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  1. Hi i-macca, Not in the market to buy but I was wondering what's the actual colour of the car ?! In most of your pics and on my monitor, I 'think' it's Le Mans Blue, then I'm thinking I'm sure that wasn't an optional colour on the non M5's, but then might've been an individual option? In other pics, I get the impression it's Estoril Blue and then the same thinking of if it was offered on non M5's. I know there's quite a range of 'blue' colours for the E39, so it's most likely to be one of those?! Hopefully the sale has happened for you ! Cheers, Dennis!
  2. For those who don't like modified cars, click back on your browser! Cheers, Dennis!
  3. Hi, I agree with most of what Dan mentions above and plenty of replica type items can be 'made to fit' but sometimes and more often that you'd think the quality and shape etc of some items are so bad it's not even worth trying as the bodyshop will charge you all the hours they spend faffing about with it, that you might as well have got the genuine item or at least, a much better quality aftermarket item. At least with the UK suppliers I mention above, you could go see/visit them prior to purchase and check. All the items on ebay, you can't tell which might be better fitment ones and which might be rubbish. Dan - I previously supplied a customer with two E60 M5 Seibon Carbon Fibre bootlids. What was supplied was absolutely terrible in fitment and there's no way they could be 'jiggled' to be 'made to fit'. I'd post pictures now but photobucket is misbehaving right now!. I was with my trusted bodyshop specialist when test fitting on his M5 and getting one side to fit as best it can left a massive gap on the other side and no way to bend or jiggle the panel meant after a lot of hassle with the UK importers, I got a credit note only. I think I was sent two 'old' items that had been knocking around Seibon's warehouse as one of them had a date sticker on it from a number of years previously. Given the good/happy feedback from other Seibon purchasers especially in the US, I know for a mid range brand they can and do make some much better fitting items ! Mattyv33 - I think for the lower lip spoiler, the non CF version might have enough flex in it to be made to fit relatively well, but again, depends on 'which' one you buy as some might be a different material and be more rigid. Cheers, Dennis!
  4. Hi Mattyv, That's the very common replica of the Hamann lip spoiler and there's no brand/company as such. This means there's no way to tell how good fitment will be, it might be ok/decent or might be slightly warped and not quite the right dimensions etc. If you are quite particular that the fitment should be excellent/great, then it's up to you if you wish to try one out to see. If you contact Teddy at SSDD - they do a item that's the same. Ask about what the policy is if you aren't happy with the fitment of their item. Also ask the same at Mstyle - Cheers, Dennis!
  5. Hi, Which brands and their items have you seen so far? Depending on the look you'd want and the amount you'd wish to spend, there's still only a few potential choices out there. Cheers, Dennis!
  6. Hi, The OEM M5 rear silencers are quite large and also heavy, on the 'left' side of a Touring I think you'd find it quite a squeeze to make them fit and that's if at all. The 'right' side of the car would need extensive modifying of the floor metal to make the space required. In short, it's a big hassle in every aspect and far better to fit aftermarket much smaller and lighter exhaust items in order to get the functional quad look on a non M5/Touring E39. It's on my list of modifications I want to make on my car, but I also want to do it well so that it's efficient and won't cause issues. I had a Powerflow stainless steel back box with twin large oval tailpipes done around 2009 or so, and by one of the much better dealer/fitters. I've had zero issue with the exhaust since it was fitted. I'll most likely get it done by the same guy in due course. If you search around the forum, there's a few threads on how to get a good functional quad exhaust on an E39 with one or two mentioning the Touring as well. Cheers, Dennis!
