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  1. djbolf

    Time for the old girl to go E34 525

    What does she need Bill , i've been itching to get a e34 again for road use!
  2. djbolf

    e46 330d manual touring 2000MY

    Hello mate , did this sell? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. djbolf

    E39 540 driveshaft

    http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/partxref?id=DN63-USA---E39-BMW-540i&mg=33&sg=25&diagId=33_1122&q=33201229377&series=E39 That should help But the 540i with shorter diff ratios has a unique shaft size so you need to be aware
  4. djbolf

    Ultimate BMW @ Santa Pod

    i'll be in the drift taxi section with my e38
  5. djbolf

    We're in

    This place is very cool , i am ever so envious!
  6. The 94 shell is more solid and has some modifications to the structure
  7. Yes , i like them , just had to school the missus about kerbs and parking lol
  8. Not sure if he's gone on his holidays yet , worth firing him a message? I don't mind pulling them off the car if you come to an arrangement?
  9. Sold the breaker to Tims, he's collecting it in May
  10. https://www.facebook.com/bolfy/media_set?set=a.10152392513381804 Cracked out the camera last night to do a little shoot of mine and the missus cars.
  11. No need , I have plenty of go Boost would make it less reliable
  12. This 740i drift car was for sale ages ago and at the time I was in the middle of another project and couldn't afford this , I was gutted when it sold as I felt that it was always a good concept of a drift 7 series , but the base of the car wasn't the best (green metallic and beige interior , 730i 1995 car) Cut a long story short , A friend of mine ended up with the car and I thought i'd have it . I sold my 5 series and bought this. I have found myself in between jobs and had about 5 weeks of no work , so I thought i'd take some r+r time to make the car up to my style and standard. I bought the car and instantly realised , 17 inch arent gonna cut it on this , they are way too small and look lost in the arches. The car also had some accident and age related bodywork issues , bit of surface rust , broken bumpers , huge gouge in both OS doors and general shit paintwork as to be expected of a drift car . Also the interior was guff and a shit shade of hearing aid beige , made me feel ill. I decided the best way to hit the car hard and fast was to buy a late model 728i sport (as they are sub £1k) , this would give me the complete interior and body panels , headlights etc I'd need all in one big hit. I watched a few on ebay and ended up winning a 2001 728i sport in Brum , went to brum , drove it home on one day insure and set about stripping it. I checked all the panels I needed were good and was happy , especially with the interior , this cars done 92k miles and had only done 20k in the past 6 years I think. I attacked the drift car. I attacked the donor car (and did a burnout ) Fitted a few posh bits (like us numberplate surround) , welded up a sill , fitted a hydro (thanks Doritech) , swapped wings and headlights for the later facelifted ones of the sport , swapped all 4 doors , rewired all 4 doors (mare of a job) , Full interior swap (3 day job , absolute twat) , made a centre console to fit the hand brakes. Bought some Wheels of Bon , whilst he kindly tried to help me diagnose a weird hesitation I get on the motorway Fitted them Nice and wide 10J all round , 18 inch I'm using Nankang's NS2-R in 120 compound up front , I like this tyre a lot. It was quite a challenge getting 2 hand brakes in a space that previously had non , thankfully Oli , the original owner had done a top jop mounting the parking brake and left enough room for me to slot in a drift works hydro and custom handle in the spot on the left , the cylinder is all hidden in the console and the lever comes out the gap where the ashtray previously resided. Gave the car a little shakedown at the drift taxi's at Fast show at santa pod , really enjoyed the reaction the car got from my peers , found the car was ridiculously heavy on tyres so need to sort something out to cool the tyres in between runs , but overall I like how the car drives and its suprisingly agile for a large car! Went and did half a day at Santa pod (I marshalled in the morning) No way i'm putting nasty tyres on the leather!! Car performed well , destroys tyres for fun in the dry , but we had a wet spell too which allowed for some slow big angle stuff , nothing to amazing , but hell its fun. I need to fit a proper coolant temp gauge , and probably oil temp and pressure too , I've got a few suspension joints that are getting old so they are on my list to replace also , along with engine service etc. I also fitted my nardi knob and gaiter and steering wheel , all in wood , matches the silver sport leather and wood nicely , its posh as fuck. I went for et35 10j on the rear as the arches are huge and it allows me to use big chunky tyres that no one else can use so plentiful in supply , thanks to mint tyres on that one ! I also use Rota torques in 17x9.5 et 30 for drift wheels as well as my set of OZ futura , doesnt look too bad Yes I know the roof rack looks shit , I was too lazy to remove it. So thats about where i'm up to in terms of drift related stuff , I fitted a few LED interior lights and iphone kit , but nothing special Plans are: fit fuel tank sender and gauge replace worn rear balljoint engine service gearbox oil diff oil coolant refresh temp and pressure gauges a lot more drifting Fingers crossed there is a snetterton day soon!
  13. djbolf

    Excuse me mate can you tell me.......

    wow , I snapped the pinion in two and it didnt leave the casing!