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  1. DennisCooper

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    Hi, I've been saying this for a few years now, in 20+ years time, the kids of today who are 15 or so years old won't be splashing £100 grand on a Golf Mk2 GTi or a E36 M3, or Peugeot 205 GTi nor £40-50K on an E39 M5 or E46 M3. As guys who are currently in their 50's and 60's begin driving less or pass away and leave their Escort MK2's and Sierra Cosworths to their kids, a few cars will of course appeal to those with BIG pockets if they decide to sell them, but on the whole, Classic Fords (and other such like cars that are sought after now) will decline in value and selling price as there'll be less and less people interested in running and maintaining such a car. When running costs for fossil fueled cars gets ramped up over the next few years, more people will offload them and the surplus ones will get crushed/exchanged on the scrappage schemes. Car's are luxury items and as living, housing and education costs, and other mandatory costs increase, there'll be less people willing or capable of spending £50-100K plus on an old Ford (other similar era car) Cheers, Dennis!
  2. Hi Dan, No worries, GLWS! Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    E39 M5 Prices

    Hi, Zion - It's one of those, many many enthusiasts and owners are saying these cars will 'only rise in value' and 'future classic' for when it comes to adverts for those up for sale currently, but having been watching E39 M5 adverts, asking prices and time taken to sell or the number of times cars being relisted, then being relisted with asking price drops, it seems fairly clear that very few are actually selling at the top end of asking prices. Sure, a 'few' at the top end have eventually sold, but only after modest £1-3K asking price drops, these have been at the £18-22K initial asking price ranges. I'd hazard a guess the selling price has actually been after bigger price cuts.. A lovely looking CB one came up some months ago on AT, 89K I think it was, all original, all the usual spec everyone wants, facelift and great pictures, good description at... £18,995. Over perhaps 2/3 months it was reposted on AT initially with no price drop and then with £1K cuts till it went to £14,995. It then wasn't listed for perhaps a month or so, then re-appeared at £15K. It didn't sell and the same cycle happened again, multiple relists at £15K and then only once it dropped to £13.5K was it not seen anymore. A number of similar examples have been similar. There's also a few up now that have been up for 6+ months with no price drops at all, the one that is up at £30K doesn't even have the correct colour wheels and it's 87K miles, it needs to be sub 30K miles for that price ! So I'd say the higher end cars are overpriced by quite some margin and hang around quite a long time unsold before eventually disappearing from the various sites. This is either due to the owner deciding to hang on to the car or, has sold at significant or possibly a bit less than asking price. I think some of the very high end examples have changed hands at 'big' money via direct sales and/or sale or return type places, so 'visibility' and pricing on those remains elusive. Current cars that are well priced seem to sell relatively quickly - Essex Boy's example a case in point! Skeggy - Your's has a great advert and well described etc and the car for me looks like it should be on all those ' I want an M5' people's shortlists to view. I think there's multiple factors currently that are hindering sales of cars like yours and similar ones from other marques. The rising cost of fuel, insurance and VED along with parts prices for running an M car, the fact that E39's in the UK are at the stage where rust and corrosion can be and are big concerns, people's jobs and businesses facing more uncertainty ... makes for less potential buyers out there. Now that Diesel has been outcast and demonized and even more so perhaps over the next few years, it'll be Petrol cars turn next and although there's perhaps not going to be a 'sharp' changeover from Petrol, I think the demonization will take a few/ 2 or 3 years to be implemented by the government. Of course, if after Brexit the UK flourishes and regains 5th place in the worlds biggest economies - ie where we were previously, perhaps more people will have more disposable income to splash out on big engined cars again ! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. Hi, You've only had them 2 minutes ! What's the next set potentially?.. anything high(er) quality and sought after that I could help find perhaps? Free bump ! Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    E39 pre facelift parcel shelf speaker fault

    Hi, You'll need to check the part number and revision number on the head unit that is installed in your car, you've not identified it on this thread so no one knows what you have. Take a look on realoem.com and you'll see part and revision numbers for the audio setup in your car's month manufacturing date, any of those you find listed for sale will be compatible, you'll just have to hope they're functional units when they arrive with you to test. Else, once you've identified the head unit, post up on here to see if anyone nearby indeed does have working one(s) for you to test with Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    Will these fit ?

