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  1. Friday night, anyone here ? i was the other e28 which passed you..
  2. readie

    5 speed overdrive gearbox for m30 engine

    History of the gearbox that is rather than just ‘history ‘ ... before any wisecracks
  3. readie

    5 speed overdrive gearbox for m30 engine

    Thanks Tims, where are you and do you know any history.?
  4. Hi all, I am looking for a 5 speed box to fit a 1986 e28 m535i. Anyone have anything suitable ? Thanks
  5. readie

    Hartge e28...what's it worth?

    Thanks Duncan. In which case the asking price is strong at 35k....
  6. readie

    Boot pictures please

    Hi all, having stripped out the carpet and deadening some years ago to save a few pounds on the track I am now refitting them again to make the car comfy again. I kept all the bits of carpet but cannot seem to see how they fit together. can you guys give me some pictures so I can get a feel. thanks
  7. readie

    How many/what's your E28

    Running good now, mate thanks for asking. For those that don’t know, went to gaydon and my car seemed loud under bonnet than almost all other 28s. Decided to take him round brands hatch, broke a couple of tappets, he did well running against all the young stuff though. Replaced the tappets at local garage then took him down to Fritz and they properly sorted the running and noise. now going like stink again and a little less like a tractor !
  8. readie

    How many/what's your E28

    Done it...
  9. Any guidance appreciated, I have been offered one which has had an engine and bodywork respray/resto, not to trailer queen standard but usable show standard. I think it is a 1986 model. Any thoughts on what its worth ?
  10. readie

    6 speed gearbox

    So, having consulted this site and the e9 forum I am going to keep the engines in the respective cars but just ‘freshen them up’ it give rise to a new question... i am now thinking of putting the dogleg box I have in the e28 into the e9, which I know is simple. the question is, what 6speed will fit the e28 m535? And is it a worthy swap ?
  11. readie

    E9 vs e28...

    Thanks guys, noted
  12. readie

    E9 vs e28...

    I need some advice.. this is a bit of a story so bear with me... Ok where to start... my ‘daily’ driver is the e28 m535i, dogleg box. It my usual car and basically use it for stomping up and down the a2 in kent a couple of times a week. The rest of the week it just sits around. have got a better cam on it and a few other bits and bobs so it goes pretty well, occasionally getting a track outing which mostly goes well. My approach mostly being, drive it like you stole it, break it, fix it again but upgrade if you can. i am lucky enough to have an e9 I am doing up. It’s a csl which I have had for years and clearly now they are going up in value. With the e9 whilst not a stickler for originality, I don’t want to do anything which cannot be ‘undone’ I had intended to get the E9 engine rebuilt and put a different cam maybe pistons, possibly triple Weber’s. In effect period stuff. here’s the quandary. Having thought about it and with one eye on cash, I am thinking of putting the e28 m535 engine and box into the e9 and then maybe putting a e39 m54 into the e28 basically I have been quoted 6000 to ‘sort’ the e9 engine into something good power wise but I sort of have it already in my e28... it it also means I get a six speed box in the e28 for up and down motorway.... views appreciated, would I be fecking up both cars ? help...!!
  13. readie

    Cleaning pale leather

    https://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Leather_Ultra_Clean I used this...it's the first stage when recouloring leather but is equally good for just a clean
  14. readie

    Power steering ....

    I have a lot of groaning and whining from my power steering. I have 'bled' the system using tips on the forum,but its still bad. Any ideas anyone ? Guess its a case of a new power steering pump ?