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  1. whiskychaser

    This BMW driver was lucky....

    Same car. Different angle: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/transport/driver-s-lucky-escape-after-car-crashes-through-fence-in-wet-and-icy-conditions-on-woodhead-pass-1-9453760 Not the best road to fly along, even when it is not wet and icy. Very lucky indeed
  2. whiskychaser

    Minicab fare con?

    There is a 'barrier charge' of 60p at Manchester Piccadilly - same if you get dropped off at Manchester airport station. Tariff is on Manchester.gov.uk somewhere. Not sure why they press the button at the end instead of at the start of the journey unless it is adding up fare plus extras.
  3. whiskychaser

    M30 E34

    I realise that older cars seem to be increasing in value. But it looks like the decimal point needs to be moved one place left on that price. Maybe it is the photos but the front wings, doors and rear end all look different colours to me. And the inside and under the bonnet are hardly showroom. Mileage isn't low or it would say so. I must be missing something
  4. whiskychaser

    Door DeadLocked...

    I would think that the doors just lock, not dead lock. Either way, in case of a collision, they are unlocked automatically
  5. whiskychaser

    New warning just appeared!

    IIRC, both the OBC and cluster can control the language. So it might be worth checking that the OBC is in English too? Links to unlocking the OBC and inspecting the CCM: http://bmwe32.masscom.net/johan/obc_secrets/obc_secrets.html http://twrite.org/shogunnew/diagnosis/ccm.html
  6. whiskychaser

    New warning just appeared!

    It means electronic slip control blocked. If you don't have that, the fault may well be as simple as dry joints in your check control module. You can change the language of the cluster to English
  7. whiskychaser


    From a truck driver's perspective, I don't really mind if people undertake. But if you creep up the inside and sit level or slightly forward of the cab, you really cannot be seen any more. So we all know what is going to happen when the truck driver decides he should observe lane discipline and get over to the left. The knowledge that it was his fault isn't going to be much of a consolation. No criticism of anyone's driving was intended or implied in the writing of this post
  8. whiskychaser

    Check your height

    I don't know the area so checked google maps. It appears to be a straight road with 5 warnings of a low bridge. Not sure how you could miss them all in broad daylight. Bearing in mind that you are supposed to check the vehicle height and display it in the cab, it is going to take some explaining. Some more Land Rover convertibles made earlier: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/range-rover-new-m61-crash-14578276
  9. whiskychaser

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    I did the same and do not get notifications either
  10. whiskychaser

    Silly mistakes that resulted in lots of swearing

    Not actually my error. Was towing a mate off the M6. We are doing about 50mph when he started moving from lane 1 to lane 2. Thinking he knows something I don't, I moved out too. But when he started to move into lane 3 I really began to worry. Fortunately, he corrected that and at the first opportunity, I got us both on the hard shoulder. I walked back and asked him WTF that was all about. He had removed the keys
  11. whiskychaser

    Local councils - absolute jobsworths

    Curious how dropping the kerb enables driving across the pavement to suddenly become legal If the kerb were in an unsafe condition and somebody fell on it, the claim would go to the council. I happen to know someone who did just that. Council is probably looking to cover its own arse.
  12. whiskychaser

    Rotherhithe Tunnel

    The width restriction doesn't include mirrors ...
  13. whiskychaser

    E34 Auto Gearbox

    Link shows A5S300J which is a Jatco gearbox. Did that come up when you put your VIN in realoem? I would expect you to have a ZF A5S310z (aka 5HP18).
  14. whiskychaser

    Permanent Running Indicators - US Style

    Do you want to retain the original side lights in the headlight? If not, just try pulling the bulbs. On my car, if a sidelight bulb was out, it would light up the indicator which would still flash normally. And I didn't get a message in check control either
  15. whiskychaser

    535i non start (fuel injectors not firing)

    Your M30 pump is probably capable of delivering 5 bar. The system just runs on 3. BTW, I know you have a sensor wire on no.6 but it should still run fine without it. Wiring diagrams are here: http://www.wedophones.com/BMWManualsLead.htm PS. Has the fuel filter ever been changed?