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  1. BM24 Aux / USB

    Hi Welcome to the forum ! From what you've mentioned, there's bit of a 'mis match'. By that I mean that an Aux In is a low quality source, potential for distortion is high due to the analog output from the source being plugged in and the input of the device/setup you'll be wanting to use (in this case the oem audio setup). A DAP is capable of outputting high quality audio, so if that's your plan, then using an Aux In will lose you most of the 'quality'. Also, given that an Aux-in is audio only, then you'll need to control the music device by hand and here in the UK, if you are seen holding a device by the Police, or worse cause an accident or injury/death and it's proven you were using a handheld device, then the book will be thrown at you along with a hefty prison sentence. I don't know if it's the same in Hungary, but overall, with these aspects Id' say it's not worth having a aux in given how many people have moved to more modern features and technology which also provides higher quality too. I'd say get yourself the Intravee 2 and Alpine KCA-420i setup, you can then add an iPod to the oem audio, be able to control it via the oem buttons and have access to a much bigger library of music. The oem BM24 amp is part of the setup as you know, these along with other oem modules are getting old now and failing more often. You'll need to keep in mind about fixing / repairing your unit sooner or later. Assuming it all works, then you can add a processor which takes all the outputs from the BM24 and it'll cleverly, output a clean, voltage boosted and as acoustically flat signal as it can no matter how hard you drive that bm24 (on it's own, it's not such a great amplifier in terms of specification and has relatively high distortion levels given it's low RMS power output). That 'clean' signal you can provide to your choice of good, high quality amplifiers and then in turn to similar high quality and performance aftermarket speakers. The overall effect will be a much cleaner and better sounding setup whilst still retaining the oem modules. This 'level' of performance is the best you'll get from the OEM audio, however, a good quality brand aftermarket head unit will still sound better overall. Ultimately, it all depends on how well you want your music reproduced, the type of products you want for the setup and how much you wish to spend. There's many topics on this and different owners have gone different ways for instance. Personally for me, I have zero oem modules in my car and if I had a nice M5 or 540i or any other sough after E39, I'd do the same and remove all the oem audio and replace with much better performance after market products for the musical level I prefer. I understand how other's don't wish to do that and *must* retain the oem look in the dash! Cheers, Dennis!
  2. Hi Dan, So what's the new set of wheels going to be?! (just seen your FS post!) For me, these AVA's you had didn't 'quite' hit the mark in terms of looks on the car, so I'm hoping you've got your eye on some much more exciting wheels to go on and really make your car come together nicely! 19's I hope too! Cheers, Dennis!
  3. Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    Hi, I hope you're now much less besotted by the car given that asking price and that in real life, it'll most likely be a bit more disappointing. It might be a solid car and the kit and other niggles could be fixed/sorted easily, so go see it ?!! There's been a few E34's around my way that have been around for years upon years and I've always thought to ask the owners to give me first dibs if they sell. Now, only one is left that I have my eye on! I loved my E34 525i Sport I got back in 99 ! .. I need more space to store the various cars I'd want in my collection ! Cheers, Dennis!
  4. Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    Hi, Is it a Facelift model/year ? It's with the wide grille/bonnet but doesn't look like a Sport model to me! no Sports seats, no black headliner. I'm no good with engines, but is that an 'early/earlier' engine? The front bumper fitment looks off with the gap under the headlamps and the corner where the indicator lens is, the gap also between the bonnet edge and the kidney grille?... what's with that really really weird looking area around the exhaust pipe? looks like part of the Sport kit is missing entirely ! Does the door shut line on the rear nearside look a bit bigger than normal ? My theory is it's an early E34 SE that's had the facelift Sport bodykit fitted but not very well. Then it's been resprayed too. There's a Calypso E39 523i with just under 29K miles up for £9K on that auction site too ... I personally don't think the actual selling price would be anywhere near these asking prices, but you never know! Cheers, Dennis!
  5. Hi Inikboo, I agree! A deluded seller along with many others who have potentially interesting cars but are missing important aspects/features/parts and/or are Category recorded or where the seller can't spell/create proper sentences ! An E34 B10 (not the highly sought after Bi-Turbo) is also on Ebay but it's got the Hartge Classic 19's on it ! The seller can't even spell 'Hartge' properly despite the logo being in front of his face on the centre caps! .. up at £17K! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1989-BMW-ALPINA-B10-BMW-3-5-B10-ALPINA-4D-AUTO/232503841293?hash=item36224f120d:g:I7EAAOSwSrNZ-2Js For some weird reason, I've recently developed an itch for another Alpina, so been looking at what's around, most likely won't actually purchase though - have my mind on a few other's when the time's right! Cheers, Dennis!
  6. Hi, Very rare E28 Touring that's an ongoing project ! Full thread over on the Stanceworks website! Talk about rarity, reminds me of the E30 2 door Touring I should have tracked down the owner of when I saw it in Chester back in mid 98 ! Stanceworks project page - http://www.stanceworks.com/forums/showthread.php?t=81925 Cheers, Dennis!
  7. Alpina - tempted

