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  1. E39 facelift steering wheel

    Hi Dan, A steering wheel like you had in your last E39 ! the E46 SMG M Sport type ! or are you after a 'Sport' steering wheel ? or facelift Non Sport one?! Cheers, Dennis!
  2. E39 facelift steering wheel

    Hi Dan, SMG or non SMG ?! Cheers, Dennis!
  3. BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    Hi Sanjay - please indicate where in the UK you are located. I will also message you with any items I may need. Curby - the E39 monitor came with cassette only (same for the E38 and E53). Only the E46 had cassette and CD player versions. Cheers, Dennis!
  4. E39 DSP Amp

    Hi, I have indeed heard of BBA Reman, they did my ABS unit exchange. From your link, they are offering an exchange unit in place of an old faulty one so it's your only option as I don't know of anyone else repairing these. There may well be some one else though saying that, just not seen them as yet ! The 10 way crossover solution was from a seller in the USA and over a period of about a year or so, those who purchased got their units. Some didn't sound right and a proportion of buyers complained and wanted fixes. With some bad customer service, those fixes didn't happen and it all ended with bitterness from the customers but suprisingly also from the seller who posted up some terrible responses. I prefer aftermarket equipment as I mention above, the performance increase Vs money spent is much greater than keeping the old oem modules alive! Sods law is you'll fix the DSP amp and something else in the setup will begin to fail/will fail! With modern slimline subwoofers, you'll be very surprised at just how tiny subwoofer enclosures can be! the days of 'having' to have a big enclosure are long gone ! Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DSP options. ..

    Hi, Are you going to be using the Sound Processor (DSP as you reference it !) to take 'all' the speaker outputs from the OEM amplifier in your car ? It sounds as though you are given that you mention the MS-8. Given that you mention you don't wish to spend £500+ then you'll likely need to keep searching for a used unit to come up. The other 8 channel alternative which comes to my mind is £600 in the shape of the Mosconi ONE 60.8 DSP http://www.teamspb.co.uk/Mosconi-ONE-60-8DSP-p/mosconione60.8dsp.htm If you call Amar at Team SPB, he will explain it and possible other routes you could take (if any) given your budget/audio requirements/current setup design (tell him I sent you along !) Cheers, Dennis!
  6. E39 estate subwoofer enclosure options

    Hi, There's no other ready made E39 Touring subwoofer enclosures for high quality/capable subwoofer drivers as far as I'm aware. This design has been around and advertised on ebay for quite a while now - perhaps 2 years or so? A few Touring owners US side have purchased and .. found it bit of a faff and mission to fit properly. They've got there in the end though, so it's not an 'easy' fit enclosure, you'll need to work at it. Check this link https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2293612-Basser-Subwoofer-cab-for-E39-Touring-review-install-tips There 'might' be others around but not seen anything advertised as easily/readily available. I had mine custom made and run a JL 8W3v3. I wanted powerful, clean, smooth, musical sub bass and to keep the original carpeted trim panel and have the subwoofer play directly out into the load area - i.e nothing covering it and have it so it was easily removeable to allow access to the light cluster cover; I went on the 'left' side as there was nothing in that location and on my 'right' side I have a dual battery split charging system so no space for an enclosure. In recent years, the shallow depth/flat subwoofer designs have really improved so you should get fantastic sub bass out of the Focal as it needs 12L and the 'basser' enclosure is 15L What's the rest of the setup for the car going to be? Cheers, Dennis!
  7. Will these fit ?

    Hi Milo, Sounds like you've lucked out with them being 74.15mm CB! As Dan mentions, I have a little correction in that you 'have' to lower once you put 19s on the E39! The visual trick that there's more wheelarch to tyre 'gap' makes the car 'look' a bit funny. a 30/40mm ride height drop sorts that out and if indeed you are going coilovers, then you'll be easily adjust till you find the height that suits you in relation to your tyres/offsets/any slight rubs etc. I'm not sure if there's a suitable 285 width tyre as the rolling radius will be affected to the extent it might be outside the +/- 3% variation. Going more than 3% means the car's sensors/computers might restrict power once they detect the out of tolerance rolling radius. All the major BMW tuners had wheel sets for the E39 with 9.5s at the rear but Breyton had 10's for the rears and BBS also specified 10's. Each of those did indeed recommend 275/30 tyres. Although the stretch is there, it's minimal and I'd say it's quite hard to detect, so you'd be better to just keep to 275's. For the refinish, what are you thinking of? I'd suggest perhaps having the lips hand polished and the centres painted/powdercoated. Reason I mention it is that Breyton with a few of it's wheel designs used a stainless steel lip which looked awesome when clean and no damage, but shabby once damaged. No wheel refinishers wanted to try refinishing stainless steel either. I think it was a case of having to buy very expensive stainless steel replacements. From the picture of your Inspirations, I don't think they had these stainless lips, so your options are much better. I'll get some pics of the Breyton wheel caps I have and PM to you soon. Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Will these fit ?

