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  1. BM24 Aux / USB

    Hi Bor3sz, It's a bit difficult to understand your reply above, but I've re-read it a couple of times! If you get that Pioneer X580 head unit, all the oem modules become redundant - they don't work with any aftermarket head units. I think by 'discharged' you mean the same as 'redundant'. I don't know what you mean by 'remember player' I think you mean 'cut' anything rather than 'carve'. I don't know what you mean by 'only CD changer is flying' (is it because it's so old now it will be flying into the bin?!) As for the 16:9 monitor, remember for that to work you need to keep all the OEM modules installed and working, so, if you want the OBC computer functions, then keep all the oem modules and put the monitor perhaps in the boot/luggage compartment or somehow in the glovebox. Sounds like you have the speaker and RCA cables sorted out. For sound deadening you can perhaps do the doors and boot area - the E39 is quite well insulated as per factory spec, it's only if you'll be running quite powerful/bigger amounts of RMS power for your amplifiers that you might make the speakers you choose play so loud that you'll need to use sound deadening. The other way to think for sound deadening is that you can listen at more reasonable levels due to the quieter cabin. I think you mean the cost of the Pioneer is the same as modifying the BM24 unit and/or fixing/repairing/modifying one? As per my initial post, you'll need to evaluate what you want from an audio upgrade and then choose products and the plan of installation from there. Most owners don't want a single DIN in their E39's, they want a head unit that 'looks like' the OEM monitor for which currently there's only the cheap chinese choices available. Cheers, Dennis!

    Hi, Currently this is a poor advert! You need to provide more information to progress towards a possible sale, right now, no one is going to be interested for a number of reasons; 1. What's the width of the front and rear wheels of the set? 2. What's the offset of the front and rear wheels of the set? 3. What's the centre bore for each of the wheels? are they E39 fitment with 74.15 mm CB? or for other BMW's at 72.56mm and adaptors/rings are needed? if so, are they included? 4. Have the wheels been re-barreled and re-lipped? or are they the original ones that came with the wheels? 5. Have the wheels been re-finished in their life? if so, what's the details and what hardware was used? what colour have they been refinished in? paint or powder coated etc? 6. What's the price you are asking? 7. Where are you based? 8. Any other information about them? 9. Any good, clear pictures of each wheel? Can you show close ups of any scuffs/kerb rash etc? any bends or buckles on any of the wheels? If you could update your advert with the above please, it'll help people decide if they would want to contact you. Cheers, Dennis!
  3. Hi Dan, I can't help it that I love fantastic looking and quality wheels Some nice Alpina, ACS, Hartge 18's would look great on your car, would be period correct and would complement it really well. I know some of those designs aren't to owners who only like OEM choices. For those guys, I'd say perhaps get a set of style 42's and then re-barrel/re-lip them, a set of Rondell Type 58's etc. Guess I'm lucky, I've run 19's on my car for over a decade and also had plenty of '19's must ruin the ride' guys who've subsequently ate humble pie once they've been out in my car ! I wonder what you'd do if you ever got into an Alpina B10 V8S as that came with 19's from the factory If the AVA's do go, it'll be interesting to see which other wheels you are thinking of ! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. BM24 Aux / USB

    Hi As you are mentioning Mosconi, Focal, Gladen, then these are higher quality brands and capable of some excellent performance! As a 'phase 1' step, you can go the route I mention above - Get a processor that takes all the outputs from the OEM BM24 amplifier module and leave the complete OEM audio system in place. Get the Intravee 2/Alpine KCA-420i setup so that you can use an iPod and control it via the oem controls. Have a look at this setup I wrote up about in a local customer of mine a few years ago; To keep costs down, you don't have to retrim the boot panels, use illumination or perspex etc - just have the enclosure made well and use matching trim/carpet only. Have the door speakers in a MDF baffle and you can remove the oem plastic pods, your new speakers will play much better. As for an Aux in - I don't recommend it as per above. If you *must* have an aux in, then look to the many threads all over the BMW forums on which way you'd like to go. A 'phase 2' setup is where the Intravee is added and then you also add an Alpine Processor to it, along with a breakout box and the 'best' signal source is obtained from the setup via the Intravee. The Alpine Processor can then be controlled via the oem buttons too. The 'better' signal is then fed to your amplifiers and speakers.The benefits of this route is then you get advanced features like Time Alignment, adjustable crossover points (I believe) etc and all controlled from the oem buttons/display. A number of owners on this forum have gone this 'phase 2' route and the results are very very good indeed. However, on the downside, in order to get that impressiveness level, there's been some significant spending levels too. Additional aspects like more sound deadening, customisation of the baffles behind the doors, careful design/planning of which subwoofers to use along with the optimum enclosure size, careful choosing of the front end speakers etc all push the price up. The results are very very good indeed given the spend level. Again, for me, the amount of spend for this, both in terms of products and time/effort spent fitting it all means performance is still a bit less than using a higher quality aftermarket head unit. For other options to an an Aux in, SD card music files playback and Bluetooth Streaming look at brands such as GROM, Dice, Dension and mObridge. You can also look at the upgrades offered at Carphonics - http://www.carphonics.co.uk/bmw.htm I think with this option, you'll have to upgrade to the BM54 unit and then do the modifications, further adding to your costs. Cheers, Dennis!
  5. BM24 Aux / USB

