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  1. E39 530d BRAND NEW parts, service, paint, master cylinder etc… BRAND new parts for 2002 E39 530d. These were parts purchased but never fitted for various reasons: IMAGES here: https://goo.gl/photos/3XZCpCU1xApBLMfy6 OBD II reader, Carsoft 6.5, never used with installation CD Auto gearbox service kit, including additional spare gasket – I also have some Dexron III auto fluid, enough for two changes to flush the unit NOT genuine spotlight covers, came from German eBay, BRAND NEW but not quite as good as OEM – see pics Slate Green 449 aerosol paint (colour and lacquer) – used only once Slate Green 449 touch-up (colour and lacquer) – BRAND NEW VORTEX breather, Genuine BMW – BRAND NEW, SEALED Genuine BMW Master Cylinder, BRAND NEW Genuine BMW Xenon Ballast brackets, BRAND NEW (no pics atm) I also have a genuine M-Parallel front wheel, used, a couple of kerp marks and one quite bad gouge, cannot get any pics atm. Perfect as a spare. No tyre. Please PM for offers, happy to post or collection in London or Norfolk (first weekend March) available by arrangement. I have 100% eBay feedback, happy to share username if that provides extra comfort. Cheers, Ben
  2. Comedydill

    BMW E39 530d Sport Auto 2002 (52) | FSH |

    Car now sold. Ill be listing a few associated BMW parts over the coming weeks which may be of interest.
  3. Comedydill

    BMW E39 530d Sport Auto 2002 (52) | FSH |

    BMW E39 530d Sport Auto 2002 (52) | FSH | For sale is my BMW E39 530d Sport Auto 2002 (52 - September) in slate green with matching leather sports interior, widescreen sat nav and genuine style 37 M-parallel wheels with excellent Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tyres. http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Vredestein/Ultrac-Sessanta.htm The car has had three owners including myself since new, initially as a company car and then purchased from the company MD by a director at the same firm. I acquired the car in November 2007 at 127k miles and have maintained it personally since. Recent annual mileage has been c.4k miles on motorway journeys. Current mileage is c.184k with the MOT expiration on 24-Jun-17. Full service works and factory specification below but most recent parts include new battery (Yuasa) and wiper blades while the front tyres, brake discs/pads and thermostat were replaced during 2015. The windscreen is clear and unmarked, no cracks or chips anywhere. FBMWSH up to 124k miles and maintained by myself since. There is a mountain of receipts and invoices from the likes of BMW, Euro Car Parts, Kwik Fit, GSF, C3. Almost all of the front and rear suspension linkage components have been replaced using either Lemforder or Meyle HD (expensive!) parts, not cheap Chinese pattern parts from eBay. New exhaust flexis have been fitted previously while the brake discs and pads are in excellent condition all round. One of the front wheels was replaced with a brand new genuine BMW item while the others are in excellent condition with only a couple of minor (barely noticeable) kerb marks, new style BMW wheel badges have also been fitted. The engine runs smoothly and burns no oil, the gearbox is smooth and quiet. The original 6CD changer has been removed in favour of the best iPod integration available for this age of BMW (fully integrated into the 16:9 sat nav unit) with an Intravee II and Alpine KCA-420i allowing the connection of an iPod (not included) and access to virtually unlimited music. All original documentation included, Owners handbook/manuals and leather case, integrated V50 Motorola mobile phone and accessories, both keys (plus service key and valet key) and original CD NAV disc. The bad bits: · Some rust bubbling to the bottom edge of the bootlid on the NS · General stone chipping to front bonnet and bumper · Front headlight lenses suffering from stone chipping and some discolouration · Headlights: intermittent fault with the OS drivers HID – replacement bulb and decoder unit supplied (from HIDS4U.co.uk) · Usual dead pixels on driver display · Front and rear parking sensors – at least one sensor F/R requiring replacement as system · Parking dents – predominantly on the drivers and passengers front doors from inconsiderate people · Air-con needs to be re-gassed PRICE: £2,500 ONO http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182379803428?euid=33ea07451272427a8e1fb9699bf2f003&bu=42987113196&cp=1&sojTags=bu=bu Available to view in Central London (SE16 area) or North Norfolk (Kings Lynn area), price includes accessories mentioned and reflects the minor and honest defects outlined above Any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Model E39 530dA Sport Saloon M57 3.0 Colour 449 Slate Green Metallic Upholstery O7GN Stone Green/Black Leather Optional Equipment 672 BMW 6 Disc CD Changer Intravee II + Alpine KCA 420 + Sony SOT Amplifier 780 Parallel 37M-8/9Jx18 Alloy Wheels Z41 Communications Pack (* indicates comms pack) Standard Equipment 202 Steptronic Paddles 210 Dynamic Stability Control 249 Multi-func. Steering 302 Remote Control Alarm 339 De-chroming 428 First Aid Kit & Triangle 431 Auto-Dim Interior Mirror 434 Kodiak Silver Interior 441 Smoker Package 470 ISOFIX Child Seat System 473 Front Sliding Arm Rest 481 Sports Seats 500 Headlamp Washer System 508 Park Distance Control 520 Front Foglamps 521 R/Sensor-H/Lamp Washer 534 Automatic Air Conditioning 555 On Board Computer 601 TV Function* 609 Navigation-system Professional* 632 Motorola V5* 694 CD Preparation 705 M sports suspension 710 M Steering Wheel 715 M-Aerodynamic Bodystyling 775 Anthracite Headlining 785 White Indicator Lenses
  4. Comedydill

    Gearbox - sealed for life service....???