    Hi, What's the centre bore size? if 74.15mm then they're fine to fit and the 10 inch rear on an ET19 will also be ok. The fronts are also good to fit on as well assuming the same centre bore. If the CB is 72.56 or, has a larger 76 or 82mm size, then you can use hubcentric adapters/rings to bring to 74.15mm. To look nice, you'll need to be running a lower ride height than the oem sport height. Depending on how low you want to run, you could vary the tyre sizing to 235/35 fronts and 265/30/19 rears and you might need to slightly roll in the inner arches to give a little clearance. You'll also need to look at tyre shoulder shapes just in case you get a small amount of rub as some tyres have a 'squarer' shape than others. If you use coilover suspension, then you can adjust the height till you get it just right. If you use static springs/shocks, then look at the lowering amount carefully, given you are already 15mm lower than non sport suspension. Finally, I have a set of genuine Breyton centre caps which you can have to complete them Cheers, Dennis!
  9. E39 19'' Staggered Parallel Wheels

    Hi, I have a very specific project in mind for these and also a very specific refinishing route for them as well. New batches of these haven't been made for a good 3/4 years now, so only used sets are coming up every so often - If a set comes up, I suggest purchasing asap ! Milo - Breyton are one of the high end BMW tuner brands and everything they make is of high quality. I'd say get real Breyton wheels instead of unbranded Replica type wheels. The Breyton Inspirations are rare to see on an E39 and whilst they're nice wheels, they're not sought after as such. For me, the Breyton Magic Racing look really good on the E39 in 19 inch sizing. I sold a set of those a few years back for around £500 or so, with decent budget brand tyres (it's how they came to me). The Breyton Vision's can also look really good too. Are there any other sets of wheels you like? if they're more of the sought after, tuner brand, high quality or rare to find wheels, I'll keep a lookout for you as those are the kinds of wheels I'll often deal with. I give a miss to budget brand, OEM or replica type wheels for the most part - only the rare/specific ones I'll keep an eye out for! Loadmaster - The correct term is 'lip' Cheers, Dennis!
  10. E39 DSP Amp

    Hi, You'll find listings for the DSP amplifier but you'll need to ensure you get the one compatible with your build date year. The DSP amp was BMW's specifications and the OEM manufacturing partners were Philips, Lear, Becker and Alpine. I can't quite remember if each of them made the DSP amp, definitely Lear as I sold mine some 18/24 months ago. I think you can use ones from the E53 and/or different model / revision number years but you may need to code them to your car - some more research for you there. The above assumes you find a working unit as well. As you've discovered or discovering, there's no specialists that repair faulty DSP amplifiers as BMW didn't release any schematics for their audio systems of the era (maybe they still don't?). So, chances are if you do get a working one, then sooner or later, that one will also fail. Of course, it may last a good while longer as well. I'd suggest a better alternative is to ditch the DSP amp and also the old DSP speakers and use a modern 4/5 channel amplifier with upgraded front 2 way component speakers and rear co-axial ones instead. As an interim, you could use the N7's on board amplifier stage and run the upgraded speakers directly off it whilst you research/evaluate/save up for the amplifier and subwoofer solution you prefer. As for current testing, disconnect the DSP amp, steering wheel control interface/connections etc, so just the N7 on it's own. Find a known working speaker and connect to each speaker level output. If it all seems ok/fine, then it may well be the DSP amp that's failing/failed. If you get the bad audio output, then it's likely the N7 is faulty. You'll need to contact the N7's seller to see if they'll replace under warranty, assuming you purchased from the Dynavin UK importer or authorised seller? If it turns out it's the N7, I'm not surprised really, they're made using low grade and quality electronics like all the chinese made replacement type units, so fingers crossed you get proper support/warranty from the seller. Cheers, Dennis!
  11. E39 19'' Staggered Parallel Wheels

