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  1. StevieMillar

    E9 vs e28...

    Ultimately these two are your cars and you can do as you wish however in my experience, modified cars like your two could become do seem to command lower sale prices and take longer to sell, despite often costing much more to modify than a restoration back to standard does. In mentioning that you are keeping a watch on values, here's an observation to keep in mind for your E9 CSL.....I have been watching E9 prices quite closely over the last 5+ years and CSLs in particular can reach high prices, even restoration project values are shooting up, see the White CSL at ACA that sold for £50K with steel bonnet, non-factory sunroof and was not numbers-matching with regards to engine and chassis. The sale price of this car at the most recent Silverstone auction confused me though - https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/bmw-30csl as I couldn't figure out at first why it sold so low. I have seen this car in the flesh a couple of times and its in great condition so it's non-standard engine must be the reason I think. Ok the full Batmobile dress-up isn't to everyone's taste either but a similar car sold for over £100k not that long ago at another uk auction house, in fact a lesser car albeit numbers-matching sold at the Silverstone Auction in the summer for £77k. The market for "normal" E9 CS's is more of a level playing field between modified and standard cars but it seems buyers like their CSLs to be as original as possible. I hope this helps.
  2. StevieMillar

    New project

    Looking great Michael, looking forward to seeing the car MOT'd and fully polished up!
  3. StevieMillar

    E34/E32 Strut to Thrust Arm Plate Securing Bolts

    Fantastic WelshPug, thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I'll get some ordered from Cotswold in the morning. Cheers!
  4. I'm changing the bottom arms on my E32 just now and on one side, two out of the three fine threaded bolts that secure the top/bottom arm & tie-rod plate to the bottom of the strut have been rounded. I can't seem to see these on the Realoem exploded diagrams so would anyone have half a dozen of these bolts they could sell me in decent condition? Thanks
  5. StevieMillar

    What's your dream e28

    Bucking the trend maybe but my ideal E28 would be a standard mint 525e with as many of the factory option as possible, I wouldn't even be fussy about colour! One day maybe.....
  6. StevieMillar

    Gaydon Bmw Festival 2016 ?

    I reckon it looks good Richard, the end result has made all the measuring and cone-dragging worthwhile. I can still remember the distances for the cones that we took from the layout sheet....!
  7. StevieMillar

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Can you find me a set too please...?
  8. StevieMillar

    Bosch AFM 0280203027 Wanted

    The symptoms included hesitation on load and uneven idle, sometimes difficult to get going too. I changed the suspect AFM out with a known good one and the car was transformed so all points to the AFM being faulty. i did watch a couple of vids on YouTube about taking the unit apart, looks straightforward but my clumsy hands would most likely destroy the thing altogether!!
  9. StevieMillar

    Bosch AFM 0280203027 Wanted

    Does anyone have a preferably new or known-good used Bosch AFM part number 0280203027 for sale? Alternatively, can anyone recommend where could I get my own AFM repaired/refurbished? Thanks
  10. StevieMillar

    E34 M5 Genuine M Parallel Wheels

    Thanks for the offer Neil, it's much appreciated. The wheels are for an E34 M5 however I would really like genuine E34 M Parallel wheels for it although there are plenty of E38 & E39 ones available just now Thanks for the offer, the car has staggered Throwing Stars on it already. I still have a set of E34 BiTurbo wheels that I could put on as a change but I always thought M5s didn't suit these as much as throwing stars or Style 37's ( just my own opinion of course!) I've had some great advice on this thread and via PM, even including pointers on how/where to get new wheels. I don't think I fully appreciated their rarity and subsequent value to be honest! Thank you to those who have posted. I'll just have to be patient and keep looking for a staggered set. .
  11. StevieMillar

    E34 M5 Genuine M Parallel Wheels

    Thank you for the replies, I have been keeping an eye on eBay but just thought I would ask the community if they knew of anything, slim chance but you never know.
  12. StevieMillar

    E34 M5 Genuine M Parallel Wheels

    Does anyone have a set of Genuine E34 M5 18" staggered M Parallel wheels that they would be willing to part with?
  13. StevieMillar

    car doesn't wan't to start

    A long shot maybe but is the pump maybe wired the wrong way round?