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  1. Darren Spratt

    E28 525e - Etas Ready to Deploy to Nova Scotia

    Good luck - what an adventure for these E28s!
  2. Darren Spratt

    Fuel Leak Frustration

    Real frustration with a mystery fuel leak. Intermittent, but most likely to occur from a cold start. Purchased a new cold start sensor, but it's still doing it and fuel can be seen on the actual sensor. Have had the mechanics checking all the hoses today and they could find nothing and of course, it didn't do it while they had it. All they found was an injector with a missing clip, however, the injector was completely dry. Have left it with them tonight so they can start from cold in the morning. Anyone had a similar issue - any tips as to where to go next? Ta Darren
  3. Darren Spratt

    Classic Bahnstormers

    Hi Eamo, I purchased a car from Classic Bahnstormers and use them for servicing. Really enthusiastic and dedicated to E28s. Thorough in the work undertaken and great at sourcing parts. Fair pricing and great aftersales attention if you buy one of their cars. Go take a look at the car! Cheers Darren
  4. Darren Spratt

    E28, sunshine,country roads

    Ultimately yes, but very much at the Bentham end. Where abouts are you based? I never see any E28s around here.
  5. Darren Spratt

    E28, sunshine,country roads

    I live in High Bentham - this shot was up by the Bentham Great Stone!
  6. Darren Spratt

    E28, sunshine,country roads

    The 528i looks so good in the Bowland and Yorkshire fells. Here's mine, enjoying a ride out in the Forest of Bowland.
  7. Darren Spratt

    E28 Specialist - North Yorkshire

    I've been spoilt, I suppose. The chap I've used for years in Oxfordshire really knows these cars. I will have to find a good local garage and see how I get on.
  8. Darren Spratt

    E28 Specialist - North Yorkshire

    Anyone had experience of Linwar Motors in Southport? They're still over an hour away from me, but I can't find anything closer.
  9. Darren Spratt

    E28 Specialist - North Yorkshire

    Cheers Dan - they're nearly 2 hours from High Bentham. I'm on the other side of the Pennines. Western edge of the Yorkshire Dales and not far from the Lakes.
  10. Darren Spratt

    E28 Specialist - North Yorkshire

    I'm looking for a mechanic who is good on E28s in North Yorkshire. I'm in High Bentham, so someone in the area including Settle, Kirkby Lonsdale, Lancaster would be great. Further afield would be Kendal or Skipton. Any recommendations would be gratefully received. Cheers
  11. Darren Spratt

    Nice E28

    Lovely! Leave it be!
  12. Darren Spratt

    My new 525e in pictures

    Lovely looking 525e - I saw that on Pistonheads. You obviously like red?
  13. Darren Spratt

    Small World

    Yes, I wondered about that! I'm grateful to have my hands on a picture of the car from its past. He didn't give me a date for it, but I would guess it was late 90s. Nice to see the car on original wheels - only one of those left - in the boot. He told me that he felt the car was never the same after he had to run it on unleaded. As a 1987 registered E28, I always assumed it had run on unleaded since day one, but apparently not.
  14. Darren Spratt

    Small World

    Here's a picture of one of my E28s from years ago. I was contacted by an 89 year-old chap who owned the car 26 years ago. He says the car is doing better than him. It's a small world - he was online researching a car for one of his cousins and this one came up in his search results.
  15. Darren Spratt

    Coolant Sensor

    The warning light kept coming on, but levels were fine. I just took it out and cleaned it with running water and now it seems OK. I like it when things are that simple.