spiral out of control taking up your time with phone calls , letters, making contact etc... is it a euro car parks or council notice ?