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  1. The Flying Banana

    Touring SLS failure

    £325 trade ..what are you getting for that ?
  2. The Flying Banana

    Kit's E34 535i

    the spigots arent load bearing so plastic does the job... they only center the wheel perfectly .. have always used plastic on BMW and aftermarket wheels
  3. The Flying Banana

    Wrong size rear wheels !!

    i had staggered 66s on my tourng ..didnt see any advantage or difference in looks. the different tyre szes are a pain so went for a square set up of 8"...much easier
  4. The Flying Banana

    Silver e39 RL52 Bellshill

    you can edit yourself if you need to .. just click on edit in first post and change title
  5. The Flying Banana

    Cost to paint one side of an E34?

    dont blend in to the midille or top of c pillar tho . so many people do this .. for all the effort to mask off you can get wing, 2 doors , rear quarter and the first part of roof taking in the A pillar.. do whole side and put a soft foam edge on the fiat swedge line that runs the legth of the roof .. looks so much better
  6. The Flying Banana

    E39 Touring ebay

    Cream interiors are just awful i think in cars, its like Lotus white leather they used to put in E34s.. first think i took out if i got one with it .. i have cream in my Volvo and its all coming out .. huge job to change but worth it .. big money for that touring too given the choice out there but hey if they make that then good job:)
  7. The Flying Banana

    Another big fast estate :)

    200000 ( i think they come as standard with at least 150000 as i havent seen less lol ) The S70 has given up its wheels , front bumper and i am half way thru swapping out the beige in the V70 for a full black leather get up .. to be honest if i thought there was that much work adn so much to change i wouldnt have but its getting there .. the full dashboard is a pig to get out . Also the V70 had some dents / scarpes etc so i put 2 wings a bonnet and two back doors in same colour so it looks pretty now
  8. The Flying Banana

    FS : E39 Sport / M5 RHS Fog light

    Sold Thank you !
  9. The Flying Banana

    Wheeler Dealers Series 14 Part II - 21 May 2018

    a Grand Wagoneer ... i would love one of these !!!
  10. The Flying Banana

    I have a new 2 Series

    'mibbie' one day you will
  11. The Flying Banana

    FS: BMW Rubber Cargo Straps

    two of them - the ones that go in the boot area of most BMWs £6 posted
  12. The Flying Banana

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    show off all you want Sharkfan , i could look at that E34 all day and the others too for that matter but mostly the E34 ! And i hope all is going better to let you keep them y=too !
  13. The Flying Banana

    Japanese Import E39s

    Just how good looking is that white Sport Touring .. i love that !
  14. I think there are a couple of Compacts on here .. set of genuine BMW clear indictor type rear cluster in excellent condition if anyone is interested. £40 posted ( includes 2 new amber bulbs )
  15. The Flying Banana

    FS : E39 Sport / M5 RHS Fog light

    Bought a pair of these as needed a passenger side , so drivers side up for sale , clean , reflector good, bukb included. £15 posted