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  1. sayanthan

    Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio vs M3 Comp vs C63 AMG S

    I’m toying with giving the Exhaust a little more depth, may be Tubi Sports Cats
  2. Price drop £250 before going on eBay
  3. All of this is new, never fitted. i was going to fit to my 540 touring but as I’ve bought the Alfa, the touring is going to move on. This stuff can probably work in e39 saloons too and other cars but please do your own research. Focal 130AS Access component speakers: Retail for £110: My price £70 Focal ISC 130 universal speakers: retail for £90; My price £60 Auditor AP4340 4ch amp (probably bridgeable): Retail £200 My price £140 FPP 1000 1ch Amp: Retail £250 My price £150 P25FS Shallow 10” Sub: Retail £200; My price £150 So £850 worth of audio gear. £550 for lot or individual prices as per listing. Postage is extra Local pick up preferred , I’m based in Surrey.
  4. sayanthan

    BBS LM Wheel Refurb Advice

    Thanks for advice have gone for polished lips/ceramic coat. bbs silver paint to centres
  5. sayanthan

    Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio vs M3 Comp vs C63 AMG S

    I'm very pleased with it. I think it might be a bit shorter than an M3. It drives and feels like a 4 door M2 on steroids.
  6. From an 03/2015 competition pack Selling as I’ve ordered an M Performance Exhaust. The car has 18000 miles on it so the exhaust is in very good condition. Will post pics once off the car. Looking for £500. An improvement in sound over the standard exhaust. Local Pick Up from Surrey will be available within a fortnight.
  7. From a 2002 E39 M5 Dinan dampers Dinan springs Dinan bumpstops (allow more suspension travel) with nearly new front / rear top mounts.(bought new when the Dinan parts were fitted. (I can have them removed fully assembled with the top mounts) I bought this set up from new. the Dinan suspension cost me £1400 to import to the UK (in part due to shipping costs) the dampers have some adjustability - I’ve left alone as Dinan preset them to work with their springs and bump stops. Only 8 months and 1000 miles old. Selling as I’ve bought Intrax IK2 coilovers. They’re not off the car yet and will be within next fortnight. looking for £800. Best spring/damper set up I’ve driven. (Better than bilstein/intrax combo) You can PM me offers.
  8. sayanthan

    BBS LM Wheel Refurb Advice

    With polished lips which ceramic coat is best?
  9. sayanthan

    Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio vs M3 Comp vs C63 AMG S

    Thoroughly enjoyed it on the 4 hour drive back from JCT 600 Leeds! Time for the 540 touring to move on methinks...
  10. sayanthan

    Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio vs M3 Comp vs C63 AMG S

    I test drove a Quadrifoglio on Wednesday. And have put a deposit down...picking it up tomorrow.
  11. sayanthan

    BBS LM Wheel Refurb Advice

    Hi im about to get some genuine BBS LMs refurbed, I’m going for an original finish in BBS Silver. Im considering options with the dish - polished versus powder coating in chrome which I understand looks the same and involves less maintenance as a polished dish will oxidise so needs effort to maintain the finish. Thoughts?