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  1. ^ Of course the EU will do a deal. Did they happen to mention on what terms? If it excludes free movement it is an amazing u-turn
  2. My experience of trade with the Europe goes back 40 years. During that time, the balance has always been around 40/60 export to import. That is selling to a market as developed as ours. So how exactly are we going to increase sales if we were unable to do it before? A new market doesnt mean you can turn on sales like a tap. People actually need to buy what you are selling. I fear the market in clothes pegs has already been cornered
  3. Holding a referendum without a plan b got us in this mess. 40% of our exports are at risk because this govt got us in a Catch 22 position
  4. You don't think she is going to use this an excuse for not safeguarding our interests do you? I mean. It was in the manifesto...
  5. Mavis has apparantly just realised that the remaining 27 countries 'are lining up to oppose' us on Brexit. Is my ballot paper valid if I cross out her name and substitute yours? You did say it first
  6. Les Dennis spoof is near enough. May's idea of strong and stable seems to mean being unable to make your mind up. Only about little things like whether she supports Brexit and will hold a general election though
  7. After Mavis "well, I don't really know" Riley from Coronation Street.
  8. Sure it was a Cortina. Iirc, it was the same colour as my other brother's mk4. But that had a 1.6 engine
  9. Sure my brother had a 4.1. But he does live in Australia
  10. According to the Mail, Mavis said it 12 times in a 10 minute speech.
  11. True. But you have to ask who got us in this mess. If you promise to do something in your job, I dont imagine the company just shrugs it off if you don't do it. Not sure we should let politicians of any variety get away with it.
  12. Their 2015 manifesto said that the Conservatives would safeguard Britain's interests in the single market. Time these promises were set in stone. And those who failed to keep them should be hit over the head with said stone.
  13. I am away on hols and cant find the bit where Starmer said he would end immigration. I thought he said the rules would have to change? I still think he makes a lot of sense but the word you are searching for may be paddle
  14. Can think of a number of people who could do with one of those
  15. There was no need to call an election. I suspect May just wants to be able to remind the electorate that it got what it wanted. Not her fault if she can't get a decent deal then, is it? But as Mr Tajani pointed out, she may be out of a job in June