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  1. Hi, Quickly following on the recent announcement from the French government, the UK is announcing the same Cheers, Dennis!
  2. Hi, Barry - This is one of the issues on my car at the moment, over the years, mine has chirped quite a lot and then been relatively quiet for 6+ months! also, every so often, perhaps twice a year my cabin fan will stop completely for a couple days and then 'make a return' ! the last time though, it did return at all! Will be ordering a new cabin fan unit and I think that's pretty much the same price as BMW as I had a quick quote for the part from them. It's the labour and work needed to remove the dash and gubbins to change it that I can't do! Fancy doing mine as well once you've finished yours? I'll bring the tea and samosa's !! velvetmonkey - thanks for the video, i'll have to show it to my mechanic to see what he wants for the job, assuming of course that Barry above tells me to get lost ! Cheers, Dennis!
  3. Hi, Barry - I'm keen to see how you get on with this, I'll assume you purchased a cheapy kit from one of the far east sellers ? if so, which kit ? I've also spoken to a few retrim specialists and I do get varying answers, most likely as I want both heat and massaging options. Also, I've spoken with a specialist who do make custom shape sponge and then suitable leather to accomodate the shape change and I'll soon want to get a full quote from them for that and the inclusion of heat and massaging. 3DrStretch - cheers for that link! one to print out and show potential re-trimmers so they know what to do and perhaps can save a bit of time! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. Hi, Keep in mind the X5 wheels are also significantly heavier as well, especially the rear wheels. The extra unsprung weight will affect the ride/feel of the car which is usually discernable. I'd personally not recommend putting on known 'significantly' heavier wheels, but I know many owners do and live with the negative aspects. As per above, you'll need to spend more on hubcentric spacers and the thickness will depend on how much you lower your car by and the look you want to achieve. If like the picture you've put for reference, I'd say that car is on air suspension and usual ride height would be 20-30mm higher at the back and maybe 10-20 at the front, so the owner of that car might not have used spacers. The above is related to which tyre sizes you'd want to run - depending on how low you wish to go and the look you want, you'll need to look at the oem rolling radius of the E60/1 and see which tyre sizes for the fronts and the rears stay within +/-3% of it at a 20 inch diameter of wheel/tyre and for various aspect ratio's. I know the above sounds a litte vague, but that's down to not knowing what ride height you want, which suspension you'd go for either static or air ride. There's plenty of factors to consider when looking for this type of upgrade. Once you evaluate and decide on what you'd like, you can then begin to look for specifics in terms of wheels, ride heights, tyre widths and aspect ratio's etc. Cheers, Dennis!
  5. Hi, Actually, there is an E39 Model designation which is 'M Sport'. It's just that they're not UK models. In the USA, there's a very very sought after 2003 model year only, '540i M Sport' model. I'm not totally sure, but I think other territories had the same 'M Sport' designation for some E39's. On the flipside, only the UK got the 'Aegean Edition' and 'Champagne 1 or 2' models. Adverts you see in the UK with 'M Sport' and the car is a UK spec right hand drive aren't 'really' M Sports as Dan explains above. Cheers, Dennis!
  6. Hi, This one is in the US I believe and discussed a few years back on M5board. Another owner in Finland has a one too and it's also on a set of RH Phonix wheels and the pictures looked excellent! It does look like it's been picked up by one of the guys in and around HW and being flipped on again now that it's been cleaned up a bit. For those who are convinced E39 M5's are appreciating and will continue to do so - best go buy it asap with no haggling required! Cheers, Dennis!
  7. Hi, As per above, take it back to the garage that did the work and ask them to rectify this issue as it doesn't sound right at all. You might need to get the car checked over by another gearbox specialist and have them make a short report with what they find and/or suspect could be causing this issue. Hopefully the garage that did the work will be good about it and resolve. If they deny or try to wriggle out of it claiming it's all ok, get ready for going the route of having the work done elsewhere and taking the original garage to court/legal action. Good luck! Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Hi, Congrats on the impulse purchase ! A lot of times such buying works out great in the long term! Those are Style 32 wheels by the way and were quite often specced on higher range model E39's prior to the facelifts arriving in 2001. Many people will mention how 'values' of 540i's are rising along with asking prices. In another bonus for you, actual selling prices are almost always lower ! The downside is that as most 540's are automatics, the vast majority will end up as scrap due to the cost of rebuilding them. If your's isn't an auto, then you've struck an absolute bargain ! Cheers, Dennis!
  9. Going Way back! 1982 for this track and it still sounds fantastic 35 years later! Another absolute giant track; A few more from the early/mid 80's for Hip Hop, hopefully some members on here will remember how this era of Hip Hop had massive influences on many artists over the 90's and 00's ! "adjust the Bass & Let the Alpine Blast" ! Many more from this era too, can't post them all up, it'll take all night! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. Hi Dan A good high quality solution for you there as those OEM fascia's are incredibly difficult to find/source nowadays! Cheers, Dennis!
