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  1. Can I use ignition fluid to start up the engine?

    lube oil is a safer option. ignites at lower temp than diesel. engine doesnt get addicted like dope
  2. Can I use ignition fluid to start up the engine?

    must have a real problem if you need that in Oz
  3. Leaking washer tank

    Check your filler tube, they can split also . When you fill up most goes on the ground
  4. Arch clip needed

    sometimes referred to as spire clips (no idea why) You can buy 170 piece selection box from machine mart for under £6
  5. I believe LESJOFORS are made in UK and you can buy direct, they are in West Yorkshire
  6. 525d turbo vs 530d turbo

    my turbo never whistled at all. It failed instantly without warning at around 145k The new turbo whistled when cold start then disappeared on warm up
  7. Fake Castrol oil in Russia?

    Pointless unless you have the kit to test viscosity
  8. Fake Castrol oil in Russia?

    The only materials that can be magnetised are ferrous based alloys and metals. Therefore the only surfaces in contact that are ferrous based are the piston rings and cylinder bores, big and little end bearings are not generally ferrous based so magnetic action cannot occur. So the question is, are they adding ferrous powder or similar to oil - I think not, your engine would be a wreck in no time. You must remember these things are sold with a lot of marketing hype, similar to all these soaps, shampoos and cosmetic crap, where they use made up names to sound scientific, I often run some of these "magic" ingredients by our company chemist, and he never heard of any of them.
  9. Which oil to use for old timer with 290k km?

    I changed a clutch once in street with 6 inches of snow ha ha! but wouldn't attempt either these days, depends how strapped you are (wouldnt even do it in Portugal these days ha ha).
  10. Which oil to use for old timer with 290k km?

    Do it your self in the street, one at a time so you dont get frostbite.
  11. FYI - Bonnet release

    Dan I would have used exactly the same or spray copperslip, you have more chance of penetrating the lubricant to where it is needed. Maybe a little working back nforth might help work it in.
  12. FYI - Bonnet release

    dan, did you use grease from a pot or some sort of spray grease?
  13. Aircon in winter

    Some years ago I had a company car, some the guys who had the same car but with AC got a lecture about fuel consumption from the company as they were using noticeably more fuel than the guys without AC
  14. Aircon in winter

    yep, but you would need the ac to dry up all the sweat
  15. Aircon in winter

    Actually, it can be beneficial run the AC regularly all year round, some seals in the system can dry out if AC left off for months on end resulting in gas loss. In 12 years my car has not been gassed up, but AC still works to an acceptable level. As I used my AC during cold and wet months to help me dry out after being on site with heavy work gear on, sweatin, soaked by rain etc. then getting changed back under shelter of tailgate, so by the time I get seated, I am wet, clammy , cold but soon improves with heating and AC on. BTW, IF YOUR CAR HEATER WILL MAINTAIN 32c then you are more likely to suffer from heat exhaustion