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  1. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    Away on hols so cant check the wiring diagram. But from memory, the shift matrix switch is powered by a fuse not a relay. But who cares? You got it working
  2. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    Will have to do a search when I am back home. Just to show I didnt dream it, Edd isnt in it and the Escort is blue. And FWIW I dont have any unusual kit
  3. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    Dont recall the channel. Above 520 on SKY so probably Discovery. Away so cant check atm
  4. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    Starts in January? Watched that the other day. No spoilers from me though
  5. That's it for petrol....

    I used to smile at those who moaned about the demise of the steam engine. Of course, losing the petrol engine is different...
  6. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    Are you losing the cluster display in all gears now or just reverse? Think you need to have a look at that shift matrix switch by the gear lever. And see if some unwanted passenger has been gnawing at the wiring. The fact it works fine in manual 2nd is a good sign The fact you lose gears when it is on stands is a puzzle. If the ATF is that low, you would lose them just driving around Filling procedure is in the spare parts catalogue below. The temp is fairly important. If you haven't got a diagnostic kit or temp sensor gun, use your elbow. The pan should be the temp of baby bath water http://www.e38.org/5HP30 spare parts catalog.pdf
  7. OOhh poshy posh... New look to the forum

    Glad you said that. Just spent 5 minutes fiddling with my screen trying to get some colour back in here lol
  8. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    The shift valve may have been stuck in neutral when it was parked. But it has been moved since If it is the shift valve, no, you don't need to drop the box. You just dump the ATF and drop the pan. You may not even have to drop the whole valve body to replace the valve. Of course, that would be a good time to replace the filter and put some fresh ATF in it. There are a couple of do's and don'ts but none of it is a specialised job.
  9. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    Sounds like the manual shift valve may be broken. It may have been jammed all along. Possibly why the PO broke the cable trying to move it. Give it a go by all means. But if you can get park OK, you should be able to 'find' neutral. The clicks and tension you feel when you move the lever on the side of the box come from the parking lock mechanism. The manual shift valve is connected to the same lever but is free moving. Well, it should be
  10. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    I'd certainly try moving the lever on the side of the box and may have mentioned it in your other thread. You need to make sure the shaft is actually turning with the lever though Does it actually go into park? I know the lever inside the car may say it does but do the back wheels actually lock?
  11. Best film ever?

    Zulu, The Italian Job, Far From The Madding Crowd, A Man For All Seasons, For A Few Dollars More, Death In Venice, Cross of Iron... Not even started on recent films yet
  12. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    You can check if the matrix switch is working either at the connector under the gear lever panel or at the TCM plug. But sleeping on it is a good plan
  13. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    If you are definitely removing the TCM plug, that is very strange. The gearbox doesn't even need the TCM to move the car. It defaults to 4th and reverse to get you home. And it gives you all the ATF pressure it can muster because it dumps the pressure regulator too. Is the lever on the side of the box moving in sync with the lever? And is it actually rotating the shaft? PS The TCM will say 'Getriebesteurung' on the label (transmission control) While you are under it, have a look at the wiring. If it has been in a barn, mice might have chewed it with 'unusual' consequences
  14. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    When you disconnect the TCM plug, it just leaves the lever on the side of the box to route ATF using the manual shift valve inside. So with 'trans prog' showing you should just get 4th forward in D,4,3 or 2 plus reverse. You will not see the gear indication as that is dumped at the same time. Have you got no gears at all now or is it back to forward only and no reverse?
  15. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    The shift lever on the side of the gearbox is not sticking again and the cable is adjusted properly? Isn't it?
  16. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    You can have the two faults but only one cause. The switch is just a few tracks and wipers. They can burn out on the 'reverse' section as it carries higher amps. If you have no reversing lights and the bulbs are OK, this is where I would start. To check if can actually get reverse, you can just pull the plug on the TCM and select it. The dash will scream 'trans program' at you but it will go away when you put the plug back in and cycle the ignition. Strictly speaking, you should disconnect the battery when pulling or replacing the plug
  17. 1994 540 auto box troubles chapter two

    The PRND432 lights on the dash are controlled by a matrix switch operated by the gear lever. That matrix (actually 4 switches in a bank) also tells the TCM what gear you have selected. (The TCM then plays tunes with the valves in the valve body). It is also used to operate the brake lights and that segment can burn out. Easy to check - your reversing lights will not work. PS. You can get wiring diagrams at this link. They include a table for the voltages on the matrix e.g. reverse is switch L1 live and L2 to L4 are 0v http://www.wedophones.com/BMWManualsLead.htm
  18. The shooting at the Oregon college in 2015 was the 994th mass gun attack in the US in 3 years. So that is about 3313 every ten years. OK, the US has a population 5 times ours so comparing like for like, that would work out at about 663 for us. We actually get 1. Of course, you have as much chance of convincing the cousins that owning guns is not a good thing as convincing a three year old that, actually, you cannot survive on ice cream. This article makes a serious attempt to explain why they want them. Doesn't mean they will change any time soon though. https://www.theguardian.com/science/brain-flapping/2015/oct/07/gun-demanding-control-firearms-psychology
  19. No, don't show them that. The response would probably be that if all toddlers had guns, there wouldn't be a problem. Best not give them ideas
  20. Forget any rational arguments. Forget common sense. You are wasting your time. Americans actually want Trump but want their guns more.
  21. Tom Tom map updates

    Unless you are not going to touch your phone during the journey, I would not use it. If you do, you risk points on your licence and a fine. There are sites around where you can download the maps for free. But you have to know what operating system (Navcore) and map to download and how to set it up. Some of the sites are extremely slow when it comes to downloading so you could end up paying a fee for a faster site. And you are on your own if it all goes pear shaped. So for ease of download, installation and peace of mind you may be better off just paying the fee. I read that Tom Tom say that maps change 15% every year. I'd say it is under 1% but that may be the bit you really need
  22. 540i Automatic Gearbox Problem

    Great news You should be able to move the lever on the side of the trans with one hand though you need to apply 'firm' pressure to shift it. If you don't know already, it is in park when the lever is as far forward as it will go. It is worth counting the 'clicks' so you know you have the full range of movement.
  23. 540i Automatic Gearbox Problem

    Please do NOT hit or use anything to force the lever on the side of the gearbox. You will probably only succeed in breaking the end off the manual shift valve which may we stuck. For ref, the ZF part no. is 1056327173 and you can pick them up for about £12 though you may have to drop the valve body. You would have to do that anyway to get at the parking brake linkage which is also attached to that lever (inside the box) but FWIW I think it is pretty unlikely that that is the issue. If you do go down that route, don't forget to hook up the end of the manual valve with the lever inside the box or you will end up with a box full of nothing
  24. Post Brexit Result

    With respect to your visitors, I think the only things we bought from Australia prior to joining the EEC were apples and butter. I don't remember either of them but I do recall butchers selling New Zealand lamb. I did not imagine it would be like throwing a switch. But it strikes me that the fundamental issues are not being addressed. The most obvious one is that you don't get free access to the market without free movement of labour and paying your membership dues. Which would appear to be exactly what the government plans to continue to do.
  25. Post Brexit Result

    If I am reading this correctly, Mavis intends for the UK to keep paying the EU for membership for at least two years after we are supposed to have left. So we have four years of 'as you were'. That will bring us within shouting distance of the next general election. Maybe her plan is to lose it so she doesn't have to deal with it? She came close last time. Whether you are pro or anti Brexit, I don't imagine anyone is particularly happy about this approach