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    530i ROAD NOISE ?

    Hi, If the car turns out to be a good one but you still aren't quite happy with the ride, then instead of getting rid of the car, you could contact D Faulkner Springs who'll make a new custom set based on the OEM specifications of the SE ones. You can then alter the ride height and spring rates a 'bit' so that they'll be 'softer' than the OEM Sport springs for ride and still be lower by 20mm so that you retain the Sport ride height. This will cost around £250-300 or so. They know all about just how much to 'vary' the settings depending on what you say you'd like. Seems a much easier/cheaper solution than selling the car off and then trying to find another 'good' one! Also, there IS such a thing as an 'M Sport' model designation for an E39. It's just that those variants were not in the UK market. The USA got the '540i M Sport' limited edition model for the 2003 model year only for instance and It's very very sought after over there! Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    Any Full Spec Cars on Here? + Q about 535i

    Hi, Hopefully you'll find the car you want, but with that list of 'must haves' I think you'll struggle... for a long time. I think Biarritz Blue was a pre-facelift colour or at least, much much more common on the pre-facelifts so it's unlikely you'll find a 530i in that colour as the 530i was a facelift model. Rear folding seats, that'll be hard to find as it wasn't an option ticked much when new. Heated Comfort seats, side blinds, rear electric blind, shadowline can all be retrofitted. I think there's also a thread about swapping the steel sunroof to a glass one too. Given the age of the E39 now, it's much harder to find a solid, well kept/excellent condition example. Find one with all the options you want will be even harder. Finding a manual example with it all will be even harder again! Another member just posted about wanting a 530i manual and it's the same advice there - look for the very best example of a 530i manual as you can find - colour, spec & options should be last on your list as they can be retrofitted - what you want is as best condition mechanically and cosmetically example as you can find. The 530i is rated at 231 HP and I seem to have the figure of 245 or 252 HP for the 535i. The 535i wasn't so popular as soon after the 540i was released and that was/is the one everyone wants! the manual versions are very rare now too.. Good luck in your search and hopefully a decent base car will come along and then you can add to it - that's failing a 530i manual shows up with all the bits you want! Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    New OEM e39 gearknob

    Hi, New genuine item for £148 delivered on ebay via BMW UK themselves. Also on Ebay are the seller(s) of replacement top badges for the gearknob which are the illuminated versions - stay clear of these, they aren't OEM as claimed and after testing on a spare M5 gearknob I have the light diffusion is crap - doesn't look right or nice at all! £25 quid wasted! Anyone wanting to keep the OEM E39 gearknob; buy the OEM piece itself - there's no high quality aftermarket badges. Cheers, Dennis!
  4. DennisCooper

    E39 amp upgrade

    Hi Vanhool, The upgrade itself is for more RMS power output, it doesn't really increase 'Sound Quality'. To many, the 'louder' result is acceptable, so if you aren't overly concerned with an actual Sound Quality increase, then do evaluate more into the upgrade, To make the 'most' of it if you do, I'd suggest binning the OEM speakers and upgrading to much better performing/sounding ones. Ideally, you'd also remove the oem plastic enclosure in the doors and replace with the £17 MDF baffles which are a more solid platform for them to be affixed to and also allow the speaker to use the door cavity as an enclosure. These aspects allow the speaker to 'play' much better and thus, sound much better. It depends on what you wish to achieve, if you just want a marginal increase in Power, thus louder, then consider this upgrade route from Baris/Carphonics. If you do want better 'Sound Quality' all round, then I'd say save the money of the carphonics upgrade and instead put that towards a good sound processor, then a good quality amplifier and then upgraded speakers. Yes, the second route is more expensive but the resulting SQ increase blows the upgraded oem amplifier results out of the water. This is down to the fact that the upgraded/stage 2 option only boosts the RMS power output. The oem BMW Equalization curve remains, along with the rest of the circuitry. With the second route by using a sound processor, that will take the output from the OEM amp, cleverly analyse it and it'll then; remove electronically the oem EQ curve to provide as flat as possible acoustic signal, boost it's voltage and it'll also never output a distorted signal (the OEM amp is very easy to push into distortion). The resulting output from the processor is a very clean audio signal which you then connect to your choice of quality amplifier then speakers. Lastly, the aftermarket often can and does provide some excellent solutions/products, there may well be such an option for the E39 which does look much better for Double DIN units ! Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    E39 530i Manual

