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  1. You can finally do that NBT retrofit now! Style 128's look really good on the E60/1 ! You just have to find a decent set actually for sale! Cheers, Dennis!
  2. Hi Chris, Congrats on the new car - welcome to the Touring club! Post up the list of retrofits you'll be doing and the ones you want to be doing ! Cheers, Dennis!
  3. Hi, Looks like Scarab green to me ! Agree with points above - not a high spec really, exterior colour is unloved for the most part and easy to spot the shill bidding going on ! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. Hi, Which wheels do you actually have? if they're branded, you could get centre caps from the brand distributor or a stockist/retailer. If you want quality centre caps with the BMW logo on, then anything non genuine will be a gamble as they'll be made elsewhere. Same with the bonnet badge, genuine will be the best quality! There are some great quality aftermarket badges etc from specific retailers - check schmiedmann - Cheers, Dennis!
  5. Hi, Given all the different modules and setups out there for the E60, have a talk to these guys in Byfleet - they do retrofit's and you might find that you'd want to put in a later oem E60 setup in order to get the BT and other features too. Cheers, Dennis!
  6. Hi Ober, The Stage 2 upgrade from Baris I believe puts out around the 50W RMS per channel which is a decent level of power and will drive your chosen front end well. The downsides are that the oem EQ curve is still present, just 'louder' and you'll need to use the fader to adjust so that there's less rear fill, would have been great if both these shortcomings were addressed by for modifying the oem BM54/23 units. The basic MDF baffles are on ebay for around £20 and by mounting the new speakers in those, the effects of the OEM EQ curve will be reduced a bit. If you opt for making the larger baffles, then there's more material that will make for a more solid baffle for the speakers to play on and thus, sound better. If there was a Bavsound setup, then after import costs, VAT and Duty then clearance fees, it's like they'd come in at around £450-500 or so! You'll see many instances of people saying that metal domed tweeters will make for a harsh sound. To an extent, that's true, however with the right quality of head unit, music file quality, amplifiers and positioning, they can sound fantastic and without 'fatigue'. To achieve that, you'd not be using the oem head unit/setup etc, you'd be using a much better source unit capable of much better audio SQ. Using components with a soft dome tweeter will give a softer treble that's less fatiguing and much easier for entry level upgrades as positioning and setup isn't so important. What kind of music genres do you generally listen to? My car and also my audio setup are currently 'offline' and will be a few months more like this as I've decided to get some more aspects done with the car overall, a mixture of mechanical maintenance, new parts etc along with bodywork and then adding some more modifications too! Else, I'd have said to come have a listen to my setup! Have a look at the Four network of reputable, knowledgable car audio dealers who'll give you some more focused advice on speaker choice based on your preferences - For comparison, I use DLS for my cabin speakers, they're the R5A model and they're simply phenomenal for a 5.25 inch driver! I've had them since around 2001 and they're so good that they've updated them as a model range ever since. Currently, I'm not sure if there's an official UK importer, but whilst we are still in the EU, you can grab products from their European dealers. As for subwoofers, then an 8 inch will 'install' better due to the smaller volume needed. A 10 inch can and will fit but you'll need to find a more capable driver that's great when installed in very small volumes - that'll mean a more pricier driver usually. I'll drop you a pm shortly! Cheers, Dennis!
  7. Hi, I think the new M5 is an absolutely awesome car in terms of both technology in every aspect of it's development and it's market placement. There's been quite a bit of feedback about the 'looks' and that it's boring, not very exciting etc. The M5 was conceived by BMW to appeal to company directors, senior executives, and those private buyers who wanted something fast yet could blend in with normal traffic. For the corporate guys, it meant being able to pull into the office car park and also on client premises without people bending the blinds. After hours, it meant driving away and then being able to take it to a track or blast on A/B roads without having to change to another car. Are they still 'true drivers cars', yes they absolutely are. They're 'todays' era of drivers. Yes there's more technology on them, yes they're turbo charged, yes they're now AWD - it's what those who go into showrooms and actually place orders want in their cars. The competition's equivalent buyers want the same too. Those who would prefer manual and more drivers focused cars will choose Porsches etc. In everyday driving, they'll not be any faster than the £20 grand mondeo in front. It's when the road opens up and you can press the accelerator that the fun can be experienced. They're expensive now and with a few options it'll be a 100 grand car here in the UK. Psychologically, that's a big price barrier, so I suspect there'll be even less private buyers of the car brand new than previously. Many who can buy privately will say for the same money they'd rather buy a Porsche/Maserati or a used Super Car or Aston Martin etc etc. Won't be too long now till they're seen on the UK roads Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Hi Oberlointment, From what you mention, I'll assume you aren't amplifying and upgrading the cabin speakers? If that's the case, then once you add the subwoofer aspect, you'll find the cabin speakers will be overwhelmed given the added dose of sub bass just added. To compensate, you'll most liklely turn the subwoofer levels down quite substantially which kind of defeats the purpose! You can do a two stage approach, and that's add the subwoofer, turn down accordingly after listening and later on, when funds allow, do the cabin speakers upgrade. You'll then have a more 'balanced' setup which in turn, sounds much better. You'll need to choose carefully the subwoofer driver, the 10 inch JL you've referenced is the Version 2 (V2) range which is from an older range from some years back. I think it's recommended enclosure volume is 'relatively' larger for the area you want to use it in. In my touring, I use the 8W3-V3 and it's ideal volume is only just about 20% larger than ideal over on the left side of the car (see below). What I did is to also put acoustic material inside the enclosure which 'tricks' the sub driver into working as if it was in a larger enclosure. You'll get decent bass if you decide to go 10 inch on the right hand side, but the calculations and volume of the enclosure need to be more accurate as it were to really maximise the volume of the enclosure. The Kenwood shallow depth driver looks excellent value at £65 ! 116mm mounting depth on that one. I've heard the 10 in JL Audio flat type driver that was installed in an Audi R8 and it sounded fantastic! the enclosure was custom made and careful consideration given to the volume/tuned frequency and other parameters.That driver is around £300. That's quite a difference of course and I've not heard the Kenwood item. I've no doubt the Kenwood will provide sub bass, but I'd also suggest it won't be as good, musical, controlled and smooth sub bass as the JL option. It does depend on how you do want your music reproduced. I'd suggest going for the JL amplifiers and other similar 'mid range' brand units rather than the 'budget/entry level' units from the likes of Vibe. The reason is that the internal components and electronics are better. Also, the internal Power supplies are better quality and more efficient. Vibe are the best of the 'budget' brands of car audio, so if your level of spend is relatively restricted, then do consider a vibe unit. The extra cover and cutting a whole and covering with cloth is a good idea. I'd suggest making a mounting ring to fit into the hole you cut and cover just that and press fit it in. Trying to remove the oem carpet material is a pain to do! Cheers, Dennis!
