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  1. hippie dave

    Standard features that you never use.

    This is a thing??
  2. hippie dave

    520i auto radiator

    Could you not install a standalone, air-cooled oil cooler instead? Bit like this one https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/mocal-oil-coolers-245479/ Has anyone done this before? Might have to consider it with the 6-series (an auto), as there is a distinct possibility my radiator will be shot.
  3. hippie dave

    Abandoned cars

    Thanks for the responses Gents. I think that's what'll have to be next, in descending order of preference. Still heard nothing. Clearly going through the proper channels is a totally pointless exercise. Plod's response f***ed me off. I get that they're stretched, honestly I do. However, They've got the UK -plated car hook line and bloody sinker yet have openly stated that they wont do anything.
  4. hippie dave

    BMW 635csi Auto .. scheduled for destruction!!

    Good News! Look At the third picture- those arches look spotless! Looks to me like a cheap way into E24 ownership- Very rare to find these days! I've got a spare steering column kicking about if anyone buys it!!
  5. hippie dave

    Abandoned cars

    Has anyone had any experience of getting these bumped off? There's two clogging up parking space in my street. One is on SORN, not insured and has had no MOT for around 18 months. The other is on Bulgarian plates, has a flat tyre and faded paint. It is obvious that neither has moved for a very long time. I've written to the Police, DVLA, and the council with full details. Police have explicitly told me that because they hold no record of either, they wont do anything. Told me that the council and the DVLA will deal with it. Council have told me that the one on Bulgarian plates is under investigation, and that the UK registered car is now under investigation since I've told them about it, but "our investigations may take some time". I'm not holding my breath. Heard nothing from DVLA. Having done a bit of research: DVLA are responsible only for the tax. Police are responsible for no MOT/No insurance. So, despite the hysterical warnings these organisations like to issue about staying above board and legit, it sounds to me like its all optional. So, back to the original question: Short of setting these cars on fire, anyone got any ideas as to how to make them disappear? Cheers Dave
  6. hippie dave

    Wanted E3 Engine

    Hi Clive, Sorry I've been a bit quiet: I'm eyeballs-deep in a house move!! Good luck with the project chief - I guess you don't need the E28 engine any more? Cheers Dave
  7. hippie dave

    Wanted E3 Engine

    How original do you want the car to remain? Ive got an M30B28 taking up space in the lockup. It came out of a running C-plate E28 528i earlier this year- chap was doing an M50 conversion. I bought it for its autobox to put in my 628, and I still need to split the two- if you don't mind waiting a bit. Any pictures of the E3? sounds like an exciting project!!
  8. hippie dave

    E28 533i

    Another rare beast. Made because anything over 2 litres was, at the time, punitive to tax in Italy.
  9. hippie dave

    Nice BMW themed desk clock

    I've got a round dashboard clock out of a Rover I keep meaning to do this with...
  10. hippie dave

    E28 533i

    Very nice indeed, thanks for sharing!!
  11. hippie dave

    I'm out from under my rock with a new project.

    Right Three cars, Two Jobs, one motorcycle restoration, and one house move later and I've finally picked up the spanners on this again. New windscreen in, also new door glass and locks re-barrelled both sides: Fuel tank out and lines inspected and blown through. It all looks good under here! The car used to have a tow bar fitted. This could explain why the autobox got cooked. M30 banjo-bolts!! We meet again!! We now also have a Replacement gearbox complete with spare engine, just in case!! Next weekends plan: Finish off screen by fitting expander strip "hot wire" each electric window in turn, then Source and fit doorcard membrane. clean and paint brake and fuel lines, Re fit tank and get the car back down on the deck. Get the front up in the air, drop the sump and put some fresh oil in it Re fit refurbished heater box and fill the engine with coolant.
  12. hippie dave

    BMW 635csi Auto .. scheduled for destruction!!

    What absolute F*ing Animals. Everything else aside- they could've made some good money there if they had half a brain. A sticky end to a decent car by the sounds of it. I get that there may be difficulties removing it from a multi-storey, but how lifting it through the roof and destroying it would make it any easier I do not know. Thank you for your efforts though FB.
  13. hippie dave

    Don't play with your phone while driving, please.

    Hope you're Okay Jake. This is exactly what happened to me in July when I was the last car in stationary traffic. I think I got off lightly. She claimed she "didn't see" 1.5 tonnes of Mercedes. On behalf of motorcyclists and cyclists everywhere, I went absolutely spare at her.
  14. hippie dave

    BMW 635csi Auto .. scheduled for destruction!!

    Its still not on Raw2k's website. If its as good as you've described it, it'd be borderline criminal for it to be turned into frying pans!! Don't let it go the way of this one. I'm sorry to report that some people really are this stupid.
  15. hippie dave

    BMW 635csi Auto .. scheduled for destruction!!

    Flying banana, please can you provide any more details- namely location and possibly some pictures? And I will post across to bigcoupe.