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  1. Welcome text on IKE

    Which firmware version are you running? The welcome message is relatively recent, if it's saying that 'welcome' is an invalid command then the firmware you have does not support it.
  2. Intravee & Low OBC

    IRIS radios will work with the MID, they have tone controls on the upper part, there will work with the MID as well. If you want an MP3 version of the CD radio, it will be a MID unit anyway. P/Ns for the MP3 versions end in 6961218 and 6943433 also add 1 for refurbished units ( 6961219 and 6943434), they have flat pins.
  3. Intravee & Low OBC

    The Low cluster does not support display of the Onboard Computer info on the MID, so the Low Version of the MID does not have the BC button. If you install the high version of the MID in a Low cluster car then the BC key will not function correctly, but that does not matter. If you are planning to upgrade the cluster later then you could get a High MID anyway. The other buttons on the right are all options, it really dos not matter if you have them or not as you won't have a phone and wont have DSP with an Integrated radio. I 'think' that some of the very last E53 X5 radios supported MP3 playback, so if you can find one then great. If you have the round pin connector you will need an adaptor from round to flat pin as later radios have flat pin.
  4. Intravee & Low OBC

    No, you don’t need a high cluster for the MID to work. There are different versions of the MID for cars with different options, Phone, DSP, and high Cluster, but the only differences are the layout of buttons on the right.
  5. iPhone X and Intravee

    Thanks for the update. It's not the first time they have broken it with a firmware update, and I bet it won;t be the last. But at least they do seem to fix it.
  6. Intravee & Low OBC

    It's pretty easy to find the bits for the MID, you just need the MID itself, the radio module (with Tape, CD or MD) and the 12 pin plug for the MID. The IRIS is just a poor mans MID. It looks almost identical to the Integrated radio, but it's in two pieces. The IRIS does NOT have the TONE and LIN buttons, there are on the radio part. And IRIS radio will work with the MID, but a MID specific radio that does not have the tone controls will not be able to control the tone with an IRIS. The connections for an IRIS are just the same as the MID. I'm not sure what determined if an Integrated radio or IRIS was fitted.
  7. Intravee & Low OBC

    That's the Integrated radio - no text display. If you want the Intravee with some sort of display for setting up control features you'd have to upgrade the radio to either IRIS (which looks almost identical) or MID. Even with those you don't get to configure everything. Although the upgrade is pretty easy (just get a radio module with the same plug, round or square and add the MID connection which has 4 wires all of which just come off the main radio plug), unless you can pick one up very cheaply, it's probably not worth it, but that's a decision you'd have to make.
  8. Intravee II e46

    Mirrors for non M3 E46 don't fold via the iBus. Often features interfere with each other, so if they don't work using a short press but do with a long press then some other feature (like exit lights) are probably stopping them working. There are very few reasons for ever using anything other than the most recent firmware. I can only think of 2, use of the optical input on the PXA H800/710/700 processor and the Oceania version of the C23 radio module.
  9. Welcome text on IKE

    The only way is by using the 'welcome' command in the downloader. Connect up as if to update the firmware and then type the command welcome message where message is any message up to 20 characters. If the command is successful you should see Welcome is 'message' displayed in the downloader. To turn off the message, just enter the welcome command on its own.
  10. Intravee & Low OBC

    Does it have the Tone and Lin buttons on the right of the lower part?
  11. Intravee & Low OBC

    What type of radio does the car have? It is possible to configure the Intravee through the downloaded program, but it’s not exactly easy.
  12. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I don't know if this is true or not, but I was told that you order springs against the VIN and they are tuned to all the options that the car has that may affect the weight.
  13. iPhone X and Intravee

    Switching back to the Nav screen is normal if you don't use the 'rectangles' button to toggle between the Audio and other displays. So sounds like it's a problem Apple are aware of.
  14. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Drove it, bloody filthy now!
  15. 1951 UK E39 M5's out of 2743 RHD E39 M5's. So obviously many more E39's than E28's, but maybe not as many as you'd think. The E39 likes to rust in hidden places too, it won't be long before a lot of apparently good cars are fit for the scrap heap. But back to the OP's question, will it devalue the car to change it's colour, to most potential buyers, yes it will. It will be worth less after the change than before, so you lose value and pay money for the privilege.