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  1. Hi Jamie, Absolutely fantastic for every aspect you've done and documented in this thread! How's the Carbon Fabric holding up over these last few years?! It'd be good to get an 'update' from you Looking forward to more about everything you have planned for the whole car too! Cheers, Dennis!
  2. Hi, Which oem audio setup do you have in the car? If you have the basic radio/cassette then the Intravee 2 and KCA-420i iPod adaptor won't connect to it. I know the Monitor/GPS oem setup can have the Intravee connected up but I'm not sure if the 'middle' oem audio options - MID/Cassette or CD are potentially compatible. If you do have the GPS/Monitor system, then get those items mentioned above and you can use a longer Ai-Net lead and connect the iPod at the back of the car if you like and it's controllable from the oem buttons. If you have the basic radio cassette, then there's nothing that connects to that to use an ipod and use the oem buttons - its too basic. Look in the Intravee section on this forum for everything to know about it. Some owners want to make an Aux in connection, the issue there is there's no control of the ipod and penalties have recently increased to £200 and 6 points on your licence if you are caught holding and controlling a device. Alternatives are fitting a Parrot/Bury hands free mobile phone interface which has the capability of controlling an iPod. Also look at oem type interfaces from GROM, Dice, Dension and mObridge which can control iPods and some have Bluetooth audio streaming and SD card music files playback. Again, you'll need to see which of the oem audio systems are in your car and work with any of these potential solutions. If you have an aftermarket head unit, then many have direct iPod control and playback so no need to purchase anything extra and fit it. Cheers, Dennis!
  3. Hi, I think the article pushes the idea too far that privately owned, fossil fueled cars will disappear altogether in 8 years time. There's too many classic cars as well as more modern 'interesting' cars around that people will want to keep. Those people will be the 'enthusiast' sector of the car driving population and makes up maybe 10 or 15% max of total numbers. The 'masses' will begin to opt for electric cars (hydrogen powered cars has just had a consortium of the big 3 Japanese manufacturers endorse that) or Hydrogen over the next 2,5, 10 years as they'll take advantage of discounts and subsidies from the Government to make the switch. I think what'll happen is those enthusiasts who wish to keep a fossil fueled car will find the mandatory costs for doing so will increase. More tax will be added to fuel per litre pricing at pumps, the MOT cost will rise, more taxes/duties on spare parts and increases in insurance costs as well as Vehicle Excise Duty too. This will be done to 'coerce' more of these enthusiasts to scrap or get rid of the cars over the next 5,10 15+ years. More pushy tactics would be perhaps to force a car to have VED even if SORN'd and higher rates of the above aspects and as the years drag on, to keep increasing those rates. It'll ultimately mean that those with very deep pockets will keep and run special cars and the high end of automotive fossil fueled cars. I'd say most of the 'interesting' cars based on normal variants will become much harder to sell and only the absolute very best examples of those - with very low mileage, in totally pristine condition, stacks of receipts/invoices, dry stored, in the sought after colour combinations with the right specification will survive longer term. The loss of revenue from Fossil Fuels at the pumps for privately owned cars will perhaps be transferred/offset with home installed certified charging points and electricity costs. When it comes to commercial vehicles, there'll be more schemes where Diesel can be purchased by companies for their fleets (even if just one van) at a slightly lower rate than at the pump whilst more development takes place for Vans and Trucks become electric (or hydrogen) powered. Cheers, Dennis!
  4. Hi, Finding a set of the 'inner' clusters that aren't faded is difficult! Most all seem to haze over and apparently it's not easy to polish them up again as the haze appears from within the plastic material itself or is on the inner side. Occasionally a thread will appear where the top surface can be polished and much of the clean look is restored. I have a few sets of the inners but not in clean condition. I need to give them to a friend who likes using his polishing machine and has various polishes and creams etc - hopefully they'll come up looking good! Good luck in the meantime in finding a pair of good inners! Cheers, Dennis!
  5. Hi, When I had my E34 525i Sport, it was Cosmos Black/Schwarz and I do remember it looking fantastic when clean and in a nice deep red sunset. At the time, I was very close to pulling the trigger on an M5 and I liked Daytona Violet over the Avus Blue examples. Nowadays, as per above there's not that many left on the roads and when driving about I've seen a good 5/6 cars parked up and semi abandoned. I'd like to get another E34 in the medium term future and wouldn't care about colour so long as it was a decently solid example and if it's a standard colour, I'd just either wrap it or re-spray. There's one example locally which is a very very clean and well kept example and in semi regular use which I have my eye on and may approach the owner to leave my interest with him in case he sells. It's been around for a long time and I'm assuming it's either the original owner or, has a few owners whoi've had it multiple years - it's Alpine White too Didn't know Estoril and Messing were individual colour options for the E34! Cheers, Dennis!
