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  1. If you havent bought it already, check out board sponsors Cotswolds. You get discount for being a board member and they post stuff to you
  2. I got some of those. Came with free fitting and lifetime warranty.
  3. Rusted nuts and bolts are to be expected. That bump stop looks shot. Any sign of weeping on the shock? It may have had it. That could explain your bad handling. Tried moving the steering while that wheel is off the ground to see if you get the squeak?
  4. It seems that far from a deal being struck, the DUP refused to pick up their phones for 36 hours and want £2 billion for N Ireland. The government showed on day one of the Brexit negotiations that far from being strong and stable, it is a pushover. It cannot give in to blackmail as well. It is finished Or does 'no deal is better than a bad deal' not apply when you are hanging onto power by your fingertips?
  5. Round one: Britain agrees to suspend talks on trade until the bar tab, citizens' right and the Irish border are resolved. Not a great start. In the interval, Philip Hammond says: '' The British people did not vote to become poorer or less secure. They did vote to leave the EU. And we will leave the EU. But it must be done in a way that works for Britain'' So there you have it. The government falls over in round one and says it’s all your fault for voting to be poorer and less secure. Can’t wait for round two…'know what I mean 'arry?'
  6. My thoughts exactly.
  7. ^ I thought the deal with the DUP was done and dusted. Presumably they want a bigger piece of cake than is on offer?
  8. Priorities: 1: Catch cruise ship 2. Enjoy yourself 3. Say hi to Yokozuna's mum and dad. 4. Worry about car when you get home
  9. Heard on the TV that someone was on the phone to the emergency services for 40 minutes and they kept telling her to stay put. In the end she said 'sod that' and got out. Read somewhere that the fire escapes on these blocks are not designed for mass evacuation There have got to be a lot of blocks that have had this cladding added. If it is the cause, some urgent inspections and remedial work is going to be needed
  10. I heard that the building's safety procedure was to stay in your own flat unless that was the one with the fire Edit: Hadn't seen the photos take at the time. Horrendous https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/gallery/2017/jun/14/tower-block-blaze-in-london-in-pictures
  11. None of it is rubbish. Any thoughts on Labour/Tory coalition to sort it out?
  12. Jonathan Pie sums it up if you are missing it: https://www.facebook.com/JonathanPieReporter/videos/1246051585517732/
  13. Interesting that the Tory government is sitting on a report into funding of Jihadi groups https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/05/theresa-may-urged-not-to-suppress-report-into-funding-of-jihadi-groups
  14. I think you may have missed the point. We would be in very serious trouble if 1 in 4 people were a terrorist. What I am suggesting is that there are different types of Muslim just like there are different types of Christians. I believe a particular faction is responsible and we sell arms to governments which support them. And why ever would we do that? Because they are oil rich. But as I said above, what do I know?
  15. About 1 in 4 of the world's population is Muslim and it is pretty obvious that they are not all terrorists. I'd suggest that there is a particular brand responsible and that it receives support and finance from one or more of our allies. But what do I know?
  16. In what is a very serious thread, I am pleased to note that we have not completely lost our sense of humour.
  17. Just read one man tried to attack Police with a hammer and they shot him.
  18. Makes perfect sense. If you close mosques, you alienate the vast majority of Muslims who deplore what has happened. Presumably that is how the terrorists plan to get them onside. Let's not oblige them. The Manchester bomber was described as 'gullible'. No doubt the authorities will be concentrating on those who exploit the disaffected and poison their minds.
  19. No reports of fatalities yet. Hope it stays that way. Not even clear if the 3 events are connected. But it sounds like a Police response rather than intelligence led. Any more incidents and I can see where people may feel the need to carry their own weapons, legal or otherwise
  20. Emissions warning light comes on occasionally and the fault is pretty clear: DME: (191) BF insufficient heat output, oxygen sensor after cat., bank 2. Sensor heater faulty(P0161) One after cat sensor has a resistance of 2.7 ohms and the other is 2.9 ohms. OK, this is not conclusive. But DIS live data for all four heaters says they are all 99.3%. If that figure isn't efficiency, what is it? o2heaters.bmp
  21. Update: The exhaust people had a look and informed me that the sensor is rounded off. They also pointed out that the studs and nuts connecting the cats with the exhaust were stuffed. The didn't want to get into removing the cats but said if I removed them, they would extract the sensor. Even if the threads screwed up they would cut some more. Not what I hoped but a result as it would make life a whole lot easier for me Come home and replace the valve cover gaskets. TBH, it isn't running well at all after that- lumpy as hell. Diagnostic says I now have 6 faults including pre cat sensors but the after cat heater fault on bank 2 has disappeared. WTF? I didn't unplug the pre-cats - I just moved the wires out of the way Run the test again and I am back down to two faults - after cat heater on bank 2 and lean on bank 2. That's more like it. By now, the engine is idling nicely and I am wondering if it is just settling down or 'adapting'. So I run the test 3 more time. And 3 more times I get NO FAULTS. I will give another update when it has run for a day or two. But today's lesson seems to be change that valve cover gasket before you do anything. Mr_530i, you are very welcome. Now I have replaced the gasket (I'd already replaced the oil filler cap) the idle drops noticeably
  22. If you have a vacuum leak, I think you would get a 'lean' fault code on both banks. (1-3 is 1 and 4-6 is 2). Easy way to find out if you have one though - remove the oil filler cap when it is idling. If the revs stay the same, you have got one. If they drop a bit, you probably don't. I have a valve cover gasket ready to fit for this very reason. Plus a list of items to double check if it that doesn't fix it. You are welcome to it if you need it I think your last two faults may be linked and are perhaps down to a duff coil on cylinder 5. Maybe swap it with another and see if the fault moves with it? I wouldn't consider replacing the sensor just yet. Bank 2 after cat sensor is a pig to get at. I didn't want to try because I might have rounded it off. But an exhaust fitters and aBMW indy both took one look and ran away. Hopefully, I have found a place that will do it tomorrow Incidentally, a wiser man suggested that the % figures in the pic are actually how much the sensors are 'turned' on. That makes sense as the data was read at idle
  23. As I understand it, regen is just additional fuel which is ignited by the glow plugs. But if they are not working or the dpf is clogged too much, the system will not allow it to take place. So the oil level should not have been raised. Always willing to learn so someone correct me if this is wrong. I do recall a member renting a car or van which ran away in similar circumstances. IIRC, he got a low oil warning light and added some oil. The rental company wanted him to pay for a new engine as they claimed he overfilled it. Easy to judge in the comfort of our armchairs. But I have to agree that selecting neutral and braking would seem to be the natural reactions
  24. Yeah, you don't put soldiers in the front line. You put them in offices. I'd be interested to learn what the ex forces member who just joined thinks of that. But if you care to read my previous posts, you might just find that I appreciate the importance of intelligence gathering
  25. I will repeat what I asked your fan. Who caught him then?