  9. Hi, There's nothing on top of the battery that you need to take into consideration, so it's a case of having the enclosure you make fit as close to the battery as you wish. As the location is very small in terms of volume, you'll be trying to utilise as much of it as you can in the design of it. Look at ebay and search for 'BMW 5 e39 Touring Fit-Box Subwoofer Enclosure'. Have a look at the pictures and you'll see they've maximised the space in their particular design. The 'volume' of the oem plastic enclosure is very small so any aftermarket subwoofer driver won't really be suited as they need more volume to play properly/correctly, so Id not recommend trying to make your new one the same as the oem. I'd still recommend not to 'cover' the subwoofer/enclosure once it's done by the trim cover as it'll just stifle the output. Which subwoofer driver and diameter are you thinking of using? also amplifier and it's RMS power output? Cheers, Dennis!
  10. Hi, Do you want the 'early' type or 'later' CELIS type rears? If the later CELIS, then I will delve into my stock of goodies as I have a pristine pair. The front headlamps should be easy to find if the 'early' type, the later type are 'relatively' hard to find in the UK. My Touring had amber's all round as it's an Ex Police car and the headlamps sold within about 20 minutes and went to an enthusiast in New York City and the rear's went to a then very well known Touring in Los Angeles! Not sure what I did with the amber side indicator covers, I think these are easily found on UK ebay though. Cheers, Dennis!
  11. What if you got the wrong person? Thoughts and prayers out to the families of the victims who must be totally devastated.... Dennis.
  12. Hi, I'd agree with the above, get new suspension rather than old as even if the seller tells you till they're blue in the face they're only 4 months old with 2000 miles on them, the chances of that actually being true is small ! As for pricing on those, as well as on a set of wheels in 18 or 19 inch sizing, what's your current anticipated budget for them? Depending on that, will then determine what kind of choices you could go for. Cheers, Dennis!
  13. Hi, As per above, all the M Parallel replica type wheels are 'usually' made in the Far East somewhere and 'usually' China. There are other countries with low grade sweat shop type factories so it's possible these and other replica type wheels are also made there. Within the wheel industry, there's talk of 'some' better quality 'replica' wheels being made which 'usually' come out of Taiwan. The trouble is, there's no identifying markings so you can't tell which is a 'better' quality 'replica' and which is a lower grade one. The 19 inch MP replica's do 'seem' to be a better quality wheel but it's possible different batches have been made over the years which were worse or better. There's no reputable and recognised brands who use higher grade materials and better manufacturing facilities who make 'copies/replicas' of high(er) end brands wheels and the reason for that is that they'd get into a lot of legal trouble. The far eastern countries don't have such a robust legal system and thus, it's much harder for the Western brands to take legal action for when they find a sweatshop making counterfeit items. You'll need to keep a very sharp lookout for when a set of 19 inch M Parallel replicas with the deep lip rear wheel come up for sale. Due to rarity of this, some asking prices have been beyond ridiculous, but have sold quite quickly and the very highest asking priced sets go after a few hundred knocked off them - a set appeared in the US for around $1600 USD which at the time was around £1100 or so, but did have tyres. RichyX - Theres a few chrome look spray systems around and I've spoken to a few about getting wheels done. They've all said they won't be like 'genuine' chrome and it'll be easily distinguishable. However, for the price, the look/finish is a good alternative to hand mirror polishing which very very few UK wheel refurbishment places will or want to do. I'll be sending off a test wheel to see what the actual finish is like in the near future, PM me if you like and can compare notes for specialists and maybe a discount if we both send a wheel in to test? Cheers, Dennis!
  14. Hi, There's a few more threads on this forum and section along with other forums too for the upgrade full speaker packages for the E60 and many other 2004 onwards BMW's. Look for direct fit, plug n play swap full speaker kits from the likes of MTX, Hertz, Focal, MB Quart, Rainbow, Rockford Fosgate. Cheers, Dennis!