    That's what happens when monkeys put Dexron 111 in a gearbox designed to run on a special synthetic oil. Amazing how often this happens. What makes you say this SevenThirtyEye? The gearbox was designed to use a Dexron II spec fluid and thus Dexron III is a newer spec and all spec's are fully backward compatible, including the very latest Dexron VI.
  5. Comedydill


    All the answers are here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=32249 Particularly on the external BMW links.
  6. Performancebatteries.co.uk Just got a calcium 4yr warranty for 71 quid delivered next day. 100Ah, 900CCA. Excellent service. Fitted in 30 mins.
  7. Comedydill

    KCA-420i and Intravee II install

    Excellent post. I'm loving mine, although I'm only on Nav v.3. Here's my effort... No skipping, 40gb music and to my ears better sound quality?
  8. Comedydill

    HID's for full beam????????

    I was under the impression E39 headlamps were unable to take bi-xenon setups. This is a single bulb with a moveable reflector for high/low beam? Check out the units on E90's. HIDs would work in full beam but a large amount of on/off action is likely to reduce bulb life and flashing them is a definately no no. If you forget one day you might well kill them! Diversifiying slightly, as for fogs it it ain't foggy leave them OFF! There is a 206 near me where his fogs are far brighter and more dazzling than his actual dip beam! After a good 3/4 doses of my full beam he seems to have got the picture. If its 2am and you on a narrow country road then maybe, maybe, but at 9pm on a main road there is just no need! Thankfully that is one thing even Norfolk plods will pull you for, all they need to do now is do people for not indicating off round abouts! Back on topic I have Philips X-treme 55w jobbies for beam and whilst they look very yellow compared to the HIDs are VERY good. They really do penetrate a long way down the road. Sorry, rant over!
  9. Comedydill

    Petrol or diesel?

    Im struggling to see how the new diesels will struggle with emissions consdiering Audi claim to have their new 6.0 V12 TDI unit inside Euro VI specs, see below: http://www.autocar.co.uk/News/NewsArticle/Audi-R8/230115/ Monster performance figures and rumours of 21-24mpg+ Im not denying petrol cars are more fun to drive and at the moment are virtually always faster, Le mans is a different scenario with torque, mpg, component wear and differing regulations all factoring. In the future it would seem that diesels could well be the pinnacle though?
  10. Comedydill

    So what does 'Sport' mode actually do..?

    I quote the manual which came with my car (diesel) although it applies to petrol model also. "In 'kick-down' position, you maximum accleration and top speed in position D" "Press the accelerator pedal down beyond the regular full-throttle position..." -This statement would appear to directly contradict the handbook. "For rapid acceleration in the manual shift mode - for example when overtaking - shift down manually or use the kick-down to shift to a lower gear". I personally use 'Sport' for overtaking and feel that using manual Steptronic changes in a diesel is a waste of time in terms of optimum performance as the car/software will change gear at the optimum parameter far more accurately then we can attempt to. Peak power in my 530d is stated at @4000rpm and I have better things to do than look at the revs when over-taking! I have never given her a proper launch but in many instances might be inclined to use D if it was simply in a straight line. The increased throttle response in S could even more easily cause loss of traction and violent shocks to the drivetrain if lifting-off. Just my opinion.
  11. Comedydill

    Brake problem...

    I have a strange problem with the brakes on my 2002 530dA Sport after replacing the brake pads. I fitted Mintex pads via eBay. I also changed the pad wear sensor via GSF. All parts were correct and identical. The old pads were very worn <1.5mm remaining. When I went to test drive the car I pumped the pedal 3-4 times to push the pistons back out. All was well until I noticed that the pedal no longer remains hard and has ‘excessive’ travel. It no moves about 3” before much happens- it used to be more like 0.5-1”. I have checked all the usual culprits: Absolutely NO leaks from the caliper seals or flex hoses. After test drive NO change in fluid level. Bled both front brakes fully-NO bubbles. Checked assembly and ensured sliding bolts and all mounting bolts were fully tightened-they were. The pedal will go firm and STAY firm if pumped 2-3 times with the engine OFF. As soon as the engine is started and the servo cuts in the pedal slowly goes towards the floor. The car does stop-probably better than it did with the new pads-but only after pumping the pedal slightly-and as stated if it is held-it will progressively, slowly go down. My final plan is to refit the old pads and see if by some miracle (and defeat of physics) that remedies it. I doubt it will. When having someone stand on the pedal you can see the brake calliper move slight (<3mm) under torque/pressure. Is this normal? I had AP’s fitted to my last car and there was ZERO movement. This might account for a spongy pedal-but eventually it would go and remain firm. It does not. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. M/cylinder? Servo? The car was absolutely fine pre-replacement. And nothing problematic happened during the replacement (aside from BMW’s complete lack of copper-slip). Many thanks, Ben.
  12. Comedydill

    So what does 'Sport' mode actually do..?

    The voice of a newbie here-one who does not thrash his cars either lol! If I select manual and floor it will it automatically change up gears as it would in 'Sport' at around 4250rpm? Cheers.
  13. Comedydill

    Vibration at over 50mph.

    Ive not noticed any vibration at any speed on mine. OEM parallels and Dunlop Sport 9000 tyres-I believe these were OEM spec to? 530dA Sport pressure are F 2.3bar R 2.6bar. (3.0bar with luggage) I checked mine the other day and they were 2.1/2.4-I could DEFINATELY tell the ride was a little firmer when I put them back up to pressure-seemed more responsive. HTH?