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  1. DennisCooper

    Innovadrive NXG-39 / OEM look Double DIN Fascia

    Hi Barry, Thank you for the positive message ! I do remember your preference is the OEM setup and Intravee and the custom Alpina LumiDock I did for you! Shortly after that, LumiDock USA went silent and I've not heard from them after trying to contact them. Given that in the last few weeks, there's rumours of a new iPod possibly being released, I will look to see what their sizing is like and the connector and I will evaluate on making LumiDock's. Now that you've got the PXA-H100, you'll need to check the various build threads and check the Intravee forum and hopefully Richard P will be able to advise you on how to get it setup, interfaced and connected to the audio system you have planned. I've heard only a couple of E39's that went this route Richard's own M5, Maca's M5 and another M5 owner. This route gets the best from the OEM setup by extractign the audio signal at it's best/cleanest point i.e prior to any processing/D to A conversion & Amplification. By then passing that 'clean' signal to high quality amplifiers and speakers, you can get a really good audio performance assuming everything is installed and setup correctly/well. For the Intravee and setup/install side of things, speak to RichardP, when it comes to choosing the quality amplifiers.speakers and install aspects, I'll gladly help/advise based on what you'd like to achieve. Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    Innovadrive NXG-39 / OEM look Double DIN Fascia

    Hi, Russ - As per Adam's post, my solution is a fascia/fitting kit that allows secure installation of a double DIN head unit and which also provides OEM aesthetics and back lighting. The choice of head unit remains with the owner. There's no established and reputable car audio head unit brands which are specific to the E39 and it's various systems i.e no Pioneer, Alpine, Kenwood, Sony etc. If you wish to retain the DSP OEM amp/speaker setup then you will need to look at the Dynavin N6/N7 or Avin Avant 4. Adam - What you mention there won't work directly, the OEM DSP amplifier needs signals via the iBus to remain switched on and also internally, the DSP amplifier uses crossovers to send the right range of frequencies to the correct driver. The two units I mention above have the facility to support the OEM DSP amp, a bit clunky though but firmware updates do help. All the other chinese units don't have this capability.I think theres' a more involved workaround type of integration which involves some cutting and splicing of cables in specific points but since the Dynavin/Avin unit, those wishing to keep the OEM DSP drivers will buy those. Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    Charged E39 M5

    Hi, Nice to see a well written advert and as per above an epic M5 indeed! Sorry Mr Yokozuna - I don't know the owner of this car.... Hopefully it'll sell quickly to someone looking for such an example. Cheers, Dennis!
  4. Hi Bumba - The E38 7 series doesn't weigh that much more (does depend on model though)than an E39. - The E39 530i Kerb weight is around 1600 KG and a 728i is around 1785. Of course, there's some weight disadvantage, but even if the S62 was standard, it'd easily be able to move an extra 180-200KG or so. As for the manual aspect, then yes, the 7 series would always be 99.95% automatic transmission, however this car was built with specifics in mind, like plenty other BMW projects - 2JZ's, V10's in E30s/E46's etc etc. I know project BMW's aren't for many enthusiasts/purists ! $58,000 selling price which equates to £45,000. I suspect after all part/build costs, he's made a modest profit ! Cheers, Dennis!
  5. Bumba, Why do you say that then?! Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    Painting Interior Trim

    Hi Stu, The high gloss grey I think does look really good and it's fairly rare to find! I have a nice set in my collection of rare E39 trim sets! I still really want the Arizona Sun ones, only ever seen 2 RHD sets for sale ! What colour and interior is your car again please?! Cheers, Dennis!
  7. Hi, This car is an absolutely phenomenal build indeed ! No expense spared, everything done properly and right as well ! I've sent a few choice products to the owner when he had an E39 Touring and he put in an American V8 into it ! A great guy and a pleasure to deal with. Last month's Performance BMW magazine had a feature on this E38 as well. I think the final bid price will be quite a bit higher too Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Hi, These are excellent items and as mentioned, well documented and reviewed for E60/61 owners. I have a pair of these in my E39 front door builds Free bump & GLWTS! Cheers, Dennis!
  9. Hi, Oberlointment - Depending on what OEM setup is in your car currently, it'll change/affect on how you install and connect this unit up. If you have one of the IMPRINT compatible Alpine head units, it can directly connect as well for instance. If your OEM setup is or isn't DSP, then that'll change the wiring/connection etc. The processor is very capable and to get the best from it, you'd use excellent quality amplifiers and speakers and consider placement/angle of speakers in order to get the very best from the Time Alignment feature for instance. You don't 'have' to of course and can just use the oem locations with a more solid baffle of course, just be mindful that 'some' capabilities/performance won't quite be what is achievable. Ultimately, depending on what kind of SQ and performance you want in your car, you can evaluate if you'd need this unit. Happy to advise and discuss with you your requirements if you'd like and also point you in the direction of well established and highly reputable installers if and when needed for you. LilDonut - Fantastic price level indeed! Free Bump and GLWTS! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. DennisCooper