    Hi, There's not many forum members here with E39 530i Manuals, perhaps less so with Black ones and even less so who are currently selling ! I'd say drop the requirement of 'black' and keep your search open for all colours. The important things will be condition of the car, both mechanically and for it's chassis/bodywork - concentrate on those areas and leave colour, specification/options, mileage as lower priorities. Some more 'tired' examples will turn up every now and again and you might have to look at them to see if they're worth spending a good amount on to bring back up nicely or if you 'wait' for a better example to turn up. Sod's law is it'll take ages for a nice one to turn up, or one might turn up the following week. I'd also say to keep your search open for the whole of the UK! Good luck! Cheers, Dennis!
  6. Hi Chi, If you have them, the 4 door sill plates. I'm not concerned about the 'insert' which have the 'BMW' lettering (or M or Individual) but the actual sill pieces themselves. Mine are perished and I'll just swap my Hartge infill strips over. Cheers, Dennis!
  7. DennisCooper

    E39 for sale 23K

    Hi, Been discussed a number of times over the years on here and other forums about Hexagon prices! In short, they don't need to sell cars quickly, they can and do find some of the best examples of BMW's and then just sit on them. It also helps that nearby there's lots of people who'll think spending £500 on lunch is nothing. So when one of those people 'just happen' to see a car in Hexagons showroom they like, it's usually a case that the inflated price will be paid in a relative few minutes! To most others, as well as specific car model enthusiasts, the prices are very high, but then the usual line comes out, find another comparable car! there will perhaps be a 'few' like that, but most examples will be a lot worse. It's also why then most enthusiasts will go look for another much newer car where chances of finding a good example are a lot higher! There's a few other high(er) end dealers who use this business model too. Cheers, Dennis!
  8. DennisCooper

    Selling mercury

    Hi Duncan, You'll need to read this and then perhaps contact some hazardous waste specialists to see if they'll take it - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/supplying-explosives-precursors/supplying-explosives-precursors-and-poison I don't think it's worth much either. There might be more to disposing legally and safely, but the above is at least a start ! Cheers, Dennis!
  9. DennisCooper

    19" alloy tyre sizes

    Hi Dan, Those are indeed the right sizes/profiles for 19's on the E39. You can also use 235/35/19 front and 265/30/19 rears to give you a bit more choice on tyres. ET15 for the front offset and ET22 rear will give you more clearance to the arches as they sit further 'in'. If you use spacers, they'll sit further 'out' so closer to the arch. Depending on how much lower you are and the 'shape' of the tyre profile, then that'll ultimately result if you get any rubbing. Which wheels this time around?! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. Hi, BMW content in the next film out in July! I wonder if it gets totally mangled and, if there were 'multiple' examples used in the making !
  11. DennisCooper

    Customs duty AUS to UK

    We all know this happens often when 'prompted' by sellers in the Far East. Reason is they don't care about law's etc. I guess some sellers/company's in the 'West' will do it, but most won't as it's illegal and the risk of being shut down/prosecuted is high. Ray - no worries! you do need to get another E39 Touring Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    BMW E39 alloy wheels or others as per post

