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  1. Theresa May and the Holy Grail: https://www.facebook.com/PoliticalScrapbook/videos/10155719979439218/
  2. If you havent bought it already, check out board sponsors Cotswolds. You get discount for being a board member and they post stuff to you
  3. I got some of those. Came with free fitting and lifetime warranty.
  4. Rusted nuts and bolts are to be expected. That bump stop looks shot. Any sign of weeping on the shock? It may have had it. That could explain your bad handling. Tried moving the steering while that wheel is off the ground to see if you get the squeak?
  5. It seems that far from a deal being struck, the DUP refused to pick up their phones for 36 hours and want £2 billion for N Ireland. The government showed on day one of the Brexit negotiations that far from being strong and stable, it is a pushover. It cannot give in to blackmail as well. It is finished Or does 'no deal is better than a bad deal' not apply when you are hanging onto power by your fingertips?
  6. Round one: Britain agrees to suspend talks on trade until the bar tab, citizens' right and the Irish border are resolved. Not a great start. In the interval, Philip Hammond says: '' The British people did not vote to become poorer or less secure. They did vote to leave the EU. And we will leave the EU. But it must be done in a way that works for Britain'' So there you have it. The government falls over in round one and says it’s all your fault for voting to be poorer and less secure. Can’t wait for round two…'know what I mean 'arry?'
  7. My thoughts exactly.
  8. ^ I thought the deal with the DUP was done and dusted. Presumably they want a bigger piece of cake than is on offer?
  9. Priorities: 1: Catch cruise ship 2. Enjoy yourself 3. Say hi to Yokozuna's mum and dad. 4. Worry about car when you get home
  10. Heard on the TV that someone was on the phone to the emergency services for 40 minutes and they kept telling her to stay put. In the end she said 'sod that' and got out. Read somewhere that the fire escapes on these blocks are not designed for mass evacuation There have got to be a lot of blocks that have had this cladding added. If it is the cause, some urgent inspections and remedial work is going to be needed
  11. I heard that the building's safety procedure was to stay in your own flat unless that was the one with the fire Edit: Hadn't seen the photos take at the time. Horrendous https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/gallery/2017/jun/14/tower-block-blaze-in-london-in-pictures
  12. None of it is rubbish. Any thoughts on Labour/Tory coalition to sort it out?
  13. Jonathan Pie sums it up if you are missing it: https://www.facebook.com/JonathanPieReporter/videos/1246051585517732/
  14. Interesting that the Tory government is sitting on a report into funding of Jihadi groups https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/05/theresa-may-urged-not-to-suppress-report-into-funding-of-jihadi-groups
  15. I think you may have missed the point. We would be in very serious trouble if 1 in 4 people were a terrorist. What I am suggesting is that there are different types of Muslim just like there are different types of Christians. I believe a particular faction is responsible and we sell arms to governments which support them. And why ever would we do that? Because they are oil rich. But as I said above, what do I know?