    Hi Mastacrx, Just PM'd you.. I'll 100% take them If you could get in touch once you get my PM ! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. E39 M Audio Sub woofer options

    Hi, If you want 'zero' modifications or no minimal fabrication aspects/work, then it's only the M Audio drivers that will 'drop in' as it were. They do come up here and there, mainly on M5board and thus, usually in the USA so you'll have to personally import them. Asking prices for units that are in 'good/excellent' condition seem to be around the $200-300 USD level. Ones that have deteriorated a little more perhaps around the $145-175 level. If none turn up in the UK then once landed expect to pay between £190(ish) to £320(ish) once all shipping/import duty/VAT/ Clearance fees are added. Of course, if you see a set and can negotiate a cheaper USD price, that'll mean a lower UK landed price. If you don't mind a little bit of work, then some owners have ditched the oem M Audio drivers and fitted in some slimline 10 inch subwoofers. There's a Rockford Fosgate driver which gets mentioned by those who've done it and I think one or two owners have also used a Pioneer driver too. To have these fit nicely, means some work to get some MDF pieces cut and fitted so that the drivers can be affixed to them. You'll need to also install some vibration deadening material on the metal of the parcel shelf area as well. Given your car was already M Audio equipped at factory, I think the holes on the rear shelf metal will already be there. You'll also need an amplifier to drive these subwoofers as the OEM DSP amp isn't powerful enough to drive them nicely. If you aren't too concerned with bass performance and just want a simple route forward then once you find a set, go for the M Audio drivers and then you'll know your setup is all 'oem'. If you do want better bass performance, then perhaps go the slimline subs/amp route. If you want smooth, musical, powerful, controlled, tight and accurate 'actual' sub bass, then you'll need to go with much better sub woofer(s), amplifier(s), upgraded cabin speakers and go with a very small sealed enclosure using either single/double 8/10/12 inch subwoofer. Cheers, Dennis!
  13. 19" tyres and pressures

    Hi Dan, You know there's not many owners on this forum running 19's on their E39's! I've always run 38 or 40 PSI all round on my tyres. I do like to drive spiritedly quite often and on plenty of the roads I know well, so don't want to be thinking 'next time i'm on this road, i'll up the pressure' etc. What's your thinking to increase your pressures? do you carry relatively heavier items or just want better handling or sharper steering control ? Cheers, Dennis!
  14. M5 Touring F11. I want one !

    Hi, BMW skipped the F11 chassis for an M5 variant, so this has been built by some specialist shops over in Germany. Off to go talk to the bank manager ! http://www.speedhunters.com/2018/04/f11-m5r-touring-building-bmw-wouldnt/ Cheers, Dennis!
  15. M5 Touring F11. I want one !

    Hi Ray! I'm thinking to just bypass the bank manager and withdraw a good amount of Equity ! There's quite a number of E39 M5 Touring's around now and I'd still love one ! Like this F11 version, I'd modify it to a nice extent - I can't do 'OEM only' ! Cheers, Dennis!

    Hi, You won't get 'better bass' from upgrading just the rear parcel shelf speakers. Any improvement will be relatively marginal however you'll get a 'noticeable' improvement in midrange and treble performance. Don't expect impressive improvements though ! To get better bass response in the E39, you do need to add a subwoofer solution. The 'best' route for this is to have a small sealed enclosure that fits up tightly against the rear seat bulkhead and use the ski hatch hole to have a 8/10/12 inch subwoofer 'play through it'. This method means 100% bass transfer into the cabin, takes up relatively little space if you use a good quality subwoofer that works in very small enclosures, is cost effective and relatively easy to install. Other 'ways' exist but they're not as good or efficient. I'd also suggest upgrading the front end to 2 way components and ditch the oem plastic enclosure. There's a cheap pair of MDF baffles for around £17 on ebay and they provide a more solid 'base' for the upgraded speakers to play on - the result is much better mid bass performance - again, don't expect 'good bass' from the front end. You don't need to go too far with the rears, so a £30-60 set of 5.25 inch co-axials will be fine - spend as much as you can/want on the front end 2 way 5.25 inch components and then in due course add in the subwoofer aspect. Overall, you'll get a noticeable improvement over the oem setup, but actual Sound Quality will be quite hampered given the cheap chinese head unit you'll be using as the use internal electronics and IC's that are 'generic' level in quality. Your speakers and sub will sound/perform better with a reputable brand head unit which will have much better SQ in comparison. Cheers, Dennis!
  17. Restoring OEM M-Audio Components