    Careful in mentioning this.. the Alpina purists will tell you off ! It's marked as sold, what was the asking price for it? 15K or so? Cheers, Dennis!
  8. My 1st E39 wooohoooo

    Hi Jimmy, Nice to see you enjoying the car and going around for the niggly bits to resolve ! Assuming the car has oem 18 inch Style 37 M Parallels on, here's some pictures you might like; Those have been refinished and worked on so that they have a hand polished lip and coloured centre by either paint or powdercoat. OEM Style 37's are made by forged aluminium so very high quality metal and when polished up like this, looks fantastic! The issue is that not many places in the UK offer good quality wheel lip polishing like this. The company you link to, speak to them as planned and ask them if they do 'hand polishing of alloy wheels' and if they do, get a quote for them to do it given the time it takes to do well and nicely! If you do find you want this kind of finish and not many places saying they'll do it, drop me a PM as I may know a couple places. I'm slowly working through the niggles on my car, both small and larger ones! Cheers, Dennis!
  9. 535d Msport Quad Exhaust Conversion....

    MK Motorsport Mk1 The original company or brand called MK Motorsport went out of business around the early 2000's (I might be wrong) and at the time, they didn't make any 20 inch diameter wheels (stand to be corrected again!). The 'design' of these MK1's was purchased by whoever got the IP and perhaps any moulds etc and they then designed them up in 20 inch sizing. So 'technically' they're not genuine MK Motorsport wheels from the original company. They're genuine wheels from whoever it is who owns the brand and logo rights. Available here - http://www.bmautosport.co.uk/showroom/product_info.php/new-motorsport-alloys-massive-dish-105-rear-p-225?cPath=51_24_147_35_239 They're very nicely priced for a good quality cast wheel in 20 inch with the deep lip design style. Cheers, Dennis!
  10. Need space in a Garage? Surrey

    Hi, Mr 530i - I agree with you and it's why I asked roughly where it is along the A3 and the good thing is that around that 'area' there's plenty of potential places so reducing the potential of anyone trying to work out more accurately as to where. Clem - Thanks and do feel free to PM once you know more about the whole setup, availability and pricing etc. Cheers, Dennis!
  11. E39 Touring 530i - Manual

    Hi, Get/prepare yourself for a long wait for an example to come up for sale that is in great/excellent condition and has the options you want etc. You can shorten the wait by specifying the car could be any spec/colour and condition on the thinking you'll spend the money to bring it up to the standards you want. These cars were very rare when new so given that some must have been written off or broken for spares or are in relatively poor condition, there'll be even fewer left. You could expand to including Diesel manual Touring variants, but similarly, they were also very rare from new. If you wish to try the E39, then look at saloon variants, the 530i being the pick of the bunch as an all rounder. Manual gearbox versions are still very rare though, but you'll at least increase your choice by allowing saloons. Depending on your pocket, then the V8 535i or 540i could be on the radar or an Alpina B10 or M5. Cheers, Dennis!
  12. A million miles of cable?

