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  1. Contracting?

    One of my pet hates. There was a young woman on the TV last week being interviewed. She began every single reply with "so" then a slight pause, and then answered the question, drove me round the bend, same as people who say "can I get" instead of could I have. Sorry for going off topic.
  2. Hartys Gone

    Absolutely gutted for you Mick. I didn't know Hartley, but I have genuinely got tears in my eyes.
  3. e38 750i / 750il

    That interior.
  4. Soundbar or surround sound system

    I've got a Cambridge Audio soundbase underneath my tv. Does the job well enough for me and it also has Bluetooth so I can listen to music through it from my phone.
  5. Alpina - tempted

    Looks nice on the outside, too much shiny black on the inside for my liking though. And why couldn't Alpina use the thicker rimmed Sport steering wheel?, they always seem to use the nasty thin one.
  6. 530i on eBay - looks to be a lovely example

    Another ebay E39 M Sport w@nkers.
  7. Why don't modern cars require pins/passwords for entry?

    You can set a four digit code on the E39 if you have nav, I used to use it all the time.
  8. Job advice

    I think if I was having to travel that far for an interview I would have booked a Premier Inn and left the day before. Then, even with the breakdown, you would probably have still made it.
  9. It depends how you look at it I suppose. When I sold my 5, I leased a brand new car that cost around £30k on a 24 month contract. Maintenance and VED is included for £348 per month plus an £1100 deposit, so all I pay for on top of the rental is insurance (£190) and fuel. When the contract is up in February 2018 I will have paid just short of £10k. A quick scan on ebay shows the same aged car with the same mileage going for as little as £18k. And that's dealer prices, so obviously trade in or private would likely be a bit less. So, when you look at it like that, it's cost me less than it would have done to buy the car in the first place, and I don't get all the hassle of having to sell it, just hand it back and get another brand new car every 2 years.
  10. There may be some truth in what you say, and I would probably never buy a diesel car myself, but I like many other people lease my car so don't have to worry about any servicing or repairs. As long as I lease my cars i will continue to have diesels purely for the mpg.
  11. How Toxic is your car

    I have a Qashqai and it's a good car. I don't give a flying f**k how much shit comes out of the back of it and as long as I continue to lease my cars I'll be driving a diesel. ps, i'm currently in the process of arranging my next car which will be a VW Tiguan 2.0 Bi TDI R Line, maybe that will chuck out even more shit, who knows as that's the last thing that I would look at.
  12. Wow, that was a good investment.

  13. E39 M5 CAT C

    Unusual to see an M5 with a nice interior. Shame it's a Cat C
  14. E60 or F10

    A car that looks good.
  15. Dyson

    Yeah but the streets will be a lot cleaner.