    Hi, It'd possible and 'more likely' nowadays that one or more of the modules is failing/failed and it's why the setup isn't working properly. You'll need to begin fault finding. It's 'possible' that one o more of the the M Audio loom wiring wires has been cut or is chafing so you'll perhaps want to check more continuity, Check that the GPS antenna is also still in place and connected as well as the FM/AM antenna etc. Once you know or are confident the loom is all good, you'll need to do what you are thinking, which is to swap each module with a known working unit. If one or more modules are faulty then you'll need to find a known working DSP amp (these are getting thinner on the ground as more of them go faulty with age - no one refurbishes/repairs them) and/or the other modules and you should find it all works again. If not, then you'll need to delve further in as it'll be a specific issue on your car. The OEM setup is modular & electronically specific, so it's 'possible' that without the M Audio subs the system won't power up properly. Good call from Lufbramatt in that you can remove the TV tuner when fault finding as it's not needed to make the setup work. By the way, which 'actual' head unit are you referring to? I suspect it's an aftermarket one, it won't be the OEM one as it won't work without the rest of the OEM setup. There may be an 'extension cable' plugged into the rear loom, so unplug that in order you can re-attach the OEM amplifer module/monitor cables (two of those) etc. Good luck ! Cheers, Dennis!
  18. My 530i SE

    Hi, The OEM colour Anthracite on the E39 colours chart isn't common, it's relatively rare. In the metal, I really like the colour and when it's all clean/polished/waxed and the sun hits it, I think it looks fantastic ! Grey and Gold can look fantastic when done well; An Anthracite Touring on 19" style 5's converted to 3 piece with Gold highlights on the centre cap and wheel bolts. E30shed - any more plans for your car? or going to keep pretty much as is ?! Cheers, Dennis!
  19. BMW 530i Champagne Edition 2 88k

    Hi Dan, I do agree with you in terms of there's some very very high asking prices out there for many cars, even way beyond what an enthusiast would likely want to pay. Plenty of car dealers/traders are adding on several thousand extra if not 10K and more in the 'hope' that someone will think it's a good car from an initial actual view of it but without a full inspection and then rush off to get finance/loan for it. Given that it's likely to become more difficult to get loans/finance lots of these 'high/silly' asking priced cars will just remain unsold and, as you say, actual selling prices will drop significantly. It's a never ending topic amongst car enthusiasts with 'most' thinking that if they have a sought after variant then their asking & actual selling prices are going to 'automatically' keep rising. The 'lesser' variants which have ultra low miles or might be a limited edition now also have dealers/traders chancing it too as seen in plenty of adverts ! I'm the opposite - I don't think any of the E39's will have many examples at £30-40K like many think. Only the most pristine, very low miled (less than 30K miles) , right colour/spec & maintained regardless of cost ones will have £40K asking prices and actually 'sell' for that in 5/10/15+ years time. Cheers, Dennis!
  20. BMW 530i Champagne Edition 2 88k

    Hi Dan, I wouldn't say that ! else, how do well known specialists like GMS cars, nick johnson, sj specialist cars etc etc who all ask big prices survive ? In just my own family, there's some who aren't into cars at all and yet can and will reach for their chequebook (remember those!!) if they just fancy a new (or used) car - and they're not entry level variants. Going further out, some of my own friends are again not car enthusiasts and yet have supercars in their garages. The point is that there's plenty of people out there who have the means to easily buy a car that's advertised as low mileage and also in great condition even if it's a 'bread and butter' 5 series (or Merc E class or Audi A6 and similar.) who aren't enthusiasts. Granted, a car advertised at £10K might not (most likely won't) actually sell at that asking price, it's highly likely cars sell/have sold for quite a bit less, but not multiple thousands less unless the car turns out to actually be a total dog of an example. Cableguy - cheers! yes, as soon as I read your response I remembered the Champagne 1 variant (I was also reading the title of this thread as well !) Cheers, Dennis!
  21. Low Mileage e39 530i SE - Whats it worth?

