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  1. Paddy O'Furniture

    Diesel 11p a litre more than petrol

    I had no idea, I never look at the prices. I can remember when diesel was quite a bit cheaper than petrol.
  2. Paddy O'Furniture

    F10 to G30 - 530d M Sport

    ^^^ I had trouble with this on my Tiguan. After visiting the forums, it appears that you have to use a sharp kick motion rather than waggling your foot around. Worked every time for me since. Not saying it's the same with BMW, but worth a try.
  3. Paddy O'Furniture

    Alpine ezi dab with aerial and leads

    By the way.
  4. Paddy O'Furniture

    Sotherby's youngtimer

    Shame all the steering wheels are on the wrong side.
  5. Paddy O'Furniture

    E39 535i V8 M-Sport 108’000 miles

    Looks a nice E39 Sport, glwts.
  6. Paddy O'Furniture

    Lets see your BMWs that you have owned

    ^^^^ Love that B12.
  7. Paddy O'Furniture


    Just been browsing watches on Ebay and stumbled across this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Muff-Diver-Watch/223267489526?hash=item33fbc786f6:g:fBIAAOSwb8BcBAEk&redirect=mobile
  8. Paddy O'Furniture

    Been dismissed at Work

    Very sorry to hear that, thoughts are with you.
  9. Paddy O'Furniture

    potential whats it worth post

    Photobucket died a while back. Use Postimage.
  10. Paddy O'Furniture

    Bubbles bubbling sound when engine prestarted?

    How about some video? I love watching Russian driving videos on You tube.
  11. If I still had an E39 I'd be all over that.
  12. Paddy O'Furniture

    Major Service cost causes major heart stoppage

    I always get my MOT's at Halfrauds, they're always discounted. £31.50 at the moment.
  13. Paddy O'Furniture

    Intravee yes or no in today's market

    I wouldn't be without an Intravee if I had an E39 with nav. The extras can bring the car so much more up to date.
  14. Paddy O'Furniture

    It’s been a while....

    Think I may have got you mixed up with Essex boy racer.
  15. Paddy O'Furniture

    It’s been a while....

    Very nice. I remember your gorgeous Sterling Grey E39 Touring.
  16. Paddy O'Furniture

    E39 530i

    Why does every tw@t on ebay call their Sport an M Sport? He needs to go out and measure his wheels too.
  17. Paddy O'Furniture

    E39, when to call it a day?

    I loved my E39, and used to enjoy working on it, but at 56 years of age I was starting to ache from head to toe for days after a few hours of crawling around underneath it. So, having changed career I can now afford to lease, so I just get a brand new car every two years, can't be arsed with old cars anymore.
  18. Paddy O'Furniture

    e39 530d M Sport - Individual Scarab Green

    Nice E39 Sport.
  19. Can't think of anything I'd want less than a Land Rover Defender. Oh, hang on a minute, an E60.
  20. Paddy O'Furniture

    New here with E46 330i

    Welcome. I had an E46 330i Sport saloon for a while and really enjoyed it. The saloon looks so much better than the coupe, much more practical too.
  21. Paddy O'Furniture

    Standard features that you never use.

    I was cleaning the interior of my car the other day and while cleaning the steering wheel I was reminded that I have flappy paddles. I'd forgotten they were there. I've had the car since March 1st and I've never used, or even ever felt the need to use them. I didn't spec them with the car, they are standard but they may as well not be there. This got me thinking, what else has the car got that I've never used. The only other thing that I've got and never used is the sliding and tilting panoramic sunroof with electric sunshade. I don't ever open the windows, let alone the roof. So what standard features have you got that you've never ever used?
  22. Paddy O'Furniture

    LED Angel Eyes random flashing

    I was going to suggest that as the OP's car is an 03, he may be able to turn off the cold check. I used Navcoder when I had my E39.
  23. Paddy O'Furniture

    Standard features that you never use.

    So you drive an Audi.
  24. Paddy O'Furniture

    Standard features that you never use.

    Quite a list there Richard. I forgot about the two above, I never use them either.
  25. Paddy O'Furniture


    Exactly. I've always said that you can drive safely whilst exceeding the speed limit, and equally you can drive dangerously whilst driving below the speed limit. But it's easier and cheaper to just stick a camera up and watch the cash come rolling in. This is something I've never understood. In my job I often have to drive a van to Acton in the early hours and you see it every time. You shouldn't need main beam on a motorway full stop, it's a long straight road with no bends ffs.