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  1. DennisCooper

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Thanks! Will be providing full and comprehensive details very soon! Depending on which head unit you buy, it'll have that brand name on it! Correct! for the most part!.... For 'Phase 1', the buttons are for aesthetic purposes which is what the vast majority of E39 owners want for when it comes to installing a premium brand double DIN unit. For 'Phase 2', as each button press can be identified, they can be used to connect to other products installed in order to control them! Thanks FB! After looking at the E39 market and seeing all the other fascia solutions, I decided to develop this concept to actually provide what those who want a modern head unit and have OEM looks! The cost will reflect the high/OEM levels of quality for every aspect of this product. It's 100% British/UK manufactured by specialist's who also do similar products for the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and many other well known/prestigious marques. Cheers, Dennis!
  2. DennisCooper

    2001 540i Japanese Import

    Hi, Welcome to the forum firstly! Secondly - Congratulations on the car! From your post, I guess the main question many will want to know is that given you're in Northern Ireland, is the £5440 price, inclusive of UK Import Duty, VAT and specific vehicle clearance fees etc? I'm guessing it doesn't ? or, if it does, could you provide a breakdown of costs as I'd have then thought the auction winning bid must've been like £2K'ish?! In other regions, BMW did name some E39 variants as ' M Sport', so if your documentation has that identifier on it, then yes, it's an M Sport. You'll probably get plenty of enthusiasts who'll point/laugh and try to tell you you're mistaken though ! I'm not sure on Lockwood dials though, is there a link to them ? I think the rear foglamps are incorporated into the OEM light clusters for the worldwide E39 market. Not many Jap import owners around, but there's a few on this forum so might be worthwhile to see if they decided to underseal the car or not. I think the car's OBC can be coded to UK settings, but I'm not too sure on this, there's some very knowledgeable members here who'll know more on this. It's the same with the TV/Navigation, the unit you have under the parcel shelf in the pictures is Jap only and will not work outside of there. The TV tuner is also going to be Jap only as I believe their Digital TV frequencies/video system are different to our UK ones. That's assuming it has the Hybrid Analogue/Digital TV tuner. If it hasn't and it's Analogue for Japan, then it wouldn't have worked here anyway when the UK broadcast analogue tv. As there's none of those nowadays anyway, then it'll be useless. Those who *must* keep the OEM audio setups in their cars, go for the Mk 4 DVD based GPS computer and when one is found, the Hybrid Analogue/Digital TV tuner that comes out of later E46's and E53's. Expect to pay £180-250 for a working Mk4 GPS computer and perhaps £225-300 for the TV tuner. I think BMW stopped doing SatNav updated maps for this setup you have in your car in 2015 I think it was. From the pictures, the car does seem good/nice/solid. The headlamps look a little tired but many have polished them with specific polishes etc and they've come up looking like new. Those indentations on the rearseat bulkhead cover in the boot look interesting! Take a look to see what's behind them/what they're covering ? Check the Build Date of the car, it has the 'early' M Sport steering wheel, the facelift cars by 2001 should've come with the later style. Any plans for the car? a few members here are looking for the US style bootlid, so if you fancy changing it to the UK one, you'll have a few guys ready to buy the US spec one! If you've not done so, check the US forums for absolutely everything you'd need to know about looking after the engine. There were far more 540's in the US than compared to the relative handful in the UK, so there's extensive knowledge on those forums than compared to here. I'm sure other's will help with specific question when you post in the relevant sections Cheers, Dennis!
  3. DennisCooper

