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  1. Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Update 14/12/17

    Hi 3Dr, Fantastic stuff here! It'll be great for another UK based E39 M5 Touring to be built! so far, the only one myself and most of the enthusiasts know of is Steve's one from around 2009/10'ish that he build in his driveway a few miles up the road from me. I'm sure you've seen his thread over on M5board ? He did a lot of the figuring out of things to have the M5 elements work in his 540i touring he also had. Since then, over the last few years, there's been a good few USA Touring's built with the S62 conversion but your's will be perhaps the 2nd one for the UK. It's been on my mind to do as well .. I might still do a conversion too Quite a bit more to do if the recipient car is a diesel, I'm sure you already know about the fuel tank and lines needing to be changed etc. Please do keep this thread updated with the important aspects of the swap please ! The M5 shell you'll be left with might be worth something to someone, perhaps an M5 owner who's had a mishap and wants to swap things into a straight shell?.. Is it a swap you are going for now and perhaps adding to the S62 drivetrain later? or perhaps keeping it as an OEM S62 only ? You'll need to do some work to get the quad exhausts on, again which I'm sure you know of. A similar S62 Touring in Germany came up really cheap perhaps 18 months ago and I thought of picking it up. Interestingly, it had just the left side of the exhausts done for more of a sleeper look. Any other plans for it once the drivetrain swap is done ? Cheers, Dennis!
  2. Any fly fishermen out there

    Hi, Not me.. but a good old friend does.. His name is... J.R. Hartley ! Cheers, Dennis!
  3. Non-AC Heater Panel WITH PCB

    Hi NF, Apologies for not coming back sooner, I don't have any parts like this unfortunately. Seems it's quite a rare setup too which hampers things for you. Fingers crossed one turns up for you quickly and at a decent price! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. Hi, A very rare Alpina indeed! Lovely looking car for sure, but what's everyone's opinion on the asking price?! It's also Category D recorded! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-Alpina-B12-6-0-E-kat-E38-number-66/253233571828?hash=item3af5e5a7f4:g:Cp8AAOSwai1Z5drx Cheers, Dennis!
  5. e60 android 4.4.4 8.8 ccc upgrade

    Hi, No experience with these units, but keep in mind it's low quality, cheap/generic electronics coming out of China somewhere. With the E60, the location of the screen makes it ergonomically disadvantageous to have to keep reaching that far over to make adjustments and changes, so it's why the controller was used in the centre console area to navigate the options. This is a big flaw for these chinese replacement units in making them a touchscreen - I don't see many owners will want to do that. In the marketing blurb there, there's no mention it'll interface with the oem rotary controller, so maybe ask the seller? I'll assume it doesn't as in that marketing blurb it mentions the car it's going into needs to have the 'Aux In' mode available as it's the only way the unit can work. That's a limiting factor, so it seems to 'control' the unit its a touchscreen and goes through an aux input, that not all E60's may have. These kinds of units have been around a few years now, still haven't seen a forum member provide a full and detailed review after fitting one. Cheers, Dennis!
  6. Decent E39 Radio Amplifier?

    Hi, Keep in mind that the OEM audio setup in the E39 has a signal booster already. Have you checked that your's is 100% working ? before adding on cheap and low quality items, check this aspect. I responded to you in the other thread, so perhaps look at moving the cheapy booster you have around a bit to see if that makes a difference. If not, then you'll need to search out better quality FM/AM boosters, the reason I say this is that there's less of these around nowadays as more and more people are moving to DAB+. Some of the Trade specialists I have accounts with no longer list FM/AM signal boosters and are finding more people want some sort of DAB+ instead for which there's much better quality antenna's needed and which allow for excellent reception. Cheers, Dennis!
  7. M5 interior dye colour? (grey centre part)

    Hi, You might need to speak to some reputable leather interior re-trimmers who'll have access to new leather that's already a close match to the oem grey insert colour. I'm not sure if there's a dye kit available that's a direct match for the BMW colour, but might be wrong but ask such re-trimmers, re-connolising specialists as well as the automotive leather dye product manufacturers to see if they have a matching colour re-dye kit. If none of that proves fruitful, then you could have the inserts of the M5 interior you have re-dyed or re-trimmed to all match. Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Hi, You might have placed the antenna near some wiring that's creating the noise/interference. You could try re-situating the current low quality booster to see if the noise reduces or goes away. If not, get a higher quality booster unit and see if that performs better. Alternatively, look at perhaps getting a Digital Radio solution and add that to your oem head unit/setup. Cheers, Dennis!
  9. Alloy Wheel modification to fit E39

    Hi, As per above, if the CB is machined by a reputable and experienced specialist then you'll most likely not get any issues. Those particular wheels don't look all that great on the E39. There's plenty of other wheels which do look much better though ! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. What brightness of hid

