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  1. E39 Piano Black Interior

    Hi, Is this a set of trims that have been painted? if so, is it a non metallic paint ? If it's not been painted and is oem, can you take some clear close up pictures of the trims so that the finish can be seen more clearly please !?! Cheers, Dennis!
  2. Choice dilemma. ... E39 or E60

    Hi, To continue what Duncan mentions, there's quite a few similar threads over the years on the Pistonheads forum so I'd suggest you look those up and read up the actual experiences for those who've been in the same situation and gather more knowledge from those who run the V10 on a daily basis or closer to how you'll perhaps use it. The E61 M5 could be a potential excellent choice for you, unless of course you don't like Touring's. Apart from all that, then only you know what your budget to purchase a car will be. Everyone wants a well sorted, excellent condition E39 M5 but finding them is hard given their age. Some that pop up at silly asking prices are known and shown to have flaws that are potentially quite expensive to sort, so it's really a case of looking at as many as you can and all over the country till you find one that is accurately described and most importantly, in as best as condition as possible. For these cars, don't get hung up on colour and the amount of options and toys it has, get the very best condition one as you can - various options and toys can be retrofitted later and if you don't like the colour, you can always have the car wrapped. Parts are harder to find but not overly so I'd have thought. You already know all about the rest of the appeal of an E39 M5 by having owned one previously. The E60 is indeed epic and is of course faster and once you put a excellent exhaust on it, has that awesome V10 sound! match that with excellent manners and handling it's a fine M5 variant indeed. The usual bug bears with these V10's is of course running costs. The small fuel tank will see you sending christmas cards to all the staff at your nearest petrol station, if and when the big ticket items fail, they're big money to sort out properly. Everyone will say get an example that has some warranty left on it, but this option is becoming more scarce as each day/month/year passes so won't be very many to choose from generally. If you do get one with BMW warranty then you'll sleep a little easier. How confident are you that when/if a car goes or is out of warranty, that you'll be able to cover the costs? aside from the 'M' parts/issues, there's the usual E60 niggles as well and they can add up considerably too. When you do have the practicality to think of, then the E61 wins both in M and non M guise. If Touring's aren't for you, then I'd personally suggest an E39, but other's will say go with the E60... Cheers, Dennis!
  3. Hi Jay, There's no harm in having more than one set of the same wheels! That's two sets of Classic 19's and one of my two sets of Nova 5 19's! there's another two sets of Classic 20's tucked in my E39 goodies storage too! I'm evaluating on how to refinish them all! for the 3 piece wheels sets I have, I need to re-finish, re-barrel and re-lip them as well! - getting there slowly! Those BBS are ones I'd have along with a set of the RS2's with the very deep concave. I've never liked almost all the other BBS styles as they're all 'mainly' the cross spoke/mesh type which I've never ever liked. Your CK Air 2's look fantastic and as you are evaluating how to refinish them - you need to drop me a PM I'd also say to get a plate that's perhaps 5 characters so that you can get a shorter physical plate. I have my one I got back in 1997 and it's on retention along with one more special 'E39' related plate as well. The standard plate you have now 'sticks' out more prominently against the stealth black or 'darker' theme you have going so needs to be brought back down to size to be less conspicuous Don't forget that PM! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. That's it for petrol....