    MK Motorsport wheels

    Hi Marc - Don't beat yourself up in that regard! Contrary to common forum belief, it's actually the suspension which has the most effect on ride quality ! Get high quality, well engineered and tested suspension components and 20's ride very well indeed! The Touring in the video Dan posted is 'slammed' and seems it's on static suspension, so most likely a fun / non daily car. I'll most likely be going coilovers and my ride height will probably 15-20mm higher than that example and given I'll be going with the slightly narrower and thus one profile taller tyres, I think the ride quality will be pretty much the same as I have now. These 20" MK Motorsports aren't the genuine article as it were. MK Motorsport went out of business I think the early 00's and the intellectual property/designs etc were most likely sold on to someone. With some 'adjustments' to the design, a 20 inch version was made. Originally MK Motorsport wheels went up to 18 inch. It's 'possible' some 19's exist, if so, I've never seen a set! I'd suggest not wasting any cash on refinishing the replica's and instead put the cash towards a set of the genuine ones - assuming you mean BBS LM's ? I'll just say, finding genuine LM's that are used and in great condition and which are E39 fitment is extremely difficult and they're rare. There's a couple sets I've seen recently and I think they've sold, a set I had a couple years ago lasted perhaps half a day of me listing them to having the funds in my bank account! Guide price on a decent set that doesn't need a refinishing job would be £1800-2250 for 19's. Anything less than that is a bonus but it's also higher chances they'll need refinishing. Give me a shout whenever you like as I do like to deal in sought after and high quality wheels Cheers, Dennis!
  4. DennisCooper

    E39 19'' Staggered Parallel Wheels

    Hi M! Great to finally collect and also to put a face to a name ! Next time I'm sure the little one will be much happier too ! Just thinking of the exact route for re-finishing and will update once done Cheers, Dennis!
  5. DennisCooper

    530i M Sport Techno Violet

    Hi, Looks a bit 'suspicious' to me. The bidding was at £2200 and then one comes in at £5000 - possible/probable shill bidding ?!! For me, I'd not pay more than £3K for it. Other might pay more though ! Cheers, Dennis!
  6. DennisCooper

    MK Motorsport wheels

    Hi, Supertramp - Thanks for the recommendation Loadmaster - 20's, when done properly and right on the E39 can and do look excellent ! It's much more involved though, careful consideration to wheel widths, offsets, design aesthetics, wheel strength, tyre widths & profiles along with ride height and tyre sidewall shapes all need to be evaluated. Dan - With everything above considered, there's often very little that needs to be done to the bodywork. 'Ideally' if it's a custom set of wheels then it's minimal bodywork that might be required. If it's a set of wheels that are either used or a specific size/width/offset, then perhaps more mods are needed. These MK Motorsport 20's aren't as 'heavy' as you'd think, they've actually been made using a higher quality alloy than compared to the various unbranded 20 inch options out there. The 'blunting' of cornering and handling with these wheels on 20" would most likely be the same/quite similar as the lower/counterfeit quality 19's out there - it's not like the MK's are 5KG heavier etc Marc C - When it comes to running 20's on the E39, there's no two ways about it - you need the strongest set of wheels as you can find/afford. The reason is the lower tyre profile needed to keep within the OEM rolling radius for the car's systems to work properly. The tyre sidewalls become stiffer the lower a profile you go and that means when going over road undulations, smaller/medium potholes and imperfections, more of the physical 'shock' energy is 'transferred' through the sidewall and is absorbed by the wheel itself. Have a weaker wheel and the chances of a bend/buckle happening is higher. Have a stronger wheel and it'll absorb the force much better without deforming. The MK wheels you are thinking of would be the 'minimal' level of wheel quality I'd consider for putting on the E39. Definitely stay away from any unbranded counterfeit/replica type wheels! 10.5's on the back will work but offsets is what you'll need to look at, these are ET22, which is the same offset as the various Hartge sets I have but on 9.5" widths. The MK's are an inch wider and given I've poked my head under the car and seen clearances, have a little more research and see if there's clearance for another inch wheel width there. If not, you can remedy this by using 3/5/7 (or more) spacers but if you go that route, don't forget to buy extended wheel bolts! We do have matching Alpine White E39 Tourings ! One of my other sets of Hartge's are 20's - 20x10 ET22 and 9x20 ET18. I've got a small bit more of wiggle room in comparison to the MK's. They're in for final finishing currently and I'll be running them for a little while on my car - partly due to the finish and also to act as a test setup for when I specify another custom refinish of one of my Forged wheel sets. Due to the strength aspect I mentioned, for long term, daily use then for better peace of mind i'll be running forged wheels. If any damage, bends/buckles occur if I hit a big pothole etc, then I can change out the lips/barrels. If you look around, then there's variance on tyres as well. 'Ideally' then yes, on the rear it'd be a 285/25/20 and the front would be a 245/30/20. On 10.5 rears, there's not be any 'stretch'. For the front and given the MK's are 9" it'd be the same on a 245, there'd not be any stretch. You can go thinner tyres with a higher profile to keep within the OEM rolling radius - my current favoured sizes are 255/30/20 rear and 225/35/20 front, there'll be a small amount of 'stretch' but I'm ok with that, it'd be harder to see upon casual glancing. Cheers, Dennis!
  7. DennisCooper

