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  1. E39 M5 market

    I agree with others, get the rust sorted so there's no problems to mention. From your pictures, a few things stand out to me (but I'm a very fussy git): - The drivers door seal is badly worn, a common problem but one that's easy, if a little costly, to fix. - The steering wheel looks a bit tatty, a good clean and wipe with some leather dye would probably help. - The drivers floor mat looks quite grubby, give it a spin in the washing machine! - The exhaust tail pipes should be chrome, yours look rather dull. A going over with some fine wire wool could bring them up a bit. - The bi-annual inspection light is on, get it reset. All very minor items, but they all go to give the same impression, fix them and it will help make it stand out. Good luck with the sale.
  2. 2003 E39 M5 Newbie

    Wow, that hung about at a dealership for a while then. Fantastic cars, but they do take some looking after to keep them at their best.
  3. 2003 E39 M5 Newbie

    Not many 03's about, welcome to quite an exclusive club!
  4. Fuse blown inside intravee II

    That's pretty hard to do!
  5. Fuse blown inside intravee II

    What do you mean by 'my fuse broke off'? The problems you describe in another thread and via PM are not indicative of a blown fuse in the Intravee.
  6. Intravee II not working

    The symptoms you describe are not caused by a blown fuse. It sounds like you have a problem with the iBus, disconnect the Intravee to eliminate it as a possible cause.
  7. Rare e39 alcantara headlining

    It's not that big a job to fit, easy DIY in a couple of hours. More difficult with a metal sun roof.
  8. Rare e39 alcantara headlining

    You probably should add to the description that it's for cars with glass sun roof, for metal sun roof you'd have to buy two extra pieces and ditch the sliding cover with the handle. Pretty rare in the UK though, looks like a reasonable price.
  9. 03 E39 paintwork.

    If the back is like that, it WILL be rusty underneath, just in places you can't see.
  10. 03 E39 paintwork.

    Not uncommon for them to go there, but that looks quite bad. Check round the rear wheel arches too, and the infamous jacking points, door seams, bonnet ....
  11. 03 E39 paintwork.

    330d or 530d?
  12. My E26!

    Presumably, because there were so few of them in the UK, BMW AG thought that it wasn't worth training any techs to work on them. Actually, if you look at the service manual, most jobs are much easier than the nearest equivalent on a modern car. You just can't plug in into the diagnostic computer to have it tell you what to do!
  13. My E26!

    German e-bay classifieds is a good source. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/
  14. My E26!

    More rocking horse shit discovered in Germany arrived yesterday. The boxes have seen better days But, oh, the contents! Never been used. The first thing that strikes you is just how badly these wheels are finished when new! Quite shocking quality from the Italians. You want the centres painted black? Well this will do, never mind that it's not quite central, I had a bit too much Chianti at lunch ... Inside the wheel bolt holes need to be painted too? Ok, if we must, but I can't be bothered really ... The finish is very rough on the outside to, but better on the inside - the reverse of the wheels I have on the car which have a bit of texture on the outside and are very poor on the inside. I can now however say with some confidence that the Campagnolo logo should go opposite the valve. The cars in Munich in September 2016, both privately owned and BMWs cars, had them all over the place, if at all. I do however much prefer my transfer type decals over the genuine article (again stuck on with typical Italian precision).
  15. E39 business CD Head Unit / Aux Compatible

    I find that HW and SW versions are all over the place. If you go off the KW and get one made after September 2002 then it should support Aux.