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  1. 16" style 32 wheel.

    Lookin for a set of 16" style 32s in e34/39 guise. Saw a set recently but they were for an e47 with wrong offset.
  2. Fuel filler door

    The door to the fuel filler wont stay open. Easy fix?
  3. E34 door sills

    Yes they are still available. Sadly the price is (IMO) outrageous..
  4. E28 rear window motors.

    Great, you have pm!
  5. E28 rear window motors.

    Need a set of working rear window motors.
  6. What transmissions fit

    A fluid and filter change might solve you problems. It is certainly a cheaper/easier option!
  7. Jacking points

    What is a ball park figure for doing the front jacking points. Mine are OK ATM, but a stitch in time etc. thanks simon
  8. E34 tools wanted.

    you have PM
  9. E34 tools wanted.

    Can probably help. Will check over the weekend.
  10. 2001Y 318i Auto Touring E46, MOT June 2018 £499

    Why all the aggression! To confirm, I I dont think they were unreasonable questions are they? I do however have other things to do rather than check every five minutes! I am glad you have managed to sell it anyway.
  11. 2001Y 318i Auto Touring E46, MOT June 2018 £499

    Not familiar with this model so, cam belt or chain? Mileage? Former keepers?
  12. 2001Y 318i Auto Touring E46, MOT June 2018 £499

    Is it an auto? Could be interested if it is.
  13. I need a bit of help again.

    Ok not knowing what alarm system you have try this. disconnet battery wait 30mins or so. reconnect and immediately press alarm fob. Worked on my 2T system. best of luck. depending on the type of alarm fitted some parts are under the rear seat, the horn and some parts are on the LH front wing just ahead of the suspension turret
  14. Yes to both. If you want me to copy the relevant pages for bleeding the system of the Bently manual drop me a PM
  15. Door pins.

    Is there an easy way to extract the door pins? One of the door brakes has seized and I want to refresh it, I though just a gentle tap from below would remove the pin but it seem very reluctant to move! I see from the replacement pins that I have there are a couple of lugs that hold the pin in place, I have tried to squeeze them to aid removal of the pin but to no avail!