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  1. Rules said nowt about it being in the UK! But it's a fair cop, it's not!
  2. So, at last, after the best part of a year, I finally have my M1 at home! After keeping my eye out for a long time for an M1 I found one in July last year that looked like it fitted the bill. As with many M1’s the car history is not fully known, but it was first supplied by BMW leasing to an address in Munich in 1980 and from there found its way to Switzerland from where it was imported to the UK, but not registered, in 2011. Mechanically the car is in very good condition, there are some cosmetic rubber components that are not 100%, but replacements for most M1 parts are very difficult to find. The engine is not the original, the engine number on the block does not match up with the number it should, it’s not even the correct format! However, it appears that the engine is of a higher performance than standard. There was a company that tuned M1 engines, it’s possible that this is one of these. The car was also fitted with a stainless steel silencer. The car was originally white, at some point had been painted silver and then painted white again. The last repaint was done by a company that specialised in building luxury fibre glass yachts and they have done a very good job of painting the fibre glass body. The interior was originally black leather and cloth but, possibly when painted silver, had been re-trimmed in red leather with red carpets. I believe that the dash had also been covered red, but this had been reverted to black because of reflections on the windscreen. The interior had been done very well, but I wanted to return it to as close to original as possible. Also, the way the carpet had been done it was difficult to use the accelerator without hitting the brake, unless you had very narrow feet!! This is what it looked like when I bought it. Sourcing the materials required to restore it to its original appearance took much, much longer than I anticipated. The seat cloth is unique to the M1 but I managed to find a source in Germany and bought 4 sq m plus a genuine roof panel which is covered in the same material (the roof had been covered red too). The leather used in the M1 has finish that is difficult to replicate, you can get close but not exactly the same using widely available leather. Again I managed to source some of the original leather, a total of 18 sq m was needed, 4 full hides. I also found a genuine new hand brake lever and handle and a new gear knob. The backs of the seats are covered in a black tweed like cloth, this proved very difficult to find something that looked identical and impossible to find the original material. Eventually I managed to find some material that was a pretty close match. The carpets turned out to be very frustrating. There are 9 pieces of carpet, two floor pieces, 2 wheel arch pieces, two pieces down each side of the transmission tunnel (4 in all) and a piece at the back. I managed to find 5 genuine pieces of the 9 pieces required, but the material is impossible to replicate. In the end I had to settle for a reasonable colour match high quality carpet, it’s probably much better quality than the original, but I was a little disappointed that I could not use the genuine stuff. Other miscellaneous parts that were required were a replacement radio (which currently does not work!), a brand new set of original floor mats (which need to be fastened down somehow as they currently slide right under the pedals!), a genuine replacement rear silencer and twin black tail pipes, replacement rear window seal, black flock finish centre cubby hole (the original had been covered red), leather covered ash tray, a genuine rear ///M1 decal (from the USA), new wheel centre caps with the old BMW logo and I even found an original unused M1 English instruction manual. I also found a genuine new mph speedometer, the original kph speedometer rear just 5055 when replaced, I don’t know if this is the original, it may have been replaced when the engine was replaced. A selection of hoses and gaskets and other odds and ends were obtained from BMW classic, I wasn’t sure if they would be needed or not but though it best to start building a spares bank just in case! I collected the car from Munich Legends on 1st July after they had given it a thorough inspection. I drove it to a Shell garage and back to fill up with V-Power, just enough to get the car good and hot. We then did a final inspection on the ramps to check for any leaks, remarkably there was nothing at all, dry as a bone, the ML techs said they had never seen an M1 with no leaks! I left ML to drive the car home just after midday, you might remember that 1st July was a rather hot day, my route took me clockwise round the M25 past Heathrow where the recorded temperature reached 36.7C! I was a little apprehensive to say the least, the temperature on the motorway was probably significantly higher, but the car did not miss a beat over the 275 mile trip. The air con is rather rudimentary, but it did its job, just! I’ve had the car up on ramps again since I got home, still pretty much bone dry, just a very small amount of sweating from a couple of places. Things left to do include: - Repair the radio - Repair the clock, some of the illuminated elements don’t work. - Find a way to anchor the floor mats. - Find a way to secure the spare wheel, there were two designs, the one that matches the main wheels can’t be fastened down using the supplied bolt! - Find a replacement left front indicator, it has a small crack, part NLA. - Find a replacement right window guide, it has a small cut, part NLA. - Find as many spare parts as possible! Finally, here are a couple of pictures as she is now, I'll add some more detailed pictures later.
  3. The only E39 HU that's not compatible with text display, which is required for Intravee operation, is the 'Integrated' Business unit, the top and bottom are all one piece. Looks like this. There is a very similar Business radio called an IRIS, which has two physical parts, that does work. Looks like this (the top part can be a little different):
  4. Sorry, that was my mistake! A value of 24 would be 72kph.
  5. The values for rpm and speed in this message are straight Hex, so 09, 0A, ... 0E, 0F, 10 ... 29, 2A ... 2F, 30, 31 etc...
