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  1. I don't know how to get gearbox temperature over the iBus. It's possible there may be a diagnostic code for it, if it can be found then it can be implemented.
  2. Started improving the heat shielding in a couple of places. First, the top of the engine cover over the exhaust, there are just two small pieces of heat shielding on the larger beams After even quite a short drive the smaller parts were getting exceedingly hot. Far too hot to touch and hot enough for the fibre glass to become quite soft and floppy! You can see in the picture above that the paint was starting to discolour because of the heat. I bought some Zircoflex 3 self adhesive heat shield and applied a double layer, in theory that should reduce the temperature by about 75%. Next up was the bottom of the well for the toolkit. Basically nothing on the outside, even though it's right above the exhaust. There is a piece of heat shielding inside, between the fibreglass and carpet, but it's not surprising the toolkit gets very hot (if you look back, the handle of one of the screwdrivers melted!). I stuck a single layer of Zercoflex 3 on to it, the adhesion is not great due to the rough surface, but I squeezed it in the gap where the pop riveted rear part of the wheel arch liner is attached and that helps hold it on quite firmly and as the Zircoflex is quite stiff it should be OK I think. Finally I used the last of the half sheet of Zircoflex on part of the main chassis that is very close to the exhaust and has no heat shield. Next steps will be to remove the boot floor and partition between the boot and engine bay and put a layer of Zercoflex over the existing heat shield material. I'll probably need a couple of full sheets to do that. MOT time on Monday, after that an oil change and swap the original mild steel oil tank for the new stainless one. I've removed the forward rear wheel arch liner, the lower retaining piece and the gaiter around the filler pipe and dip stick in preparation.
  3. Probably related. The diagnostic device probably got confused by diagnostic messages coming from the Intravee. I've considered adding something that temporarily prevents the Intravee sending diag messages if it sees a diag message that it's not sent. If you can easily reproduce that behaviour, it would be good to try it out.
  4. When you enable extras again, run it for a while with all extras specifically disabled. Due to the way the light control message works, it needs to know various bits of information, like the cluster dimmer level. The only way to get these is to request them from the LCM every time the light status changes. So, with the latest build you may find that just enabling extras causes the problem again, even if you're not using anything. If that's the case I can change the code so that the status is only requested if anything is enabled that uses the status. It is odd that the EWS is reacting in this way, as the Intravee does not send anything to the EWS address. I'll be quite interested to see what's causing this.
  5. Disable extra features and use it like that for quite a while (10s of hours use) to ensure no problems. The items that create the most iBus diagnostic traffic are the lights. So you could then enable extras but disable everything individually. Then enable things slowly one by one.
  6. You need to connect to a PC and run the downloaded, then type the command welcome XXX Where XXX is the message up to 20 characters.
  7. 28th might be tricky, depends what the rest of the family are doing over half term, they may be going to visit my mother in law, in which case it will be OK.
  8. The part number is 51 13 1 961 243, they cost about £1 each from a dealer. The design has changed slightly so they are not identical to the originals, they hold the plate off the boot a little, maybe to allow trapped moisture to dry out.
  9. Pretty sure it's nothing as nice as a Pantera under there Dennis, it's a Fiber Craft Aquila Kit-Car based on a VW Beetle!
  10. I think it's still illegal to set fire to other peoples property, even in the USA.
  11. I am lost for words!
  12. Yes, always like that, it's a property of the BMW nav system not the Intravee.
  13. Not the part that says 'Mode' on the left, that will switch temporarily. The part on the right that has an icon of two overlapping rectangles (it's supposed to be a tape ejecting from the tape drive to indicate 'Audio').
  14. You need to use the 'Rectangles' button to switch permenantly to the audio screen, otherwise it will just switch back after about 5 seconds. Try Amazon, look for Scosche Passport or CableJive dock stubs (make sure is the charge converter not just adapter).
  15. You need to use the 'Rectangles' button to switch permenantly to the audio screen, otherwise it will just switch back after about 5 seconds. Try Amazon, look for Scosche Passport or CableJive dock stubs (make sure is the charge converter not just adapter).