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  1. https://www.facebook.com/benny.lawrence.395/videos/1659721230746813/
  2. Probably because you have had too little sleep and too much Night Nurse I'm not about to bore everyone with the differences in how duty and VAT are handled. Let's just say that charging yourself duty when you do not need to is remarkably stupid.
  3. With respect, you are making it a bit complicated. If we are talking about the USA, you don't charge them VAT on your exports anyway. The forwarder gives you a 'certificate of shipment for VAT purposes' and you use that to claim the VAT back. The US shipper does the same so on imports, you pay duty and VAT on arrival at the UK port/airport or at an ICD. It just needs a great customs computer, lots of experienced customs officers and a load of people who know what they are doing paperwork wise. If we go down that route for the EU too, my tip would be to get the franchise for burger vans on the M20
  4. Here's a novel idea. Impose duty and VAT on imports from the EU. But whoever came up with this wonderful idea seems to have overlooked something - it is the UK importers who will be paying the duty and VAT. Which means that ultimately, the UK consumer will be paying for it. That will teach Johnny Foreigner not to mess with the UK! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/08/15/britain-threatens-impose-vat-customs-duties-eu-imports-no-brexit/
  5. Not sure about current models but it sounds like the bonnet release - insert key and turn
  6. Slightly OT. Nice team photo with suitable backdrop
  7. I cannot speak for bmwmike but it is pretty clear that certain newspapers have a certain bias. So quoting from the same one - which just happens to have a Brexit bias - three times doesn't really add weight to an argument. TBH, I didn't even bother with the links
  8. Where is your sense of humour? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kE186w91YVU
  9. You try to be positive and look what happens. You get accused of laying a trap I don't know the people who own BMW. But I do talk to people over there. Germans are pragmatic. If they see an opportunity, they will take advantage of it. (They may well think the UK will be a cheap source of labour. It is worth remembering that EU regs do permit inward and outward processing relief). And so are the Swiss. They are opening branches here so the rich have somewhere to salt away their cash
  10. Remainers are always accused of being negative. My comment was very much tongue in cheek and you are of course correct. In the absence of any real positive news about Brexit, I thought I might invent some
  11. These have got to be worth a call. Probably someone around all weekend too: http://www.pirtek.co.uk/liverpool
  12. ''The fall in consumer and business confidence is having a knock-on effect on demand in the new car market and government must act quickly to provide concrete plans regarding Brexit,” said Mike Hawes, chief executive of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, which published the figures. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/aug/04/brexit-uncertainty-blamed-as-uk-car-sales-fall-for-fourth-month Just because new car sales have fallen for the fourth month in a row and the July figures are 9.3% down on the same period last year, there is no need to be so negative. Think of the benefit. Less new cars means less pollution, less traffic, safer roads ..er.. doesn't it?
  13. Good news doesn't sell newspapers. The markets are all about confidence and there isn't much of that around these days. So I thought I would do my bit and confirm that I read that the electric Mini will be made here in the UK. Woohoo!
  14. ^This
  15. In my experience, banks require probate before you get full access to bank accounts. But they are generally willing to pay funeral expenses direct to a funeral director. Have a word with them. They may be willing to pay the debt in a similar way. That would also get round any question of money laundering.
  16. Good to hear you got your car back, Jim
  17. You mean discrete?
  18. Nigel Farage: ''I have no doubt that leaving the EU will happen, but I am beginning to think that we may leave in name only''. That is something of a surprise http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/832073/Nigel-Farage-Brexit-transitional-deal-borders-ECJ-divorce-bill
  19. ''Roadside payment – If graduated fixed penalty notices have been issued and the defendant does not have a satisfactory address, the total amount of money that the fines attract is required to be paid at the scene (commonly known as an on-the-spot fine). The defendant then has the option of subsequently requesting a court hearing, in which case the money is held as a deposit awaiting the outcome of the trial. Roadside deposit – If a defendant is to be summonsed but does not have a satisfactory address, £300 per offence to a maximum of £900 is required to be paid at the scene. This money is held as a deposit awaiting the outcome of the trial.'' The officers who can issue these on the spot fines all look like they are trained to target HGVs: a) PG9 vehicle examiner and prohibitions officer City and Guilds level 2 for analogue tachograph c) City and Guilds level 2 for digital tachograph d) Trained and authorised in the weighing of vehicles But Merseyside Police's guidelines do not actually say that: https://www.merseyside.police.uk/media/12804/graduated_fixed_penalties_policy___procedure_2013-06-18.pdf £750 doesn't add up unless you take it as outright payment of fines for multiple offences. In which case, you have to request a court hearing - they will not contact you
  20. We don't have on the spot fines as such in the UK as you do in France. Over 100 is usually an automatic ban. They used to lock up foreign truck drivers and put them in court the next day for something as simple as being overweight. (The truck - not the driver ) I've never heard of Police here carrying a card machine either.
  21. Strictly speaking, she doesn't own it until probate is granted and as executor, she can dispose of it. Probably why she cannot insure it. I was left my father's car in his will and disposed of it before that. But I was the executor and had nothing to worry about. In practise, you can probably do as Roofer suggests. But IIRC, when you fill in the insurance form, it asks if you are the owner and keeper?
  22. I have, unfortunately, been an executor on several occasions. But you are in Scotland so your laws are different. In England, this would be down to the executor(s) to sort out. You can't simply put the car in your name as you don't own it. Unless your dad said he wanted you to have it in his will. Even so, he could not bequeath it to you if there were finance outstanding. I doubt he would have saddled you with any debt that is attached to it anyway. Be guided what was in the spirit of the will, if there is one. If you are the executor, it is your duty to settle the outstanding debts from the estate first. If you are not, I'm afraid it may not be your shout
  23. You mean it doesn't work? Now there is a surprise. You will be asking for club membership rates when you are not even a member of the club next
  24. Firstly, my congratulations on what was one of the most rational and even handed posts I have read. IMHO, there is absolutely no chance of the UK going along with any military or political union. And fortunately, we did not make the mistake of joining the euro. We are really left with the issues of free movement and legislation, both of which are set to continue as they are for some time after we leave the EU. So we could have four years of the parts we do not want but only two years of the bits we do want. Doesn't sound like much of a deal to me. We need to retain the benefits we want and negotiate away the bits we don't. And IMHO, we are better placed to do that while we remain in the club than try to achieve it when we are outside. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking