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  1. The Flying Banana

    BMW 635csi Auto .. scheduled for destruction!!

    Its still there .. I think the recovery company are having issues getting to it .. its a multi story so the truck cant get in and they cant drag it down each level .. Copy it to everywhere, I would like to see it saved .. its a really nice car !
  2. The Flying Banana

    E34 M5 Touring...... right hand drive...

    There used to be a 525 SE touring in Glasgow that had a 3.6 M5 engine box etc ....it was blue. Etc ... wonder if it is still about
  3. Its an abandoned BMW 635i – currently scheduled for destruction L I am putting it here incase anyone is looking for one as it will now go to auction I have watched this car for a nearly a year sitting in a local multi story car park, and as time went by it became clear no one was coming back for it and it wasn’t a commuter parking in the same spot every day. It’s a B plate 635 in white with blue leather sports interior , auto, 16” crossspokes and in generally very good condition. There is a line of feint rust bubbles around the sunroof and some here and there but it’s by no means a shed. Infact if you didn't know it looks like it could be jumped in and driven away . Sadly the story goes the owner is not of this world anymore and never returned to get his car and despite numerous efforts from others and councils to find out if there are any family etc there is no one coming forward to claim it so it now has a ‘ Scheduled for Destruction’ notice on it. To try and avoid this happening I have tried to see if it can be saved and although the local council only authorise its removal . The contractor who lifts it will sell it online as it has a decent value …. the company is called Raw2K and this car could be on their website in the next couple of weeks Could be a cheap sharknose 6'er for someone ! I will get pics over weekend of it .
  4. The Flying Banana

    E34 525i

    nice looking but top spec ? The seller is a bit ambitious I think .. No PDC , no cruise , no heated seats, no sunroof so its just a 525 with leather really ?
  5. The Flying Banana

    WTD: E32/ E34 Wooden Auto Gear Shft handle

    Anyone got one of these T shaped ( ish ) handles with the rod inside it , I am looking for one for a quick project Ideally no chips .. all smooth .. its for hydrodipping..not sure if it wlll work but worth trying Cheers
  6. The Flying Banana

    Cleaning beige seatbelts

    An unreal invention .. used them many times .. you can get packs on AMAZON cheap .. not sure how they work tho .. apparently its to do with the density of the fibres in the sponge itself https://www.amazon.co.uk/Density-Cleaning-Chemical-Removal-INT/dp/B07DC119VY/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1537288134&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=magic+eraser+sponge&psc=1
  7. The Flying Banana

    A few more 1:43 cars - BMWs and Saabs

    would love a real Audi like that !!!
  8. The Flying Banana

    Bloody women drivers!

    The F1 girls were not happy at a decision taken to remove them from their role by pressure groups .. they were happy and clearly stated it wasn't a demeaning job etc .. that was defo a PC decision .. but they live on at Goodwood Revival ? Is that because it replicates the 50s lol
  9. The Flying Banana

    ** STOLEN ** BMW E34 M5 Touring M500 TRN STOLEN NEW CASTLE

    You are right but these peeps wont care a jot .. all they will do is split it for their benefit , bumpers seats , engine, Gbox etc and that will be it gone forever .. unless its a high end job and it will be a ringer but IMO I think a ringer will soon be identified .. too little of them about to blend in
  10. The Flying Banana

    Bloody women drivers!

    So if he said bloody men drivers with same detail would it be oK .. its a fanny state we live in .. cant say boo to a goose now and someone somewhere is offended It could be anyone but it wasn't .. it was a woman hence the post And anyone on here who hasn't said , I bet its a woman driver or similar can chuck the first stone ( in your case Dan a huge boulder )
  11. The Flying Banana

    Alpina replica bumpers

    I have on an E30 and have seen the E34 .. pretty decent fit .. was bonded on using tiger seal with no unsightly gaps / odd shapes etc Only thing is they are fibreglass so one decent knock could crack it as opposed to a real one that deforms and then can spring back
  12. The Flying Banana

    E34 540 Touring 1995

    That used to be Richard's ( MaidinWigan ) car .. was clean then and still is by the looks of it
  13. The Flying Banana

    WANTED - Style 37 18" Paras

    Jesus what a price !!! what are tyres like on your 66s
  14. The Flying Banana

    Burt Reynolds has died ...a legend I think!!

    ^^^^^ This is funny and My hat flew off daddy .. I hope your goddam head was in it !! ...............Classic line !
  15. The Flying Banana

    Burt Reynolds has died ...a legend I think!!

    that's right .. a good film of some kind had planning .. it was spoken about and a deal made to all be sat down etc .. that has all disappeared now .. nothing is special anymore lol