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  1. silestanix

    Looking to come back into the BMW Fold...

    Lol @mumbojumbo it's alright Clem I'm sure dunc didn't take offence haha. I've seen 3 today, one in person and 2 sellers have sent me pics and videos... and 2 of those had dodgy injectors and one was idling funny and didn't sound right at all. I'll hit you up tomorrow dunc and we'll talk. The Mercedes is a bloody good car though, but I guess I just fancy a change, and least it'll be a change into somewhat familiar territory. What are the M57's like generally? (Being low miles and being owned by Duncan I safely assume it'll be in good mechanical fettle, interior has been infanted so I know what to expect lol.)
  2. silestanix

    Looking to come back into the BMW Fold...

    It'll never die this Merc... The body work will die and crumble long before the engine diff and box do. I need something similar power but a bit better on fuel, 330d seems to fit the bill. I'm averaging 37-39mpg and that's mostly motorway cruising at 60-ish mph. I know the BMW will be at least over 40... Its definitely a tough decision...
  3. Morning all. Had a drive in a work colleagues 1999 E46 330d saloon yesterday (never been in one), and for an older motor it still delivered the goods... He's getting an average of 45mpg on motorways runs and its been reliable bar usual M57 stuff. So I got home, had a look on the sale rags this morning and have seen a few, and one from Duncan on here which looks promising. It's gonna be an emotional affair going for from the old merc to a bmw... The Mercedes has spoilt me I can't lie, it's smooth and even now with 221k on the clock that 5 pot diesel still has superb power delivery, sounds amazing at full chat or just cruising in the lower revs with the torque doing its thing, and the car smoothes out the crap road surfaces we have to deal with. But, rust... Rust and rust. The engine and box are absolutely spot on, but I want something that, may not be showroom but won't take a lot to get into shape whereas mine will take new doors and wings. And with 221k I'm sure it'll do another 100k easily but, I do want another bmw. I did look around at 530d tourings but they're not much better than the merc on fuel whereas the E46 is a slightly lighter motor. Anyway, yes, fingers crossed really... Hopefully I'll be back. Hope you're all well. Harry.
  4. silestanix

    e46 330d manual touring 2000MY

    Duncan, i'm interested in this mate, pm me your number and i'll give you a call before my night shift tonight bud. Or take mine, 07718 153 033 .(Although call me anytime after 10:30, phone is half dead so having to reinstall stock android os on my phone... ) Cheers, Harry.
  5. silestanix

    Silver 530i Sport Auto 130k £2000 to the forum

    You have PM.
  6. silestanix

    Some people just have no respect

    Seriously hate this kind of disrespectful behaviour. Myself and my friends lost a beautiful dear school friend on the roads of Epping early last year. Her funeral was in Hainault & we were in a procession of at least 9 vehicles, all black, all travelling together. Some idiot in an Audi A3 pulled out in front of me (positioned in the middle of the procession) and then gave our school friend's female cousin grief by weaving around behind her trying to pass. Now I'm not usually an advocate of the following behaviour however we were very emotionally charged. Once the procession stopped at a set of lights, all 5 of us got out, went up to the Audi and pulled the driver out of his car (who it turns out one of our boys knew of) and had a quick firm word. Needless to say he pulled aside once we started off and let the rest of the procession pass to complete the convoy. I make no apologies, the driver had no respect.
  7. silestanix

    In memory of Donut

  8. silestanix

    RIP Donut

    I'll gladly PayPal across some money for this kind gesture.
  9. silestanix

    RIP Donut

    Gotta admit it didn't click either, but soon as I saw Donut's M5 Touring with those wheels I knew, heart sank. :/
  10. silestanix

    RIP Donut

    Yeah Adam, The Donut bud.
  11. silestanix

    RIP Donut

    That looks horrific, awful news!! R.I.P Darren aka Donut. BMW5 will be your legacy and we all thank you for making the site what it is, was, and has become. Horrible news.
  12. silestanix

    ebay MAFs

    Hope the ebay MAF works for you in the end bud, I've only ever had bad experiences with ebay MAF's, on my old E36 and both my V70 and C70, once I paid the BOSCH Tax all was well and cars ran fine from start up.
  13. silestanix

    525i Cooling system + Radiator... :(

    I drove her home from the garage and left her idling for a good 20 mins, temp stayed at half way, just a tad to the left of it which is where I've had all my old bmw stay... Soon as it goes a tad right I panic lol... Thankfully coolant reservoir had coolant in it too.
  14. silestanix

    525i Cooling system + Radiator... :(

    Cheers guys, I didn't even have time to get to any particular garage, I dropped mum to work in her e39 this morning and smelt coolant, quite strong a smell so I managed to get the car to k1 on Ilford lane, left a steam of coolant half way down Ilford lane, thankfully the gauge never went over half way... Its there now being repaired, cheers for the replies fellas...
  15. Evening guys, hope you're all well and everyone's 5's are running well; I was in my mum's e39 tonight with my uncle (mum's brother), had to see the solicitor and then we headed to get something to eat, I was sat in traffic for nigh on 30-35 mins, soon as the traffic started moving I could smell the unmistakeable sweet smell of Coolant/Anti-Freeze and the thought 'Oh...Bugger' came to mind. Pulled into a parking space and sent my uncle to get food while I checked out the source of the smell, as soon as I opened the bonnet I was faced with a wet bonnet lining and water splashes everywhere on the passenger side. I used the torch on my phone and saw lots of liquid at the bottom near the radiator. I started the engine, lo and behold I saw coolant coming from the passenger side of what looks like the plastic of the radiator near the Air Con lines going into the condenser (Pics below). I suspect a split radiator as all coolant hoses are tight and dry, thermostat housing is also bone dry (replaced in January). Radiator is the 2001 original...what do you guys think? Also, does anyone know of a garage in East London who could do this on the day i.e tomorrow? I used to use 2 mechanics when I had my E34 but they've retied...well, one has passed and the other has gone to Spain. As always, replies are appreciated, thank you! Harry.