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  1. That is only to be expected. Whether it is true or not is quite another thing
  2. Teresa May just said that the attacker is home grown and his affiliations are not yet clear. So we can't go blaming this on immigrants. Somebody at MI5 may be due for a rocket as it seems that while he was regarded as a peripheral figure, he was indeed on their books. But they can't watch every potential extremist 24/7. The solution would seem to be to stop the poison which is being spread and give our intelligence services whatever tools they need.
  3. Let's at least find out where the guy came from and get to grips with why he did this. If it is politically motivated, the solution lies with MI5 or MI6. If they need an extra £1 a week from each of us to do their job better, my money is on the table. And I couldn't care less whose email they read or whose phones they tap.
  4. It has SFA to do with what remainers want or do not want. As I understand it, Scotland has its own parliament. If it does not speak for the people of Scotland then who does? Are the people of Scotland happy to go cap in hand to Westminster? I suspect not
  5. 'You won't give your permission for us to hold a referendum? Stuff you, Pal. We will do it anyway'. What's not to like about that?
  6. Isn't May telling Scotland they can't hold a referendum a bit like Brussels telling the UK they can't hold one?
  7. If Scotland manages to stay in the EU and we are out, it will be them building the wall
  8. I wonder if Wilders was actually told to get on his bike.
  9. Thanks. I was using my mobile and didn't see that bit. My understanding was that to vote in Scotland, you have to be a resident there. So I am not sure why the petition is open to anyone who is a British citizen or UK resident. Surely it is for Scots to decide for themselves if they are miserable or not? They have done it before...
  10. When did all Brits become experts on how fed up the Scots are? Must have been ill that day
  11. If it were your car, it certainly could. Had 8 faults across four modules on a mate's 2004 E60 530D last year. All caused by a frayed sensor down lead. Just looked at my notes and contrary to what I said above, no modules had to be reset.
  12. There may be a fault in one module. But many of them talk to each other so it's one out all out. On older cars, if you fixed the issue, you were good to go. But on more modern ones you also have to clear the code. I'd suggest friend bites the bullet and takes it straight to a dealer and has them run a diagnostic.
  13. Have to agree. I went through this process last year when looking for some Eagle F1s . I got online prices from BlackCircles, Tyreleader etc. Strangely, Amazon were the same price. But fitting killed it and I didn't like the idea of dealing with two parties if something went pear shaped. Local tyres fitters were cheaper and I picked the one with the best set up. Three weeks after I parted with £440, I hit a half brick in the dark and had to have one of the more expensive rears replaced
  14. Got your PM. Thanks
  15. Looking for help from someone who can not only understand Russian text but who can also read the handwriting. A big ask but if you can help, please drop me a PM