    E39 Touch Screen Head Units

    Hi Pzero, Fantastic post there ! thanks for making the roundup of what's available currently. My suggestion to you would be to make a specific post in the Audio section and to copy this content there so it's more visible when searching and can be added to if/when updates happen. Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    New car

    Dan I agree! I've been in both scenarios where some clients were awash with SO much money, they'd have looked down at you if you weren't driving anything less than a Porsche ! others, would have their back up when a contactor arrived on site for the first time in a flash car and the client would get wind of it before the car had even been parked! Just one of those things I guess! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    E39 Touch Screen Head Units

    Hi Supertramp - Count yourself as one of the lucky ones! for every purchaser like yourself, there's many more who weren't as lucky, like Pzero mentions above. To sum up, buying one of these chinese unit's is still a gamble. The custom D pillar pods for the Touring I had made for me were one offs and to my specs/requirement. They're hand made using fibreglass so there's no technical diagrams etc and the costs are manual labour. I'll speak to the car audio fabricator I used to see if he'll make another pair and get ballpark figures of cost for you if you'd like? For those looking at the various E39 fascia's be aware that almost all of them don't include the bracket that fixes to the dash aperture for the plastic to fit/snap into. This means extra work/fabricating some way of securely affixing the fascia to the dash area and partly the reason they're cheapies. Some pics to illustrate; You'll see plenty of listings on ebay for E39 double DIN fasica's and the accompanying picture often looks like this When kits first began to be made for the E39 circa 2008/9 Connects2 released their kit and I purchased it for my then Alpine iXA-407BT which was their first mechless and slightly shallower double DIN unit. The kit allowed dual fitting of a single or double DIN with some inserts. Here's how that kit looked In the top right, you can see the metal frame piece and that initially fits into the dash aperture and is screwed in place using the existing holes. The fascia then 'snaps' into place and it's held very securely. All the cheapy fascia's on ebay etc are missing that metal (sometimes plastic) frame. There's some which do have a frame but they're more expensive and some which don't need the frame piece as their design means the existing mounting holes are used and the head unit is held in place with the inner panels and again, they're more expensive and seem to be the 'tilt' versions so not with a 'flat' front as it were. I did have listings on the audio section here for some of the solutions above, but over time items were discontinued etc. Cheers, Dennis!
  13. DennisCooper

    New car

    Hi Lennox, The aspect you mention of working in a professional role and image being a factor rules out some of the above mentioned cars. When working in a consultancy or contract role, I'd still say there'd be sneaky views as to what you are driving when turning up to a client site which are then fed back to the powers that be who are dealing with your rates etc, so you'd need to have something more subtle yet packing a punch under the hood. I'd suggest perhaps looking at an Alpina B10 if you want to remain with the BMW side of things, the M6 GC also I think manages to look subtle enough as most will think it's a 640d. The Jaguar and the S8 are also contenders, but from your initial post and the 4 pictures, it'd be the M5 for me but that AMG estate if you do need more practicality and space every now and again. For me, the C Class AMG's do have the wrong image overall, too many are in the hands of those who just want them for a while (a bit like M3's as well to be fair) and have a kind of hooligan owner image. The E Class AMG? a lot less visible and when you do see one, they're not (usually) being driven like a C class ! Lastly, if you can wait till Q3 and onwards this year, and if the UK does end up with a no deal brexit, you might be able to pick up even more of a bargain ! Cheers, Dennis!
  14. DennisCooper

    Folding mirror owners

    Hi, Only a theory, but I think one mirror folds more than the other in order to provide just that little bit more clearance when folded from passing cars. Reason I think this is that the AC Schnitzer mirrors I had on my car one was ever so slightly smaller than the other. They're off the car now & in storage so I can't take a picture right now! I may be completely wrong though ! Cheers, Dennis!
  15. DennisCooper

    heater stopped working.

    Hi, I'm currently in the same situation. My car has done big mileage 275K + and over the last few years my airbox/fan would just stop working altogether and every now and again would have the 'chirp' sound. After a few days, it would suddenly begin working again. Perhaps 6+ months later, the same thing would happen and repeat. Finally, it stopped and has now not returned at all. The quick thing to change is the FSU I believe, it 'might' be the cause and some threads have been posted whereby changing it has made the airbox work again. I suspect mine is totally worn out so I'll be buying an OEM fan part for the internals and have it swapped along with a new FSU. Have a search through here and other forums for the same issue, and maybe there's other things to check as well - fuse(s), loose connection somewhere, wiring continuity/split etc. Cheers, Dennis!