  7. Hi, Put an advert up in the for sale section, it's the best way to check if anyone wants the modules Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Hi, Here's some fundamentals for you: 1. Having more RMS power doesn't automatically mean 'better sound quality'. It's just 'louder'. 2. The reason to process the OEM audio signals is to get as acoustically flat signal as possible to pass onto high quality amplifiers and speakers so that a significant increase in sound quality can be acheived. The Audio Processor helps to acheive that removing the factory pre-set equalization, boosting the signal voltage, and providing a non distorted signal no matter how hard you drive the original OEM amp. 3. Audio detail and thus quality in the E39 like many other cars comes from creating an excellent front soundstage. An excellent front soundstage won't be achieved by using co-axial speakers mounted where the oem 5.25 inch woofer is in the front doors - the treble will be playing to your knee. 4. Your last setup wasn't suitable for what you seem to want, although more of the fundamentals were in place. By using a significantly less RMS power to the subwoofer, and also using a much more modest subwoofer driver and having it setup so that there was much less sub bass playing, you'd have got more of what you describe you want above. My suggestion to you would be getting a processor, a quality 5/6 channel amplifier, a modest 8/10 inch subwoofer in a small sealed enclosure, and entry/mid level front 5.25 inch components mounted using the £20 door baffles with modest £30-65 rear co-axials. Once installed well, you'd turn the levels down on the subwoofer to a modest level to augment the front 5.25's but with no hint of being 'overpowering'. This setup would sound 'right' given you don't want lots of sub bass, there'll be enough low end response to ensure you still get the full range of music/sound frequencies to make songs sound full and not missing anything. Cheers, Dennis!
  9. Hi Mne666, Sounds as though you've got yourself a really nice, looked after example here! Any plans for the car ? subtle mods I guess?! Style 37 are very nice OEM wheels but doesn't something else different from the sea of those and the imitation ones tickle your fancy ?! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. Hi, One of the 2 in the world Right Hand Drive Dakar Yellow E39 M5's is up for sale on UK Ebay currently! For anyone wanting an Individual M5 that's also very rare, this could be your chance ! Asking price is £15,500, pre-faclift 1999. Looks like bit of a bit of a dirty engine bay and something is hanging just under the front bumper that's yellow but shouldn't be there. The advert itself isn't very good at all and the more potentially serious issue of the Engine Management light constantly on but the BMW dealer Dick Lovett unable to find any faults is mentioned! Heritage full black leather, later upgrades for the headlamps and rear lamp clusters, 16:9 oem monitor upgrade and I think what looks like the very rare Birch Anthracite interior trims. Yellow dual colour later steering wheel and handbrake leather cover. Nothing else listed in the advert ! Looks like it's one to have a fine tooth comb check over prior to any purchase and I suspect it'll sell for quite a bit lower than the asking price in current condition! Cheers, Dennis!
  11. Hi, I did the same as Dan 1979, MTEC cross drilled disks all round, braided brake lines but used Pagid pads. Very happy indeed! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. Hi, Faulty bonnet switch for the alarm is a common cause of this kind of issue for the alarm going off. Cheers, Dennis!
  13. Hi, The seller might get some interest and a sale if he put better pictures up and also put the original Alpina wheels he mentions it comes with on for the photos. He could sell those Wolfrace wheels off separately as they look terrible on the car currently. If the rest of the car is clean, sound and strong etc, then it does indeed look like it's a contender for a viewing at least ! Cheers, Dennis!
  14. Hi, Welcome along to the forum! Good place here with many great and knowledgeable members, so I'm sure you'll enjoy the site, discussions and cars! I agree with some of the above, the eyebrows and the 'usual' choice Hamann type splitter and a few other bits can/do look a little off on the E39, but when executed well, can look quite good too. One thing that always remains true with a BMW is that by just lowering a little bit and fitting a set of slightly larger wheels and nothing else can make a significant/dramatic improvement in visuals; This is a standard champagne E39, with a set of 19 inch wheels and lowered, perhaps slightly more than what most would do! The owner sold that car off some years back but it was seen relatively often at shows/events and looked stunning as the paintwork was very well looked after! Of course, on this forum, more 'OEM' only is the usual preference by most members, which is fine of course. I'm the opposite and like to modify plenty ! Also, were the Champagne 'Individual' model variants ? if so, then you'll need to source the 'Individual' door sill strips. Any other plans for the car ? Cheers, Dennis!
  15. Hi, The chances are very low to slim as they were discontinued many years ago and plenty are installed in cars both with the BMW specific configuration with the Intravee and some using the Alpine products. You'll need to scour ebay, forum classifieds, gumtree, shpock and any other trading resources until one shows up for sale. When that happens, pay whatever the asking price is to ensure you get it ! Hopefully one will turn up relatively quickly ! Cheers, Dennis!
