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  1. whiskychaser

    Silly mistakes that resulted in lots of swearing

    Not actually my error. Was towing a mate off the M6. We are doing about 50mph when he started moving from lane 1 to lane 2. Thinking he knows something I don't, I moved out too. But when he started to move into lane 3 I really began to worry. Fortunately, he corrected that and at the first opportunity, I got us both on the hard shoulder. I walked back and asked him WTF that was all about. He had removed the keys
  2. whiskychaser

    Local councils - absolute jobsworths

    Curious how dropping the kerb enables driving across the pavement to suddenly become legal If the kerb were in an unsafe condition and somebody fell on it, the claim would go to the council. I happen to know someone who did just that. Council is probably looking to cover its own arse.
  3. whiskychaser

    Rotherhithe Tunnel

    The width restriction doesn't include mirrors ...
  4. whiskychaser

    E34 Auto Gearbox

    Link shows A5S300J which is a Jatco gearbox. Did that come up when you put your VIN in realoem? I would expect you to have a ZF A5S310z (aka 5HP18).
  5. whiskychaser

    Permanent Running Indicators - US Style

    Do you want to retain the original side lights in the headlight? If not, just try pulling the bulbs. On my car, if a sidelight bulb was out, it would light up the indicator which would still flash normally. And I didn't get a message in check control either
  6. whiskychaser

    535i non start (fuel injectors not firing)

    Your M30 pump is probably capable of delivering 5 bar. The system just runs on 3. BTW, I know you have a sensor wire on no.6 but it should still run fine without it. Wiring diagrams are here: http://www.wedophones.com/BMWManualsLead.htm PS. Has the fuel filter ever been changed?
  7. whiskychaser

    535i non start (fuel injectors not firing)

    Question seems to be whether the injectors are actually opening or if you don't have enough fuel pressure. To test if the injectors are opening, put a long screw driver on one of the injectors and get someone to crank it. You should hear the injector click. If you don't, it is probably down to the wiring to the injectors or the DME. If you do, connect a fuel pressure gauge in line at the back end of the rail and jumper the fuel pump relay as you described above. Pretty sure it should be 3 bar on an M30. If you don't get that, the FPR may well be the culprit as Ustbutler says. Try pinching the return to confirm.
  8. whiskychaser

    How is this door trim attached?

  9. whiskychaser

    How is this door trim attached?

    Never removed one but a trim removal tool would help. Or a screwdriver with insulation tape over the blade. This looks like how they fit: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HD68-ZA-02-1992-E34-BMW-525i&diagId=51_0770
  10. whiskychaser


    Put your VIN in realoem and it should tell you if you have SLS or not. If it is still unclear, just have a look underneath. SLS will look like this: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DD32-EUR-01-1998-E39-BMW-523i&diagId=33_0520
  11. whiskychaser

    M54 fuel trim plausible range exceeded (lean)

    Pretty sure the cap is fine but it is worth a look
  12. whiskychaser

    M54 fuel trim plausible range exceeded (lean)

    OK. I think I can answer my own question. The codes have not reappeared so I ran my own diagnostic from the DIS menu. That actually gives you the current figures but more importantly, the limits I was looking for. The adaptation, mixture, additive numbers appear to be fine. But the limit for the multiplicative is 11% and mine is reading 12%. As I understand it, multiplicative is the long term trim - it has got used to adding extra fuel so that is now the norm. But it also concerns performance under load. So now I have fixed the intake boot, the long term trim may settle to below 11% over time. But it might be fun to drive round giving it some wellie while she takes pics of the laptop screen
  13. whiskychaser

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    Yes. But can 'the resonance from the exhaust note ..be felt literally clean through your willie'?
  14. I have been trying to trace the source of this problem for some time. The faults only appear at odd intervals and are not currently present. When they do appear, the engine service light gives you a hint that all is not well. Maybe someone can help me decipher the following which I read with DIS: Code Bank rpm air mass (mg/stroke) coolant temp lamba control mean value 227 1 1088 179.8 93C 3.1% 228 2 1152 174.3 92.2C 0.8% Adaptation, mixture, additive: Bank 1 0.12ms Bank 2 0.17ms Adaptation, mixture, multiplicative: Bank 1 12% Bank 2 12% I am not looking to throw parts at it. The smoke test I conducted found a duff intake boot but that has not solved the problem. The following have also received attention over a period of time: DISA 'o' ring, ICV hose, CCV system, oil cap, FPR hoses, valve cover gasket. What I'd like to do is make sense of the above figures. Has to be someone
  15. whiskychaser

    DIY Vacuum Leak Smoke Tester

    OK, I removed the clip 6 and blew down hose 7 in the link below. As I suspected, the one way valve must be on the servo. Introduced smoke but didn't see a thing. Now I am not a cigar smoker so I don't know if they don't smoke too well if they are dried out. I may repeat the test if cigar experts can advise Meanwhile, I think I will start another thread showing the results of the diagnostic Edit: Well, it would be useful if I actually posted the link http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E46-Sedan/Europe/330i-M54/R-N/oct2000/browse/brakes/power_brake_unit_depression/