    Hi, Remember when Petrol for a long time was cheaper than Diesel at the public forecourts? then around the mid 90's, private motorists began to use Diesel more and more due to the extra mileage per fuel tank fillup. The government began to tax Diesel more and then it relatively quickly became more expensive than Petrol due to the increasing demand. In a few years time (if not faster) the same will happen in that the prices of Diesel and then Petrol will increase as the government increases the rate of tax on both fuels. This will begin to coerce the non enthusiast driving public to take up EV's as their next choice of car. Add in the same kinds of increases on MOT's for fossil fueled cars, raising the VED substantially, adding in higher taxes for fossil fueled car parts and then of course, increasing insurance rates for them, the mindset of the general driving public will change a lot more rapidly than 50 years! What I suspect will be the case is that those with deep enough pockets can still drive a petrol engined performance car such as an M3/5/6, RS4/6, Merc AMG and then all the Porsches, Maserati's, Ferrari's and Lambo's etc as they'll be able to easily afford the above increased costs with the petrol forecourt price being the most visible at perhaps £2, £3, £4 per litre it'll cost! Currently the infrastructure isn't up to the demand levels, however, keep in mind not everyone will need to 'plug in' each night, other's will recharge at work. There's developmental technology reported a few months ago where a battery cell can be fully recharged from flat in around 15 minutes. Given time to develop that technology more over the coming years, and I'd expect that time to perhaps halve and that's not too far off the time it takes currently to fillup larger cars with petrol/diesel. During that time, infrastructure will increase as well. Keep in mind the UK is a small island, so 'range' anxiety is less of an issue given that 'most' private car journeys are within a few miles of home. Those with longer commutes will of course ensure they're fully charged up prior to setting off. Travelling sales guys, remote location workers and those who need to travel much longer distances every day in a private or company vehicle will perhaps have 'added range' batteries added to their cars. Countries like the USA which are absolutley vast, may take longer for EV changeover for those who live outside of the major metropolitan cities and given their petrol is ultra cheap, they'll continue to use fossil fuel for longer. Those in the major cities will follow a timeframe similar to here. Also, given that 'most' people won't need anywhere near the acceleration and performance figures of the Tesla, a lot of ordinary EV's will have more modest figures - say capped to around 6 seconds 0-60. 25 years ago, Supercars had 0-60 figures of say around that and just above 5 seconds! Cheers, Dennis!
  5. E39 530D auto vs manual mode

    Auto box has now been junked and it's now a 5 speed manual. This steering wheel is due to come off once I arrange a new one to go on.
  6. E39 530D auto vs manual mode

    Hi, As above from Stevecvo. When I had my car re-mapped after the first auto gearbox rebuild back in 2007, it was more aggressive in Sport mode as the parameters within the map were changed to provide it. In auto Drive mode those same parameters had different 'lesser extent' levels programmed in. A short while after that custom re-map, I also added a paddle shift steering wheel from an E46 CSL, and when I'd tip the gearlever into Sport mode, it was more of a joy to go find twisty roads and drive more spiritedly using the paddle shifters! Unfortunately, the gearshift 'time' wasn't any quicker by using the paddles, just the same response time. The 'fun factor' of using them for me, was greatly increased though! Cheers, Dennis!
  7. Bluetooth lifeless

    Hi, Contact Cartronics who can and do repairs to OEM multimedia modules https://www.cartronics.co.uk/ Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Dension 500

    Hi, Contact a Dension dealer, they'll offer to fit and provide a warranty once they've shown and explained to you how they work etc. Cheers, Dennis!
  9. NBT in to E60 - the bottom line

    Hi, Speak to Cartronics to start to get an idea of what's involved, costs and a guarantee on work done; https://www.cartronics.co.uk/ Cheers, Dennis!
  10. BMW 09 1 series

    Hi, Do look at aftermarket integration options from the likes of Connects2, Dension, GROM. These will add functionality to your existing setup. You don't say if you are in the UK in your profile, assuming you are, look at the Four Masters network - http://www.fourmasterscaraudio.co.uk/ these are independent dealers around the UK who are at the best level of knowledge and expertise. Speak to some of their dealers to get more information on your setup and options you have. Cheers, Dennis!
  11. Xtrons headunits - talk to me bout them

    Hi There's lots of threads on this and all the other BMW forums about the cheap chinese head units. If you wish to take the gamble on one, I wish you good luck ! I'd also recommend a head unit from a high quality and reputable and established brand such as Alpine, Pioneer, Parrot, Alpine, JVC, Sony etc. When it comes specifically to E39's then the issue of double DIN head unit's that have a disk mechanism internally becomes apparent. The cars airbox prevents such head units from sitting 'further back' so as they are flush with the dash contours. In the link to the Kenwood above, you can see the top front edge 'sticks out' as the rear lower edge has been 'raised' (via the fitting kit used) to clear the top front edge of the airbox. It's possible to modify the airbox to create the space, but it's expensive to have done professionally and correctly and then to buy the £150'ish fitting kit/fascia. Alpine have the iLX-700 and Parrot have the Asteroid Smart head units and each of these are shallow depth meaning you can have them fit flush and not have to modify the airbox etc. I used the Asteroid Smart in my car and it looks like this; A much better look in terms of being flush with the dash shape/contours! Also, within the aftermarket, there's more choices for when it comes to integration/fitting and using high quality brand's products, so could well be things in the pipeline for them! you'll not find that with low grade chinese units. Edit - As for the OEM BMW single din conversion piece, those things are ULTRA RARE to find nowadays! they're discontinued and no longer available from BMW dealers, and I've only ever had/sold 3 of them over the last 5+ years! Dan took the last one I had a few months ago ! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. E39 M5 Individual