    530i M Sport Techno Violet

    Hi, As ever, take a look at the car - many times car's look great in pictures and the description reads well, only for the car not to be like that in real life. As for bodywork, rust patches/bubbles, depending on how bad it is and how good of a job you want for the fix will depend just how expensive it is! There's an individual messing metallic manual 525d Sport on ebay for £2K that I think some bargaining down could well be possible ! Cheers, Dennis!
  8. DennisCooper

    Smg steering wheel

  9. DennisCooper

    Front style 65 or pair of rears

    Hi, There's many many wheels that in 18 inch sizing can look fantastic on the E39, so I'd suggest looking around and making a shortlist of ones you like and have a search around for suitable sets. Sets of decent condition style 65's often have over inflated asking prices and often so do the single and pair's that occasionally come up. A few years ago now, on the classifieds here, someone had a pair of free front style 65's ! after a few weeks of no takers, he threw them away at the local tip! I didn't have the space to keep them at the time! If you were to look for other 18 inch sets, what kind and style of wheels do you like?! Cheers, Dennis!
  10. DennisCooper

    E39 BBK - who's done one and what are your thoughts?

    Hi Dan, Do keep in mind that deliberately marking items as a gift when they aren't is illegal and also, it's meant to be from a personal person to another personal person i.e not from a company to a person. It's unlikely a US company will mark an item in such a way as the risk of being shutdown is high. In the same manner, putting a lower amount for the items worth to avoid or reduce taxes/duties is also illegal. I think 'some' companies might do either of the above if based in a country where the legal system is robust. I know that other places where the legal system isn't so robust this kind of thing happens all the time! A bit of a guestimate for the shipping in so far as I based it on a package weighing around 45KG, fully insured for £1350 worth of goods and about 50x50x50cm so as to allow for plenty of packing material inside. Cheers, Dennis!
  11. DennisCooper

    E39 BBK - who's done one and what are your thoughts?

    Hi Dan, Replied quickly yesterday on your other forum thread! I'd estimate shipping would come in at around the equivalent of about £175-200 inclusive of full value insurance. So a rough ballpark figure landed at your door would be about the £1925-1975 level inclusive of all taxes & clearance fees. Is the rear kit about the same price? if so, then you'll be looking at around the £4000 level for front and rear. I'm most likely going for the K Sport route when it comes time to get a BBK. Cheers, Dennis!
  12. DennisCooper

    Which CD Changer would suit this E34 head unit?

    Hi, Are you sure the head unit has the ability to control a CD changer? I'm under the vague impression that certain units did have changer control and other's didn't. I might be wrong, so more research needed! CD's and changers were all the rage 20 years ago, but nowadays, use in the car has declined significantly. If you want to keep as best you can to the era, then search out the correct head unit, CD changer and any wiring needed etc. Else, I 'think' there's a modification you can do to the internal cassette mechanism and playback head where a BT receiver is wired/soldered in and you simply stream the music you have on your phone to it. Apologies for being a bit vague again, have a look around the various US forums as well. Cheers, Dennis!
  13. DennisCooper

    What are you listening to?

  14. DennisCooper

    Coming Soon for E39 owners