  6. Do you not already have rear cup holders in the multifunction arm rest?
  7. The standard slide and folding E39 arm rest is a straight swap, 10 minute job. You also need the cubby hole tray as this has the magnetic catch on. The E38 arm rest can be made to fit, but it's quite a big job with quite a lot of modification.
  8. For this message the speed and RPM are just hex numbers. Many of the values in other iBus messages are BCD or even ASCII text.
  9. Sound advice for those that do actually have a dip stick!
  10. The Intravee does not have an easily accessible way to trigger a relay (or electronic switch). There is a message (function 0x18) send from the IKE (0x80) to the global address (0xBF) every two seconds that contains the speed/2 in kph in byte 5, it also contains the engine rpm/100 in byte 6. So, for example 80 05 BF 18 24 0F 09 would be 48 kph and 1,500 rpm. You should be able to easily connect a Resler interface to a Raspberry Pi to monitor the speed and then perform some action based on it. An alternative would be to just implement the system used in the E39. I'm not sure exactly what the switch does but I'm sure someone here will, the control unit is pretty much identical (even the rear only modules 'know' about front sensors) and you'd need to add a front beeper.
  11. Indeed. As with many things the organisation left a little to be desired, giving about 48 hours notice to supply a high res picture. That should be next years wall calendar sorted though!
  12. The jumper makes a difference in some cars, but it was originally designed for use with the US Sirius radio module which daisy chains with the CD Changer. if it works, great! What type of radio module do you have?
  13. Another thing to check (before ripping everything out!) is the ground on the audio connector. If that is not good, the audio will be earthing through the main earth which will create noise. It would be worth checking inside the Intravee too, to make sure there are no signs of corrosion from damp etc.
  14. They do use those sorts of things in some places, so it could be standard.
  15. There are twin 55 litre cuboid metal tanks just behind the seats either side of the engine bay. They are connected by a relatively small balance pipe, but you have to fill both sides. If you made modern shaped plastic tanks you could probably nearly double the capacity! There is actually quite a lot of space inside the rear wings.
  16. It will be just a poor connection, maybe a bit of corrosion or just slightly loose.
  17. Noise pickup is always a grounding issue. So, check the ground is good on the iBus cable that connects to the Intravee, including the earth block to the chassis. If the noise is alternator noise and not just the 'dit dit dit' iBus noise, check the main ground on the battery and the earth strap on the engine.
  18. Occasionally I'm getting the TYRE CONTROL INACTIVE message in the cluster of my E39 M5. It does not happen all the time, it can go for ages without doing it. When it does it it's on startup, if you cycle the ignition, it goes away. The system is not the version with sensors in the wheels, it just goes off the ABS sensors and detects changes in rotation speed relative to the other wheels. So I'm assuming it's either a slightly dodgy sensor, connection or ABS module. ABS and DSC both work without issues and there are no errors stored when reading with BMWScanner, although I've not done an error scan while the fault condition exists. Just wondering if anyone else had had this issue before I do any further investigations and start replacing parts.
  19. Thanks, that's something I can easily take a look at, maybe a poor connection or something. At least it won't hurt to have a look and sounds like it's relatively easy to get at.
  20. Did a run on the A1M Tuesday evening, slight vibrations over 60mph. Fearing that the two original wheels might have been slightly bent along with the two that were replaced, I had the wheels Road Force Balanced, the nearest machine is in Midlesborough which is 45 miles away! There was a slight run-out on one of the wheels, but only 0.45mm, most of the problem was with the tyres and original balancing. Having rotated 3 of the 4 tyres and re-balanced all 4 wheels all but one were within the tolerance of the balance machine and the 4th was just slightly high. Definitely much much better on the way back, although obviously I did no more than 70mph. Put in some fuel, as the near invisible warning light was well and truly on, lots of fuel! The most I've every got in in one go, although in theory I should have had nearly 20 litres left in the tank. I'll have to let it run out with a Jerry can in the foot well at some point (I'd not like to risk it in the boot, not sure I'd like a can of hot petrol in there!!).
  21. My money would be on the charge converter, they are often the weakest link. If that's ok then check the other connections from the KCA-420i to the iPod.
  22. Sounds like the Intravee was not available, possibly due to a crash or power outage. in the diagnostic menu have a look at the status, see if there are any resets.
  23. What is displayed? When pressing the MODE button, what source do you get with each press?
  24. You can get a similar plug, and the bushing contacts that go in it ( you need 3) from a dealer. I don't have the part numbers to hand but can get them after the weekend. Alternatively, go to a scrap yard and get one from almost any E38, E39, E46, X5, X3, Z4, Mini etc.