    Hi Tobiyo, The factors are people's disposable income being squeezed and likely to be like that for the next 2,5, 10 + years given the Mess that is Brexit. People's job's and businesses will be more at risk and thus confidence will reduce. Currently, it looks like the 'direction' is a hard Brexit and the harsher realities are beginning to become more apparent. Investment in the UK is slowing down, the weaker pound hasn't resulted in a bigger exporting boom (it's been relatively decent but nothing to write home about). The banks are seemingly soon to announce interest rates are to rise and also, tighter lending criteria will become more prevalent, so the availability of cheap credit will be curtailed. Recently, Diesel has become more demonized and my theory is that over the next few years, aspects like Diesel taxation at the fuel pumps will increase, vehicle excise duty will rise significantly, cost of the MOT for them will rise along with any Diesel specific parts with extra tax added. Lastly, insurance companies will increase their rates for cover. These kinds of measures will coerce the public into leaving Diesel. Whilst that begins and gains momentum, Petrol driven cars will be next with all of those same aspects... Given it'll take some years to fully implement, there'll be a dwindling market of 'enthusiast' potential buyers willing to purchase V8's and high performance variants of mass produced cars i.e BMW M's, Merc AMG's, Audi RS's. Those enthusiast potential buyers who do have very deep pockets will continue to sell/buy fantastic, OEM spec, very low miled (relatively) sought after spec/colour cars but the majority of those buyers I think would want a Porsche, Maserati, Aston Martin 'level' car if they're to spend £30,40,50+ grand. The majority of UK spec, M car's (and Merc's/Audi's) are not like these spec and condition wise and thus I'd suggest in 5,10,15+ years time, they'll have high asking prices and will sit around for a long time unsold. I know plenty will disagree with the above, which is fine of course. The UK as a whole may find it gets excellent trade deals signed and businesses in those other countries will want to take advantage and trade more with UK based businesses and also, the UK will discover one or more highly lucrative, high profit industries that'll bring in a lot of money via foreign investments as well as exporting them at the same time along with other sought after UK exports too. If that happens, the country will collectively make a massive sigh of relief! .. and £40K E39 M5's will be the norm.... Inkiboo - 'plucking a number out' like that is just a guess, unless you know and have seen all or the vast majority of E39 M5's around the UK? right off the top of my head, there was that purple example with lots of evolve mods at like 58K a few months ago, the example I know of tucked away, this scarab green one mentioned here, the hexagon classics one also at 58K, forum member Zarnd's example a few years back was on 45K (or thereabouts) and I think the new owner has taken that up somewhat but is still less than 60K, there was a carbon black one near guildford at 25K miles I think. That's 6 I can recall almost immediately! There's' been a number of examples for sale at between 60-75K miles too. Overall, I'd say there's perhaps between 50-150 fantastically well maintained, very little corrosion and brilliant condition OEM spec M5's around in the UK. Most of those by now will have had some paint and preventative aspects done too given we live in a cold, wet, windswept island that isn't kind to cars. Cheers, Dennis!
  13. That drivers seat !! Cheers, Dennis!
  14. E39 M5 Individual