    Hi, I put on a HID kit to OEM Hella Projectors which were at 5000K colour temperature which provided a clean white light output with just a little tinge of the 'blue' colour. I didn't want the 6K temperature for the increased blue 'tinge'. Cheers, Dennis!
  11. 2002 530i Sat Nav - Best Options

    Hi, The only aftermarket head unit which is promising full OBC support and DSP support in E39's where it's fitted is the soon to be released Avin Avant 3. https://avinusa.com/avant-3-for-bmw-5-series-e39-m5-android-multimedia-navigation-system.html It's just about to be released for the USA market so no independent reviews as yet. It's still a chinese made unit, so potentially could be less than excellent in terms of reliability and usability, but it might well be 'THE' chinese made unit to have if it turns out to be an excellent, reliable and great sounding unit. The unit on it's own would be around the £675 level once imported into the UK and inclusive of all Import Duty, VAT and clearance fees. Shipping is included in that price. They have an offer that they'll pay any import duty up to a max of $50 worth once you show them the receipt of any charges paid. That'd perhaps mean £640 ish landed. The 'extras' you might want do push the price up though! The plus points are that the 'features' are current and more sought after compared to the now ancient OEM setup you are considering. The Advantages of the OEM setup are 100% OEM looks and full OBC functionality. The rest of the aspects are all disadvantages nowadays.. Cassette is all but a dead medium, CD's are on the decline but I know many people still carry disks in the car, OEM bluetooth is phone calls only and no audio streaming, the multiple physical modules are getting old now and failing more often and each module has multiple points of failure and many of them are relatively expensive to fix. If you then wish to increase functionality, then it's more expense and if you then want to improve sound quality it's more expense again. Going back to the Bluetooth for a moment, then Android based mobile phones have more hit and miss full compatibility with the old BT modules, your next Android phone might not work as well or at all for instance and it soon gets expensive trying to get the later BT modules which might give you that full functionality again (or might not!) The iPhone currently has the best chances of full compatibility, however next year's top end new handsets from the big brands will most likely incorporate Bluetooth V5. Although the standard lists backward compatibility with older BT standards, it might mean less full compatibility with the very very old oem BMW BT modules. If you can get all the OEM modules, that are working and in good condition and 'hopefully' keep working without you having to spend on them relatively soon for perhaps around £250-300 all in, then it makes it better value to retrofit it all. If getting them all comes out significantly more than that, then I'd say it's not such a good route to take. Cheers, Dennis!
  12. Marmite interior?

    Hi, It's the Arizona Sun trim pieces that I want to add to my collection ! The other set being the Birch Anthracite ! I've personally never liked the Naturel Poplar trim that the Champagne 2's got though. The little square block pattern on these seats is also a bit like the rare M5 Alcantara Cloth interiors too and I like it. The Arizona Sun colour for these seats I like as well, much better than some of the other 'rarer' colours sometimes seen on low to mid range model E39's - would look much better if they were Sport seats ! Cheers, Dennis!
  13. What are you currently drinking...?

    Hi, Just had some family friends around and had a quick drink of Laphroig 10 Yr Old! Cableguy - That JD Honey tastes more 'caramel' to me ! Tried it initially about 18 months ago now, it's on the list of bottles we will have in our bar regularly from now on ! Cheers, Dennis!
  14. E39 M5 query

    Hi C! It's not just M5's but pretty much all other 'interesting' variants of the normal cars out there and the rest that have examples like this along with deluded sellers ! On top of all that, there's lots of asking prices that are many thousands higher than they should be over the last couple years and over the next couple, it's looking likely they'll come down quite a lot ! If you can wait, then once these silly high asking prices come down, begin your search again then? if not, and you want one soon'ish then as per usual advice, go see as many as you possibly can and hopefully one will turn up that's both worthy in all aspects and hasn't got such a silly high asking price attached. Where was this particularly bad sounding example advertised and/or the geographical location? Cheers, Dennis!
  15. What are you currently drinking...?

    Not drinking gallons of it ! I usually do drink a lot of water each day, so it's a nice treat to have a can or two of this and/or cherry pepsi max ! It's only every few weeks to perhaps 1 month between having alcohol too! (I can't post pics of our extended collection of spirits as I need to transfer all my pics to Flickr from photophucket) Cheers, Dennis!
  16. What are you currently drinking...?

    Sugar Free Irn Bru !
  17. 520i stuck with a D

    Hi, Unfortunately, no one can really help you as yet given you've not mentioned which year and variant your 520i is! Once you put that information up, you can post in the relevant section as then you'll most likely find others with the same car as you might have more knowledge to share with you. Also, what other diagnostics have you done? no life at all? is the battery totally flat? is there any obvious missing battery connections? does the starter motor turn at least? ... etc etc... Please post up more information that's relevant! Cheers, Dennis!
  18. Real M5 ownership costs?

