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  1. CAI is mint and complete. It’ll be available in a fortnight - ono £1000 LSD is oem from a 70k car, available as an OS Giken LSD is being fitted, again, in a fortnight. ono £400
  2. sayanthan

    E39 M5 Dinan Carbon Fibre CAI, OEM e39 M5 LSD

    All off the car now!
  3. sayanthan

    E39 M5 Dinan Carbon Fibre CAI, OEM e39 M5 LSD

    LSD unit available and off car, bump (core unit, no housing)
  4. My new wheels are being refurbed so these are for sale. i would describe condition as excellent. tyres are michelin Pilot super sport. 4mm treat left all round. Front Size: 20x9.5Offset: ET 31Rear Size: 20x10.5Offset ET 19 Looking for £2000 local pick up only
  5. Off the car now, Price drop to £1750!
  6. This kit Isn’t made any more - and is the gold standard power pulley kit for this car. been on my car for 2 months with a fresh belt. this is the audiophile kit with the underdriven alternator pulley no issues on my car (have carphonicsbm54 upgrade) (my car did have a fresh alternator and battery fitted prior - if your alternator is a bit tired you may have an issue potentially) The only kit that will make a difference to how your car feels particularly over 3500 rpm. i ran mine with oem tensioners, as the tensioners in all these pulley kits are usually not as good quality as oem. selling as a I picked up a new ESS kit at a very reasonable price. please see other bits for sale - Dinan cai. looking for £400 my car was making 460-470bhp with headers pulleys intakes and remap.
  7. Up for sale as BBS LMs are going on. A full staggered set with premium tyres. Finished in “oem” shadow chrome refurbed by Lepsons last year. (I asked for a “factory “ finish though I appreciate there are variants of shadow chrome according to google approach) wheel centre caps included (new ; bought earlier this year from BMW) tyres have 4mm tread all round. removed from a 2002 car with a mileage of 70k. local pick up preferred. I’m based in surrey ono £1200
  8. Hi ive just bought this kit and RK plenum plates i knows this ESS kit has gone through several revisions. is there anything to be aware of / any recommended improvements to this kit? i was just thinking 50:50 methanol Injections, possibly an evolve plenum at some point. Is there anything else? maintenance and supporting mods wise, my car is sorted.
  9. sayanthan

    ESS VT 560 Kit - question for SC owners

    Not just evolve, I had one on my old supercharged e39 M5 8 years ago...
  10. sayanthan

    E39 M5 Dinan Carbon Fibre CAI, OEM e39 M5 LSD

    Not taken off car yet
  11. sayanthan

    Brand New RK Plenum Plates

    These are brand new anodised black £550 retail selling for £400 available as I’m getting a complete billet aluminum plenum instead
  12. sayanthan

    Brand New RK Plenum Plates

    Still in original packaging and I haven’t removed
  13. sayanthan

    BBS LM Wheel Refurb Advice

    Hi im about to get some genuine BBS LMs refurbed, I’m going for an original finish in BBS Silver. Im considering options with the dish - polished versus powder coating in chrome which I understand looks the same and involves less maintenance as a polished dish will oxidise so needs effort to maintain the finish. Thoughts?
  14. sayanthan

    BBS LM Wheel Refurb Advice

    Wheels are on! that Gtechniq stuff is amazing! It seems to repel water/dirt The
  15. 34204A2A-78BA-4D11-AC83-B0ADFCECBB34.mp4
  16. Freshly refurbished by Lepsons oem finish with a diamond cut face genuine F80 M3 437M alloy wheels and tyres, staggered 19x9 19x10 michelin pilot 4s tyres - 265/30/19; 235/35/19 6-7mm tread all round center caps included high quality forged light weight rim transformed the ride and handling of my f30 335d xdrive which is now sold (didn’t need spacers on this car and it was on bilstein coilovers) looking for ono £1500 based in Surrey
  17. sayanthan

    ESS VT 560 Kit - question for SC owners

    Basically get cold start software delete .
  18. From an 03/2015 competition pack Selling as I’ve ordered an M Performance Exhaust. The car has 18000 miles on it so the exhaust is in very good condition and has had a stealth muffler delete (rear cans with less material inside£ Will post pics once off the car. Looking for £500. An improvement in sound over the standard exhaust. Local Pick Up from Surrey will be available within a fortnight.
  19. Hi this is practically new and complete including IATS, secondary air pump relocation bracket and water diverters & uprated inverted cone carbon fibre BMC Filters. These aren’t made anymore and used to retail for £1600 Only selling as I got a great deal on an ESS VT1 570 kit Will be available in a few weeks £1000 ono
  20. sayanthan

    M Performance Exhaust Fitted today - Sounds awesome!

    Here you go: On a Private road obviously...