    Hi Welcome to the forum ! From what you've mentioned, there's bit of a 'mis match'. By that I mean that an Aux In is a low quality source, potential for distortion is high due to the analog output from the source being plugged in and the input of the device/setup you'll be wanting to use (in this case the oem audio setup). A DAP is capable of outputting high quality audio, so if that's your plan, then using an Aux In will lose you most of the 'quality'. Also, given that an Aux-in is audio only, then you'll need to control the music device by hand and here in the UK, if you are seen holding a device by the Police, or worse cause an accident or injury/death and it's proven you were using a handheld device, then the book will be thrown at you along with a hefty prison sentence. I don't know if it's the same in Hungary, but overall, with these aspects Id' say it's not worth having a aux in given how many people have moved to more modern features and technology which also provides higher quality too. I'd say get yourself the Intravee 2 and Alpine KCA-420i setup, you can then add an iPod to the oem audio, be able to control it via the oem buttons and have access to a much bigger library of music. The oem BM24 amp is part of the setup as you know, these along with other oem modules are getting old now and failing more often. You'll need to keep in mind about fixing / repairing your unit sooner or later. Assuming it all works, then you can add a processor which takes all the outputs from the BM24 and it'll cleverly, output a clean, voltage boosted and as acoustically flat signal as it can no matter how hard you drive that bm24 (on it's own, it's not such a great amplifier in terms of specification and has relatively high distortion levels given it's low RMS power output). That 'clean' signal you can provide to your choice of good, high quality amplifiers and then in turn to similar high quality and performance aftermarket speakers. The overall effect will be a much cleaner and better sounding setup whilst still retaining the oem modules. This 'level' of performance is the best you'll get from the OEM audio, however, a good quality brand aftermarket head unit will still sound better overall. Ultimately, it all depends on how well you want your music reproduced, the type of products you want for the setup and how much you wish to spend. There's many topics on this and different owners have gone different ways for instance. Personally for me, I have zero oem modules in my car and if I had a nice M5 or 540i or any other sough after E39, I'd do the same and remove all the oem audio and replace with much better performance after market products for the musical level I prefer. I understand how other's don't wish to do that and *must* retain the oem look in the dash! Cheers, Dennis!
  6. Hi Dan, So what's the new set of wheels going to be?! (just seen your FS post!) For me, these AVA's you had didn't 'quite' hit the mark in terms of looks on the car, so I'm hoping you've got your eye on some much more exciting wheels to go on and really make your car come together nicely! 19's I hope too! Cheers, Dennis!
  7. Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    Hi, I hope you're now much less besotted by the car given that asking price and that in real life, it'll most likely be a bit more disappointing. It might be a solid car and the kit and other niggles could be fixed/sorted easily, so go see it ?!! There's been a few E34's around my way that have been around for years upon years and I've always thought to ask the owners to give me first dibs if they sell. Now, only one is left that I have my eye on! I loved my E34 525i Sport I got back in 99 ! .. I need more space to store the various cars I'd want in my collection ! Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    Hi, Is it a Facelift model/year ? It's with the wide grille/bonnet but doesn't look like a Sport model to me! no Sports seats, no black headliner. I'm no good with engines, but is that an 'early/earlier' engine? The front bumper fitment looks off with the gap under the headlamps and the corner where the indicator lens is, the gap also between the bonnet edge and the kidney grille?... what's with that really really weird looking area around the exhaust pipe? looks like part of the Sport kit is missing entirely ! Does the door shut line on the rear nearside look a bit bigger than normal ? My theory is it's an early E34 SE that's had the facelift Sport bodykit fitted but not very well. Then it's been resprayed too. There's a Calypso E39 523i with just under 29K miles up for £9K on that auction site too ... I personally don't think the actual selling price would be anywhere near these asking prices, but you never know! Cheers, Dennis!
  9. Hi Inikboo, I agree! A deluded seller along with many others who have potentially interesting cars but are missing important aspects/features/parts and/or are Category recorded or where the seller can't spell/create proper sentences ! An E34 B10 (not the highly sought after Bi-Turbo) is also on Ebay but it's got the Hartge Classic 19's on it ! The seller can't even spell 'Hartge' properly despite the logo being in front of his face on the centre caps! .. up at £17K! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1989-BMW-ALPINA-B10-BMW-3-5-B10-ALPINA-4D-AUTO/232503841293?hash=item36224f120d:g:I7EAAOSwSrNZ-2Js For some weird reason, I've recently developed an itch for another Alpina, so been looking at what's around, most likely won't actually purchase though - have my mind on a few other's when the time's right! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. Hi, A very rare Alpina indeed! Lovely looking car for sure, but what's everyone's opinion on the asking price?! It's also Category D recorded! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-Alpina-B12-6-0-E-kat-E38-number-66/253233571828?hash=item3af5e5a7f4:g:Cp8AAOSwai1Z5drx Cheers, Dennis!
  11. Alpina - tempted

