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  1. Yes, its close to the Saab but I'm not touching (haha)
  2. Corsa D Club 1.2 2008 67k miles. HPI clear. 3 owners and less than budget
  3. Now sorted. Many thanks to all.
  4. I'm good Paul. You? £1.3k means if he prangs it, it doesn't matter too much. A newish Fiat 500 is a very different story!
  5. Whats app me the details please Abid.
  6. Ford KA is out. Doesn't like them. NCAP has a lot of do with his first car
  7. Our youngest lad has just passed his driving test and we are looking for a nice small runabout for him. Criteria 10 years old or newer Engine size under 1.2 litres Prefer less than 70K miles Must have reasonable MOT. HPI clear Nothing bigger than Fiesta/Yaris size Some service history would be nice. Insurance friendly Prefer 5 doors but 3 will work Manual gearbox Must be viewable so anything in the West Midlands and/or Worcestershire are fine Budget is up to £1.3K but preferably less Bank of Mum and Dad waiting Let me know thanks
  8. Black9, I went for the 231 bhp as it came with the 6 speed box and Xenons. Lots of info here but if I was buying now, a compression test on the engine is a must. Mine was reliable and at 27k miles I sold it as I needed an automatic so bought an E39.
  9. Lovely.
  10. Nice cars. Look here for advice too. I went down the RX8 route in the end (2003) as I needed back seats.
  11. Those cars were cruising. The camera car was also overtaking them. Having driven that Golf, it is fun, but so is the much cheaper Golf R. And seriously, my previous GTR would have pulled it's trousers down. Show is fun but I'm not warming to it. Rory is enthusiastic, which I like, but there is a serious lack of chemistry. That said, it's better without Chris Evans.
  12. Not liking the new format either.
  13. These kind of threads remind me of mine Good luck in your search.