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  1. Supercharged 540 Touring

    Hi, That is or was an ABSOLUTE steal at that price ! whoever has got it now surely must be laughing uncontrollably ! I've had the pleasure of being a passenger in a similar Dinan supercharged E39 540i Touring over in Los Angeles and I can confirm that it's a normal 540i when pootling around but an animal once the accelerator is pressed ! it's not 'raucous' or 'rorty' but a more 'muscle' and 'shove' to enhance the original feel of a 540i - thankfully, it's not too loud either however I'm sure other examples are louder but all depends on which exhaust is fitted. I had first refusal on the car but I didn't have the funds available !. I do know and in contact with the new owner and the car now lives in the NYC area and met him to check it out as it nestles with 6 other supercharged BMW's in his large split level garage ! It had just been converted to 6spd manual too. I'd love a S/C'd 540i for sure ! Cheers, Dennis!
  2. 19" M Parallel Replica's - Polished lip

    Hi Richy, I'd say not to Diamond Cut them. They're made from a softer alloy and no one really knows what the ratio of alloy is for their construction. The diamond cut machine may be setup well but when in use, it's possible more material might be removed than originally intended. Take just a 'little' bit too much off and you lose more structural strength of a wheel ( I know from experience! not a low qualuty wheel either, one of my sets of Hartge's was ruined due to too much material being taken off !!) Finding someone to hand mirror polish the wheels is also difficult as hardly any wheel refinishing places want/wish to do it. That said, there are a few choices - Pure Klass I see mentioned quite a bit for this so perhaps given them a call - I may also do that as well for some of my other wheel sets. If you want 'true' mirror finish that's flawless and as if you really were looking into a mirror, then currently the only real choice is genuine Chroming. I'm able to get this done for you over in the USA - no one I've found will do genuine chrome on a one piece wheel in the UK. This will give you what you'd want, but of course it's very expensive given the shipping there/back, VAT and of course the cost of the job itself. It's not really worth it on replica level wheels but much more worthwhile on genuine high quality wheels. I'm always talking to industry contacts though, and I have a potential idea I'm looking into currently. If you are able to hold fire for a short while, I'm finding out more and can update you. Cheers, Dennis!
  3. Dakar Alpina B10 V8s Touring.

    Hi, I like the colour too, but not for £48,000 ! At that price, it needs to have an absolute max mileage of 10K, have a much better looking interior/leather colour ! Will anyone buying it close to that asking price think it'll be £75 grand in 15/20 years time?! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. E39 Latest Multimedia Head Unit Options....

    Hi TrM5, This is my area of interest yes! For the Chinese route, the 'best' of them is the recently announced Avin Avant 3 unit. It has much better OEM look aesthetics, promises OBC and DSP support and is also a mechless unit so shallow and easy to fit. It's only available from Avin in the USA and it's pricey once you add in the various import costs - https://avinusa.com/avant-3-for-bmw-5-series-e39-m5-android-multimedia-navigation-system.html The next best unit would be the Dynavin N7, but it doesn't have all the features of the Avant 3. The best support for these units is only with the USA based importer/reseller and for that market mainly. The UK importer/distributors have changed recently so maybe they'll offer the same level of knowledge and after sales care. Overall, with the rest of the 'Chinese' route of replacement head units, the situation is pretty much the same as previously, in so much that the units awash all over ebay and with 'brand' names like pumpkin, secaine, erisin, xtrons, eonon etc it's buyer beware as there's very little good support and after sales care. If you get a fully working one that stays working longer term, you'll be one of the few lucky ones. 'Some' purchasers are happy, the majority aren't. Over the years, some of those brands have been mentioned a lot on many BMW forums and after a short while, the problems begin to be mentioned. Some have even sponsored forums and again, threads have started off well and then within a few months problems arise and little support for purchasers and then removal from the forum by the owners as they then don't wish their forums to be associated with them (Eonon!) From a 'functions' perspective, then they have the latest technologies but given their low quality/generic quality, reliability and performance/Sound Quality etc are low. There's a 'new' UK based company now that sells a number of these 'clone' type replacement units and are the latest company here attempting to retail them in accordance with UK retail law. The ones previously who did the same now no longer exist and/or decided to stop selling chinese head units, so 'hopefully' these guys will support/warrant these units properly and for the long term. They're called Audio tech direct - https://audiotechdirect.com/ For the high quality, premium recognised and established brand route, you can choose from Pioneer, Alpine, Parrot, Kenwood, Sony, JVC. Out of the box, none have 'oem ish' aesthetics about them as they're all the standard DIN or Double DIN sizing (they do offer specific fit units for certain cars but not the E39). I personally prefer this route given I prefer all the reliability, much better performance/SQ, proper after sales care and support if needed from local UK independent car audio dealers etc. Ideally, what solution are you looking for to have installed in your car? Cheers, Dennis!
  5. 530i ROAD NOISE ?