    Careful in mentioning this.. the Alpina purists will tell you off ! It's marked as sold, what was the asking price for it? 15K or so? Cheers, Dennis!
  12. My 1st E39 wooohoooo

    Hi Jimmy, Nice to see you enjoying the car and going around for the niggly bits to resolve ! Assuming the car has oem 18 inch Style 37 M Parallels on, here's some pictures you might like; Those have been refinished and worked on so that they have a hand polished lip and coloured centre by either paint or powdercoat. OEM Style 37's are made by forged aluminium so very high quality metal and when polished up like this, looks fantastic! The issue is that not many places in the UK offer good quality wheel lip polishing like this. The company you link to, speak to them as planned and ask them if they do 'hand polishing of alloy wheels' and if they do, get a quote for them to do it given the time it takes to do well and nicely! If you do find you want this kind of finish and not many places saying they'll do it, drop me a PM as I may know a couple places. I'm slowly working through the niggles on my car, both small and larger ones! Cheers, Dennis!
  13. 535d Msport Quad Exhaust Conversion....

    MK Motorsport Mk1 The original company or brand called MK Motorsport went out of business around the early 2000's (I might be wrong) and at the time, they didn't make any 20 inch diameter wheels (stand to be corrected again!). The 'design' of these MK1's was purchased by whoever got the IP and perhaps any moulds etc and they then designed them up in 20 inch sizing. So 'technically' they're not genuine MK Motorsport wheels from the original company. They're genuine wheels from whoever it is who owns the brand and logo rights. Available here - http://www.bmautosport.co.uk/showroom/product_info.php/new-motorsport-alloys-massive-dish-105-rear-p-225?cPath=51_24_147_35_239 They're very nicely priced for a good quality cast wheel in 20 inch with the deep lip design style. Cheers, Dennis!
  14. Need space in a Garage? Surrey

    Hi, Mr 530i - I agree with you and it's why I asked roughly where it is along the A3 and the good thing is that around that 'area' there's plenty of potential places so reducing the potential of anyone trying to work out more accurately as to where. Clem - Thanks and do feel free to PM once you know more about the whole setup, availability and pricing etc. Cheers, Dennis!
  15. E39 Touring 530i - Manual

    Hi, Get/prepare yourself for a long wait for an example to come up for sale that is in great/excellent condition and has the options you want etc. You can shorten the wait by specifying the car could be any spec/colour and condition on the thinking you'll spend the money to bring it up to the standards you want. These cars were very rare when new so given that some must have been written off or broken for spares or are in relatively poor condition, there'll be even fewer left. You could expand to including Diesel manual Touring variants, but similarly, they were also very rare from new. If you wish to try the E39, then look at saloon variants, the 530i being the pick of the bunch as an all rounder. Manual gearbox versions are still very rare though, but you'll at least increase your choice by allowing saloons. Depending on your pocket, then the V8 535i or 540i could be on the radar or an Alpina B10 or M5. Cheers, Dennis!