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  1. hippie dave

    E28 heater temperature problem

    Morning Guys, Apologies for the belated response, I haven't had a chance to test this out I'm afraid- the valve is destined for my E24 which is currently a restoration project in 101 bits all over the shed! Once I get it up and running I will report back. Apologies Dave
  2. hippie dave

    Breaking BMW 525e (Red) plus other spares

    Hiya, Do you have a steering column with key, and if so how much? Thanks Dave
  3. hippie dave

    I'm out from under my rock with a new project.

    I've stockpiled oil, filters, hoses, plugs etc, and That'll be a Job for the spring when I can spend a bit longer at a time in the barn - Which is absolutely freezing! I had to get the interior out of the car to get it dry, and thought I may as well get it done over the winter back at home due to the aforementioned conditions, thus hopefully saving a bit of time later on.
  4. hippie dave

    I'm out from under my rock with a new project.

    More upholstery!!!! Just seats and dashboard to do, then thats the interior DONE One of the bolsters on each front seat needs replacing. I have access to a sewing machine, so now that I've got them apart I intend to buy some material and give those repairs a go myself. I'll do a write-up on how to dismantle these sports seats in the E28 section when I get a moment, too. In other news, it has dawned on me that I have been sitting on that there motorbike making "broom broom" noises for nearly four damn years now. I've finished hunting down and stockpiling the parts to get it going again, the tank and panels are going off for paint next payday, and I plan on riding it down to the new forest for the beaulieau autojumble this May. 19 weeks. Watch this space!!
  5. My E24 (restoration project) was taken off the road around 15 years ago due to a "gearbox fault", the exact nature of which is not known. The engine does not currently run. There is a gearbox attached to the car, and another unit in the boot. I suspect the one on the car is the original, and the one in the boot was acquired secondhand in order to fit, but never done. Is there a way of testing the unit I have out of the car, prior to fitting it ? The input shaft turns when you turn the output shaft by hand, and the shifter moves through the gate as it should. Both are the standard, relatively durable ZF4HP22 unit. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks David
  6. hippie dave

    Deer oh deer

    Ouch. I had exactly the same happen to me on the A338 (going to Bath, oddly enough!) about three years ago. It made a total mess of the E28, as you can see. I fixed it myself, because I was 20 at the time and didn't want to lose my NCB, and I didnt want the car getting marked as a write-off, which it almost certainly would have done. I managed to keep the original bonnet and panel-beat it, but needed a new front slam panel, lights, bumper section and plastic grilles. While I was at it, I fabricated one good valance out of two and had it sprayed / stone chipped along with the repaired area. It took me the best part of 8 months to fix myself, and it cost me £400 to have the spraying done after I did the prep myself (C&N Autos Didcot- recommended!). Hope you manage to get it sorted! Dave
  7. hippie dave

    The grand tour

    I think I'm on it tomorrow..... My mate and I were lucky enough to get tickets a few months ago.
  8. hippie dave

    E34 525i Shock Absorbers + Springs & Top Mounts

    Let me do some research. I know that E34 components will bolt straight onto an E28, so if this fits an E24 then I may be interested. How many miles did they have on them, please?
  9. hippie dave

    17 year old driver insurance oddity !!!

    Good result there! I think in the last five years the black box has ruled supreme for new drivers. Make and model of vehicle is less relevant. A mate of mine started driving aged 21 a few years ago. once he passed, quotes on pretty much anything ranged from £3000 and upwards without a black box. However, they were around £1200 or so with little variance on anything at all from a saxo to a seven series, as long as the black box was fitted. One old Audi A4 avant 2-litre later, he was quite the happy bunny.
  10. hippie dave

    E28 heater temperature problem

    Bugger You're going to hate me for this but I have just bought a heater valve repair kit from Amazon (USA) for my E24 for around £20 including shipping and import charges. it includes the O-ring, gauze and circlip. It is compatible with the E28, too! Thanks for that handy hint Mr. Tim! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BCR2Y0E/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Amazon do stock a rather impressive amount of parts for these old cars, it seems.
  11. hippie dave

    NEC Classic Show -Fabulous 528i E28

    £37k! I need to get off my arse and get my sixer finished!!!
  12. hippie dave

    Trailer tyre - technology swap

    I had an old box trailer that was kit-built many years ago using Mini Wheels and hubs. I believe such trailers were (and still are) quite common. Trouble is, sourcing low-priced 10" Mini Tyres in the year 2017 is almost impossible because they're not in widespread use any more. Yes they can be bought new through a specialist, but I didn't want to spend upwards of £100 on a pair of tyres for a little old box trailer I was going to use very infrequently. I think you can still buy the hub bearings inexpensively though, a common failure point when the axle is left sitting outside for months at a time. Twenty years ago I'd have picked up a pair of wheels and tyres off of a scrap car for pocket money, but times change. I think Vauxhall corsa wheels have the same PCD and are either 12 or 13 inch, the previous sentence applies to them and part-worns are generally available. Anyway none of that matters now, as the trailer got stolen and I haven't owned a car with a towbar for quite some considerable time now!
  13. hippie dave

    E28 heater temperature problem

    Possibly. They are known for getting bunged up with detritus, as they operate off of vacuum from the inlet manifold. It is located above the accelerator pedal and is easily removed if you unscrew the associated trim panel below the steering column.
  14. hippie dave

    e24 -genuinely getting rare now

    I bought one a few months ago. I took my van to its usual place for the MOT, and it was sat at the back of the yard looking quite sorry for itself. The garage know me and my E28, and I got in touch with the owner and a deal was struck. My project thread is here: It had been shunted out of dry storage following a 15-year lay-up and subsequently been vandalised. The interior is an absolute mess but the rust does not appear to be that bad. I'll have a splash of chilli sauce on those words when its time to eat them. Its a 1986 (E28 based) 628csi, which is actually quite a rare beast. The temptation to drop a 3.5 in there is strong but I think I'll keep it as it is if the engine is still in good shape, I quite like the rarity value. I imagine there was little difference in price between the 628 and the 635 when new.
  15. hippie dave

    I'm out from under my rock with a new project.

    Doorcards complete. Not too bad for a man with zero qualifications in upholstery. I bought a big sheet of 1/8" hardboard from B&Q, and a couple of metres of polyester wadding from a local upholstery shop (Masons of Abingdon - 01235 520165) I used the old, warped and water damaged door card back boards to mark out the new board, which I then cut out on a bandsaw and neatened up with a file and sandpaper. I then used a holesaw in a drill and a plasterboard saw to cut out the window winder blank and the door handle respectively. I cleaned the old cloth material with a pressure washer while it was still attached to the old doorcards. I then carefully removed all the staples, and put it through the washing machine at 40 degrees. It came up better than I expected. Then I used a craft type stapler to put the whole thing together, incorporating new wadding. I don't know that it was up to the job- it was constantly jamming and/or breaking the staples but we got there eventually. Its quite a fiddly job to get right. You have to stretch the material correctly and straight, otherwise it will show up in the check pattern! Next stop- SEATS. Bye for now, I'm off to wales to go and watch Rally GB.