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  1. Feels like this car has come from no where... https://www.whatcar.com/awards/best-sports-car/2018-overall-winner/alfa-romeo-giulia-quadrifoglio
  2. sayanthan

    F10 M5 Purchase or Not - What to look for

    The most important thing is to have a BMW warranty (mine has £250 excess) and ideally get one with FBMWSH. the M Multifunction seats are the best I’ve sat in. It is a really big car so 360 camera’s are nice to have. Adaptive suspension is also really good and would recommend - have it in comfort most of the time , and if you fancy a late night drive, stick it in sport! (Sport plus I find too firm on UK roads but mine is a competition pack) (not sure if all F10 M5’s has adaptive) Competition packs are overrated IMO. If you’re going to track the car, the ceramic brake option is incredible. Sound wise, I’ve sat in a car with B&O and it is better than HK. If I was buying again, my wish list would be: M multifunction seats Extended leather 360 cameras adaptive suspension ceramic brakes Bang and olufsen
  3. Spot on. A reliable car is usually a new <3y car. Why not spend £200-400 pcm on pcp and change your car every 3 years with service pack included. Especially if 0% apr / ultra low apr. £15000 over 3 years ain’t that bad!
  4. Orient Blue 106k Full BMWSH till 80k Serviced by independent since Automatic Eisenmann Rear Exhaust Black electric sports leather/steering column / retrimmed Alpina face lift steering wheel and genuine Alpina wood trim Facelift xenons rear LEDs (genuine BMW- all coded correctly) Android 9" widescreen Nav unit with Bluetooth 18" genuine alpina alloys (non-staggered 18x8 as for touring) with lockable faces and keys (refurbed at lepsons) with good tread on all tyres Rear blinds (rare option) Rigid genuine BMW rear boot floor container (rare) Bilstein suspension (b8 front dampers/b6 rear dampers, eibach pro-springs on front, bilstein sport air springs on rear (superior to the oem Bmw air springs as this unit replaces the sensor as well) Eibach front and rear Anti-roll bars Genuine front alpina bumper M sport rear bumper E53 x5 4.6 speedometer (grey dials) all coded correctly ( with pixel repair. It only has 8000 miles on it - from a car exported to Europe early in its life) Bodywork - excellent condition. No rust at all (often tailgate and fuel filler cap area are affected). Maintenance (genuine BMW parts) All fluids, plugs, sensors, (MAF, crank, cam sensor, lambdas, coolant temp, oil level sensor) fuel pump and sender changed water pump, thermostat, radiator hoses Genuine bmw filter/oil for gearbox oil change. All ignition coils changed. Rear boot struts (both) All discs pads lines Pics to follow. Price...I'm seeing much higher mileage lower spec cars with a fraction of the above with average bodywork for £4500+. So I’m going to say ono £6500 Car drives really well and smooth. It is quick! I’m selling as we’re just changing cars in the household. (335d sold) F10 M5 Competition Pack bought a fortnight ago and M3 Competition Pack due in this week. Am in two minds about whether or not the e39 M5 goes. pics to follow
  5. sayanthan

    2000 BMW 540 touring auto 106k for Sale ono £6500

    Here are a few quick pics, works been quite hectic so I’ve not had a chance to wash the car and take proper pics, will do soon.
  6. Freshly refurbished by Lepsons oem finish with a diamond cut face genuine F80 M3 437M alloy wheels and tyres, staggered 19x9 19x10 michelin pilot 4s tyres - 265/30/19; 235/35/19 6-7mm tread all round center caps included high quality forged light weight rim transformed the ride and handling of my f30 335d xdrive which is now sold (didn’t need spacers on this car and it was on bilstein coilovers) looking for ono £1500 based in Surrey
  7. sayanthan

    2000 BMW 540 touring auto 106k for Sale ono £6500

    Electric memory seats - black leather. Non heated. mirrors are auto-folding.
  8. sayanthan

    2000 BMW 540 touring auto 106k for Sale ono £6500

    Now officially up for sale. Will get pics out later this week.
  9. the intake system is a mixture of new and used parts: new genuine dry laid carbon fibre intake tubes (from Dinan moulds), jubilee clips, Used fog light covers, secondary air pump relocation bracket, IATS relocation, silicone hoses. New Air Filters Used water shields - though looking at them, I don’t think they’ll work that great and wouldn’t fit them. There are no screws which will cost pennies and can be sourced from a hardware shop. sold as seen with no warranty
  10. Exhaust sold, intakes available and on eBay as well
  11. How much one 8j wheel
  12. I don’t know...or fab to do a quad exit system!
  13. Gives up to 30% more power and torque = up to 380bhp!! Syncs with iPhone Can be put into dealer mode and removed if necessary Takes 5 mins to remove and Re-fit Only on car for 3 months as now changed to an f10 M5! Comes with original box plus packaging
  14. sayanthan

    What about F30 335d xdrive?

