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  1. Good luck with it Mark. For me, these should have been the successor to the E39, not Bangle's abortion.
  2. Sorry to hear this Mick, I hope he makes a speedy recovery.
  3. I didn't think it was possible to "step down in looks" from an E60, horrible looking things.
  4. ^^^^ Next time you go could you bring me back some ham, before it's too late, I'm worried sick.
  5. What? Noooo, you mean we won't be able to bring ham back if we leave the EUseless? i wish someone had told me this before the referendum.
  6. As far out as we can get.
  7. ^^^ All irrelevant anyway as the result was out.
  8. That looks lovely Mick, I had an Imola Red 330i Sport saloon a few years ago and i loved it.
  9. No Sports in your neck of the woods Mark?
  10. You'll never find one, there were none ever produced.
  11. If only.
  12. And I'll wager that he's not as relieved as I am that he didn't get it.
  13. Thank f**k that's over. Lucky you. I was off work Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues and was seriously thinking about going up to the north of Scotland to get away from it.
  14. Ha ha, beat me too it, we have a refugee problem because we let too many of the f*****s in, simple.
  15. And they are more than likely natives of the said countries carrying out these acts on other natives of the said countries, which frankly doesn't bother me as long as they stay there and do it. We're facing a different situation whereby foreigners are coming into our country and attacking our way of life.