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  1. it is an awesome car, didn't want to just hijack the post. good luck with the new motor mate
  2. crash.uk

    missing pixels

    sounds good. will definitely keep an eye on their site.
  3. crash.uk

    missing pixels

    sure, he quoted me £100.00 for the cluster and charged me £20.00 for removal and re-fitting, . i drove there in the car. it took about two hours, so i took the bus into Enfiled. hope that helps how did you come across the imported 5?
  4. crash.uk

    missing pixels

    pixels are back, yay there was also a bulb blown for the cluster, so i have to go back and get this sorted. but as its just a matter of popping the cluster in and out ,it shouldn't take long. also fitted is a blue tooth and small amp. i think the amp makes the sound clearer, s i am definitely happy. as said carphonics is a top guy,. i also would recommend him. on another note he was saying a lot of 5s are coming in from japan atm. there is a shortage in the UK apparently.
  5. crash.uk

    missing pixels

    car is booked in with carphonics on saturday. going to do the cluster pixels, add bluetooth and maybe an amp to boost the tiny speakers that come in a 5 thereafter maybe a head unit upgrade or repair will update once it is all done as i am in north london it makes sense to go there. enjoying the feedback. cheers all
  6. crash.uk

    missing pixels

    that is some great feedback people. i will defo look at carphonics will look into bbs further also.
  7. crash.uk

    missing pixels

    hi all, i am sure this is a common occurence. i have a 2002 e39 auto, pixels from the dash are slowly going, can anyone recommend somewhere who can rectify this? i am north london. i have been told that a company called BBA Reman do a pick up, repair and deliver back service, has anyone used them? also have abs pump sensor issues going on so that will need sorting out together cheers all.
  8. crash.uk

    2001 e39 m5 (facelift) £10k

    hi, i am looking or someone to repair missing pixels on my e39 dash. based in london, can you recommend anyone? cheers
  9. crash.uk

    2002 BMW E39 525d SE registered April 2002

    hi mate, on a different note, i noticed you had an aftermarket radio. which make was it and would you recommend it, or other brand/model cheers Crash
  10. crash.uk

    My E39 M5

    drooling, wish i had a drive
  11. crash.uk

    bm 54 radio module

    hello all, am on the look out for a radio module, bm54. to fit in my e39. my one has sustained some water damage apparently, but still works. i went to have a Bluetooth module fitted and the engineers noticed this and hence did not carry the work out. they have recommended i find the source of the leak,i think its an old issue which has been sorted. if no joy here i will look at ebay or potentially have the unit serviced. cheers all
  12. crash.uk

    e39 saloon floor matts

    awesome. will have a look
  13. crash.uk

    e39 saloon floor matts

    hello everyone my floor matts looking quite tatty now, hence in need of some quality replacements if anyone can help or source a set please drop me a pm. i am located in north london cheers
  14. crash.uk

    reverse camera

    ahh my bad, i have an e39 auto, 2002
  15. crash.uk

    reverse camera

    hi all. i was wondering how difficult or easy it may be to retro fit a reverse camera? would it be a link up to the existing sat nav display>