    Hi This is my wife's car and will be available in 4 weeks (am abroad at moment); has Bilstein B16 PSS10 coiloverswhich rectify said handling issues...also have a RaceChip ultimate module I can fit... F30 2014 BMW 335D M Sport xDrive 313 BHP Saloon with ~ 30000 miles (29xxx miles, can't recall exact figure) Bmw individual - Tanzanite Blue - lovely color! Full BMW Service History with Service pack until 2019. M Performance Pack: (genuine BMW) 20" Alloy Wheels M Performance Front Bumper Splitter M Performance Rear Diffuser Bootlid Spoiler (Carbon Fibre) M Performance Side Skirts with decal M performance Brakes (blue calipers) M illuminated door sills (front) Black Grilles Carbon Fibre Mirror Caps Specification: Adaptive LED (I think)(definitely adaptive)Headlights Wide Screen Sat Nav Reverse Cam Harmon Kardon Sound System Extended Merino Ivory Heated Seats (Bmw individual with the cross stitched strips) on door cards too Bluetooth Phone Prep Stop/Start Technology Cruise Control DAB Full Main dealer history Other: Bilstein B16 PSS10 (height/compression adjustable) Coilover Suspension. Looking for ono £21 000. Based in Surrey. Pics to follow
  15. sayanthan

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    It depends on what the market is willing to pay for a particular solution more than the quality of materials. The more expensive double din fascia fitting kits are circa £120. Is this just the outer fascia or the cage as well? I assume your calculations on pricing take into account number of units you need to sell to have a ROI. I can imagine easily spending £10-20k taking into account personal time/investment.
  16. sayanthan

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    I would be interested in this. ball park figure on cost?
  17. Hi followinf available and fully working when removed; wide screen nav head-unit £150 mk iv Nav drive (dvd) £150 baris converted hybrid digital TV (oem analogue module converted to digital); don’t know if coding needed. £250 bluetooth module, black leather arm rest (with Bluetooth button on it and ejector) £100 Bm54 £50.00 loom from an e39 saloon with hifi (don’t know exact spec and there are multiple variants) - lots of it but cannot say it is complete £25 (because of cost of posting!) frames for modules £25 + postage face lift e39 M5 steering wheel with switch panel (no airbag); good condition from a car with 70000 miles £150 pics to follow postage extra thanks based in Surrey.
  18. Hi, selling as I’m planning a different direction for car. NEW genuine Carbon Fibre intake tubes x2 (exact same spec as Dinan) dinan (blue) air filters x2 (new) IATS relocation kit (used) silicone hoses (used) and jubilee clips (new) Heat shields (used) Secondary air pump relocation bracket (used) fog light covers (new) A new kit was £1600 when they were made, they’re no longer made now and are highly saught after. instructions can be downloaded from the Dinan website I’m looking for £800 pics if tubes attached. Rest of bits all boxed up. shipping is extra, could potentially drop off
  19. Prefacelift comes with airbag and switch panel £50 facelift comes with switch panel only £100 from Bmw e39 M5 and 540i respectively
  20. I’m not sure so I’d assume it’s the stage 1
  21. sayanthan

    E39 estate subwoofer enclosure options

    Focal AS 5.25 components , ap4340 4 way and a fpp monoblock 500, Alpine ine 925r
  22. Hi im looking into this and the enclosure that I’ve seen commonly sold replaces the rear right trim panel but isn’t “smooth” with the other trim panels in the boot area: BMW 5 Series E39 Touring Custom Fit MDF 10" Sub Box Subwoofer Enclosure Bass https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F182909509659 are there any others? i’m not Looking to sacrifice boot space. ive bought a 10” Focal shallow sub P25FS which will run in a 12 L sealed enclosure. Thanks