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  1. Really!! We've been here 6 years, did you live here or know the previous owner?
  2. I have no idea what TKHM means but these wheels were an option on the facelift SE model, replacing style 49 that was an SE option for the pre-facelift.
  3. Thanks, pms replied to. I forgot to add in my earlier post that the AC doesn't work and there's a small coolant leak off a hose at the back. It's where the LPG is tee'd in, the guy who did the conversion has remade the joint for me but it still weeps a bit; it will go a couple of months before needing a top up and doesn't seem to be getting any worse but obviously will need sorting out. It seems like I'm dwelling on the negatives but just being honest! The car is far from perfect but still has plenty of positives, like the torque and accompanying V8 sound track as you take it up through 3k-4k rpm on a straight bit of road, then shift up a gear and do it all again! I took it out for a quick run this afternoon having not driven it for a couple of weeks and it still manages to make me smile.
  4. Some encouragement there, thanks! Yes the wheels really suit the car. Not sure I can go through the pain of Ebay!! Maybe I'll get some decent pics and put an ad on here first.....
  5. My 1998 540i Touring is showing it's age and mileage (nearly 250k) and there are a number of issues that need attention, so I've decided the time has come to retire it from daily duties. I don't have a clue what sort of value it has and whether there would be much interest in a car such as this, so would be grateful for any opinions! On the plus side it has the manual 6 speed box (same box as the M5), so in it's younger days it was a fairly desirable and rare beast. It passed it's MOT recently so is perfectly road worthy and driveable (I was commuting 40 miles a day in it until recently). But there are several negatives that need taking into account, none would be a showstopper but they all add up and I would consider the car as 'spares/repairs' or as a bit of a project for someone: From memory the issues are: 1. Engine runs 'OK' but is slightly 'off'. If I had to guess it could be the usual cam cover seals or an intake leak but haven't had it checked. 2. It has an LPG conversion which works mechanically, but last time I used it (probably around 6-12 months ago) there was a strong smell of gas so assumed there was a leak and have left it switched off since then, I've just been running on petrol as normal with no issues. 3. The fuel gauge doesn't work. 4. Offside rear passenger window doesn't work. 5. The usual suspension bushes are worn. 6. Rear SLS works most of the time, but occasionally I get the 'inactive' fault. 7. Rust is appearing around the number plate on the tailgate. 8. Minor damage to front bumper and the tip of the offside wing/bonnet (car park altercation with a Range Rover at 5mph). 9. Scuff on rear bumper. 10. Exhaust gas leak (it has a custom stainless exhaust fitted - I still have the original in the garage) So, is this just a tired old gas guzzler ready for the scrap heap or are there people out there that would be keen to keep it on the road?
  6. I leave the AC on permanently, it's just not cold anymore
  7. pm me a price
  8. My understanding is the job is made redundant not the person, i.e they can't make you redundant and then immediately employ somebody else to carry out the same job. One way for an employer to 'circumvent' this might to be change the job title and responsibilities slightly so it's not the same job anymore.
  9. I recently had my aircon re-gassed recently, but air was not any colder. I knew the pusher fan was seized so I had this replaced, but the air was still not cold. The garage has checked the system, said there's no leaks, the system is full of gas but it's not circulating. Therefore it's a suspect AC compressor (pending further investigation). I've not heard of this being a common fault on E39s, but the car is on 215k. Could the seized fan have put more stress on the AC compressor? Are the compressors fixable, or second hand units reliable? I'm not sure if this is worth fixing or not.
  10. My 18 year old 540i with 214k miles is still getting me to work and back every day, 40 mile round trip.
  11. I looked into this a few years ago and drew a bit of a blank on the early M62 MAF so just went for the proper Bosch unit from local motor factors, it was around £200.
  12. Tormead is on the opposite side so you will bear the brunt of any traffic problems. Train could be an option but Elstead isn't near any stations; if you come in on either Portsmouth or Aldershot lines you'd have to change at Guildford main station to get to London Road anyway. Logically it might make sense to include Burpham / Merrow and the villages further east in your house search, but if you've fallen in love with Elstead the traffic is liveable with, just allow a bit extra time for it.
  13. Where in Guildford is the school? There are only two places in the town centre where you can cross the river and they frequently get jammed up. If you don't need to cross the river life might be easier for you. Btw I commute into Guildford every day (coming from the south on the A3). Most days it isn't too horrendous but can get frustrating at times as one small accident will stuff up the whole town.
  14. Maybe something like these would work? Kill two birds with one stone?
  15. My numbers were worked out slightly differently, I calculated a one third saving in fuel costs. Half was too optimistic because of losing a few mpg when running on gas, and the LPG cost in my area is slightly higher than 50% of the cost of petrol. I used to spend around £300 per month on petrol so reckoned on saving £100 per month on LPG. It paid for itself in less than 18 months. The thing is, once the conversion is done I didn't really think about the payback period, I'd committed and the money was spent. However, the cost to fill up is instantly cheaper so from day one I was feeling the benefit. You can just get on with driving the car and fuel cost is no longer a cause for concern.