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  1. Couple of parts

    Could you quote and give availability for the following 4 off 36 13 2 227 123 4 off 36 13 6 758 569 Thanks.
  2. iPhone X and Intravee

    I've not got an iPhone X, or even a 6, 7 or 8! So I'm sorry but I can't help much at the moment.
  3. Wind noise from front screen

    Odd as it may sound, check the front jacking point blocks are attached. If they have fallen off air can get up the A pillar and cause quite a loud noise at speed.
  4. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    That's pretty close to the maximum possible of 22 years if you bought one at launch in Europe. Congratulations!
  5. How Long Have You Owned Your E39?

    I've had mine 9 years and 9 days, during which time I've driven 75,000 miles.
  6. Any watch Fans if so let’s see them

    That's quite a few watches there! A couple near the bottom remind me of this that I remembered I had at the bottom of a draw, I had it when I was at school (lats 70's)!
  7. Any watch Fans if so let’s see them

    Had this for at least 10 years, never had any attention and keeps time within a few seconds a day, goes swimming, diving and anywhere else I go, which is all I want from a watch.
  8. Bluetooth question e39 m5

    It could be either. There is a pin on the radio that controls the Telephone Mute function, pin 10 on both round pin and flat pin versions. It could be the radio module not responding to the signal, a problem wit the wiring or the phone module. You could measure the voltage on this pin to see if it changes, I don't know which way round it is supposed to work, it may be pulled to ground or have 12V applied to activate the mute.

    I'm not sure if the Intravee will see the boot unlock, but it should see it open. If the Intravee can unlock the car then it should be able to do this. You can test this by seeing if auto unlock works.
  10. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Aux input is not coded. If you have a radio that supports it it can be activated by placing a 300k ohm resistor between the R and L channel.
  11. Intraveee to KCA lead faulty ?

    I'll send you a PM. Bug basically if you include a SAE for return, no charge. Yes, I still have the M5.
  12. Saw that car on there stand, looked superb, that white 911 turbo on the left looked nice too (if you like Porsches) Gmund are only a few miles away from me (the same small industrial estate where the SwisVax people are in Lingerfield).
  13. A million miles of cable?

    When you say 'video module' I assume you mean the TV? The TV module is in line with the Nav computer, something like Nav -> TV -> Radio/Monitor/etc. If the TV is connected and not working correctly it could well stop audio from the Nav computer getting through. If you have disconnected the TV and plugged it's output cable (blue plug) directly to the Nav computer there are "some" cars that require the audio wire moving on the Blue plug, off the top of my head I can't remember exactly what you have to do, but it involves moving a pin from somewhere to pin 9 and/or 18 on the blue plug.
  14. Dakar Yellow RHD E39 M5 - For Sale on Ebay

    That's more than a tad cheaper than it was!
  15. Intravee II into a 1998 E38 with DSP

    If the GROM works, then the Intravee will too. You can pick up the power, ground and iBus from anywhere. Have a look at the wiring to the GROM, there will be all the connections you need there and the chances are that someone has already fitted the correct connectors so they could fit the GROM. If you have DSP and NOT a BM54 radio, you will need the DSP adaptor, but so will the GROM unless there is a version that has it built in that I'm not aware of.