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  1. RichardP

    F10 2011 internet not working

    Those are 'Connected Drive' not 'Internet Services'. Internet services are just that, a browser that shows up on the car monitor, this is no longer offered in the UK.
  2. RichardP

    Missing menu "vehicle setup"

    You need to accept the disclaimer to enable the extras that perform some sort of control function. Go to the Extras Settings menu and select Disclaimer, then click through each screen and select 'Yes' at the end. You'll then have a new menu option on the Extras menu.
  3. RichardP

    Standard features that you never use.

    I've had the E39 nearly 10 years now and never used : Pockets behind the front seats, suppose to be for maps I guess. They have never had anything in them. Cup holders. Have them front and rear, never used, they are useless anyway. Luggage Net. It's in the boot and I guess stops things sliding about a bit, but never used it to lash anything down. Cruise Control. Just hate it so don't use it. Ash trays in centre console and rear doors. No one smokes in the car, they don't get used as they are too small to be useful for anything else. Mobility kit. Never used on the car, but I tested it a few months ago when a ride on lawn mower got a puncture and the kit was out of date anyway. Worked quite well actually. Fog lights. Can't remember ever using them except very briefly when the result was "I now can't see anything so I'll turn the headlights on again." Headlight dip beam switch for driving on the right. Never been to the continent with it, so never used. Seat heating. Makes you feel like you've wet yourself before cooking your arse even on the lowest setting. Oh for steering wheel heating instead. Intensive wash. Pretty pointless if you have decent washer fluid. Fire extinguisher. Thank god.
  4. RichardP

    F10 2011 internet not working

    You can no longer get this option on the F10, they decided not to allow anyone to renew their subscriptions. But as others have said, it was unusable anyway.
  5. RichardP

    Intravee audio stopped working

    An audio failure is almost always in the connection between the KCA-420i and iPod, so cable, power adaptor or lightning adaptor. If both channels have failed simultaneously I'd go for the lightning adaptor as the power adaptor does nothing to the audio. Do you have, or could you borrow and old style iPod with dock connector?
  6. RichardP

    My M6 Gran Coupe Thread

    5 years on, still looks pretty much like new but closing in on 60,000 miles fast. Would be there already if I'd not use the E39 M5 quite a lot over the summer. Just put on the winter wheels which were refurbed by Lepsons over the summer, amazing how quickly they corroded in the centre bore and two were slightly curbed as there is no rim protection on the tyres at all. IMG_1663x
  7. RichardP

    Electric cars to be mandated 8 years earlier

    This is a load of shite, but probably not for the reasons you initially think! The 'ban' is only for sales of vehicles that are entirely powered by petrol and diesel, any Hybrid is fine. Quite soon, long before 2032, manufacturers will only be making hybrids or electric vehicles anyway so the 'ban' is irrelevant, VW have said that they will only make electric or hybrid cars from 2019 for god's sake. It's just a load of hot air to make people think that they are actually doing something when they are not. Of course there are question about where all the money is going to come from that is currently gathered from VED, simple, change the VED rules. What about all the money that comes from fuel tax, not quite as simple, but either charge per mile or charge for power. Charging for power is tricky, it's not easy to distinguish between vehicle use regular domestic use, so I can foresee something akin to the current PAYE tax system, you take your car for it's MOT every year, they record your mileage and you get taxed on that at a monthly rate assuming you're going to do similar mileage next year. Any difference will be used to adjust next years payment or if massively different a lump sum refund or payment would be made. Fitting black boxes to all cars that are taxed (requirement like having an MOT and Insurance) is another option, but that needs more infrastructure and will cost more to implement.
  8. RichardP

    Intraveee to KCA lead faulty ?

    If the Intravee is detecting the KCA-420i then the issue is more likely to be with the KCA-420i/iPod cable /iPod than the Intravee. But if you have tried different KCA-420i's, cables's and iPod's then that's rather strange! I assume you did try a different KCA-420i to iPod cable?
  9. RichardP

    Bmw e39 sport - rear C pillar trims

    The position of some of the clips are different. Externally they look identical, but the wrong sort won't fit properly. I didn't know there were different types and got the wrong sort for mine.
  10. RichardP

    Exhaust tip replacement

    On the M5 they are held on by 3 spring clips that have pints on that dig in to the exhaust, I don't know if it's the same for other models. When they are new they can be taken off quite easily, but after a while they get stuck on pretty well. Best bet is to put a drift (or some other sturdy metal object) on the back of the trim and hit it with a hammer. Just go round the tail pipe hitting with moderate force in various places and it will gradually come off.
  11. RichardP

    Bmw e39 sport - rear C pillar trims

    You know there are two versions depending on the year of manufacture.
  12. RichardP

    2001 E39 M5 - SOLD

    Good to hear, someone has got themselves a bargain.
  13. As shown in pictures reg is M500 TRN, vin BL01124.
  14. RichardP

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Apart from the usual thrust arm bushes, I've found the usual cause of braking vibrations on my M5 is pad transfer to the disks, people often call it warped disks but it's not. The E39 pads seem to be particularly prone to causing transfer if you keep your foot on the brake after a stop, even quite a gentle one, for example at traffic lights. I've taken to trying not to keep my foot on the brake at all and just use the hand brake, I've not had any judder problems since.
  15. RichardP

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Is the judder just under braking or do you feel a vibration when not braking?