    Hi The Mk4 DVD based Nav unit can 'drive' the monitor without the need for a 'video module'. Earlier GPS unit's can't so the video module is also needed. The 'TV tuner' is a separate module and early 'analogue' ones picked up the old analogue tv transmission singals. As those have been switched off, then you could perhaps use the tv module to wire in a reverse camera ( not direct plugnplay so needs some fiddling around to fit correctly) or playstation, (again, needs some fiddling to fit and work properly) else it's useless except for the Carphonics digital TV upgrade which could be added onto it at £340 which includes control by the oem buttons (which is the safe option). I don't know what the white antenna/terminal is for, one of the much more experienced with OEM audio guys will confirm that. Carphonics have a full E46 kit for sale and it includes some of his upgrades. Get a E39 spec 16:9 monitor (these are rarer to find and I'd say nowadays you'd be looking at around £175 for a decent condition one and £220+ for a pristine one. The kit (inc Mk4 nav (2017 maps) , BM54 module (BT and RCA preouts upgrade) E46 monitor, loom, TV module with stage 2 digital upgrade) some E46 specific bits like the relocation panel is up at £850. Once you sell the E46 bits/monitor and get the E39 version, it'll be around that level of spend. Fitting charges if needed would be extra and of course, if you wanted to improve the oem sound quality level you'll have, it'll be extra again, so potentially well over a grand. Alternatives are those cheap chinese units, a car PC/Raspberry Pi or Arduino type PC install or a high quality head unit from one of the established and reputable brands. What would your ideal solution/setup be ?! Cheers, Dennis!
  13. A million miles of cable?

    Hi SLX530, I've already answered your question in the 2nd sentence of my initial response to you! You can't do what you are thinking, the setup is modular and each module is required to be in place and functional for the whole setup to work. Longer term, as each point of failure happens, it's the most expensive route too. You can do without the TV and Bluetooth modules if you wish though. The rest of my initial response also covers the rest of the disadvantages of the OEM setup. The 'advantages' with the OEM setup is 100% oem looks in the dash and full OBC functionality, so if you *must* have those, then OEM is the only way to go currently, so ensure your wallet is fat enough! Cheers, Dennis!
  14. Need space in a Garage? Surrey

    Hi Clem, Possibly interested in two spaces, I'll need to talk to cousin of mine about this. The A3 is a long stretch of road! roughly whereabouts along is it?! Is there secure or more secure storage? CCTV and strong gates etc? on the building itself, the same? good locks, strong doors and an Alarm/CCTV ? Cheers, Dennis!
  15. E39 Piano Black Interior - Painted

    Hi, Thanks for that fast update! I'm after the genuine High Gloss Black trim set, but hopefully at this price someone will take these. Cheers, Dennis!
  16. E39 Piano Black Interior - Painted

    Hi Cawmere, Any update on this please? is it a DIY painted trim set or the OEM finish? Cheers, Dennis!
  17. 16,000 mile E39 540 anyone?

    Hi, I'd be asking if the car has been or will be fully converted to UK spec within the sale price. Those are KM/h clocks and the GPS setup is for the Japanese market and I believe won't work in the UK, along perhaps also the radio tuning steps being different too. Every now and again, the question about Japanese spec cars (E39s) comes up and I vaguely recall it's a case of swapping the GPS computer out and the tuner module too but stand to be corrected on that. It's an Alpine White SE spec car, so apart from the colour, it's nothing overly special. A very clean facelift 540i SE Auto, with perhaps 80K miles would have an asking price of £5000 with a realistic selling price a bit lower than that (all the other absurd asking price examples always remain unsold week in week out) so I don't see Alpine White and ultra low mileage being realistically worth £12K - perhaps an asking price of £7500 would actually see the dealers phone ring? The car would look so much better if it was a Sport model and with a black leather interior. As for the white rubbing strips, then yes, the general consensus amongst BMW owners is to have them black... I personally love my car with the white rubbing strips ! As it's a 540i, a good thorough check of the cooling system and the V8 usual issues - timing chain and others needs to be done. Low mileage doesn't automatically mean it's in great condition ! Cheers, Dennis!
  18. A million miles of cable?

