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  1. So additional hardware is required and this is a 'special' message? If so, what does the iBus message look like, can you post an example?
  2. The problem is that it's not easy (maybe not possible) to determine the difference between flashing your main beam and just turning it on. So, the Intravee currently detects the dip beam state and if it's on assumes the head lights are on and disables the flash to pass lights. I guess if you don't mind all the FTP lights being on with your main beam then that limit could be removed or made an option.
  3. Sounds like for whatever reason, in your car the roof controller does not like the frequency of diagnostic requests made to the LCM. I'll try to get a build that only requests LCM information if it's actually needed so you can test it and make sure that it is the LCM request that's causing the problem.
  4. I don't quite understand - Google has not translated well! How does the Oil temperature get on the iBus?
  5. Rules said nowt about it being in the UK! But it's a fair cop, it's not!
  6. The only E39 HU that's not compatible with text display, which is required for Intravee operation, is the 'Integrated' Business unit, the top and bottom are all one piece. Looks like this. There is a very similar Business radio called an IRIS, which has two physical parts, that does work. Looks like this (the top part can be a little different):
  7. Sorry, that was my mistake! A value of 24 would be 72kph.
  8. The values for rpm and speed in this message are straight Hex, so 09, 0A, ... 0E, 0F, 10 ... 29, 2A ... 2F, 30, 31 etc...
  9. Do you not already have rear cup holders in the multifunction arm rest?
  10. The standard slide and folding E39 arm rest is a straight swap, 10 minute job. You also need the cubby hole tray as this has the magnetic catch on. The E38 arm rest can be made to fit, but it's quite a big job with quite a lot of modification.
  11. For this message the speed and RPM are just hex numbers. Many of the values in other iBus messages are BCD or even ASCII text.
  12. Sound advice for those that do actually have a dip stick!
  13. The Intravee does not have an easily accessible way to trigger a relay (or electronic switch). There is a message (function 0x18) send from the IKE (0x80) to the global address (0xBF) every two seconds that contains the speed/2 in kph in byte 5, it also contains the engine rpm/100 in byte 6. So, for example 80 05 BF 18 24 0F 09 would be 48 kph and 1,500 rpm. You should be able to easily connect a Resler interface to a Raspberry Pi to monitor the speed and then perform some action based on it. An alternative would be to just implement the system used in the E39. I'm not sure exactly what the switch does but I'm sure someone here will, the control unit is pretty much identical (even the rear only modules 'know' about front sensors) and you'd need to add a front beeper.
  14. Indeed. As with many things the organisation left a little to be desired, giving about 48 hours notice to supply a high res picture. That should be next years wall calendar sorted though!