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  1. DennisCooper

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Hi, Stu - I'm working on typing up the thread to announce it right now ! Pzero - I've had the Parrot Asteroid Smart in my car and this head unit is 11cm in depth and of course, there's a little more protrusion for the Cable harness's/RCA's etc. By putting those cables to the side, there's plenty of clearance of the lower rear edge of the head unit and the top front edge of the airbox. The Kenwood is 75mm deep so there's more room just behind the unit, so there's no need for any concern in this regard. The crucial aspect is the depth from the cabin trim piece to the top front edge of the airbox, in RHD E39's due to the slight curvature of the dash and it's trim piece, the corner closest to the steering wheel has a depth of around 13/14 cm - a head unit's lower edge that is deeper than that will hit it. The other corner has a few more cm of space. NF - Thanks for the info there on the iLX702E46 ! Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    E60 MB Quart Speaker Upgrade issue

    Hi Goonybird, If you'll want to use the older Philips components set you mention, you'll likely need to drive them with an external amplifier as they'll most likely be an impedence rating of 4 ohms. The BMW amplifier unit will be a different rating and I think also may vary between driven channels but you may need to find out more there. Brands like MB Quart, Gladen, Rockford Fosgate, MTX and a few others do a complete 3 way upgrade kit that are impedance matched to the OEM amplifier and give a great increase in Sound quality. Later, when you add a suitable aftermarket amplifier to drive those same speakers, they'll play even better ! There's very few Valve type amplifier's for car audio on the market and the parcel shelf isn't such a good location to install an amplifier either ! Speak to Audio File (and others) to get more of a good picture on getting or DIY'ing a good install for your budget and sound quality increases requirements/expectations. Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    Diesel 11p a litre more than petrol

    Hi, Average UK price for Diesel is £1.31 and Unleaded is £1.21, so quite a bit cheaper around Brum ! https://www.petrolprices.com/ OPEC have also just announced a reduction in barrels per day being produced in order to limit supplies. The resulting increase in the price of a barrel will quickly be passed on to UK motorists at the forecourt ! In 5+ years time, I'd envisage prices pushing £1.75 per litre for petrol and pushing £2 per litre for Diesel as electric cars become more affordable and more of the non enthusiast motorist choosing them over fossil fuel powered cars. Cheers, Dennis!
  4. DennisCooper

    E60 MB Quart Speaker Upgrade issue

    Hi Goonybird, I haven't got direct experience with the E60 custom fit options and vaguely, I do remember some cutting might/could be involved for the underseat subwoofer upgrades but not for the cabin/door/rear deck speakers - but I could be wrong. To help you get some knowledgeable and experienced feedback, give these guys a call; https://www.audiofile-incar.co.uk/audio-upgrades/bmw-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-and-x-series I'm sure they'll be able to give you some pointers over the phone and if you are anywhere near them, it might well be worthwhile to have them do the installation. If you are further away, let me know your location and can perhaps point you in the direction of other reputable, high quality and experienced installers. Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    E39 M5 Wanted

    Hi Dan, Remember, it's a discussion forum, with varying opinions and thoughts. My standards are different to yours, and many other members have much much higher (or lower!) standards to me, you and many others. I have seen that recently you want to pick on a lot of my responses which is fair enough, keep them coming I say. Just because I have a view it doesn't mean that you directly need to comment or personally insult me - I won't and never will respond to you (or anyone else) in such a manner when you do. For these two cars, I know full well how old they are and how their life may have been and upon initial view of the adverts, I'd say a lot of those who may be looking for a car will see the obvious flaws and click the back button. Other's will think about it and others will actually go to view. Lastly, I agree the good, honest, clean and well looked after examples are getting thinner on the ground and their asking/selling prices are higher. The rest have higher asking prices and take a lot longer to sell given the obvious and not so obvious flaws. Take a look at another Silverstone example on Ebay, the different shade wing is so clear to see. Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    E39 M5 Wanted

    Si & Dan, You need to get to specsavers! You can indeed see the car from all angles, I just pointed out the colour difference in the offside wing compared to the A Pillar and Bonnet, it's clearly apparent in two different angle pictures. Given the Silverstone one has panel gaps that look odd and rbond9 has put them both together as potential cars on his shortlist, it's not clear from these pictures of the LMB one if the panel gaps are similar or like how the car left the factory! We all know that pictures don't show the car well enough in most cases which is why I mentioned going to view them in the very first few lines of my response above. Rbond9 - I'd say perhaps look at this forum members M5 listed in the FS section - The latter pictures are also not clear/too dark, the initial images are better. As ever, with any E39 looking great in pictures, you must view the car in person ! Cheers, Dennis!
  7. DennisCooper

