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  1. Absolute w@nkers, they'll be your usual jobless serial protesters who've got nothing better to do, you know the type, dreadlocks and big boots with no laces. Just shoot the fockers, they'll soon stop then.
  2. Why the hell did she take it to Kwik Fit?
  3. The one in that link was up for £11,750. I've got 2 cars so couldn't justify another, but it did look a lovely thing, and only 40 miles up the road from me too.
  4. I was a little bit tempted by this the other day.
  5. Nobody has mentioned how fu@#$n ugly the Coxster is.
  6. ???????
  7. That would be one hell of a job, converting an E39 into an E60/61.
  8. What a great ad'. Wouldn't it be fantastic if all car ads' were like this. GLWTS.
  9. Lots of nice motors there Mark, looks like a great day out and thanks for sharing. Love the Escorts and especially the Cavalier Coupe as it reminds me of the one I had which was exactly the same.
  10. RIP, as above i didn't know Keith, but sad news all the same.
  11. Did Bangle have anything to do with it? He *ucked up the 5 series after all.
  12. Nice, don't mind a 944, just hate the beetle shape of the ugly 911.
  13. I'm not sure if the standard of driving instruction is what it used to be. I regularly see learners where I live with their foot on the brakes at traffic lights and driving in the rain with no lights on.
  14. 944 in the first picture and the Green Mercedes are nice, all the rest, ugly as *uck.
  15. And a few weeks in an artic too.