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  1. Good to see everyone yesterday, thanks for getting me the ticket steve. although cars there made me happy and sad in equal measure making me realise how much work I have to do with my two !!
  2. Car all cleaned and topped up ready to roll but will never win a concours competition !!! leaving ramsgate just before 6 so will be at clacket lane services by seven. my mobile is 07974 932290, anyone else want to volunteer theirs (or WhatsApp) to co-ordinate...?
  3. Thanks splondike, will try and make it there for seven then
  4. Rockers sorted and 'bob' going like a train again
  5. Oops just asked who's going under the '5' meets...!! i am coming up, car all fixed now after brands hatch. I have not pre booked or bought a ticket, what would be the best option at this late stage ?
  6. Who's going?
  7. Thanks guys, have got a fritzs bits alpina cam and chip already...they went in about 4/5 years ago so hope not worn already ...!! did rag it a bit at brands so hope just the high revs killed them but will check oil spray bar and banjo bolts. any point in skimming/porting/polishing?
  8. Thanks Duncan. Looks like eurocarparts sell a make called 'motive' and I can get febi from a supplier called mister auto at a similar price, basically a tenner per arm. Any thoughts on which ones better ? Any suggestions what else should be looked at while there ? probably a silly question but can I drive it (gently) on only 5 cylinders? my local garage is good for simple stuff but would prefer to go to a bmw specialist about 40 miles away...
  9. So, after a fantastic day last Friday round brands hatch, car performed faultlessly from 8.30 to 3.30....mostly!! happy to get 120mph on the main straight in 4th before paddock hill bend. but.... on what was to be my last lap the old boy started to limp a bit so I came in straight away and it sounded a bit 'tappety ' i took a slow drive the 50 miles home and it was deffo missing power. have now had it looked at and two rocker arms on the front cylinder had snapped, fortunately no other damage... the garage is suggesting I replace all the rockers, anyone have any views on this ? i have tried to upgrade parts when doing repairs so does anyone know of any better rockers-maybe aluminium ? is this a big job and should I get anything else looked into at the same time ? any comments much appreciated.
  10. Pads all sorted and looking forward to Friday, will keep an eye out for you Andy..
  11. Just spotted about 7pm. On 13 June just by Maryland station near Stratford. Very clean black 'c' reg. Driver was attractive dark haired lady....
  12. Quick question......Any suggestions on what brake pads to get for the track ??
  13. Sorry Duncan, what's a cg lock ??
  14. Hi all, Burton power are doing an open track day at brands hatch which I am going to do. It's on 23 June. Two questions: 1. any one fancy it? 2. Apart from usual checks to make sure nothing loose/broken etc, any other tips. It's been a long time since I did. My intention was to get a new set of pads for the day, any suggestions? I have the e34 / e32 set up. Seems new brake fluid is always quit handy. Any thoughts ? comments much appreciated.