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  1. Microsoft mess up Hotmail - Again

    Mark .. my view is OK .. all dates etc all clear..all stays correct even if i zoom in or out etc ..wonde rif its a screen resolution on your PC thats causing an issue..?
  2. What would you do .. keep it or sell it - E39?

    Lat night was a bad night tho .. made me hate it .. blow out on rear tyre and whn i was chaging i could smell diesel .. looked underneath and it must have a leak and its pooling on undertrays .. i wonder if its rottent fuel lines .. although a bit of digging suggeststs there is a rubber elbow at the HP pump that cracks with age .. i am hoping it is that
  3. What would you do .. keep it or sell it - E39?

    Cheers all, its good to see all points, and now that Raymond has said his was over 350, 000 .. well thats just a challenge !!! i have been looking at a Vecta VXR estate ( flameproof suit in lol ) but to be honest i cant justify spending between 5 and 7 grand for a good one ( which might not actually be a good one !!) and when i am in it it is no way as comfortable or built the same as the E39. i think i am going to just keep this and keep it going .. it owes me nothing to be fair and all the miles up north over the past few months has been the icing on the cake .. its never got me stuck so its paid its dues over and over .. Right .. the weather hopefully is hopefully changing .. can get out at weekends and dodge away until its all done .. ther are more adventures to be had in this old smoker yet !!
  4. What would you do .. keep it or sell it - E39?

    Thats my thinking .. i wanted to maybe hear someone else say it lol .. i would have to spend decent cash for a replacement and would i like the new one as much .. not sure.. the E39s are quite decent so another few years for a 1000 1500 in maintemance is probs worth it really .. i am going to get it looked at by an indy to see what he says and go from there
  5. At a crossroads with this .. what would any of you guys do I have a 2002 530d Sport Touring.. great spec , a good colour and it continues to serve me well but ………..it’s come to that part of its life it needs decent amount of cash spent on it.. its also done about 245000 miles It hasn’t sat still very much for a long time and has worked hard for our family but needs rear axle work which is NS wheel bearing ( so i would 2 anyway to make it even ) , drop links, rear discs, possible subframe bushes , I would say brake lines will need done for next MOT in Oct and I pretty sure it has a diesel weep from somewhere .. I can see a hefty bill for most of this ( some of it I can do myself ) The past 6 mths have not been easy on it as I have being going up the Oban road twice a week for my aunt who is ill and to say it’s a rough road is an understatement but it has trudged on regardless never letting me down and across to Holland too .. a trooper Who would stick with this known entity and do the work to keep it another few years or who would move it on .. is the 530d an engine at this mileage that could literally give up the ghost .....or has anyone seen bigger milers in these before a rebuild is on the cards Bit like Phil and Kirstys’s Love it or List It !! Even the snow didnt stop it !!!
  6. E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    Very nice , and a 540 too .. lucky man !! You can get yourself your car in minature now with same wheels from Otto ..
  7. Driving in Red Weather warnings - insurance valid?

    Its shut down all our Scottish sites and all staff sent home .. UK in an apocolyptic state due to some snow . https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/your-car-insurance-valid-during-12104087
  8. Bye bye E39 !

    the E39s can be getting long in the tooth so there are jobs a plenty if using daily .. i am in same boat and considering selling mine too .. although i like working on cars i get fed working on teh same one all the time so maybe time for something different ...
  9. My Loowwww E39 Touring

    The tourings suit being decked i think .. walking back to it after work made me smile
  10. wide grille - V8 plus it says E32 730 V8 in ad
  11. Man .. what a nice car that is ( could be ) ..the right colour combo too
  12. Updated my stereo with a factory look.

    you need a 12v ..Amazon have them for sale ...I really like this unit I have to say ( almost Nakamichi looking ) there is also a CD DAB unit too that is still retro looking
  13. Back in an ‘M’...

    Lovely car , lucky man White ones are everywhere .. and sadly most are owned by people who redline them at lights to say look at me if you are not already because i am in a white car that everyone has .. BRG is classy .. i am doing my compact in BRG too
  14. Sport Front Bumper - Number Plate Mounting Options

    the one in link isn't for a sport ...that one slots bretween the rubbing strips on either side of an SE bumper .....the last pic is kind of what you need ...a moulded standalone version ...euro one is a bit longer accommodate Euro size plates
  15. What did you do to your E39 today ?