    Hi, Some excellent threads on the M Power section on this forum and also over on Pistonheads - full real owner and world experiences including both the good points as well as the negative ones so that you can evaluate if buying and running one to the level you'd like is something you can go for. As usual, there's no hard and fast rule, but there are 'trends' as it were. Some owners hate the gearbox for instance, other's love it. Most will say only buy with a BMW warranty (or equivalent) a few will say if the common big ticket items go wrong, pay up to resolve etc. Keep in mind it's basically a Supercar in a 4 door executive bodyshell ! Cheers, Dennis!
  19. Hi, One of the 2 in the world Right Hand Drive Dakar Yellow E39 M5's is up for sale on UK Ebay currently! For anyone wanting an Individual M5 that's also very rare, this could be your chance ! Asking price is £15,500, pre-faclift 1999. Looks like bit of a bit of a dirty engine bay and something is hanging just under the front bumper that's yellow but shouldn't be there. The advert itself isn't very good at all and the more potentially serious issue of the Engine Management light constantly on but the BMW dealer Dick Lovett unable to find any faults is mentioned! Heritage full black leather, later upgrades for the headlamps and rear lamp clusters, 16:9 oem monitor upgrade and I think what looks like the very rare Birch Anthracite interior trims. Yellow dual colour later steering wheel and handbrake leather cover. Nothing else listed in the advert ! Looks like it's one to have a fine tooth comb check over prior to any purchase and I suspect it'll sell for quite a bit lower than the asking price in current condition! Cheers, Dennis!
  20. BM24 Aux / USB

    Hi Bor3sz, It's a bit difficult to understand your reply above, but I've re-read it a couple of times! If you get that Pioneer X580 head unit, all the oem modules become redundant - they don't work with any aftermarket head units. I think by 'discharged' you mean the same as 'redundant'. I don't know what you mean by 'remember player' I think you mean 'cut' anything rather than 'carve'. I don't know what you mean by 'only CD changer is flying' (is it because it's so old now it will be flying into the bin?!) As for the 16:9 monitor, remember for that to work you need to keep all the OEM modules installed and working, so, if you want the OBC computer functions, then keep all the oem modules and put the monitor perhaps in the boot/luggage compartment or somehow in the glovebox. Sounds like you have the speaker and RCA cables sorted out. For sound deadening you can perhaps do the doors and boot area - the E39 is quite well insulated as per factory spec, it's only if you'll be running quite powerful/bigger amounts of RMS power for your amplifiers that you might make the speakers you choose play so loud that you'll need to use sound deadening. The other way to think for sound deadening is that you can listen at more reasonable levels due to the quieter cabin. I think you mean the cost of the Pioneer is the same as modifying the BM24 unit and/or fixing/repairing/modifying one? As per my initial post, you'll need to evaluate what you want from an audio upgrade and then choose products and the plan of installation from there. Most owners don't want a single DIN in their E39's, they want a head unit that 'looks like' the OEM monitor for which currently there's only the cheap chinese choices available. Cheers, Dennis!
  21. HARTGE 19'' ALLOYS

    Hi, Currently this is a poor advert! You need to provide more information to progress towards a possible sale, right now, no one is going to be interested for a number of reasons; 1. What's the width of the front and rear wheels of the set? 2. What's the offset of the front and rear wheels of the set? 3. What's the centre bore for each of the wheels? are they E39 fitment with 74.15 mm CB? or for other BMW's at 72.56mm and adaptors/rings are needed? if so, are they included? 4. Have the wheels been re-barreled and re-lipped? or are they the original ones that came with the wheels? 5. Have the wheels been re-finished in their life? if so, what's the details and what hardware was used? what colour have they been refinished in? paint or powder coated etc? 6. What's the price you are asking? 7. Where are you based? 8. Any other information about them? 9. Any good, clear pictures of each wheel? Can you show close ups of any scuffs/kerb rash etc? any bends or buckles on any of the wheels? If you could update your advert with the above please, it'll help people decide if they would want to contact you. Cheers, Dennis!
  22. Hi Dan, I can't help it that I love fantastic looking and quality wheels Some nice Alpina, ACS, Hartge 18's would look great on your car, would be period correct and would complement it really well. I know some of those designs aren't to owners who only like OEM choices. For those guys, I'd say perhaps get a set of style 42's and then re-barrel/re-lip them, a set of Rondell Type 58's etc. Guess I'm lucky, I've run 19's on my car for over a decade and also had plenty of '19's must ruin the ride' guys who've subsequently ate humble pie once they've been out in my car ! I wonder what you'd do if you ever got into an Alpina B10 V8S as that came with 19's from the factory If the AVA's do go, it'll be interesting to see which other wheels you are thinking of ! Cheers, Dennis!
  23. BM24 Aux / USB