    Hi, The 4 star classics example - That Scarab Green is nice if you like those kinds of paint colours, on the E39 M5 in the UK it wasn't really liked much at all from new as there's only 4 of them! I also had a good look at the pictures and what immediately jumped out to me was what looks like a mildly misaligned front bumper but a very badly misaligned rear one! The offside front sill area does indeed look as though it's got rust there as well. At £26K asking price, I'd expect and demand perfection. The Hexagon example, as already pointed out, it's got a non oem / cheap chinese audio system in it and is described as Professional Navigation with TV function. Also, with pre-facelift black dials (which I actually prefer over the grey ones) and a pre-facelift steering wheel, it looks more like a pre-facelift build date example which has had the later front and rear light clusters/headlamps fitted at some point. I'd say that's a not an oem M5 gearknob and gaiter as they were a single piece of leather and this one looks like a separate knob and gaiter piece. These aspects point to a car that's not 100% OEM, which it needs to be at that inflated £40K! Under the rear number plate to the right side, that 'dint' in the metal shouldn't be there and looking just under the rear lamp cluster, is that another small 'dent' also a slightly misaligned offside under headlamp trim piece?.. In real life, a good look under the car would perhaps reveal some more blemishes which shouldn't be there at all at the asking price. Tobiyo - Will that E61 be double the price in 10 years? .. possibly, probably asked for as well. The real question is what will it actually 'sell' for ! I doubt it'd be sold anywhere near £60k in a decades time (too many factors pointing to much lower selling prices in 5,10, 15+ years time), still, I guess it gives the dreamers something to dream about ! If you are in the market for an E39 M5 (pretty much any other sought after car too) then expand your search to the whole of the UK and go see as many as you possibly can, it's the best chance you'll have of finding one that is in or at the level of condition comfortable to you and at the right price level. Inkiboo - I'd also say there's most likely a significant number of E39 M5's with less than 60k Miles and in excellent/approaching pristine condition. I'm not saying there's 'lots' or perhaps more than '100 of them' but definitely more than '7' ! I know of an example that's stored in a very nice and cosy large garage, facelift and at 45K miles for instance. I do have a 'chance' of having it only 'if' and it's a very big 'IF' the owner ever decides to sell it !! that garage has other cars in there as well which he's in zero hurry to sell! Cheers, Dennis!
  15. What a fu**ing joke

    Hi, I'd also suggest that there is a lot more to this 'story' than is actually being portrayed.... Cheers, Dennis!
  16. E39 M5 CAT C

    Hi, I found the most accurate picture of this car, I wonder why the seller didn't include it ?! ..... ..... Cheers, Dennis!
  17. Best film ever?

    Hi, Too many films out there which I think are great over different genre's too. I couldn't place which of them all is my 'only' favorite ! Cheers, Dennis!
  18. Have to love the 535d....

    Hi, If your 535d is standard and you really enjoy it's mid range acceleration and 'shove', get a stage 1 re-map and you'll be even more astonished ! The only issue there is when you are using the loud pedal more 'spiritedly', the already relatively mediocre fuel consumption figure... gets worse ! Cheers, Dennis!
  19. Sound Processor Wiring

    Hi, I'd suggest you contact a reputable and knowledgeable car audio installer and have them install the components both properly and safely. Proper gauge wiring and fusing/protection should be used along with choosing the correct circuit in the fuse box to use with the capability of providing enough current to have them work properly. A good ground is important as well and a good installer will create one properly, protect it with rust inhibitor if a new earth point is created. It's not recommended at all to ground back to the battery negative terminal. There's most likely not any genuine BMW parts for those specific components, but you could use OEM connectors where any wire is cut/spliced etc, but again most likely any good automotive connectors will be sufficient. Cheers, Dennis!
  20. alternative maps for Xtrons PF7139BS

    Hi, You should get in touch with the Xtrons dealer or Xtrons themselves and ask why it came with a seemingly cracked/illegal version of software. It's most likely you'll not get a response though as this and other cheap chinese unit's and re-sellers aren't in to provide any/much after sales care or support. I'd say you might as well purchase other GPS software that can run on the device's version of Android or you could try Waze as it's free! Cheers, Dennis!
  21. Orient blue sport touring rear bumper

    Hi, For what car? Cheers, Dennis!
  22. Tom Tom map updates

    Hi, You have some options; 1. Buy the TomTom app on your phone and use that for getting around 2. Put the cost of updating the unit you have now to a new dedicated TT hardware unit that has the free lifetime updates offer 3. Pay the £35 for legal, tested and certified to work software on your current unit. If you want illegal, counterfeit, cracked software, then use a search engine to find anywhere that offers it. Cheers, Dennis!
  23. E39 525 M Sport - Was There Such a Thing?

