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  1. If you have a digital CD Changer input you'll need an A/D converter. Short AI-Net cables are getting hard to source. I have a few 1m cables. £10 each plus P&P, if you want one let me know.
  2. I've had a look through my archive builds and I don;t have the one that has the modified UI. The build is 6.02-6468, so it's quite old, 2011, so older than I thought. At that time all the builds and source were stored on Simon's servers, when he died that was lost. So, I'll have to recreate a new version of that UI, and with the changes between then and now that's quite a big job. Not hard, just rather tedious! It might be easier to see is I can make the firmware do it automatically somehow, what needs to be done is to split each menu into 2 so only the 6 CD positions are used. Obviously from my perspective, getting a newer radio would be easier!
  3. Hagerty Classic Insurance, I suspect the price of the premium on the other car on the policy has some impact!
  4. Renewed the insurance for another year. Changed companies which is always a pain in the arse, but the renewal was just £76.32 so worth a bit of agro.
  5. If you're in Australia you will have the Oceania version of the radio and that's one that I've had this problem with in the past. I did a special firmware version with bespoke UI for it, it's a bit old now but I'll dig it out when I get home.
  6. My money is on the radio module. Some versions of the early radio modules go a bit 'funny' (technical term!) if all the available text slots are used. The radio only ever used 6 for the CD Changer, the Intravee uses all of them. Do you have, or can you borrow, a BM24? If you don't I have one you can try if need be.
  7. 'Replica' wheels finally fitted, just the 8 months after first ordering them! They have a 10mm greater offset then the originals due to the construction, the wheels still fit well within the arches but when getting out of the car the position of the front wheel is quite noticeable. Yet to travel at any significant speed with them, that will have to wait for now.
  8. At last I have 4 matching wheels with tyres fitted!! Just need to give them final clean to get rid of the tyre mounting glue and seal with Gtechniq C5, then they can be fitted to the car when I get it back from Sandal. I could not fit the BMW metal valve stem to the front wheels as the angle meant you could not get a air hose on the valve! The rears were OK, but I went for stubby rubber ones with the metal caps. I think they turned out OK in the end.
  9. There are several versions of the TV UI and it's a long time since I've used then to actually 'do' something! There should be a set clock option in the TV UI settings menu, it may be on the 2nd page.
  10. If you have used multi strand wire and it's working, you should be ok. The issue is normally that the wire unravels a bit and can cause a short. drilling out the via is a procaution. The ideal way to check the via is drilled out is to connect and iPod before the wire is added, if the track has been broken the iPod will not charge. If you have drilled right through the board then it will almost certainly be ok.
  11. Not going to be able to make the 28th, got to visit Mrs P's parents who are dropping to bits before your very eyes. So I'll probably be stuck in a traffic jam on the M42/M40/A34/M3/M27....
  12. Sandal in Huddersfield.
  13. OK, so if you enable Extras, but disable everything so you're not using them (especially the lights), what happens?
  14. There's always one isn't there!
  15. Yes, they are holding an event this weekend.