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  1. whiskychaser

    Brake Pad Wear Sensor

    The pads themselves don't have any wire connections. You will find a U shaped cut out on the outer edge of the outer brake pad. The small end of the sensor wire simply pushes into it and is held in place by its own clip. The larger round end is the connector end. They are not really sensors - just a loop. When the pads wear down, they cut the loop and you get the 'brake lining warning' message. They are fitted to the left front and right rear of the car and you can probably get them at your local car spares shop for about £5 each. But as they are just a loop, there is nothing to prevent you using the old ones if they are still intact.
  2. whiskychaser

    Driving in Europe after 29th March

    It may be wise to check if an international driving licence and carnet de passage will also be required. French Police do like paperwork to be in order. But they love it more when it is not
  3. whiskychaser

    heater takes ages to get warm e341996

    Realoem is a parts catalogue and a very handy tool. It comes up with parts which are specific to your car as some may not be. Just put realoem.com in your browser, click to get into the BMW catalogue and put the last 7 digits of your VIN where it says 'serial number'. Then hit search followed by browse (lower down the page) If the diagrams don't mean anything, a picture is worth 1000 words Check out this link: https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1934092-DIY-Heater-Valve-Cleaning BTW. If the aux pump is the issue, you can bypass it
  4. whiskychaser

    heater takes ages to get warm e341996

    Half an hour sounds a lot even if your stat is stuck open. It is possible that your heater valves are full of gunge and just need cleaning out. Some cars also have an aux pump underneath the valves so the heater warms up faster. If that isn't working, it may restrict the flow http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=HD68-ZA-02-1992-E34-BMW-525i&diagId=64_0114
  5. whiskychaser

    E46 Alternator removal - power cable

    Mine looks just like the one ringed in green. Realoem says it is an M8x16 bolt (07119905528 for Valeo and Bosch) though the diagram shows a nut. Unless the bolt is hollow and threaded, I am not sure how it is going to fit on the positive terminal. Tried mole grips?
  6. Looking for a fuel pressure tester to fit the schrader valve on the M54 fuel rail. Seems simple enough but finding one that says it actually fits a BMW is proving surprisingly difficult. Any recommendations welcome.
  7. whiskychaser

    Gearbox temp in Torque app

    For those - like me - who didn't know 'PID' is the name of the code requesting data: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OBD-II_PIDs How to add PIDs manually on Torque 'paid for' version. This video relates to a Prius but I imagine the setup will be the same for any car: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag02XbyvPNo How to add multiple PIDs manually on an E90: https://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1118429 Never used Torque. I was just curious
  8. whiskychaser

    Any electricians on here?

    Yes. The lighting breaker will throw at 5 or 6 amps.
  9. whiskychaser

    Any electricians on here?

    I am not an electrician but there may be a simple reason why the fuse in the plug blows first. My understanding is that they blow at 1.66 times their rating. So a 3 amp would blow at 4.98 amps. But your lamp is plugged into the power ring main and the breaker for that may be as high as 32 amps so that will not throw. Maybe check to ensure the lamp plugs are not getting warm and consider having them PAT tested?
  10. whiskychaser

    Mrs May's Mercedes experience

    Never rains but it pours.
  11. whiskychaser

    E34 540 auto fault

    The switch sometimes burns out on the reverse contact because of the load. Good to hear yours sounds fine. Hopefully, your TCM is located in the e-box where is easy to get at. The pins that correspond to the voltages I quoted above are (in order) 36,8,37 and 9. So for park you will get live on 36,8 and 9 but not 37. On reverse you would just get live on 9 etc. The pin numbers are stamped into the end of the TCM socket but you will be checking at the holes in the plug. So don't forget they are a mirror - it is an easy mistake to make
  12. whiskychaser

    E34 540 auto fault

    The selector switch not only controls the display in the cluster but the solenoids in the gearbox too. Put it in reverse (ignition on but engine doesn't need to run) and see if your reversing lights are on. My guess is that they will not be. That switch is a bank of 4 and which are either +v or 0v. You can check the outputs correspond with the table in the diagrams here: http://www.wedophones.com/BMWManualsLead.htm Edit: From the table in case you cannot find it: P = 1101,R = 1000, N = 1110, D = 0001, 4 = 0011, 3 =1011, 2 = 0010 where 0 = 0V and 1 is +v Bear in mind the manual shift valve controlled by the cable also selects reverse. You don't want the two parts fighting
  13. whiskychaser

    This BMW driver was lucky....

    Same car. Different angle: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/transport/driver-s-lucky-escape-after-car-crashes-through-fence-in-wet-and-icy-conditions-on-woodhead-pass-1-9453760 Not the best road to fly along, even when it is not wet and icy. Very lucky indeed
  14. whiskychaser

    Minicab fare con?

    There is a 'barrier charge' of 60p at Manchester Piccadilly - same if you get dropped off at Manchester airport station. Tariff is on Manchester.gov.uk somewhere. Not sure why they press the button at the end instead of at the start of the journey unless it is adding up fare plus extras.
  15. whiskychaser

    M30 E34

    I realise that older cars seem to be increasing in value. But it looks like the decimal point needs to be moved one place left on that price. Maybe it is the photos but the front wings, doors and rear end all look different colours to me. And the inside and under the bonnet are hardly showroom. Mileage isn't low or it would say so. I must be missing something