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  1. simufly

    Munich legends

    Munich legends get some bad press on the E9 website.
  2. simufly

    Ecs tuning, bavauto

    There is a thread on the e9 forum on ECS tuning. It is all very bad indeed! Caveat very emptor.
  3. simufly

    A ‘P’ plate e34.

    P plate 525se touring. No pax airbag.
  4. simufly

    e34 OAT sensor

    Managed to break one of the wires to the OAT sensor in the front airdam. Not entirely my fault as the wire was corroded through a nick in the insulation. Its right at the sensor so no chance of repair. The part number on the sensor itself is 65811382447 OEM however shows the number to be 65 81 8 350 779 which is showing as NLA but there is a new number which the local stealer wont share Anyway anyone got a working spare of either number they are willing to part with? Simon
  5. simufly

    e34 OAT sensor

    Thanks for the update! Simon
  6. simufly

    Parasitic drain on fuse 20

    Pull it out and see what stops working?
  7. simufly

    37k for an E34

    +1 quelqu'un est having a rire!
  8. simufly

    Heater control panel

    E34 or e39?
  9. simufly

    E34 amber front indicators

    If you still need a pair, I have a very nice set available.
  10. simufly

    E34 TDS Auto Sluggish acceleration

    With auto boxes,it is always a good idea to do a flush and refill and a new filter. Rather like a Double Diamond, it works wonders!
  11. simufly

    Check control messages

    I ithink it was having a bad hair day, as no further memos. Strangely all the other message are in English? On the down side have just discovered a fuel leak from the pipes over the rear axle. Deep joy.
  12. simufly

    Check control messages

    Get a very intermittent "EGS regalt" message on the check control. I have been using the snow function on the box recently. any idea?
  13. simufly

    16" wheels.

    What wheel offset can be used on an e34 touring 15 or 15" rims please. Thanks.
  14. simufly

    E34 M5 Rear SLS Shock Leak

    Hi Luke They can serviced in Germany but its very expensive, ( but if you have an M5, money is no object.LOL) Which side is it? I have a NOS one left over from my rear end rebuild, cant remember which side and its for a 525 touring so probably not compatible!
  15. simufly

    16" style 32 wheel.

    Lookin for a set of 16" style 32s in e34/39 guise. Saw a set recently but they were for an e47 with wrong offset.
  16. simufly

    Fuel filler door

    The door to the fuel filler wont stay open. Easy fix?
  17. simufly

    E34 door sills

    Yes they are still available. Sadly the price is (IMO) outrageous..
  18. simufly

    E28 rear window motors.

    Great, you have pm!
  19. simufly

    E28 rear window motors.

    Need a set of working rear window motors.
  20. simufly

    What transmissions fit

    A fluid and filter change might solve you problems. It is certainly a cheaper/easier option!
  21. simufly

    Jacking points

    What is a ball park figure for doing the front jacking points. Mine are OK ATM, but a stitch in time etc. thanks simon
  22. simufly

    E34 tools wanted.

    you have PM
  23. simufly

    E34 tools wanted.

    Can probably help. Will check over the weekend.
  24. simufly

    2001Y 318i Auto Touring E46, MOT June 2018 £499

    Why all the aggression! To confirm, I I dont think they were unreasonable questions are they? I do however have other things to do rather than check every five minutes! I am glad you have managed to sell it anyway.
  25. simufly

    2001Y 318i Auto Touring E46, MOT June 2018 £499

    Not familiar with this model so, cam belt or chain? Mileage? Former keepers?