    Hi, The main concern you'll need to keep in mind with your plan of reverting to the OEM audio modules is that given their age, they fail more often nowadays. Each module also has multiple points of failure and naturally, each one is relatively expensive to fix/resolve. As a minimum, you'd need the monitor, amplifier/.tuner unit (BM54) the GPS computer (most owners nowadays will go for the Mk4 version as it can 'drive' the monitor directly and processes that little bit quicker than older versions) and the oem loom with the GPS antenna's fitted and connected up. At that point, you'll have the oem setup and oem levels of sound quality and features from 2001. If you aren't too fussed about the general consensus that the E39 OEM audio is mediocre then that's fine of course. From your other thread about perhaps also wanting Bluetooth, then keep in mind that oem BT will only do mobile phone calls, they're too old now and the BT audio streaming profile came out after the BT modules became obsolete. Given that new mobile phones come out all the time, and with Bluetooth Version 5 around the corner, it's possible that there'll be less compatibility with the old BT modules. Currently, iphones have the best chance of full OEM BT compatibility, Android is hit and miss. You can get later versions of the BT module to try and see if they work with the current phone you have in case of issues, but there's no guarantee. To keep the other modules I mention above working, will mean longer term 'relatively' expensive fixes. If you then also wish to 'add on' features like iPod playback/control, Digital TV, Digital Radio, the costs begin to escalate significantly. For your questions above, the BM54 unit is specific to the oem setup, aftermarket head units do not connect up and work with it. An aux in can be added and there's thousands of threads about the few routes you can take, however, there's no control of the device you connect so if you are seen picking up a device and/or cause an incident due to being distracted, then do be prepared for the potential consequences. There are interfaces available which offer BT audio streaming and/or SD card music file playback which can be controlled via the oem buttons, but again, the quality choices for these add to the costs relatively significantly. Lastly, it sounds as though a previous owner has put in RCA cables, an aftermarket amp and head unit and bypassed the oem wiring etc, so 'hopefully' the correct oem loom still is in the car. You'll need to check that out, if not, then once you get an oem loom, the GPS antennas etc, it's an involved job to fit it all back in again, so if you need a Pro Installer to do this, expect perhaps a days worth of fitting charges (and hopefully, that'll include them fitting in the various modules too etc). After all the above (if it's the route you go) then you'll have your fingers crossed tightly that all the modules you've just purchased are all working 100%! Overall, it's not really worth it to retrofit the oem modules given that technology and features have moved on so much since 2001. I fully understand that E39 owners want the OEM looks in the dash though! The low quality cheap chinese units are a gamble with every aspect about them (is the current aftermarket head unit a chinese one or a recognised high quality brand one?). My suggestion based on looking at the positives and negatives for all potential ways forward would be to get a high quality brand head unit, a modest 5 channel amplifier, upgraded 2 way component speakers for the front (in MDF baffles) , 2 way co-axials for the rear shelf and a 8/10 subwoofer in a small sealed enclosure that fires through the ski hatch and which fits up snugly to the rear seat bulkhead. You could get all of those new and would be on par with going the OEM modules route, or used where you'll save X amount depending on the deals you get. Cheers, Dennis!
  19. E39 Piano Black Interior - Painted

    Hi, Is this a set of trims that have been painted? if so, is it a non metallic paint ? If it's not been painted and is oem, can you take some clear close up pictures of the trims so that the finish can be seen more clearly please !?! Cheers, Dennis!
  20. Choice dilemma. ... E39 or E60

    Hi, To continue what Duncan mentions, there's quite a few similar threads over the years on the Pistonheads forum so I'd suggest you look those up and read up the actual experiences for those who've been in the same situation and gather more knowledge from those who run the V10 on a daily basis or closer to how you'll perhaps use it. The E61 M5 could be a potential excellent choice for you, unless of course you don't like Touring's. Apart from all that, then only you know what your budget to purchase a car will be. Everyone wants a well sorted, excellent condition E39 M5 but finding them is hard given their age. Some that pop up at silly asking prices are known and shown to have flaws that are potentially quite expensive to sort, so it's really a case of looking at as many as you can and all over the country till you find one that is accurately described and most importantly, in as best as condition as possible. For these cars, don't get hung up on colour and the amount of options and toys it has, get the very best condition one as you can - various options and toys can be retrofitted later and if you don't like the colour, you can always have the car wrapped. Parts are harder to find but not overly so I'd have thought. You already know all about the rest of the appeal of an E39 M5 by having owned one previously. The E60 is indeed epic and is of course faster and once you put a excellent exhaust on it, has that awesome V10 sound! match that with excellent manners and handling it's a fine M5 variant indeed. The usual bug bears with these V10's is of course running costs. The small fuel tank will see you sending christmas cards to all the staff at your nearest petrol station, if and when the big ticket items fail, they're big money to sort out properly. Everyone will say get an example that has some warranty left on it, but this option is becoming more scarce as each day/month/year passes so won't be very many to choose from generally. If you do get one with BMW warranty then you'll sleep a little easier. How confident are you that when/if a car goes or is out of warranty, that you'll be able to cover the costs? aside from the 'M' parts/issues, there's the usual E60 niggles as well and they can add up considerably too. When you do have the practicality to think of, then the E61 wins both in M and non M guise. If Touring's aren't for you, then I'd personally suggest an E39, but other's will say go with the E60... Cheers, Dennis!
  21. My E39 540i Touring - An ongoing project / build

