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  1. Reverting to prefacelift tail lights

    Thanks guys Im fitting the older lights but it seems the pervious owner rammed the frame section in I will seal up the two holes that were made to fitt the celis lights
  2. Reverting to prefacelift tail lights

    Used the wrong kind of seal (clear) And used a hose to check for leaks Saw nothing for 10 mins Then as Im putting the battery back in I discover a flood, Ive stripped the boot of trim and radio system Ive ordered the butyl type sealant Il keep you all posted
  3. 25 years of greatness

    I think so On the buildsheet its Sonderlack just need to bring the black 5er out of retirement
  4. Hi All Recently while trying to fix my PDC sensors I noticed some water in the boot by the pdc sensor Its coming from the tail light Previous owner fitted the facelight celis lights which Ive never been a fan of As I took off the unit I noticed the frame of the bucket had been altered and caved in probably to accomodate the lights As Im fitting a set of the original lights I was wondering how I can ensure a perfect water tight fit TIA
  5. parking sensors E39 M5

    Ive given up trying to fix mine Doing so I discovered the drivers side rear light has been allowing water in. After changing Sensors they worked once, now I get nothing as i select reverse the sensors all click, new pdc module coming in post, hope it works Wish you luck with them
  6. LED indicators.

    True, thanks brother will be on lookout for LCM and navcoder to reprogram Just installed Dipped beam for the headlights flickering with ballast so will need to cancel cold check Cheers Ned
  7. 25 years of greatness

    Hi people My 5er is 25 years today (blue) Still driving as smooth as a decade ago 08/02/93
  8. LED indicators.

    Just Installed these LED bulbs now to my 99 E39, I loved the look, nice and sharp however they did flash fast, I just took them out and replaced with the Philips Silver ones until I sort out the hyper flash
  9. The story of E39 M5 AK03 DJJ (so far)

    Incredible Post, I love your attention to detail, especially the covert V1 install keep it up
  10. Solved, turned out to be the idle pulley, Thanks Guys, my posts arent going through on this phone, also need to edit the topic title
  11. Yep, really didn't expect it from the well established garage, Thanks for the heads up, pulleys coming tomorrow I hope it solves the issue as have a long drive to cornwall soon, Just wish I could work on it myself, would have saved alot of heartache Many thanks
  12. VIDEO0140.mp4 Here's a snip of the waterpump, it doesnt make this noise when spun counterclockwise
  13. Just taken it apart, it seems its the idler pulley will have it changed tomorrow, the silver lining : the waterpump had a few screws loose
  14. Its more like a tapping sound, turns out the aircon fan was changed not the serpentine as i assumed, further convincing me the new waterpump is the culprit
  15. M60B40 knocking noise: Hello all I've recently had the waterpump and drive belt changed, this knocking sound soon followed I'd appreciate if you could help diagnose. The cars an e34 540a with 150k Regards Ned