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  1. Exactly, this is the problem. Due to "multiculturalism" being forced upon us (which nobody thought to ask us if we actually wanted) we have been welcoming in our enemies with open arms for years now. They've been breeding away for years and now there are so many of the *uckers here that we've got no chance of ever getting rid of them and solving the problem.
  2. Because nowadays every man and his dog has to go to "Uni"
  3. Probably one of the best looking cars BMW have ever made, and imo a white 4 door M3 is the best looking BMW in current production. The blue is nice too.
  4. If you want something that looks "lovely" why on earth are you looking at E60/61's, they look awful, even in Sport guise. imho the best looking E9* would be a Sport saloon.
  5. Doesn't look quite as good without the subtle rear spoiler.
  6. Ha ha, yeah, or quad and dual zone climate control in a car.
  7. Theresa just needs to tell these EU tw@ts to FRO.
  8. Slightly tempted by this, always loved the Aegean interior. Any former keepers on here or anyone know anything about the car?
  9. Lovely looking car, isn't it good that BMW got back on track after the E60/61.
  10. You could say that the EU was the corner shop and the rest of the world was Tesco's.
  11. Exactly, there's a whole wide world outside of the crumbling EU. Better to be out before it all implodes.
  12. I read somewhere that a Le Pen win would be the beginning of the end for the EU, so here's hoping, then all these bleating f***ing remoaners will have to shut the f**k up as there will be no EU to rejoin.
  13. Didn't think we were allowed to celebrate St George's Day anymore for fear of offending anyone.
  14. Have you not heard WC? we're getting out.
  15. Great news.