  16. Hi, Recently been hearing advertisements on the radio about 'Radioplayer Car' so had a look online. It's a small unit installed in the car and connects to the OEM audio system most likely via the FM antenna socket or Aux In where equipped. It's not a new system having been announced late 2014 it seems to be fully available now and hence the adverts for it. Given the recent change about not being able to touch your smartphone when held in a cradle, this unit has Voice Control. Pricing is £245 including installation which seems excellent value considering the fine for touching a cradle held device is £200. Also included is an Antenna, Cradle and microphone etc. The website for it is here A good solution for those who don't want/wish to change from their oem head unit and aren't looking for Sound Quality increases either but just want to stay legal and have extra functionality with access to more content than just DAB stations. Cheers, Dennis!
  17. Hi PJ! Long time no speak/see ! Hopefully catch you and the rest of your gang soon! Had two of these in the family now and I do miss them for what they are! First one was imported directly from Texas in early 2004 and it was around 6 months old. The sense of occasion when driving these is fantastic! Surprised many many E36 M3's, Porsche 911/Boxters, all the usual hot hatches, various AMG's and Audi RS's and all the Japanese quick cars! the amount of astonished faces in those cars and windows wound down to express sheer shock at me at least keeping up with them and in many cases going past them was countless! Kept the first one for 5/6 years and reluctantly P/X'd it for an Alpina B3S convertible. Second one was a couple years ago and was only kept a few months as a change of plan family wise meant it had to go - the 24's and lowering kit had only been on for 4/5 weeks ! Not seen the full advert elsewhere, but in case it's not been included, do mention the following points 1. It's the Harley Davidson 100 year Anniversary Edition. 2. It's the 'full black' version which looks better than the two tone version they also did. 3. Apart from the usual toys/spec - mention the power pedal's adjustment, and the powered rear square screen (from the pics I see it has that option! and assuming it's the powered one) 4. When driven normally and with a lighter right foot, the fuel economy is surprisingly decent/good. Plenty of V8 torque means a quick dab on the accelerator and your at 30mph easily and just a little dab here and there to maintain momentum. 5. When driven so you hear that fantastic Supercharger wail, the fuel economy will drop, but not as much as you'd think I did have some spares after the last one went, the original wheels and a custom JL Audio stealthbox that fitted into the rear big cubby between the seats, but they sold soon after and I can't remember if there's any other bits. Does this example have the hard Tonneau cover? or is that a fabric cover? also the HD logo bed matt? I think you can get a little gizmo that'll convert the head unit with its built in 6 disk changer, to be able to pick up UK FM tuning frequency steps as well. The first truck we had we didn't do that and took off the long metal antenna and put in a blanking plate. I wouldn't mind getting another one, not just yet though ! Good luck for the sale ! Cheers, Dennis!
  18. Hi, Ellis - Mihai mentions he doesn't want anything with the android screen on it, so changing to the Dynavin or any of the other cheap chinese units is out of the question. Also, BSW as a company don't ship internationally now and on their site mention for anyone outside of the US to purchase and use a friends address there so that they'll be shipped free to them. The friend can then ship them to you. Superdave - Similar to above, Mihai isn't interested in adding any kind of bass upgrade, just midrange and treble! Mihai - Reading all you've mentioned - dismantling a Zeppelin unit, not dismantling it, only wanting midrange and treble, wanting to use the oem head unit to try and control the zeppelin electronics or using just the actual midrange and treble drivers only etc etc, then the BSW stage one E39 front speakers upgrade is the only solution for you. There's no other car audio manufacturer that offers direct fit, with no cutting, impedence matched upgraded speakers for this car. The current price for them is $397 USD. If you are in the UK, then I'd estimate with the cost of fully insured shipping, Import Duty, VAT and clearance fees, you'd be looking at around £495-500 delivered to your door. These speakers are markedly better than the OEM standard ones in terms of performance, will most likely sound better than if you got the Zeppelins drive units to work as per your initial idea. Take note of the the above, you'll need someone in the USA to accept the speakers and then have them ship them to you. Cheers, Dennis!