    Hi, Buster - I fully understand this aspect. There are indeed a 'number' of owners who've installed a cheap chinese unit and it's been 'good' for them longer term. Those owners have also posted up on the forums to mention so and that they're happy 6,12,18 and in a few cases 2/3 years down the line. The handful of previous 'UK based' importers and distributors also offered good/great customer service and backup too. It's only when units that did go faulty even if only for relatively mundane reasons/effects and the 'factory' in China didn't manage to get around to refunding them that after a while, decisions were taken to cut their losses and not supply them any more. 'Hopefully' ATD have more of a 'solid' dealer/importer channel and get their money back quickly for the faulty units/warranty returns etc. Liam - I see that adaptor on the site and it's an option that seems good to allow more choice to the BMW owner that has DSP!. However, even when 'new' back in 1996'ish, the DSP speaker drivers weren't very good and also didn't sound 'great' and by the end of the 90's having 'DSP' functions for 'stadium' and 'Church' etc went out of fashion for consumer electronics. Over the years, the OEM DSP speakers have of course deteriorated, the DSP amp's fail more often and no one 'fixes or overhauls' them. I can understand owners who don't want or need any good increase in SQ just keeping the standard DSP setup, but for those who do want a decent/good increase without wanting to spend 'too much' it's a riskier option. There's a smaller pool of fully working OEM DSP amplifiers and as they fail, it's getting smaller, the integration module is £150, so that needs to be added onto the approx £300-350 or so for the chinese head unit, so that goes to around the £500 level. Although there'll be an audible difference, it won't be much of one given how 'relatively' poor the OEM DSP drivers are. To get a markedly better increase in Sound Quality, then only BSW make direct fit, DSP compatible replacement speakers which I think are around the £450-500 level once all taxes and duties etc are paid (might be more in Norway?!). I'm not wishing to dissuade you both or anyone else looking at the Chinese option. In fact, the reason I look very closely at them is I'm looking for a reliable product AND where an importer/dealer in the UK has a rock solid and well observed warranty channel back at the factory. When I see that, I may well sell them for the UK BMW market (I wouldn't be interested in other marque units). Good luck to you both if you do go the chinese route ! Finally, Buster, it sound as though you need a very softly sprung car with that air carpet like ride quality... Citroen or Rolls Royce ?!! Cheers, Dennis!
  6. Anyone fancy a trim swap?

    Hi, Is there a 'common as muck, base level' trim colour for the F10? The E39 for instance has 'Vavona' as the extremely common trim colour so if there's an equivalent for the F10, perhaps pick a set of those up, choose the colour finish you want - Gloss Black as first, then perhaps a few others as a shortlist and have the finish applied to that set. The high gloss fine wood you have I'm thinking is an 'individual' option finish so better not risk messing that set up. When the time comes to sell, swap back in the High Gloss Ash and sell off the covered/painted base set. Cheers, Dennis!
  7. Prague.

    Vanhool - Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Sat Nav Disc

    Hi, Speak to Baris at Carphonics. Sounds like the disk mechanism internally has given up on your unit?! http://www.carphonics.co.uk/ Cheers, Dennis!
  9. E39 sport drivers side front and rear suspension

    Hi, Buying used suspension isn't a good idea as you don't know if the components have led a relatively harsh life driving on and over bad roads, potholes, bigger road undulations etc. You can't also easily tell if it's relatively newish or much older where the risk of shock leaks and/or spring snappage is just around the corner. Much much better by far to renew the suspension front and rear with new shocks and springs be that oem or, high quality aftermarket brand products. Cheers, Dennis!
  10. Prague.