    E39 M5 Wanted

    Hi, I'd suggest going to view these and other's you find and expand your search to nationwide. Plenty of excellent advice on here and M5 board and pistonheads forums for you to lookover so that you can examine each car you see for faults/issues etc. The first one you reference has a very well written advert but poor pictures. The second one not as good description and so so pictures. What you can see from the Silverstone one is odd panel gaps to the bonnet and both wings. The Le Mans one has poor lighting for the pictures so you can't see anything immediately out of alignment for the panels etc, it might be the lighting angle again, but check carefully for poor respray colour matching nearside wing looks a different shade to the bonnet and A Pillar for instance. Good luck in your search! I think there's a good example in the Cars for sale section too Cheers, Dennis!
  8. DennisCooper

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Hi R44M BM, I think you're slightly misunderstanding my solution ! I've developed a fascia/fitting kit to install a double DIN head unit and designed it to provide an OEM aesthetic that many E39 owners would like when putting in a double DIN unit. If you wish to keep the M audio setup speakers/sub then you'll need to retain most or all of the OEM modules and you'll not need my solution. I'll be providing all technical details in a thread I'll be creating over the next few days/week or so Cheers, Dennis!
  9. Hi ttrw2, I'll have the undertray from you please ! I will also take the headlamp unit as well Please let me know your payment details please ! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. Hi Pzero, The OEM setup is modular, so you'll need the OEM monitor, GPS computer, Amplifier module, the correct loom (intact, but it has been known to have been cut as reported by others looking to restore/refit the OEM stuff) You'll need to check all that (you have the Mk4 DVD based computer already) to make sure it's all in situ and connected properly. If there's missing modules, or turn out to be faulty, cut looms etc then you'll have to fix/replace accordingly. Making this aspect a bit more of a pain is to ensure the GPS antenna, radio AM/FM antenna signal booster are present and all working too. At that point, you can then buy the required Alpine Ai - Net cable to connect the KCA-420i and Intravee up. Hopefully, it'll all work now. I think even without the OEM head unit, if you toggle the instrument cluster display, you can access the OBC there. You'll need to research more to see if the clock can be changed/re-set if the OEM setup isn't in place and see the changes in the cluster display, I'm not 100% sure on that. The advantages are of course 100% oem looks and the OBC functionality. Disadvantages are cost of maintaining the OEM setup as each module has multiple points of failure over time, additional cost if you want to add more OEM modules (Bluetooth and Digital TV, reverse camera, Digital Radio reception) to the setup and, more cost if you want to then improve the sound quality. Each of those extra oem modules have their own particular advantages and disadvantages too. No one uses cassettes nowadays and using CD's in the car is waning in popularity and also, interest/usage of iPod's is also waning as well as everyone moves to Audio Streaming instead. Depending on what you want and your usage, it'll be for you to decide if keeping with the OEM modules is the right choice or not. Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Hi all, Good meeting today and I'm very happy indeed. A few minor tweaks are needed which can be done easily and quickly. I'm definitely having the tool go for the hardening process as well - it just makes sense in terms of being as robust as possible. Counting down - 5,4,3,2,1.... Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Hi all, Thanks Stu & Pzero! (Welcome to the forum Pzero! - Looking at your occupation there, 99.999 is etched into my brain cell!) More discussions on the phone as the machining was done today! I'm meeting the project manager tomorrow morning to run some tests/test pieces via the new tool. I will discuss, evaluate and make a decision if it will need hardening or not. If it does, it's that 3 day turnaround time once it's booked in at another specialist to do. Thankfully, this is done on a weekly batch basis and I'll have it sent on the next scheduled run. So, it's looking like a few days more if it turns out I don't require the hardening process to another couple weeks max if I do! I'll update tomorrow evening In the entire development process, from concept to now, this aspect has had the longest delay of work being done which has been extremely annoying as everything else is 100% ready. I'm glad now that it's just a few days more and I'll be able to announce it's availability to everyone Cheers, Dennis!
  13. DennisCooper

    Good news....

    The emissions probe would register a reading off the scale ! Cheers, Dennis!
  14. DennisCooper

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Hi Duncan et al, I wanted to get ALL details, information and pricing a few weeks after I initially posted - that way, it'd have been a 'relatively' quick move for everyone here. I was scuppered in that plan by being let down by one engineering firm completely and the current one taking longer than discussed. Once I have this tool I need, I will be able to implement a much faster order to delivery time for customers. I'm making these in specific managed batches for various workflow/space/timing reasons. No point in taking orders and having customer's wait too long! I know price is important, so of course, that'll be included when I announce orders can be taken and fulfilled for prompt delivery. Apologies for the delay, it's beyond my control and highly frustrating - the company I'm partnering with here is WELL aware of that frustration. Cheers, Dennis!
  15. DennisCooper

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Hi, Update as promised! Machining of my project is beginning over the next couple days and then it's a case of testing and once it's found all is good there, it'll need a final procedure which is sub contracted and has a 3 day turnaround. Light at the end of the tunnel on this specific aspect and I'm much happier after talking to them over the last 2 days. Will update once more as the above happens. Cheers, Dennis!