  11. Hi In that case, fix any rust and dings etc as best you want/can, and then prep the car and do a wrap! I've been tempted with this idea quite a bit as I'd also choose something more out of the ordinary. Previously I did the Carbon Fibre effect with a printed roof wrap, so I'm going to do the same as far doing a wrap on the roof and I'm soon to have all my bodywork fixed and then resprayed to a ''mid level' when it comes to the quality levels. I'd love to go high end and get the best paints and materials along with preparation but budget doesn't allow £4-6K+! Should be a few choices in around the Birmingham/Midlands area to get some quotes from ! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. Hi Jongriff, Thanks for the update! Initial impressions of what you mention are that it's of course possible, but means more time/effort/faff spent on installing it as well as fabrication work which will increase costs/make it less worthwhile than perhaps a more 'streamlined' approach. From what you've mentioned, you want Sound Quality increases so I'd say that 'streamlined' approach would be; Upgrade the front stage to one of the dedicated E60/1 speaker kits. The MTX kit is £300 or so, and you've got similar choices from Gladen, Rockford Fosgate, Focal, MB Quart etc. These will provide an immediate increase in SQ as they're impedance matched and direct drop in fitment. Later, you could get a sound processor that takes all the outputs from the OEM amp (or head unit) on board and it'll cleverly provide a clean, voltage boosted, non distorted signal via RCA's. You'd then get that 4 channel or 5 channel (even a 6 channel) amplifier, and then you'd run the front upgraded stage with more power that's also cleaner. Another pair of channels for some 5.25 or 6.5 inch co-axials on the rear deck (not 100% sure on the E60 the spec there) and then either a single subwoofer channel (if a 5 channel amp is chosen) or a bridged subwoofer channel (where a 6 channel amp with the ability to bridge channels 5&6) to drive then a 8/10/12 inch subwoofer in the boot of the car. A few years ago, one of the enthusiasts seen often at some local events had a fantastic setup like above his E60; This sounded clean and smooth, very well installed and setup to provide efficient delivery without ever sounding strained. This was prior to those full matched speaker kits were around and it was the Sound Processor route but via a special OEM interface which connected via the Fibre Optics and extracted a pure optical audio output, then analysed and converted to RCA before being fed to the amps and thus speakers. It's still possible to go this route where then the amplifiers and speakers may be of a higher class/grade where even better audio performance is required. When you mention door pods and fabricated speaker builds, then to do these well and properly does push the price up significantly, when you then use suitable higher performing speakers, you could be looking at £750-1000 per door. A more wallet friendly option would be the unpopulated Jenhert E60/1 door builds at around £335/pr or the same items but populated with their choice speakers at £535/pr (this option contains 2x Woofers, 1 x midrage and 1x Tweeter) The easy way for the headrests is to use headrest pillar mounts which then hold a tablet securely. Instead of cutting up the leather and having to feed wiring for the power as well as then also fitting a video source and having that connected to perhaps a TV tuner, games Console, DVD player etc, you get a much more versatile and cheaper setup. The headrest tablet holders can be had for between £10-25 and then you use whichever tablets you have, another benefit is that you simply unhook the holders and take the tablets with you when arriving at your destination. Lastly, if you purchase excellent quality amplifiers and install them well and sensibly, there's no need for a power capacitor. The internal Power Supplies of such amplifiers are more efficient and thus, convert more of the electrical power to audio signals for a given current requirement of the amplification stage. Cheaper, less efficient car amplifiers have internal PSU's that simply aren't capable enough, and it's those where a Power Cap is often suggested to use. This is still not quite the way to go as instead, an upgrade to the car's electrical system then provides more current for those more inefficient PSU's. The above would be my suggestion to you. If you wish to go with a separate setup, then look to single DIN units, a 5/6 inch screen and remote mounted control units, a car PC again with a dedicated screen to mount. It sounds as though you are confident with running wires and connecting them up, so if you like to tinker around and create your own, then do consider the 'separate' system install. Cheers, Dennis!
  13. Hi, What's your current level of the budget you're anticipating for it to be done? Cheers, Dennis!
  14. Hi, What are you trying to achieve by adding a secondary head unit? are you looking for specific features? better audio quality? both? An aftermarket head unit won't 'connect' with the BMW audio system and features, so you'd need to run new power/ground cables, speaker cables, an antenna etc. The oem speakers are driven by the oem amplifier or the amplifier that's built into the setup and the aftermarket head unit won't connect with the oem amplifier. The oem speakers aren't really all that good, so the full upgrade kits which have much better drivers start from around £300 for the MTX kit which has 2xtweeters, 2x midrange and 2x under seat subwoofers and dedicated crossovers for each. You could connect the head unit you buy to the crossovers and then swap in the upgraded speakers. Those speakers would sound and play even better if you run them with a dedicated small footprint amplifier. The above is assuming that a shallow depth single DIN head unit will fit and won't need any or just a little bit of modification to fit in that area pictured. Ultimately, the choice is yours, but overall there's hardly any owners who've gone this route, so as per the question above, what's the kind of upgrade are you looking for ? Cheers, Dennis!