  6. Reports of 2 loud bangs and according to a girl from Hull who was there, sounds like 'gunfire' as well all of which happened just after the performance ended. Multiple fatalities have been reported. Armed Police are there and trying to evacuate everyone as safely as possible in the confused aftermath. RIP and thoughts out to everyone there and hope there's no more to the incident
  7. Hi Nealpina, You'll get all sorts of recommendations from others when you ask this kind of question for using financial/accounting software. The replies are always usually based on the responders experiences and I'm sure you know, every business is different depending on industry sector, size, turnover and specific financial aspects and so on. You'll need to evaluate what you wish to achieve by going to a dedicated package/solution that suits you and your business(es) and then compare software solutions that are capable of matching. For instance, multi currency handling is a higher end feature for small business software to get right, but also, is useful for only certain sectors and industries. The ability to handle more than one company is another aspect you might want to look into. Here's a slightly older guide (2014) but the fundamentals are still pretty much the same today Nowadays, everything is online and in the Cloud - seems fitting for you! so you might well like the online solutions. Desktop packages can still be had and there's a fair proportion of business owners who prefer all their financial data with them locally (they then make their own arrangements for Disaster Recovery) So this could be something you may wish to consider. My previous background is 12 years in Financial IT software in various roles QA/Testing, 2nd/3rd line TS, Web & some Development etc and I had 3.5 years at Intuit UK and covered the Quickbooks product. The move to 'online' has been big the last few years but underneath it's a very powerful package aimed at those with no or limited accounting knowledge/experience. It's also powerful enough for accountants to use as well so excellent if you wish to grow and develop your business etc. In terms of error checking, then all software that can interface with the governments gateway systems must meet and exceed the technical requirements to do so and be certified before the gateways will authenticate and allow transfer of files for submission. This of course can't detect if you've made errors with your figures! Overall, as evidenced by Dan1979, I'd always recommend any small business existing or a new start up to budget for an accountant from day one. Unless the owner of the new business is confident and knowledgeable about accounting principles, VAT submissions, Tax aware etc, it makes sense to pay an accountant the £600-1000 for everything as it'll reduce errors and the hassle of mistakes etc. Cheers, Dennis!
  8. Hi, In that case if you prefer not to sell it and wish to keep it much longer term/forever, then it makes more sense. The only real limitation is the depth of your wallet if you are talking and considering strengthening the engine/drivetrain for a significant power/torque boost. The pick of the E39 Diesels was the 3.0 litre so a suggestion to you would be to swap in the drivetrain from a later E46 330d, the one with the 204 bhp as standard (i never remember the engine codes!) even better if it comes with a manual 6 speed gearbox! a relatively easy custom re-map from a high quality reputable specialist, along with the usual aspects like EGR delete, E60 oil breather conversion, de-cat exhaust should see a quick and relatively inexpensive, consistent 250-260BHP. I was very tempted to and wanted to go this route when I did the 5 speed conversion on my 530d last year, but funds/time and also finding a suitable car just weren't on my side. You'll need to research more on what upgrades and parts you can fit to your 525d to get around that 250+ BHP figure reliably. As for the other aspects, then again, how much is your anticipated budget ? big brake kit all round from K Sport / D2 which are a mid level brand and well regarded would be around £2K, I did MTEC cross drilled disks all round with Pagid pads for around £400 for all parts. Suspension, similar thoughts, what would you like? high quality KW, H&R, Bilstein level? BC Racing/Apex etc mid level choices? just the fronts? or would you ditch the rear airbags and go springs/shocks all round or coilovers all round? maybe even full height control air ride ? You can uprate to polyurethane bushes if you wish as well, and well known on the Touring's is the rear subframe bushes to Meyle HD ones which greatly improves the ride quality. Not sure of a one stop shop to do it all, let alone recommendations near Manchester, perhaps more of the forum members might know somewhere local and well reputable to do it ? I'm currently thinking maybe Driftworks in Birmingham who potentially do it all who'd be the closest to you, again, more recommendations may come through. Take a look through all the threads with topics of what you'd like to do and achieve and cost them in with your current budget and make changes where required and then purchase parts and/or book in with a place to do it all. Cheers, Dennis!