    Hi Milo, Drop me a PM mate, I may have a potential solution for you ! Cheers, Dennis!
  7. DennisCooper

    E28 M Technic Wheels / OEM M5/M535i

    Hi Duncan, Thank you! - I'll be feeding the above back to the seller Cheers, Dennis.
  8. DennisCooper

    E39 pre facelift parcel shelf speaker fault

    Hi, Not all UK spec E39's have a separate amplifier module in the rear of the car so it could be the head unit in the dash which is faulty. To test, swap in a known working unit that is compatible with your car's build date. If that works, then you know your current head unit is faulty. If not, you'll need to continue fault finding - continuity of speaker cabling. The other alternative is to remove the OEM audio modules/head unit/speakers etc and install good quality aftermarket products and run new cabling/resolve the existing cabling. Cheers, Dennis!
  9. DennisCooper

    F10 door speaker upgrade

    Hi Dakota, Have a look at the specialist Superdave linked to and their description of phased upgrade levels depending on what you'd like to achieve - I was just about to post the same! IF you look also at the Four Masters network of car audio specialists, there might be a location near to you and they'll do the same kinds of upgrades as well - https://www.fourmasterscaraudio.co.uk/ Cheers, Dennis!
  10. DennisCooper

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Hi, A few elements have come together nicely over the last 2/3 weeks and there's a few remaining in the background. I will overlap those with a public announcement imminently now here on BMW5. The way I designed my solution is that owners have a choice of fitting a traditional depth double DIN if they so wish. The airbox can be modified to make the space so that such a unit will sit back far enough and give a flush fitting/look in the cabin of the car. If a shallow depth unit is chosen, then there's no extra expense/work needed with the airbox. I'll make that announcement ASAP Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    Hi, Some of you will need to get bidding ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-Mk1-1978-957cc-Only-140-Miles-on-clock-and-Unregistered/153063334555?clk_rvr_id=1568204078951&rmvSB=true&clk_rvr_id=1570085234120&rmvSB=true I'd only buy a big American Ford again, had a little tip of where there's another nice F150 Harley Davidson! if it comes about, it'd be the 3rd one! Wouldn't mind a nice big F350 Harley Davidson either! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    530i and Euro Emission Standard

    Hi, I've a feeling that as these and other cars are older, then when doing an MOT test, the amount of measured output of harmful emissions will be tested and that figure used to calculate/check where on the scale for inclusion or exclusion from the ULEZ the car will be. Keep the car fantastically well maintained, and there's an increased chance it'll be exempt, don't maintain it and it chucks out more emissions, then expect to be included in the ULEZ zone and be subject to the charge IF you decide to ever drive in. That all said, then yes, the government will probably just make the criteria for being excluded from the ULEZ harder ! Cheers, Dennis!
  13. Hi, Similar to NWJW, I vaguely recall modifying a pre-facelift E39 steering wheel for Merc/AMG paddles and somehow connecting to the car's electrics to make them work but I can't remember exactly where. I do have this link though, it's for the Merc/AMG paddles modification but shows a stage 2 pre-facelift facelift Sport steering wheel ; http://www.bimmerboard.com/forums/posts/610491 I think some more delving around and research will be needed to see if it can and does work for a pre-facelift Sport wheel. I do know that you can put on a facelift steering wheel and airbag onto a pre-facelift E39. One 'stage' of the airbag is connected and will work, the other stage won't. If you went this route, you wouldn't have to modify the steering wheel. This option I think would be the easier to do, but depends on how much you'd want to have both stages of the airbag working. If you do want full functionality, then you'd need to retrofit the entire airbag system, bags, sensors, wiring, steering column and locks from a facelift E39 into your Pre-facelift. Cheers, Dennis!
  14. DennisCooper

    My M5 search

    Hi EB, That looks like a very nice example for sure! You'll need to buy the guy who showed you where it was a few bottles of whisky with all those savings Sounds like that with some time and a steady pace for doing some work in those garages you'll have access to, the car will get whatever it needs to make it pristine. There's a thread over on M5board with a BMW dealer in the US doing discounts on OEM new Style 65's so might be worthwhile getting a set of those. Current asking prices for used / 15-19 year old Style 65's is ridiculous ! Hopefully soon will catch you up at some events and meets Cheers, Dennis!
  15. Hi, I've been asked to list these wheels for sale by a good friend on this forum for better/more visibility in order to increase chances of a sale. I don't know much about these older OEM wheels so a listing to gauge interest. The tyres are no good, so really just the wheels. I've been told there's no damage and as per pictures, they need a good clean and perhaps a full refurbishment later down the line as they could be used as is for a couple seasons/years depending on use etc. The seller is asking for £400. Any interest and drop me a message and I'll get in touch with the seller and most likely provide direct contact to discuss. Cheers, Dennis!