    Hi Dan, Got it! the specific E38 versions are 18" only, just thought you might've 'settled' for the 17 as they're so much easier to find and I also 'know' that you'd not be interested in the 20's! With the Style 32, in oem finish they seem to look a bit 'dated' nowadays. With a more exciting refurbished colour, they can look much better - think a shadow chrome or anthracite gloss for staying 'sensible'. The Style 42's look great for an OEM cross spoke and 2 piece config. However, they look fantastic when put into a wider barrel and that sizing run all round; The Style 37's and 65's are a very common choice, I do like the 37's given that they're forged construction and a 'smooth' looking design. I hate the 65's as they look overly fussy and a normal 'cast' wheel ! but that's just me! The Alpina's again are a smooth design given they're multi-spoke and I'd much rather have these out of all your choices. As for other wheels, then the E39 options from the various Tuner brands look good/great/awesome - ACS type 2/3, Hartge Classic/Nova 5, Breyton Magic Racing, Racing Dynamics RD2 etc, but these all fall into that rare and expensive catagory which you don't want to go for! There's other wheels, but again, are in that 'nice' and top end money bracket! For me, if I had to have a set of OEM wheels on my E39, I think I'd go for Style 128 in 19's. Lastly, what kind of look are you wanting with your car ?! Cheers, Dennis!effe.photobucket.com/albums/rr183/DennisCooper/BMW%20Car%20Pictures/E39%2018x10%20style%2042%203_zps8zx4o7di.jpg[/IMG]http://thebigretort.blogs http://thebigretort.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/james-obrien-lbc-presenter-secret-buy.html
  13. DennisCooper

    BMW E39 alloy wheels or others as per post

    Hi, What's your budget for getting a set of any of those?! I'll assume it's the 18" version of the style 32's you'd want as well? Any other non OEM wheels on your shortlist? Cheers, Dennis!
  14. Hi Andy, Long time no see! Hope you are good! Not a nice 'return' thread at all, it's downright disgusting and infuriating - I imagine your friend is absolutely livid at this... I bet the same is echoed with everyone else being targetted by these lowlife scum. Unfortunately, with Police numbers dwindling, ever stretched resources due to less funding etc, crime will most likely increase and especially where it's 'easy pickings' like this which is also really quite valuable. The lowlife's have probably practiced on broken/damaged BMW's/Range's to get timings down to a few minutes rather than an hour, however, given it's also apparently quite easy to just drive the car away once some shady stuff is done with the keys and mirroring of the signal from them from even inside a house, I'd also have thought that'd be the preferred method - the car wouldn't be reported as stolen so they could drive to wherever it is they go without the Police camera's in cars alerting them. Also, nowadays there's much less preference from owners to fit additional security to their cars etc. I've read recently that there's 'pouches' you can keep inside the house which 'block' the signal that comes from the keys. Apparently, if I have this right, the car is always in 'listening mode' and when the 'key' transmits it's signal, the car of course opens up. The lowlifes are in some way managing to pick up the signal coming from the key from within the house and 'directing' it at the car with just enough angle/direction that the signal is picked up and the car unlocks. These 'faraday pouches' block that signal from the key when it's inside the house and are only around £10 or so to buy. The more people who know this the better and so keys and maybe from other marques, can be safely stored in these pouches to combat the lowlife scum's attempts at stealing cars. I'm fuming and angry with your friend on this..... Cheers, Dennis.
  15. DennisCooper

    Customs duty AUS to UK

    Hi Ray, Retrofit of ?!!! Cheers, Dennis!
  16. DennisCooper

    Customs duty AUS to UK

    Hi, It'll be Import Duty and the rate of which will depend on what the item(s) are. Put this at 5% or 10%, I doubt it'll be more than that, however to be sure, look up the commodity code and it's relevant chargeable rate. You'll need to add VAT at 20% and then you'll need to pay for the customs clearance charge - perhaps £10-20. The cost of shipping is included in the calculations. I'd estimate your landed costs will be 'around' £185 assuming 5% import duty and £10 clearance fees. Cheers, Dennis!
  17. Hi Loadmaster, Where was the night time, with two Turrets picture taken?! Around Arundel Castle ? Cheers, Dennis!
  18. DennisCooper

    E39 reverse lights

    Hi, I'm in exactly the same situation, need to get them working again. I do recall a thread by a member here who did the conversion himself and wrote up in depth details and eventually working out how to resolve, but I can't remember his username to do a targeted search! Hopefully other's will remember and/or know how to sort this out and perhaps any updated knowledge can be shared on a specific thread etc. Cheers, Dennis!
  19. DennisCooper