  9. Hi, Why would you want to spend what could/will mount to at least a few thousand pounds only to then replace it ? I'd say bite the bullet and sell the car for whatever it goes for as is and use that cash to put towards the new car and any work/mods you'll want to do to that ! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. Hi, The wheel in the first pic, looks like a significant flat spot on the barrel lip? As per above, you have some choices as to how you want them to look when done. Powder coat is a very durable option so if you intend to use all year round and on a daily driver, this would be a good option for both the centres and the barrels including the lip. If mainly for summer use, then you could have the centre's wet painted in any colour you'd like and perhaps have the lips of the barrels polished to bare metal. This option would mean manual upkeep of the lips as after a few days, they'll oxidise. Using a good wheel sealant will keep the lips looking great for much longer. I can't remember if the centre caps are metal or plastic on oem style 5's? if plastic, then powder coating those won't be an option as they'd melt. Do take the wheels to a reputable wheel refurbishment specialist and have them look at the flat spotted barrel lip, I'm sure it could be straightened, but the wheel does need to be checked to see if there's any cracks or more structural bends of the metal on the inside of the wheel etc. If there is, you might want to either source another barrel or bite the bullet and convert the set to 3 piece where you get to choose the width of the lip and back barrel to make a custom set of style 5's. Cheers, Dennis!
  11. Hi, Look carefully at the photographs of the car, there's quite a bit of rust and bubbling paint on the nearside of the car, the sill has a very noticeable dent in it as well. Might just be the angle, but the front bumper fitment looks a little bit off too. The usual places like the bootlid lock area and petrol filler neck are most likely going to have bubbling paint/rust issues along with the slightly holographic look to the offside lower rear door. Other areas to check are the jacking points which if rotten would mean a significant reduction in selling price would be required (£750-1000), check the brake and fuel lines and of course the rest of the underside for rust. Anthracite is a rarer colour for the E39 M5 and it looks fantastic when in clean and pristine condition, so it might be worth while purchasing the car and spending the £2/3K + on a good preparation and respray if the underside of the car turns out to be relatively clean and rust free. If not, then add in a couple more thousand to have all rust and corrosion resolved and treated along with future rust preventative products applied to make the car 'good' again. A few years ago, this car would have been £4500-5000 tops given the currently appearing to be a slightly dubious history and rust issues. If you look at it and it turns out it's a relatively solid and decent car, then Phil at CPC is a couple miles away so you could leave it with him to give it a full mechanical going over and a report on what you'd need to do to make it a good example Good luck ! Cheers, Dennis!
  12. Hi, Interesting to see there's some seriously modified Diesel E39's out there! that d10 engine is super rare so cool to see some pushing out big power. I can only assume at those big outputs, the fuel consumption would take a big hit even when driving normally and even more of a hit when driving 'spiritedly'! It's at that point where I'd think it'd be better to look at an M5, but in terms of just doing the big power diesel projects like you are, it's because you 'can' Cheers, Dennis!
  13. Hi Jordan, Welcome along to the forum and what looks like to be a nice project for you! There's always going to be trials and tribulations when it comes to cars and in your case looks like some aspects of those have appeared quite quickly. The wheels you have are indeed replica items, the way to tell is that the rear wheels don't have the 'deeper' lip that the OEM ones do. Given that you mention all four are buckled as well, it's not a good idea spending money to fix them as they're worth very little money as they're quality is low. Unfortunate about the spin out, were the tyres low on tread and/or budget tyres? there's many reports of budget tyres being ok in the 'dry' but have very little grip in the wet, so suspect that could also be part of the reason. Once you get more remedial work done, these cars are fantastic and it's highly likely at that stage you'll really like the car and how it drives. I can understand the frustration with bring it all back up to good quality levels! I'm 60% of the way through all the niggles with my car too! Cheers, Dennis!
  14. Hi, That item pictured is an Exotics Tuning item and there was only 100 pieces made back in 2009/10. They all sold out within a few months and it's the one I have on my car as I purchased one. Since then, perhaps 2/3 of these have come up for sale in the USA and each has sold within a day or so for 'around' the $400/500 level. Fitment on these is perfect as it's a very very well made product. ExoticsTuning won't make anymore of them as they were a limited edition run. The only place to get a decent similar piece is DTM Fiberwerks over in Los Angeles USA. I'd say current estimated landed in the UK costs for the version with the Carbon Fibre lip is 'around' the £625-675 level. That would include shipping, import duty, VAT and clearance fees. The quality of the DTM Fiberwerks piece is good/decent. but It's not as good as the ExoticsTuning item. Cheers, Dennis!