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  1. Rich S

    Back in the fold......

    Glad to see the Porker gone. The M's very nice mate.. one of the better colour combo's.
  2. Rich S

    535d Buying Advice Sought

    LCI I think.. I know what the cosmetic differences are but what difference does it make to the car?
  3. Rich S

    535d Buying Advice Sought

    So nothing else of note apart from the DFP and EGR..? I'm pretty sure the BMW warranty is up, it was bought over 18mths back.
  4. A good friend at work is considering an 07 plate 535d Sport in Silver Grey on oe 19's. The mileage is around 70k 2 previous owners with the last one buying it from BMW as an AUC around 18mths ago. It has been mapped to an estimated 310bhp (BHP is an IIRC, it may well be more) and comes with a healthy spec list, the price is circa £11k. This guy has asked my advice but apart from the usual suspension/body work/history/maintenance checks I know nothing about oil burners what so ever.. I haven't had time to search for an FAQ type thread, sorry, but does anyone have any pointers.. Cheers Rich.
  5. Great looking motor Scott, well done mate.
  6. Rich S

    Ap coilovers any one got em?

    I had them on my last M3.. hateful things to fit to a road car, killed the ride and damned hard with it. First thing I did was swap them for nearly new OE. If it's stance you want I'd go for springs, Eibach seem favorite for keeping the ride quality.
  7. Rich S

    What to see in france

    Don't forget to check out what you have to take with you.. spare bulbs, fire ex, V5c, insurance docs etc etc.. It seems to change every year I go. This year for example I believe you have to have a breathalyzer.. The Gendarmerie/National Police love to pull UK registered cars and demand pocket money so worth making sure you're legal.. Worth a detour
  8. Rich S

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    There wasn't any.. The driver of the crashed car had to be extracted from the Volvo because she has neck injuries which could have been made worse if she'd stood up and walked. Lets just say the Police weren't happy at all. Anyway.. it's a picture thread not a discussion.
  9. Rich S

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    From 2010.. Got called out to an RTC on the M6 South around JCN 3 to find a car had left the carriage way. The Police were 1st on scene and removed the apparently uninjured female from the car into the rear of their Volvo. This is what happened after the Paramedics arrived and diagnosed the female with "C" spine injuries..
  10. That's good to hear. 5th Gear is better than Top Gear IMO but that guy, Johnny Smith? is a strange cookie.. Needs to give in and take hair loss on the chin too..
  11. Rich S

    What did you today on the Bimmer

    Filled it up with 88 quids worth of Shells finest.
  12. Rich S

    shameless Why not next weeks on E4?

    Can't answer your question but the series gets better and better.. And that hot blonde in the wheel chair.
  13. Rich S

    It's been a while.

    Allo.. Do you have a link to any pictures? Fingers crossed it sells Gaz, lovely motor. Are you still looking for an M3?