  19. Hi, As pointed out by Dan1979 & 711jrp - the idea is substantially flawed due to the different acoustic characteristics of the BMW interior/cabin space and the fact 'home audio' products don't use automotive grade materials. Add to that the amount of hassle to dismantle the B&W, then to fit it into the car, add/change for such things like sound deadening/driver placement, any additional costs even if all DIY, then the resulting sound quality will be perhaps significantly lower than the '70%' you are thinking. If you *must* do this, then go ahead, it's your car and money/time etc ! The E46 HK setup is mediocre at best, had it in the Alpina B3S that was in the family a few years ago and along with other's who have it in their E46's it's not worth retrofitting elsewhere. You 'could' perhaps make it work by extracting the HK amp from an E46 and working out how to fit that into the E39, but again, it's very little in the way of an improvement Vs time/faff/costs. Age hasn't really got anything to do with bass/sub bass - too many car owners think that getting sub bass means trying to rumble the street and rip up pavements when the truth is when evaluated correctly, then installed and setup well, sub bass capability means the full spectrum of the audio range can be reproduced and no one outside the car would be any the wiser. My suggestion to you would be to get a good quality modern head unit which will have good/excellent sound quality capabilities (£100+ for a single DIN, £300 for a quality double DIN) and then purchase car audio grade upgraded 2 way 5.25 inch component speakers for the front (£75-200 for entry level ones) mounted in a stronger baffle (£20 a pair from a accessories shop on ebay) and those will sound and perform better than your idea of trying to make a B&W Zeppelin fit/work. Cheers, Dennis!
  20. Hi, What's your anticipated budget level ?! seems that for anything less/significantly less than 140K miles, the asking price is around £11/12K and up. There's a few with less miles and a few thousand less in asking price, so it's as always, look for the best condition example you can find and perhaps check out some of the lower priced/miled examples to see if they don't need too much to bring them back up to a good standard. Cheers, Dennis!
  21. Hi Manj, Have a look at this site - The original person sold the concern on and new designs have been created including an Alpina section. Drop them a message and I'm sure custom designs can also be done Cheers, Dennis!
  22. Hi Barry, I'm also looking at the retrofit of the aftermarket F10 Bi-Xenons and will be sending a normal set of halogen headlamps to be converted - no point in getting the oem Xenon's really as all the specific bits will come out anyway. OEM Xenons that are complete will have the OEM ballast unit on the rear of each unit which is the easiest visual indicator one ebay adverts. Are you looking at this thread ? It seems that the 'earlier' projector halogens are relatively easy to split open and the later ones are much harder, now need to see if there's a difference in part numbers for the headlamps according to year and try to get a set of the earlier units ! I have a set here and the ones on my car which I swapped back in 2008'ish as were amber indicator's originally. This means I could have a set of the easily split or harder ones and my luck will be both are the harder ones! Cheers, Dennis!
  23. Hi Kenny, Long time no speak! The ipad mini when used in landscape mode is still taller than the aperture in the E39 dash so, you'd have to cut your dash pieces in order to make it fit flush and nice. This would add to any installation costs if you don't wish/can't DIY. iPads do provide a digital audio signal out, so a good quality outboard DAC (digital to analogue converter) would also be needed. As you can tell, costs would then escalate somewhat! Given that it seems the fascia is handmade, then quality will vary and the post above from Deepan highlights this - on the facebook page, perhaps others have got better finished fascias? or, just aren't mentioning how much below par their pieces are?. A better manufacturing method with automation would increase quality consistency but seems the seller doesn't want/won't want to invest in order to get a consistently higher quality product. Cheers, Dennis!
  24. Hi, The concept is pretty much the same as a 'Car PC' and it's really only been a handful, if that E39 owners who've gone for such a setup. The main disadvantages are that to get a good level of specification for the components which are then also automotive grade is significantly higher. A good quality, coated, 7 inch touchscreen rated for in car use is around £235+ last time I looked. Things like anti vibration housing/case, cables, qualty DAC's and other aspects in the site oberlointment mentions soon add to the costs. This is all of course for getting a 'high quality' solution/installation in place that'll likely remain working reliably for years to come. By using cheaper, non automotive grade items, or skimping on various aspects will bring the price down, there's still all the aspects of creating the unit, configuring software, making connections etc etc and all of that puts off 99.9+% of owners. For those who like to tinker and do stuff like this, it's a great project ! Cheers, Dennis!