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  1. So, Progress on this is as follows. Locks - I have gone very medieval on the column lock indeed, and the beautiful M-sport steering wheel has been successfully removed in one piece. Basically, having dug around on Realoem, the lock situation is thus. E24's, E28's, and E30's all share the same type of steering lock and column. E23s and E12s have a different, earlier type. E23 and E24 door locks are of exactly the same type. E24 lock sets did not change between the start and end of production between early and late cars. HENCE- an E24 lock set is on the way from Mr Tim. The interior components are being refurbished in earnest. The carpet responded very well indeed to a pressure wash, shampoo and stiff brush: My mate and co-owner Luke has made a start on the interior components, of which there are three boxes- And these are next. Like the carpet before I cleaned it, almost too nasty to show before 9pm. I am going to replace the back-boards, and put the material through the washing machine. Then onto the seats... Since I was last regularly active on this site, dedicated "6 series" and "project" forums have sprung forth and I have only just realised. Mods, please move this thread if you wish. Ta Ta for now, Dave
  2. From the album HD's oddbins.

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  12. Hiya Tim, Can you give me a price for a full lock set and steering column? Also interior underfloor soundproofing, if its any good! cheers Dave
  13. Ive got the V5 in my name now, that all went smoothly. My question is, what happened to the old keys. I did think of just getting another from BMW, but the old ones were probably taken when it was vandalised and I'm not massively comfortable with the fact they're probably "floating around" somewhere! If I knew that they were at the bottom of the Thames or something It wouldn't be such an issue, but the last thing I want is for some spotty teenager to recognise the car and try the key. The garage have had a really good look round for them but to no avail unfortunately. The only other alternative is to get a new one form BM and then fit separate deadlocks or something.
  14. These responded well to some carpet shampoo. still a bit to do on them though, the first of many many components!
  15. From the album HD's oddbins.