    Hi Jay, There's no harm in having more than one set of the same wheels! That's two sets of Classic 19's and one of my two sets of Nova 5 19's! there's another two sets of Classic 20's tucked in my E39 goodies storage too! I'm evaluating on how to refinish them all! for the 3 piece wheels sets I have, I need to re-finish, re-barrel and re-lip them as well! - getting there slowly! Those BBS are ones I'd have along with a set of the RS2's with the very deep concave. I've never liked almost all the other BBS styles as they're all 'mainly' the cross spoke/mesh type which I've never ever liked. Your CK Air 2's look fantastic and as you are evaluating how to refinish them - you need to drop me a PM I'd also say to get a plate that's perhaps 5 characters so that you can get a shorter physical plate. I have my one I got back in 1997 and it's on retention along with one more special 'E39' related plate as well. The standard plate you have now 'sticks' out more prominently against the stealth black or 'darker' theme you have going so needs to be brought back down to size to be less conspicuous Don't forget that PM! Cheers, Dennis!
  22. That's it for petrol....

    Hi, Remember when Petrol for a long time was cheaper than Diesel at the public forecourts? then around the mid 90's, private motorists began to use Diesel more and more due to the extra mileage per fuel tank fillup. The government began to tax Diesel more and then it relatively quickly became more expensive than Petrol due to the increasing demand. In a few years time (if not faster) the same will happen in that the prices of Diesel and then Petrol will increase as the government increases the rate of tax on both fuels. This will begin to coerce the non enthusiast driving public to take up EV's as their next choice of car. Add in the same kinds of increases on MOT's for fossil fueled cars, raising the VED substantially, adding in higher taxes for fossil fueled car parts and then of course, increasing insurance rates for them, the mindset of the general driving public will change a lot more rapidly than 50 years! What I suspect will be the case is that those with deep enough pockets can still drive a petrol engined performance car such as an M3/5/6, RS4/6, Merc AMG and then all the Porsches, Maserati's, Ferrari's and Lambo's etc as they'll be able to easily afford the above increased costs with the petrol forecourt price being the most visible at perhaps £2, £3, £4 per litre it'll cost! Currently the infrastructure isn't up to the demand levels, however, keep in mind not everyone will need to 'plug in' each night, other's will recharge at work. There's developmental technology reported a few months ago where a battery cell can be fully recharged from flat in around 15 minutes. Given time to develop that technology more over the coming years, and I'd expect that time to perhaps halve and that's not too far off the time it takes currently to fillup larger cars with petrol/diesel. During that time, infrastructure will increase as well. Keep in mind the UK is a small island, so 'range' anxiety is less of an issue given that 'most' private car journeys are within a few miles of home. Those with longer commutes will of course ensure they're fully charged up prior to setting off. Travelling sales guys, remote location workers and those who need to travel much longer distances every day in a private or company vehicle will perhaps have 'added range' batteries added to their cars. Countries like the USA which are absolutley vast, may take longer for EV changeover for those who live outside of the major metropolitan cities and given their petrol is ultra cheap, they'll continue to use fossil fuel for longer. Those in the major cities will follow a timeframe similar to here. Also, given that 'most' people won't need anywhere near the acceleration and performance figures of the Tesla, a lot of ordinary EV's will have more modest figures - say capped to around 6 seconds 0-60. 25 years ago, Supercars had 0-60 figures of say around that and just above 5 seconds! Cheers, Dennis!
  23. E39 530D auto vs manual mode

    Auto box has now been junked and it's now a 5 speed manual. This steering wheel is due to come off once I arrange a new one to go on.
  24. E39 530D auto vs manual mode

    Hi, As above from Stevecvo. When I had my car re-mapped after the first auto gearbox rebuild back in 2007, it was more aggressive in Sport mode as the parameters within the map were changed to provide it. In auto Drive mode those same parameters had different 'lesser extent' levels programmed in. A short while after that custom re-map, I also added a paddle shift steering wheel from an E46 CSL, and when I'd tip the gearlever into Sport mode, it was more of a joy to go find twisty roads and drive more spiritedly using the paddle shifters! Unfortunately, the gearshift 'time' wasn't any quicker by using the paddles, just the same response time. The 'fun factor' of using them for me, was greatly increased though! Cheers, Dennis!
  25. Bluetooth lifeless

    Hi, Contact Cartronics who can and do repairs to OEM multimedia modules https://www.cartronics.co.uk/ Cheers, Dennis!