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  1. Opinions Please ‘aesthetics only’

    Get those M5 mirrors on, they are a massive improvement. I think the best looking front splitter I've ever seen on a 39 was the Renault Laguna one, I think it was Karl that put one on his motor.
  2. E38 750i

    Apart from the gaudy colours and the headlights, I think that looks gorgeous. Nothing wrong with the interior apart from needing black door caps and dash, anything is better than all black.
  3. Microsoft mess up Hotmail - Again

    A bit like the forum software then.
  4. E39 saloon M sill covers

    MyHerpes are the worst couriers of them all, if they were all like DPD life would be so much easier. On a separate note, it's nice to see someone calling them by their correct name instead of kick plates.
  5. 7-seat MPV views and opinions

    As with the Range Rover, the Discovery looks much better in Sport guise.
  6. iTunes purchases in my music collection - Doing my head in!

    +1 ^^. I often have a look through the CD's in our local Heart Foundation shop, most of them are 99p and there are quite often some that still have the cellophane on.
  7. LED Bulb conversion kit and Adapter for 530i 2002

    I don't know what aftermarket LED's are like, but i had factory LED's on my Qashqai and I've got them on my new Tiguan R-Line and i wouldn't want a car without them now.
  8. Xenon Retrofit and new MOT rules debate..

    I had a Qashqai with factory LED headlights, I used to get flashed all the time in that, even though they were dipped, there was no adjustment on them either so nothing I could do.
  9. Xenon Retrofit and new MOT rules debate..

    It's about time they clamped down on this. I've got nothing against people fitting HID's into projector headlamps, but there are far too many boy racer twats driving around who've fitted them to reflector lamps. Trouble is they'll just take them out for the MOT and then put them back in as soon as they get back home. It's the Old Bill who should be stopping them though, not the MOT, same as the twats who drive round with their front fog lights on (normally the same type of people) They should be given a warning the first time they're stopped, and then the second time their car should be confiscated and crushed, that would soon stop them,. Of course I realise this will never happen as we don't have any Coppers out patrolling any more.
  10. 2jz swapped E60

    Sounds like it's going to be quick. Only trouble is it will always look like anE60.
  11. Insurance Hike

    Same here, I do a price comparison every year, it's amazing how willing they are to reduce the price when you tell them that you can get it cheaper elsewhere. I've been with Swiftcover for quite a few years now as they always seem to come out cheapest for me.
  12. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Agreed. Factory Sun Protection Glass was a "must have" when I bought both my E39's.
  13. Insurance Hike

    Mine went up, but only by about 20 quid. I'm with Swiftcover.
  14. Opinions please....

    That's lovely, but Jesus, how much money has it lost in just 4 years and 40k miles?
  15. Full option 535d 2010

    It could well have every option going, but as soon as I see the letters S and E, I'm not the slightest bit interested.