    Hi, Something you should've researched, evaluated and then decided on prior to booking the flights?!! Would you book similarly and then ask about what to do in Caracas Venezuela, apart from getting murdered ?!! I found this after a 3 second Googly search for 'things to do in Prague' - https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attractions-g274707-Activities-Prague_Bohemia.html Cheers, Dennis!
  11. 4.0D Swap

    Hi, As per above, it has been thought of previously and there's no doubt there are a few more actual converted cars running about in various countries in Europe. It won't be a 'relatively' easy swap, there'll most likely be the need for custom work such as mountings for it to fit and perhaps the need to relocate pipes and physical components etc. Then there's perhaps the requirement to interface the E38 with the E39 electrics and electronics so specialist knowledge and good experience of such customising will be needed. I don't know what your budget is for this project including buying the donor car, transportation, storage, mechanical work, custom mechanical parts/pieces and customised electrics/electronics, so research more and always look for specialists with specific knowledge who also have a good reputation. I don't know if there's such specialists in Romania so you may need to look at some located in Germany and the UK to talk and understand what's needed. If all can be done in a budget you are happy with, then press ahead. If not, look for alternatives at better price points. Cheers, Dennis!
  12. Insurance Hike

    Hi Vanhool, It's going in that direction for sure although I'd doubt it'll be as high as 50%, it might be though. Prices for non fossil fueled cars needs to come down with more choice and range of cars, right now it's the top end of vehicles and they're well out of the reach of the vast driving population. As the prices of those comes down, insurance, VED, petrol/diesel prices, extra taxes & duties on fossil fueled car parts etc will all increase to coerce the population into making the switch. Only those with very very deep pockets will continue to run high value/collectable petrol cars. For instance, very few people will pay the costs of petrol (even fewer for any diesels left) at the pumps in 15+ years. The price for unleaded in the mid 90's was give or take around 65 pence a litre. It's approximately double that now so it's reasonable to think in 15-20 years time, petrol will be around £2.50 per litre. If there's a ramping up of taxes then that price might happen sooner! Cheers, Dennis!
  13. Insurance Hike

    Hi, Generally speaking - Insurance rates are on the increase. The only thing you can do is shop around as much as possible to see if there's a better quote for you from/via a different broker/underwriters. Over the next few years whilst fossil fueled cars become more targeted, I wouldn't be surprised to see a specific 'loading' on policies across the board if the vehicle is a petrol/diesel. At the same time, there'll most likely be a 'discount' for a electric vehicle! Cheers, Dennis!
  14. 530i ROAD NOISE ?

    Hi Buster, I've seen this company previously and I wish them good luck in selling and supporting all the cheap chinese units. They're perhaps the 5th/6th UK based company to try their hand at it over the last decade, so will be keeping an eye on them to see 'IF' ... 'finally' there's a clear good choice of unit that performs well but most crucially, reliably over the long term in many hundreds or thousands of customers cars. The units 'promise' all the functionality and which is why buyers quote all the same stuff as you have as well, however the 'important' part is ensuring all those functions 'ACTUALLY' work!.. and that aspect, over this last decade isn't what happens and why those UK companies I mention have either gone out of business or stopped selling them due to the high rate of failures/returns. The unit with the 9 inch looks terrible and won't match the smooth elegant lines of the E39 dash, I can't see that being a good selling unit at all! As for the 'don't mess up what BMW spent millions in R&D' line I've heard over the last 25+ years or so.. the end result is too much of a compromise for me, so I'll spend the £300-1000 or so for when it comes to the Suspension compromises to get myself a 'Truly Enjoyable Driving Machine' with my specific needs met Cheers, Dennis!
  15. Aux cable with casette tape in dash?

    Hi, Save yourself all the faffing around and time wastage. Given it's a low quality aux in connection that you seem to only want temporarily anyway, just get an FM transmitter thing and it'll send any audio to the radio stage instead. No cutting or working out which CD player or cassette unit will work in the car let alone if the one you buy is faulty etc which you'll only discover once everything is apart! Cheers, Dennis!