    Hi As you are mentioning Mosconi, Focal, Gladen, then these are higher quality brands and capable of some excellent performance! As a 'phase 1' step, you can go the route I mention above - Get a processor that takes all the outputs from the OEM BM24 amplifier module and leave the complete OEM audio system in place. Get the Intravee 2/Alpine KCA-420i setup so that you can use an iPod and control it via the oem controls. Have a look at this setup I wrote up about in a local customer of mine a few years ago; To keep costs down, you don't have to retrim the boot panels, use illumination or perspex etc - just have the enclosure made well and use matching trim/carpet only. Have the door speakers in a MDF baffle and you can remove the oem plastic pods, your new speakers will play much better. As for an Aux in - I don't recommend it as per above. If you *must* have an aux in, then look to the many threads all over the BMW forums on which way you'd like to go. A 'phase 2' setup is where the Intravee is added and then you also add an Alpine Processor to it, along with a breakout box and the 'best' signal source is obtained from the setup via the Intravee. The Alpine Processor can then be controlled via the oem buttons too. The 'better' signal is then fed to your amplifiers and speakers.The benefits of this route is then you get advanced features like Time Alignment, adjustable crossover points (I believe) etc and all controlled from the oem buttons/display. A number of owners on this forum have gone this 'phase 2' route and the results are very very good indeed. However, on the downside, in order to get that impressiveness level, there's been some significant spending levels too. Additional aspects like more sound deadening, customisation of the baffles behind the doors, careful design/planning of which subwoofers to use along with the optimum enclosure size, careful choosing of the front end speakers etc all push the price up. The results are very very good indeed given the spend level. Again, for me, the amount of spend for this, both in terms of products and time/effort spent fitting it all means performance is still a bit less than using a higher quality aftermarket head unit. For other options to an an Aux in, SD card music files playback and Bluetooth Streaming look at brands such as GROM, Dice, Dension and mObridge. You can also look at the upgrades offered at Carphonics - http://www.carphonics.co.uk/bmw.htm I think with this option, you'll have to upgrade to the BM54 unit and then do the modifications, further adding to your costs. Cheers, Dennis!
  24. BM24 Aux / USB

    Hi Welcome to the forum ! From what you've mentioned, there's bit of a 'mis match'. By that I mean that an Aux In is a low quality source, potential for distortion is high due to the analog output from the source being plugged in and the input of the device/setup you'll be wanting to use (in this case the oem audio setup). A DAP is capable of outputting high quality audio, so if that's your plan, then using an Aux In will lose you most of the 'quality'. Also, given that an Aux-in is audio only, then you'll need to control the music device by hand and here in the UK, if you are seen holding a device by the Police, or worse cause an accident or injury/death and it's proven you were using a handheld device, then the book will be thrown at you along with a hefty prison sentence. I don't know if it's the same in Hungary, but overall, with these aspects Id' say it's not worth having a aux in given how many people have moved to more modern features and technology which also provides higher quality too. I'd say get yourself the Intravee 2 and Alpine KCA-420i setup, you can then add an iPod to the oem audio, be able to control it via the oem buttons and have access to a much bigger library of music. The oem BM24 amp is part of the setup as you know, these along with other oem modules are getting old now and failing more often. You'll need to keep in mind about fixing / repairing your unit sooner or later. Assuming it all works, then you can add a processor which takes all the outputs from the BM24 and it'll cleverly, output a clean, voltage boosted and as acoustically flat signal as it can no matter how hard you drive that bm24 (on it's own, it's not such a great amplifier in terms of specification and has relatively high distortion levels given it's low RMS power output). That 'clean' signal you can provide to your choice of good, high quality amplifiers and then in turn to similar high quality and performance aftermarket speakers. The overall effect will be a much cleaner and better sounding setup whilst still retaining the oem modules. This 'level' of performance is the best you'll get from the OEM audio, however, a good quality brand aftermarket head unit will still sound better overall. Ultimately, it all depends on how well you want your music reproduced, the type of products you want for the setup and how much you wish to spend. There's many topics on this and different owners have gone different ways for instance. Personally for me, I have zero oem modules in my car and if I had a nice M5 or 540i or any other sough after E39, I'd do the same and remove all the oem audio and replace with much better performance after market products for the musical level I prefer. I understand how other's don't wish to do that and *must* retain the oem look in the dash! Cheers, Dennis!
  25. Hi Dan, So what's the new set of wheels going to be?! (just seen your FS post!) For me, these AVA's you had didn't 'quite' hit the mark in terms of looks on the car, so I'm hoping you've got your eye on some much more exciting wheels to go on and really make your car come together nicely! 19's I hope too! Cheers, Dennis!