    Hi, £4-5K for enthusiasts means it'd need to be a Sport variant and with a manual gearbox. Very few of this sector of the market will want an SE at that kind of price level. Do take much better pictures, the last one looks as if it's had a front offside wing as the colour doesn't seem to match - it might be the angle of the camera though. Also, as per above, get a good well sorted and descriptive advert done, great on details and include things like condition and specification. Get many clear good pictures done too. The M5 mirrors are nice but look a little out of place on an otherwise totally standard SE. £3495 I think would have your phone actually ring. You can of course ask more, however I'd say the amount of potential calls will diminish. Cheers, Dennis!
  22. BMW 530i Champagne Edition 2 88k

    Hi, If the old colonel E39 referenced above is a Champagne, then the Naturel Poplar wood trim is missing. At that asking price, it needs to be present and in excellent condition. Fairly sure that 'black' kidney grilles weren't a factory option either ! Plenty of car purchasers who aren't on forums and who don't research various aspects about cars - they have deep pockets and mostly 'automatically assume' low mileage means a car is fantastic in every way - it's those customers who keep 'higher end' car dealers in business ! Cheers, Dennis!
  23. anyway to make the intravee to display in the cluster?

    Hi, The Intravee unit won't interface with aftermarket head units in the way you're both thinking/wanting. I'm perhaps 99.5% sure there'll not be any custom development for the software to try and make it do this either. If you buy the 'Avin Avant 3' then that comes with the Resler Interface so you can get the inexpensive OBC app installed and get the OBC functions that way. I think the Dynavin has it's own 'operating system' so the same setup might not work. The mass of other cheap chinese clone type head units running android should be able to work with the Resler Interface/iBus app - just be aware of the potential issues/problems that plague these kinds of units. You can connect the Intravee to the car and access it's functions via a laptop, so that's still an option. Lastly, I don't think there'd be any development work to have the Intravee drive and display on the instrument cluster directly either. Haven't heard/seen Richard for a while now both here on the forum and in real life as see him at evants/shows etc. I expect he's busy on other projects . He'll confirm 100% if there will be any easy ways to achieve the above and/or any custom development work and if there is, then disregard the above! Cheers, Dennis!
  24. antenna amp wireing

    Hi, The OEM antenna amplifier units do need to be operational in order to send a good/decent radio signal. If your's is connected and working properly and you still get poor performance for FM/AM reception, then the reason is most likely the poor quality of the Tuner stage within the head unit. Getting a head unit that uses higher quality electronics would be the answer ! Cheers, Dennis!
  25. E39 Latest Multimedia Head Unit Options....

    Hi, Supertramp - There's usually always some niggle/issue/problem(s) with the cheap chinese units that overall do manage to work longer term. For every owner/unit like that, there's plenty more that have had more issues/problems or has failed completely - consider yourself one of the 'luckier' ones ! Not sure on the Antenna question, I personally stream via Bluetooth from my phone using the free TuneIn app for when I want to listen to UK radio stations. I don't need to worry/troubleshoot antenna issues/digital radio boxes and installations etc. The Avin Avant 3 is perhaps the best on paper currently for the chinese head unit option, but watch out for the increased costs if you tick more of the 'option' boxes ! As you have a Touring, there's good ways of upgrading the audio and keeping things stealthily mounted/installed, it all depends on what you want and the level of 'hiding' you'd want. If you go with a aftermarket unit, then you'd simplify things a bit as it'd be 'Head unit to aftermarket Amplifier' directly via RCA leads - you wouldn't need to keep any of the OEM audio modules. I've done a full install in my Touring, zero oem audio aspects involved! Later in the summer if you do 'prepare' your car for future audio upgrades, it'll give you some time to evaluate what you'd like as well as buy the products needed over time. Let me know if you wish to discuss any aspects - more than happy to help/advise Adamhearn - I agree with you for the most extent. There are 'some' owners who will get a high quality, reputable and well regarded head unit at £750-1000 and also £1000-1350 or so and then have them fitted with one of the current fascia adapters etc along with a well installed rest of setup. Granted, overall there's not many of these such owners but you'd be surprised ! What would the ideal D/Din adapter be ? Cheers, Dennis!