    Japanese Import E39s

    Hi, I'm sure somewhere on the Pistonheads forums where there's quite a lot of guys and experience and feedback from those who've imported Japanese cars - mainly the Japanese brand high end Sport variants, the general consensus does seem to be one of approach with much more caution and ideally, a way of checking the condition of the car in much more depth and detail. The reason they mention this is because many cars get a 'haircut' in terms of the mileages shown on the clocks. It's much harder to reliably check the mileage and history of a car here in the UK when it's origins were in Japan. There's perhaps some genuine cars of course, but it's so easy to clock a car and once it lands here (or any other country) dealers know a good proportion of potential buyers might be 'blinded' by the condition to reliably try and check the actual history from Japan. I'd think a good viable alternative would be to find as best condition UK spec E39 with as low miles that is traceable and with as many of the spec as wanted and then have it overhauled for underbody rust prevention, a full intense detail and retrofit of any toys not on the car for perhaps still less than some of the asking prices of these Japanese cars. Cheers, Dennis!
  20. DennisCooper

    E60 M5 with unknown back box

    Hi, Take it to a knowledgeable exhaust specialist and it 'might' be possible to open it up and have a look inside to see if more sound absorption wool stuff can be added. Once sealed up again, the noise level can be evaluated. If it's still too loud, you can repeat the process at whatever the hourly rate is the specialist charges. It might take 1,2,3 or more go's to get right and another downside is that most likely, if unidentified/unbranded, it's actually causing a slight 'loss' in power. A much better option would be to get a high quality branded exhaust and fit those, or speak to places like Hayward & Scott https://www.haywardandscott.com/ in Basildon, or Profusion Customs for Magnaflow - https://www.profusioncustoms.com/ in Slough/Heathrow area where a custom, high quality system can be fabricated for you. Cheers, Dennis!
  21. Hi, This kind of accident and resulting damage happens everyday to cars of every age - be it brand spanking new or 25 years or more old. It might well have been a misjudgement by the owner in a new car and they hit another car or solid stationary object. I doubt it was done intentionally, but stranger things have happened! It'll also get fixed up and sold on either with or without a 'catagory' marker on it ! Cheers, Dennis!
  22. DennisCooper

    E39 M5

    Hi Richard, What's the budget you are thinking of? The most important aspect for buying these cars now is to go on condition. Aspects like colours, up to specific mileages, interior 2 tone or not, with/without sunroof, forum member's car etc are all much lower priorities. Condition of the bodywork, underside of the car's chassis, jacking points, preventative engine upkeep and maintenance, drivetrain and mechanical aspects are the elements which should be scrutinized over spec/toys/colours. Cheers, Dennis!
  23. DennisCooper

    530i ROAD NOISE ?

    Hi, Another aspect which you will have zero control over is that there's many different road surfaces and some are noisier than others - so sods law is that most of your driving will be on the 'noisier' roads and you'll get frustrated it seems. As you state you are overly fussy for as quiet a ride as possible, you'll need to visit a car audio specialist and have them fit/apply noise deadening and noise barrier material. How far you wish to go is up to you and your fussiness! I'd say do the cabin floor and roof panel and the doors. You'll end up with a VERY quiet cabin indeed ! If you happen to come across a set of double glazing glass from another breaker E39 that had that option, you could then retrofit that. A nearby E39 has the floorpan, doors and roof all done with the sound deadening material and when driving it is indeed very peaceful and on OEM M Parallel wheels which are 18 inch. Tyres will only give you a 'relative' small amount of noise reduction. Cheers, Dennis!
  24. DennisCooper

    Greatest Movie Scene.

    Of course, the 'Ernie & Bert' remix is hilarious !
  25. DennisCooper

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 11/05/18

    Hi 3dr!... Cracking work so far ! Went to a good friends unit some time back now and spotted this nestling in amongst various nice bits... hmmmm.... thinking cap is on ! Looking forward to more updates soon Cheers, Dennis!