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  1. rpg

    E39 Single DIN Fascia

    I think this is discontinued now, but I'd be grateful if you could confirm. Part number is 65900139639. Many thanks!
  2. rpg

    Good Rain Aero Blades

    They're the same size as OE BMW/Bosch (26"/22" or 650/550mm) but if you had Valeo before, the driver side (RHD) on the Goodrains will be about half an inch smaller. And yes, I completely agree regarding noise. Having used both Bosch/OE and Valeo before, these flat aero wipers are in a different league, you can barely hear them at all. They lasted a year for me as I do so little mileage (comparable life to previous standard sets) so it was a no brainer for me. Got mine last week also and fitted them today.
  3. rpg

    Good Rain Aero Blades

    It was rtfacts1 here that did the retrofit a few years back. It worked well for him but welding was required and a few E60 parts. Some people asked him to do arms but for the price/effort it wasn't worth it, and he stopped doing them.
  4. rpg

    Good Rain Aero Blades

    Well that's it, they're very good value at that price. I wouldn't do the sort of mileage fibaman does, so wipers aren't as critical to me. But I can say having used them in all types of weather for the last year (5-6k miles), they're certainly worth half the price of the standard Bosch blades.
  5. rpg

    Good Rain Aero Blades

    I did notice less noise with them, but I'm still not convinced as regards their effectiveness. They've lasted over a year for me too so maybe I'm expecting too much from them at this stage. I know the thread is from a few weeks back but I decided to go for them again and noticed this listing online: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/180830352599 Shipping to the UK is free - however according to the listing it should be €15, so maybe a glitch. I completed checkout via PayPal and while the listing is in €, it converts out at under £12 delivered for a set. Might be of use to someone looking for a new set with winter approaching fast.
  6. Quality, not quantity... Here's the update for those interested. I decided to replace the fan anyway as it wasn't functioning properly. I wasn't convinced it would rectify the A/C issue but it needed doing nonetheless - Nissens 85422 - £200+. It's a bit of a pain to replace as the whole front needs to come off. As you can see, the front wall/slam panel is gone too. This isn't necessary to remove but one of the support bolts for the fan sheared off and the only way to fix properly was to replace the panel. Very frustrating but had to be done. Back on, and fan fitted. While the fan worked perfectly, the A/C unfortunately, did not. I had presumed that since the fan wasn't correctly, this disabled the clutch in the compressor, preventing it from activating. But this only happens when there is a logged error in the DME for the fan (i.e. short circuit, malfunction etc.) which I didn't have. So I decided to bring the car to an A/C centre. As most of you know the capacity of refrigerant in the E39 system is 750g - following testing using a proper Bosch A/C unit, it was measured at 108g. So the clutch wasn't engaging because the system was so low on refrigerant. Once re-filled, the clutch kicked in, and the cold air was back. So a few points to finish on; The tester Halford's use to measure refrigerant is misleading, at best. It simply can't accurately measure the level of refrigerant - it stated my system was over-filled when in fact it was pretty much empty. Even if your electric fan doesn't function properly, your A/C still may work fine (clutch will engage, cold air etc.). However if it logs an error with the DME, due to a short circuit (loose connection, damaged wiring) or malfunction (electronic, motor etc.) it will disable compressor clutch engagement. My fan didn't throw an error, but it was a good idea to replace anyway, as it wasn't working correctly. Low refrigerant levels in the system will also disable compressor clutch engagement.Hope this helps someone, and I'll try and contribute a bit more often if I can...
  7. Cheers for the replies folks. I'm going to get a new fan and go from there. I'll update the thread with my results.
  8. I'm 90% sure it's the low side as this is where they plugged it, and the manufacturer of the gauge states it only fits on the low pressure side. Haha, yes! The fan is not working at all, stupid thing. I wouldn't say it's the most accurate gauge going, but surely it would give a rough idea? This is it here. That's what I was thinking (re: the suction and rising pressure), but I was thrown off by some members here saying their fan doesn't work either yet they have cold air. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and fit a new fan, and go from there.
  9. Yeah, actually it was above 50psi as I just found the gauge that was used and it progressed slowly into the red zone once I turned on A/C. It was probably closer to 70psi actually. It was the smaller port. Engine was running, A/C was on (compressor was spinning normally from what I can tell), full cold & full fan. I ran a diagnostic too (DIS) and no errors were present (sensors or pressure etc.). @bigjay, just saw your post! Oh ok, A/C is not something I'm familiar with. Halfords said they wouldn't fill it because it was in the red zone. Now I'm not sure if I'm just low on refrigerant, or there's another problem.
  10. Would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this one! My A/C is not blowing cold, and I noticed my electric pusher fan is not functioning correctly. I also checked the pressure on the low pressure side and it was very high (>50 psi). So I thought that because my fan wasn't working correctly, that the refrigerant wasn't cooling sufficiently and therefore, this was raising the pressure. But now, I see a couple of members have said that their fan doesn't work either and their A/C is freezing! So I'm glad I haven't passed over £150+ for a new fan just yet! My compressor is running fine, and it was re-gassed a couple of years back, no mention of leaks etc. Any ideas? Blocked condenser maybe?
  11. rpg

    CD/Iris retro fit into a 2002 520SE

    I took a couple of photos when I did it. They may be of use to someone!
  12. rpg

    CD/Iris retro fit into a 2002 520SE

    I'd be fairly sure you can't use your old unit. There is a BMW adapter to convert round to flat pin but it's so newer units can work in older vehicles, not vice versa. I think you'll have to find a flat pin cassette/CD player. The buttons just won't work, that's all. I don't have a phone or DSP in my E39. The buttons do nothing when I press them.
  13. rpg

    CD/Iris retro fit into a 2002 520SE

    OK, well you need 3 things really. You need the MID unit itself (lower unit with LCD display), an upper cassete or CD player and the retrofit harness (part no. 65129405409) which costed me about £18 IIRC. I got my MID locally from a independent BMW garage and the CD player I got from eBay. No point going to BMW directly, prices for new units are extortionate. I see a complete MID + cassette is going on eBay at the moment, here. Instructions for the retrofit are attached below. I have some pictures of where the wires go, so if you get to that stage I'll root them out and post them up. E39 MID Retrofit Instructions.pdf E39 MID Wiring Diagram.pdf
  14. rpg

    CD/Iris retro fit into a 2002 520SE

    I might be able to help. Just want to make sure what you're looking to do first. Is this what you have? ... and is this what you want? The pictures above are from my own car, I did this retrofit a couple of months back. A bit of a pain fitting the retrofit wiring harness for the MID but not too bad, and all working great now.
  15. They are the wipers that I discussed on the previous page of this thread. I was quite clear that you should avoid purchasing them if you want to save yourself a tenner...