    For the US market, all throughout the E39 production cycle, a significant proportion of them were 540i's. I'm not 100% sure on the marketing aspects, but I think they did 'packages' to the base models and one of those was the 'Sport' package. There was some mix and matching available too, so there'll be sport seats cars with the heated steering wheel from the 'cold weather package' etc. In 2003, a run out 540i M Sport model was listed and had lots of the options included - here's a C&P from one of the US forums ; When you say out there, what do you mean? Yes, they're out there, and yes, I have one! Yes, m-sport package including m-bumpers and m5 parallels. Only year they did that for the e39 I believe. I think it came out when they released the 330i ZHP... which is the same idea but with the 3. M Parallels, yes. M5 parallels, no. The '03 540i M-Sport came with the Style 37s: and the M5 came with Style 65s: Other items for the '03 M-Sport (as others have mentioned): • New, more extensive Sport Package. Features with an asterisk (*) are new for ’03: • M sport suspension II* • 18-in. M Parallel Spoke wheels (design #37M) in differentiated front/rear sizes with 235/40 front / 265/35 rear performance tires* (formerly 17-in. equipment) • M aerodynamic body components (front and rear bumper/spoiler ensembles)* • Black body-side moldings • High-gloss Shadowline body trim • Limited exterior color choice* • Visible exhaust outlet* • M sport steering wheel • Titanium-finish rings around instruments* (my car doesn't have this) • Anthracite-color headliner* • Sport seats • M footrest for driver’s left foot* The Fast Facts CD doesn't mention the ///M door sills, but the '03 M-Sports definitely do have them as well. The numbers for 2003 540's are pretty low. According to BMW, only 3,639 2003 540's were produced. Taking a look at autotrader and bmwcpo for sale listings, it appears only around 10% of 2003 540i's were 6-speeds. So we're only looking at about 364 cars produced. I think that makes this car rarer than a Ferrari :D. That is definitely a small number of total vehicles in circulation, and should make the '03 540i/6 M-Sport a very collectible/desirable vehicle IMO. I know when I found a well-maintained low-mile specimen, I quickly traded my previous E39 for the '03 M-Sport! I still believe it to be the pinnacle of the E39 evolution, if only a bit short of the venerable M5. ****** I think Japan had something similar to this as well, but not entirely sure. In Australia I think there were zero manual 540i's as well. In the UK we had those two run out models, the Champagne editions 1&2 and the Aegean one. Would have been nice if the M5 had a run out model/variant too! Cheers, Dennis!
  24. BMW 540i/6 Sport

    Hi, That's too bad, but not at all surprising. Nowadays there's simply way too many overpriced cars when it comes to asking prices and it's mainly due to cheap credit/borrowing. That aspect is looking like it'll be reducing as credit becomes harder to secure, interest rates are likely looking to be raised and a lot of people's disposable incomes get squeezed. It also sounds like the car isn't quite right and not presented well enough to ask anywhere near £6K. The dealer is hoping someone who isn't an enthusiast or hasn't really done their homework will buy it at closer to the asking price. It's a £4K max selling price car and even then, when tidied up and cleaned with the issues above nicely resolved. It's likely to sit around for quite a while unsold. Cheers, Dennis!
  25. E39 525 M Sport - Was There Such a Thing?

    Hi, In the 'UK', there are no UK specification E39's BMW UK designated as ' M Sport'. In other markets and territories around the world, there are E39's officially called ' M Sport'. The 2003 model year only E39 540i M Sport is much sought after for instance. I'd also point out that E39's in the UK could be 'optioned' with style 37's so would be 'factory' spec when delivered. Clavurion - A lot of Brit BMW owners are 'all about OEM only' and 'Factory spec' etc. Anything deviating from that means those owners get all bent out of shape and begin to make fun of/deride/nastily put down cars/owners who don't fit with that. Over the last 27 years, I've very often had such owners say that to me and about my various BMW's which I always modify. I've always just laughed it off and moved on! Cheers, Dennis!