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  1. Ideally sigle stranded wire with high temperature insulation. Look for Kynar modding wire, 30 AWG (0.25mm).
  2. Yes, it's almost essential really unless you like unplugging and reconnecting your iPod/iPhone!
  3. See if they have anything here
  4. I actually use a splitter/combiner using the OEM radio and TV aerials. Maca used a DAB antenna in the rear bumper and was thinking about the same in the front to give better directional coverage, I don't know if he ever did it. My experience with glass mount antenna in the E39 is that it's hard to find a place them. The internal ones are poor. The external ones can be put in stead of the phone antenna on the rear window, but they tend to whistle at speed unless they are raked back at quite an angle which looks rather odd.
  5. If the Intravee shows 'No iPod' then the problem is most probably somewhere on the iPod side of the KCA-420i. Has your KCA-420i been modified to wake up the iPod? Even with an iPhone it may be entering sleep mode from which a stock KCA-420i can't wake it up.
  6. When you power up the TUA-T100DAB it will have no station memory and will be tuned to the first multiplex which is not used in the UK. So the first thing to do is save some stations. I do this by selecting on of the bands and performing an AutoStore. This will save the first station from each of the first Multiplexes found in the 6 preset positions, the stations will all be labelled 'AutoStored' by the Intravee. The TUA-T100DAB is an old tuner, it does not list all the stations from all multiplexes like modern tuners, you first select the multiplex and then the station within the multiplex. Selecting stations is quick, selecting multiplexes the tuner has to scan. So, given you now have probably all local multiplexes stored, you can now select each one and find your favourite station within each one. When you find your favourite, save the preset again using a long press of the rotary controller on the preset that is already selected. The Intravee will change the preset name to the MULTIPLEX name, it will only do this is the previous preset name was 'Autostored', normally it will set the preset name to the STATION name. If you do this for all the presets then you will have 6 of your favourite stations quickly available, and you can also quickly change the Multiplex and then select other stations within each one. Other than stations presets, there is not much else to do.
  7. Ok, I understand now! Any E39 rear speakers will work, the DSP version is supposed to be slightly better quality, but they are still not great so I doubt you'll notice!
  8. The speakers fire upwards from the top of that enclosure. It may be just that they are disconnected.
  9. You should not have to do that, but the voltage converters often don't clip in vary well (or at all). Taping them together may help, but check inside the connectors to make sure they are clean and free from fluff etc. first.
  10. The connector is very similar for a BM54, you need to remove the plastic housing. For a BM24 it's different and you need an ISO to FAKRA adaptor.
  11. There are two options with DSP, so that narrows it down somewhat! M-Audio has two large subs in the boot, these are in addition to the speakers that mount into the top of the parcel shelf. Standard DSP has a large sub enclosure in the boot with two small diameter subs in it. The easiest way to tell what you should have if there are just wires is to look at the underside of the parcel shelf from inside the boot. There are three possible options : 1 - Not originally a DSP system, there will be no large round holes in the metal. 2 - Standard DSP, there will be two round holes about 10cm in diameter. 3 - M-Audio, there will be 4 large D shaped holes about 20cm in diameter. You can also look at the existing speakers, M-Audio speakers have a yellow cone, standard DSP are black.
  12. Good to finally meet you too Neil. I assume the above is a fat finger Apple auto correct?
  13. I was at Gaydon yesterday for the BMW Car Club festival, and took part in the concourse on Saturday. Staying up until 9:30pm until it got dark, and then getting up again at 4:30am just as it was getting light to finish prepping the car payed off. On another note, I'd noticed that my car was missing two parts in the engine bay. Looking at other cars, there are shaped plastic uprights that fasten on to two bosses on the main chassis. They fit into the buttresses on the engine bay cover, presumably to change the airflow in some way. There appear to be at least two versions, you can see them on either side in these two pictures, above the expansion tank and dip stick. Early version from chassis number 4301013 Later version from chassis number 4301108 Most cars seem to have these parts. They attach by 2 bolts to the boss on the chassis. However, not only was I missing the parts, but there are no holes in the boss to fit the bolts to! Appologies for the back focused picture The parts are NLA from BMW and they are not just a flat plate, they have a hoop on which goes round the tubular chassis member. So, I borrowed a pair from another M1 owner had them digitised and 3D printed Using the highest quality printer and mode, these took over 20 hours each to print. The finish is not identical as the originals are moulded, but they are not bad. I also noticed that some cars had the top edge wrapped in a trim strip and others did not. The variations may all just be due to the way the Italian assembly operators felt on the day, the availability of parts, of that bits have fallen off or been removed at some point over the last 37 years, who knows. As the parts only arrived last Friday, I temporarily attached them with double sided foam tape.
  14. Rear multi-function arm rest, rear drinks cooler and Alcantara boot trim are the three rarest options on an E39 M5, except for individual stuff.